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Lunes Primm ~ Daughter Of Nyx
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Blake -Child of Notus
-Son of Notus

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Lunes: It was a crisp January evening, the stars lay scattered across the sky like powdered suger over a chocolate brownie. The cold breeze of winter was the only sound that could be heard at the moment Lunes, who stood, perched on a deck with a telescope.

Blake: The son of Notus was doing what he normally would be doing during the winter months, sitting around a fire looking at the stars by himself. While looking around at the stars, Blake saw a girl looking through the telescope. Probally some Astraeus kid Blake thought to himself as he got up and walked over to the girl.

Lunes: The brunette looked through the glass lens onto the open sky looking for any wandering coments are shooting stars she saw often in Quebec. A few minutes after the thought, she witnessed a streak of light from the corner of her eye, and hurridly moved the telescope to follow the figure. At least thats what she thought she was doing before the sudden sound of footsteps made her jump, knocking the telescope up and over the deck, onto the group ten feet below.

Blake: When Blake was almost right at the platform where he saw the girl when the telescope landed right at his feet. Blake picked up all ofthe pieces of telescope that he could pick up and flew up to the girl. "You drop something" Blake said as he held out the broken telescope

Lunes: Lunes looked down at the voice to see a relativley handsome man with curlyish brown hair. Lunes grabbed for the telescope, having to use both hand to grab the heavy tool. " can leave i guess...I mean if you want to...i mean if your not busy..okay let me shut up" Lunes spurted in one the nost awkward phrases she thing she had ever said in her 16 year exsitence/

Blake: Blake laughed at the girls awkwardness. "So what you are basically saying for me to go and to stay" Blake said

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