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Jack: He was still sad as he walked down the path through camp. The weather was starting to take a turn for the worse and the wind was chilling Jack to the bones. Not that he cared much for his well-being in this moment in time. He just wore a vest and he wandered aimlessly around.

Nove: Nove sat on a bench outside Apollo's cabin playing on his phone, with his earphones on and ignoring the outside world.

Jack: He noticed Nove, how could he not. His boyfriend who had ignored him for just over a month, Jack's heart jumped and died at the same time upon seeing him. He was so confused at the sight and he stood there, a few feet infront with a confused look on his face. Did Nove still love him?

Nove: Oblivious to the fact that Jack stood there, Nove just continued playing.

Jack: He took a step forward, shaking from the cold air that he was not dressed for. He stood right infront of Nove, hopefully he wouldn't get punched

Nove: "May I be of help?" Nove asked seeing a human figure approaching him.

Jack: He started to crash and burn, Nove didn't know who he was anymore. He shook madly and asked in a tiny, fragile voice. "I-It's me... j-Jack"

Nove: Still playing in his phone and being distracted by the game, he asked: "Jack? I don't know many Jacks I just know two. Which one are you?"

Jack: His heart shattered, Nove wouldn't even look at him. He shrunk back into his shell, he was going to say 'your boyfriend' but he couldn't "O-O'Brien"

Nove: Nove's phone dropped. It was the one that Jack had given him. Looking right in the middle of Jack's eyes with his, a tear could be visible forming on Nove's right eye. "Jack?"

Jack: He was sniffing now, sniffing quite a lot. His chest held back heart felt sobs but he was reluctant to hug Nove, in fear he'd get him. He shook like a leaf because of his clothes and the cold air and the fact that he was scared and crying. "N-Nove"

Nove: "Why do you hate me? You once said you loved me... Have you forgotten about that?"

He remembered and he shook his head with a weak "N-No." He moved close and hugged Nove tight, sniffing "Y-You've ignored me for two months": {{{2}}}

Nove: "You were the one who ignored me!"

Jack: He didnt feel Nove wrap his hands around him but Jack refused to let go, he craved the feeling of the other man "N-No I texted you every day a-and I came to your cabin once, and also remember when you were running and you nearly p-punched me."

Nove: "Punch you? Besides that I would never do that, you were the one who avoided me all this time."

Jack: "I was just scared you didn't love me Nove" He sniffed into the others chest, still holding on tight

Nove: "Why are you always victimizing yourself like all the world is against you? I get it that you are insecure, but people like you Jack. You don't have to victimize yourself, or else, people will someday probably get annoyed by you. Also, why do you always argue against me?"

Jack: He blushed at that. "I'm sorry Nove, I won't argue with you again." He stopped his sniffing now and he wrapped himself into Nove's arms, hoping the other still loved him

Nove: He hugged Jack tightly, before saying. "Can I please kiss you?"

Jack: He looked up with big eyes. "You don't have to ask Nove." he smiled as he moved in to kiss him

Nove: Nove pulled back right before their lips connected."But you do," he joked. "I bet you didn't see that coming,"

Jack: He pouted jokingly and crossed his arms. "Fine. Can I please have a kiss Nove?"

Nove: "Hmm... let me think about it..."

Jack: He shivered and snuggled up to Nove. "don't take too long I'm freezing to death here."

Nove: "Then lets take it somewhere else."

Jack: He looked up with a confused look. "Okay." He nodded with a smile as he stood up

Nove: "You guide."

Jack: He nods as he holds Nove's hand, leading him down the Camps windeing path, shaking as he did so. He arrived at the large door of his cabin and opened it with a key before moving into slightly dark common room

Nove: "So... I have been thinking about us... Our relationship... maybe-"

Jack: He winced though Nove didn't see it as he turned on the light. The Cabin had a low population which meant no one was there. The lights were flicked on and Jack turned back around. "W-What?"

Nove: "Well you know it hasn't been the strongest lately. ANd we've been arguing too much... Specially when you start it. I'm feeling like you want me to back off, and I understand that. Maybe we could...."

Jack: He blushed, he wasn't suppose to argue with Nove but he wanted the opposite. He wanted Nove to hold him and keep him warm, he didn't want a 'break'.' "No please..."

Nove: He rubbed the back of his neck. "See? There's the arguing again." Nove sighed. "This is difficult... Maybe we could take some tiem off until things settle properly."

