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Ada and Adrasteia

  • Adrasteia: Currently, Adrasteia is sitting in the Hera table at the Dining Pavilion. Camp has been very interesting, to say the least, and she's only been here for less than 24 hours. She wasn't sure how she really felt about Camp yet, especially as she hadn't meant enough siblings to form a concrete opinion about them let alone anything else. One thing was for sure, though: there wasn't much unity in this place. Everyone was separated, off on their own, running their own errands. Hardly anyone was working together, at least from what she'd observed. She sat on her own in the table, silently eating her food and watching the other campers interact with one another.
  • Ada: Her movements with a sword she never used before were so fluid it was like Ada had practiced with it for years, all because of Ragnar's memories, and had drained so much out of the girl that the tiredness could be clearly seen by Ada. She was walking the towards the Hebe table at the Dining pavilion, when the tiredness from her trying came upon her and for some reason, made her see Ragnar's time as a gladiator, making her collapse by the Hera table.
  • Adrasteia: Adrasteia was the first one to react when Ada collapsed near her table. Despite her speed, she wasn't sure what was wrong with Ada, so all she could do was tap into an Apollo child's power, trying to heal whatever injuries she might possibly have that caused her to faint. That act alone was taxing on her, though luckily her experience counteracted that considerably. "Can you hear me?" she asks, quietly but firmly, as she adjusts the girl's position, lifting her head to clear the airways. She does a brief overlook, and the girl doesn't seem injured - just very exhausted.
  • Ada: Scenes flashed by in her head of Ragnar fighting, never a fight and always being allowed to kill the loser. She moaned in her unconscious like state but looked like there was no signs of her waking up. Until the voice of someone outside the memories brought her back, for some reason. Ada slowly opened her eyes, hoping to never see those visions again.
  • Adrasteia: She was very relieved when she noticed the girl's eyes were fluttering open. She releases a soft breath she hadn't realized she was holding, and gently helps the girl sit up. "Hey, are you alright?"
  • Ada: She could barely register what the girl just said. “I think I’m alright,” Ada said softly, as she sat up.

Bowen & Willa

Bowen: It was an odd sight to see someone sitting on a cabin’s roof, writing on a piece of lapsed that was floating but that was exactly what Bowen was doing, doing random maths questions he found on the internet on a piece of palate he was using his powers to make float.

Willa: Willa was making her way through camp. Finally, she was getting more and more use to camp. At least to the point where she wasn't getting lost all the time. She was currently going through the cabin area, taking the shortcut from the training arena through the minor gods' cabins that led up to the Olympians'.

Bowen: As he tried to figure out the next question, a girl caught his eye. Not because he was looking for girls but just the fact she had figured out the shortcut through the minor god cabins, or from how she was walking looked like she had. Bland just sat up on the roof, watching what the girl would might do next.

Willa: She was on her way, silent and with her hands in her back pockets, when a small group of whom she soon realized were Hecate kids walked past her. They exchanged weird looks between themselves and cast similar ones in Willa's direction, something that didn't go unnoticed by her. She felt weird about it, and dare she say a little bothered, but a glare was all it took for them to scamper.

Bowen: He silently laughed as he could just see the girl’s interaction with some Hecate kids, the same sort of reaction he got from most people when his crazy look from the time on the island showed. When the Hecate kids walked off, Bowen decided it was time for him to stop being weird and flew over to the girl, a few feet in front of her.

Willa: She refuses to let herself be intimidated, or at the very least show it, so Willa arches an eyebrow and crosses her arms over her chest. "Yes?"

Bowen: ”Don’t mean to sound creepy but I was watching you for a bit. I liked that bit of a stare off between you and those kids just before.”

Willa: She stares at him with an arched eyebrow, looking thoroughly unimpressed. The guy was a creep, but she'd dealt with her fair share of them before. She was sure she could deal with it. "You sounded completely creepy, despite whatever your attempt was to not sound as such," she deadpans. "You remind me of the pedophiles back home; I should let Alexander know we have a potential stalker in camp grounds."

Bowen: ”Potential stalker or just a misunderstanding. I’m not good with human interactions, being that I was on an island, alone, for five years with nobody to talk, which has made me a little crazy. Not crazy enough to become a stalker though. Alexander knows exactly about my situation, me being self-diagnosed mentally unstable.” Bowen said, all very quickly.

Willa: As Bowen continues to talk, Willa feels more and more inclined to deck him in the face and distance herself from the situation. It's worked before. Moreover, she sticks around, her eyebrows knitting together as she fails to make the connection between one thing and the other. "You called yourself a potential stalker at the start, and then said you weren't a stalker," Willa points out. "Five years away? Alone? A little crazy? Let me guess, you came back with a small notebook and a list of monsters to kill. Or did you come back with a friend named Winston?" she rolls her eyes, clearly skeptical.

