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Minnie McAllistor -Child of Eros
-Flirty Daughter of Eros

 – 21:43, October 11, 2017 (UTC)

She smiled at them, so they would think she was happy with everything. She wasn't truly happy, or even okay. Though, she hid that about herself, and kept smiling.


Niome Wilson -Child of Aglaea
-The other half

 – 21:35, October 15, 2016 (UTC)



Minnie: Minnie was sitting at the edge of the lake, skipping rocks. She was mad. She hadn't been entirely mad in a long time; but she was really mad right now. She didn't want to be a demigod, or the daughter of Eros. She missed her mom and her old life. "What did I do to deserve all this!" She accidently screamed out loud.

Niome: With Riikka off somewhere, Niome had been venturing off into the forest more often to take photos of everything out there and put those photos of Riikka a little bit further back on her laptop. Niome was walking by the Lake when she saw and heard a girl yell out, and headed over towards the girl.

Minnie: Minnie had decided to go back to her cabin. She got up and looked down at her shoes while walking back. That's when she ran into something or someone. "Ouch." She rolled her eyes and then looked up at the person she ran into. "Uh."

Niome: She started looking down at her camera, going through the pictures she just took until she ran into someone, almost making her drop her camera. "Watch it, I almost dropped my camera."

Minnie: "I'm the one who fell." Minne said a little bit annoyed. "Whatever your doing on your camera must be real important." She straightened her bun, which was a bit crooked. "This place is so weird." She quietly mumbled to herself.

Niome: "You're not the last gift from my dad and aren't worth almost $3000, so of course I'm more worried about my camera." Niome smiled, hearing what the girl said. "You don't know the half of it, sweetie."

Minnie: Minnie rolled her eyes again. "What's your problem. Most kids here can't see their parents, ever. Most of those kids don't even have anything to remember them by. A stupid camera doesn't change your relationship between a gift from your alone father." Minnie didn't mean to yell these things. She just did. "Sorry..." She whispered.

Niome: Niome just stood there, as the other girl yelled out her. "You're stressed out about this whole being a child of a Greek god, aren't you?"

Minnie: Minnie was stressed, angry and lonely. Though, she didn't want people truly knowing that. "Uh, sorry again." She looked down at the ground again. "I'm Minnie."

Niome: "I'm Niome. No need to be sorry, I did worse when I found out my mom is Aglaea. All my sister's clothes were wedding dresses for a little bit."

Minnie: "Agala...Who? I'm sorry, not really used to all this myth stuff. My dad is Eron, I think?"  She looked at the ground for a second, then looked back at Niome. "Does this place really let any magical, mythical kid train with deadly weapons?"

Niome: "She's the goddess of beauty and joy. He must be Eros, one of the love gods." Niome's smile widen and put her camera around her neck, pulling out her makeup brush and turning it into a knife. "Does this answer your question?"

Minnie: "Yeah. Makes since." She looked at the brush that Niome had turned into a knife. "That' um, cool."

Niome: Niome turned her knife back to its brush form. "The whole thing about letting us use deadly weapons is so crazy. Like I've met a 9 year old that can fight better than me."

Minnie: "Wow." Minnie had held a sword before but she never really had to use it that much. Before then, she didn't even know swords actually existed after the medival ages. "Is there ever times when we use them?"

Niome: "Yeah. People train with them all the time, in the arena or fighting some of the monsters out in the forest, if you're not outside camp".

Minnie: Minnie had some bad expierences with monsters before, so she didn't like thinking about fighting those. She again made sure her bun was straight while saying, "We don't have to do that right."

Niome: "You don't have to if you don't want to. I only go out in the forest to take pictures of stuff, never once fought a monster if I didn't have to."

Minnie: She looked down at Niome's camera. "Photography is a thing of yours?" She smiled. "Well, I'm sorry I bumped in to your camera."

Niome: "Sure is. I want to do it professionally some day. Now you are saying sorry." Niome said in a nice tone.

Minnie: She grinned at Niome. "Yup." She looked down at her shoes and slipped her hands in to her pocket. "What are some fun things people can do here."

Niome: "Whole bunch of things. You would be like me, taking photos for fun, or like other people and find training fun."

Minnie: She rolled her eyes in a friendly type of way. "I don't feel like much in to training unless it just means working out at a gym"


Hannah: Sorry for taking so long to post.

James: No problem, as long as you help me out with Aekely and Angel

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