Jack: He winced and seemed to shrink at the others tone of voice. His body hunched over and his aura got smaller and even more submissive. "I-If you want Nove." He shook like a leaf.

Nove: ""I don't want it, but apparently you need more time. And I can understand that. Besides, I know you aren't the only guy you like. I do have eyes to notice certain things."

Jack: He sniffs "You know I cry everynight when I'm not with you right? I miss you so much Nove." He blushes as he looks up.

Nove: "Then who is that guy that you have been seeing?"

Jack: He blushes "He's an old friend, he was just looking after me."

Nove: "Old, friend, yeha, like I am gnna buy that."

Jack: He sniffed and he went to hug Nove. "P-Please, I love you do much. I only want you. You still love me don't you?"

Nove: Serious, he looked at Jack "I never loved you."

Jack: His eye twitched and his whole face turned a bright red and he began to sob. His whole body shook as large tears rolled down his face. He hid his face from Nove in his hands, falling to the floor and shaking like a leaf. Nove never loved him? He must have been toying with Jack the whole time.

Nove: Nove climbed on top of Jack , moved out the hands of his face and kissed him passionately. "I do love you Jack, I just wanted to see how you would react." Nove admitted between kisses.

Jack: He looked so confused and let Nove kiss him, kissing him back gently but passionatly. He had a blank look on his face, he was so confused

Nove: Nove was loving every second of this, he kissed deeper and deeper, even started to grind slightly against Jack's body.

Jack: He let out a moan as he felt Nove dry thrusting into him. He held onto the son of Apollo tight as he whined loudly.

Nove: Taking his shirt off and then going back to kiss Jack, Nove continued thrusting and sliding with great force, feeling himself growing as he did so.

Jack: He groaned and held onto Nove tightly. "I-I miss you so much Nove." He mumbled against the largers shoulder. "I love you so much."

Nove: "I love you more, I love you more, I love you more..." Nove then started to kiss Jack's neck maniacally.

Jack: He cried out and he moved his head to his side to that it was more open for Nove. "S-Should we go to the bedroom instead?" He whimpered.

Nove: "Do you want to go to the bedroom?"

Jack: He looked around the empty common room and nodded. "Y-Yes please."

Nove: "Are you afraid of people watching us?"

Jack: He nodded, he was going to be truthful with Nove. "A bit." He blushed

Nove: "It's that guy you've been seeing, right? You are afraid that he sees us together." Nove stood up, put on his shirt and opened the door of the cabin, ready to leave.

Jack: He blushed madly and saw Nove put on his shirt. "No it's not that." Truth riddled in his voice. "I don't want one of my siblings walking in, we'd be more comfortable in our bed. W-We can do it here if you want Nove." He gave a small smile

Nove: SIghing, Nove closed the door behind him, looking at Jack. He wanted to set up Jack and see what his answer would be. "What's your friend's name? And would he be willing to join us in a three-way?"

Jack: He blushed but he promised he'd be truthful with Nove. "H-His name is Cooper, he's a Spirit and he drinks and he use to have a lot of sex, but he wouldn't have a threeway. He doesn't like you..."

Nove: "Ahh, I like him. Too bad he can't join us. That being said, you are a part of me now, so we, are a unit. That means that he can't either have sex with you nor me. Because since we are one, if you cheat on me with him... he's sorta having sex with me... and he doesn't want that, does he?"

Jack: His face blanked with confusion as he sat there looking up at Nove. He scratched his head and looked around. "Uhm... no that's right." He nodded as he came to the conclusion that Nove was correct.

Nove: "Good, now be honest... Have you ever cheated in me?"

Jack: He blushed madly but nodded, looking at Nove.

Nove: "Sexually? With this Cooper?"

Jack: He gulpped but nodded all the same. "Y-Yes, once."

Nove: He sighed but decided to forgive Jack. "I suppose it was when we got sepparated?"

Jack: He nodded as he looked at his hands. "I'm sorry Nove, I was lonely because you weren't there with me."

Nove: He puffed as he put his hands on his sides. "What matters is that now you've got me and now I've got you once again, okay?"

Jack: He nods with some tears of joy rolling down his face. "Y-Yes." He stands up and goes to hug Nove. "T-Thank you."

Nove: Nove hugged Jack back. "I've got to go sleep now. I'd invite you to make me company, but I' have still got to sort some things out on my head."

Jack: He nodded as he took a step back, it was understandable although all Jack wanted to do was snuggle with Nove. "O-Okay. I-I'll see you in the morning?"

