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A First Date

  • Chet: He walks up to the door of the Poseidon Cabin a couple minutes before one and knock on it. He's wearing a newer jacket he had and a polo with his jeans. He waits for an answer, a smile starting to form on his face in anticipation.
  • Mariana: Despite not knowing where she'd be going for her date, Mariana didn't miss the chance to show off her good taste in fashion. She was dressed in a comfortable but considerably classy romper, with her hair loose. She had a small purse over one of her shoulder, with things she knew were essential; her shortened sword, pepper spray, money and her phone. She was a little nervous about the date, but tried to hide it as she showed opened the door. "Hey!"
  • Chet: He has to work to keep his jaw from dropping. He smiles wide at her when she opened the door, "Hey Mariana. Wow you look incredible."
  • Mariana: She bites the inside of her cheek, trying to not smile too widely. At least she hadn't gone too over the top, nor underdone it with her outfit and makeup. "Thanks. You look good, too," she compliments.
  • Chet: He nods. "Thank you. Already to go? I was planning of walking to town." He waits for her answer, hoping she wouldn't be upset with having to walk.
  • Mariana: She shrugs - she had no qualms with walking. Her feet might start killing her eventually, but she saw no issues present time. "Let's go," she smiles brightly, closing the door softly behind her and turning to follow him out.
  • Chet: He matches her smile and they start to walk to the entrance. He turns his face to her, wanting to look at her as he talks. "How the week been for you?"
  • Mariana: "It's been long. I got sick somewhere along the way, but I'm better now, thank the Gods," she answers. "It would have been disappointing if I'd had to cancel our date."
  • Chet: "I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with bringing sick. But I'm glad you're better now, and yes, it would have been disappointing if we had to do that."
  • Mariana: She smiles, softly, and crosses her arms behind her back. She'd almost reached out for his hand, but she had withheld from doing as much, out of fears he'd reject her or something akin to that. "How was your week? Just working on the ship from a while back, or did something cool happen?"
  • Chet: "Made a laurel for the priestess of Apollo in exchange for inspiration. That turned out better than expected. Other than that, just usual orders for campers. Nothing too special" He slid his opposite hand into his jacket pocket, leaving the hand closer out.
  • Mariana: Her expression turns dark as he brings up the priestess of Apollo. She really, really, really dislikes that young woman. "That's nice," she says, struggling to remain neutral. "I'm sure it turned out to be really pretty."
  • Chet: He looks over at her, clearly taking notice. "Sorry, I didn't you two were on bad terms." He reaches hand up and rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.
  • Mariana: "It's fine, don't worry. It's not your fault, you didn't know. Plus it's a recent thing, so... it's not like there was much time for you to piece things together," Mariana smiles reassuringly. "So... why did you need 'inspiration'?"
  • Chet: He smiles back and sets his hand back down. "Alright. And it's just a case of of makers block I guess. I wasn't having new ideas for projects." He shrugs his shoulders. "Though I could use some divine intervention."
  • Mariana: Mariana can hold back the laugh that bubbles at her throat. "Divine intervention," she echoes. "That's interesting. I'm sure your projects are doing great."
  • Chet: He chuckles hartily, nodding his head. "Yea, sounds a bit excessive when I say it out loud, but it's been helping to motivate me to start plans at least. And thank you for the kind words to a humble craftsman."
  • Mariana: She laughs. "I'm sure you'll get this really big, really cool project soon. And when you do, you'll be reminded of me! Or who knows, I might even inspire you," she grins. "Something water-related."
  • Chet: He watches her as she laughed and grinned, causing him to grin wide as well. He definitely had some ideas for work now. "You just might be right, Mariana." He laughs with her.
  • Mariana: "Of course I'm right!" Mariana beams. As they exit camp grounds, she runs a hand through her hair, a little nervously. She doesn't know what to say now, but she also doesn't want to make things awkward.
  • Chet: He catches her hand as she brings it back down with his, holding on gently. He smiles at her. "I promise to make something very special thanks to you."
  • Mariana: She's a little startled that he's caught her hand, even more so at the tone of his voice. Um, okay. She doesn't know what to do, so she smiles a little bemusedly. "How so?"
  • Chet: "I gotta make sure I keep your word of making something big and cool. I'm sure they are some lofty standards I'll have to meet." laughing, he looked off ahead of them, watching the road and letting his mind work a bit on what he was going to do.
  • Mariana: She sounds humorous. "I... look forward to it, I guess?"
  • Chet: He smiled and nodded, leaving them to walk for a bit in silence. "How long have you been head counselor for the Poseidon cabin?"
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