Bowen: "Second one's closer than the first. I've got a small notebook on movies to catch up on and I did see my mother that died before I got on the island, so it's a bit of both. You're lucky I caught up on Arrow to understand that reference."

Willa: She scoffs. "Right, because that makes me any less inclined to believe you're telling the truth rather than ripping off a TV show's main character's storyline," she shakes her head. She moves around him, getting ready to continue her walk.

Bowen: ”Not surprised you don’t believe, most people don’t believe a kid can survive by himself on a island in the middle of nowehere.”

James & Mariana

James: After so long away, it felt odd to be back in the Poseidon cabin again, let alone around other demigods he wasn’t related to through his mum. James entered the cabin and put all his stuff down on the ground, in a corner and just stood there, waiting to see any familiar faces.

Mariana: She was just coming out of her room that morning. It was a Sunday, therefore there wasn't any training and she was at liberty to wake up whenever she wanted. It wasn't ideal, but she had been really worn out from the day prior. She smiles at the face she sees, walking past it before she actually registers it. She stops and walks backward, her brow already furrowing. "Ummm..."

James: A girl that he hadn’t seen before smiled at him, he figured that it must of been a camper that came along while he was away, so he just smiled back at her. That was until she started walking back towards him. “Did I do something wrong?”

Mariana: She looks at him closely; he looks a little familiar. She doesn't realize why until a few short seconds later. He had the trademark sea green eyes and look of mischief that distinguished each child of Poseidon. "Are you a new camper?" she asks, her tone not unkind. If he was new, then Chiron was sure doing a shit job at keeping her informed of the happenings involving her cabin.

James: ”I’m more of a returning camper than a new camper but I may as well be a new one. I barely know anyone around,” James studied the girl, trying to figure out what position she had in the cabin. She had a feeling of someone who’s at the top of their whatever to James but he didn’t say a thing about it just yet.

Mariana: "Right," she says slowly. She's a little unsure whether she should believe him or not, but he certainly looks the part of a Poseidon kid. "I'm Mariana, and you are?"

James: ”I’m James. Probably didn’t make a big enough dent to be remembered but I was counsellor a while back for a little bit.”

Mariana: The revelation makes Mariana tense - the last thing she wants is being challenged for counsellor. "I'm Mariana, the current Head," she says, her tone not unkind but firmly, with authority.

James: James laughed a little bit. The tone of the girl’s voice made it clear she was either afraid of him challenging her or just wasn’t in the mood for challenges. “You’ve made it pretty obvious. And don’t worry about me challenging you because I won’t. I just know either you or someone else would challenge me if I win and I’m not that kind of person to really care about that stuff.”

Mariana: "Good," she nods. "Well, then, welcome back, James."

James: "Anything new happen since I went, apart from you becoming counselor?"

Mariana: "Another of our brothers became Lt. Counsellor. I don't know if you've seen him before? His name is Sean - he's pretty pale, burns easily, and has fiery red hair," she answers. "We've been getting a lot of new campers lately, too."

James: ”Don’t think I was around when he came around. I can’t even remember who was in control of our cabin when I left anyway.”

Adéle & Liliosa

Liliosa: Painting the sunset was challenging thing to do when Liliosa was running out a certain colours, ones that are in a sunset, but Liliosa was improvising, using different shades of greens and blues to recreate the sunset but abstract.

Adéle: She was walking in the direction of the Nemesis Cabin, having been claimed quite literally minutes prior to that moment, when she noticed what was arguably the most hideous painting she'd ever come across, even if it was currently in the works. The face she instantly makes indicates as much, and while she recognizes she's doing it, she doesn't feel inclined to hide it.

Liliosa: With the white paint she had, Liliosa started painting buildings into the picture, that was when she saw a girl making a face, looking at her picture. "Guessing you don't like my picture?" Liliosa yelled out to the girl.

Adéle: She doesn't feel sorry that she made a face, so much that she got caught. Sighing heavily, Adéle Beaulieu turns around. She shrugs a shoulder in response. "It's not pretty," she says.

Liliosa: ”It’s hard to paint a pretty sunset when you’re out of yellows, reds and all those colours.” Liliosa said as she put detail into the buildings. “Anyway you think I could make it pretty?”

Adéle: "With the right colors, maybe," Adéle says, with a noncommittal shrug. She curls her hand around her ponytail, reinforcing its soft waves. "It's very... abstract. So many colors mixed together, the shapes distorted - I don't know. It's too... asymmetric, I suppose is the word?"

Liliosa: "Asymmetric. What a way to put it." Liliosa said a son she stepped back and had a look at her painting from a far. "I'm Liliosa by the way."


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