Nove: "Yeah, shall we meet up in my place?"

Jack: He gave a small nod. "Text me when you want me to come over."

Nove: "Sure'll do." He then lefr the cabin

Jack: He shuffled by the door which had Novemember Stark, Lt. carved into the wood in gold. Jack blushed gently as he knocked on the door.

Nove: November opened the door, he was just on his boxers, grinning to Jack.

Jack: He looked up at Nove and blushed madly. He didn't want to enter until Nove invited him in. He looked Nove up and down... it had been a while since he'd seen him like this.

Nove: "Want to come in?"

Jack: He gave a nod and a smile. "Please" He took a step inside the large Lt. room

Nove: "What do you want?"

Jack: He blushed. "You told me to come over in the morning, yesterday remember?"

Nove: "Yes, but that is because you wanted something. What is that?"

Jack: "I just wanted to be with you..."

Nove: "Oh ok."

Jack: He put his hands in his pocket and he looked around the much larger room. There were no photos of Jack and he sighed before going to sit at the end of the bed

Nove: "What's wrong?"

Jack: "You dont have much photos of me do you..."

Nove: "Should I?"

Jack: "I guess not." He sighs slightly.

Nove: Nove hugged Jack gently, whispering into his ear. "What's wrong?"

Jack: The feeling of Nove's hands around his waist was much needed. "I thought you'd have at least one photo of me - I have like 20 of you." He smiled gently.

Nove: "Well, I'd thought you had broken up with me..."

Jack: He nodded "Okay, it's fine." He smiled up at Nove. "At least we're together now."

Nove: He nodded and pulled Jack closer to him; chest against chest before leaning in to kiss him.

Jack: He leaned in very slightly and he moved his arms to rest around Nove's hips

Nove: Nove then pulled away. "Oh."

Jack: He blushed madly and rubbed his mouth as if checking for anything wrong.

Nove: Nove looked down, not blushing, not wanting to look at Jack at the moment.

Jack: "Did I do something wrong?"

Nove: He shook his head "No."

Jack: He went on and moved close to Nove. "What's wrong then?"

Nove: "N-Nothing."

Jack: "Please tell me Nove." He gave him a quick hug

Nove: "Nothing, really, I pulled back for air, " he said honestly.

Jack: He nodded with a smile and went back to kiss the other.

Nove: Nove stood there in shock.

Jack: He blushed and stood back "W-What?"ç

Nove: "I'm not sure this is working."

Jack: He froze still, his eye twitchting. "W-W-What?"

Nove: "Not our relationship. I mean, yes. We are having some issues which are even mysterious to me. But I don't feel a chemistry between us. Maybe I have changed. I do want to be with you. But I need your help."

Jack: He gave a small nod, too weak and tired to argue anymore. "What do you need me to do Nove?" He asked with submissiveness in his eyes

Nove: "I'm not sure, but we need to find out. As soon as possible, I believe."

Jack: "Okay." He said as he kept close to Nove, nuzzling his face into his chest

Nove: He wrapped his strong arms around Jack comfortably, grinning to himself.

Jack: He looked up. "Can we just go cuddle in bed?" He yawned slightly

Nove: "Sure, but no sex."

Jack: He nodded in complete agreement. Honestly Nove seemed a bit fidgety for sex anyways and so Jack and Nove walked to Jack's room and Jack climbed into bed, still wearing his clothes

Nove: "How many times did you cheat on me?"

Jack: He sat up awkwardly with a huge blush on his face. "J-Just one."

Nove: "Are you sure it was just one time? I need to know the truth."

Jack: "Just once Nove, it was with Coop." He looks down in shame

Nove: "Did you enjoy it as much as you normally do with me? Honest."

Jack: "H-He doesn't do it the way I like it, the way you fuck me but he talks to me a lot." He blushed, he felt like a tight-bright light had been pointed at him; he wanted to cry

Nove: He nodded attentively "Don't cry, baby, don't cry..."

Jack: "I'm sorry Nove." He sniffed. "I never should have cheated, you're the only person I love."

Nove: "How can I be sure, though?" His tone was now defensive. "When you go round banging any cute guy you like?"

Jack: He was crying now. "I-I promise I won't talk to any guy again if you want me too." He cried out in a plea to be loved.

Nove: "I do want you to talk to guys, but if Cooper is the guy you love, then I don't want to be the bad guy that stops you from loving him. If you do love him more than you do love me then I have no problem with that. It is just a decision you need to take now. Cooper or me?"

Jack: "You!" He cried out. "I-I already told Coop that I chose you. H-He won't talk to me again I promise Nove."

Nove: He nodded, snuggling closer onto Jack.

Jack: Tears rolled down his cheeks and Nove snuggled into him. His body shook like a leaf

Nove: "What's wrong?"

Jack: I dont want you to be angry with me"

NOve: "I'm not angry-"

Jack: He nodded and he sniffed and he closed his eyes - so tired

Nove: "I love you Jack"

Jack: He blushed at than and nodded. "I love you too Nove."

Nove: "But, do you, really?"

Jack: He nodded. He did love Nove, very very much, but he loved Coop too. He just wished he could be with them both. They both made him so happy

Nove: But I'm not the only one... Love though to himself.

Jack: He smiled a bit and snuggled up to Nove, tired. He loved both the men very much but Nove always hurt Jack in the end and Coop always ended up leaving...

Nove: Nove drifted i¡off to sleep, sad that he wasn't the only thing Jack was thinking about, while Jack was the only thing he ever thought of.

Jack: He watched Nove fall asleep and he smiled happily; he was so beautiful. Jack lay his head down on the others chest. Tomorrow Jack would ask him and maybe if he could change... the decision was hard enough already.

Nove: Throughout all of the night, Nove didn't even blink once, feeling tired to the very marrow of the bone.

{{Post|Jack|Jack slept rather well and when he woke up he went so see if Nove had woken up. "Nove?"

Nove: The boy was still sleeping.

Jack: He smiled at the sleeping figure and decided not to wake him yet.

Nove: He continued sleeping, with some light snores every now and then.

Jack: He finished his shower and went back to the bed. He prodded Nove gently, hoping he'd wake up. "Nove?"

Nove: He groaned groggily "Huh?"

Jack: "We need to talk..." He smiled a bit.

Nove: "About?"

Jack: "Us... sometimes you stay stuff and it really hurts my feelings but you don't seem to care... You can be emotionally abusive... I love you very much Nove but I need you to change."

Nove: "Did you wake me up fort this? Couldn't you wait ike 10 minutes more?" Love put a pillow over his head trying to go back to sleep.

Jack: He looked quite shocked and confused. "Nove this is serious."

OOC: if they break up ive got other single chars like Ryan Lewis

N ove: He stood up, serious. "Okay, shoot agin, please?"

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Jack: sometimes you stay stuff and it really hurts my feelings but you don't seem to care... You can be emotionally abusive... I love you very much Nove but I need you to change."

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Nove: "What did I ever say to hurt you? You always victimize yourself when I'm asking you to be a better person for me, so if you don't pay attention to me, why should I?"

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Jack: He blushed. "You tell me stuff like that you're going to leave me and then you say you're joking. You start taking my clothes off and we're about to make love and you leave me there, naked, and shout at me."

OOC: Scales has but he hasn't made the char in like 6 months so sure. With who?

Nove: "Well, I'm sorry but nobofy is perfect! People make mistakes!"

OOC: I was thinking maybe Killian Hartman?

Jack: He blushed and looked down. "I-I just think you'd be happier with someone else Nove."

OOC: Maybe, do you have anyone else?

Nove: "Are you breaking up with me?

OOC: It is either him, Nove (ehich I dont think you'd like or Kirk Kent who is away, but I'm bringinghim back to camp and making him bi either way.

Jack: He didn't reply to that. He just started to cry, looking down. It broke his heart to do this.

OOC: Kirk please :)

Nove: "Okay. I was going to break up with you anyway. You cheated on me. I knew you didnt love me but Coop. That'd why I asked you! But you lied to to me, and I wont be with a liar." Standing up from the bed, Nove left the room without even saying goodbye.

OOc: Sure ;)

Jack: Jack was crying now, it wasn't true, Jack loved Nove very, very much. He always thought Nove was the One, the One Jack wanted to marry... but Coop came along and Coop loved Jack more than Nove did. When Jack had picked Nove over Coop, Coop had gotten sad, angry, brokenhearted, all Nove looked as he left was unamused. That's why Jack had left Nove, but it still hurt.

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Nove: He continued crying for the rest of the day. He loved Jack so very much, but Jack apparently only loved Coop. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, but it really mare Nove cry.

OOC: For me, this RP is pretty much wrapped up :) amd sure, I'll go ahead and post on Ryan ASAP

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