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Roesheen and Madison

Roesheen: She's sitting under a tree, humming quietly as she sketches in a small notebook.

Madison: The daughter of Poseidon was checking her hair in her hand mirror. She'd just taken a shower, and had to make sure her hair was pin-straight. Madison had once tried to curl her hair. The results were disastrous. Wait, were her lips starting to lose their shine?! She quickly applied some Lancome lip gloss.

Roesheen: She glances up and notices Madison. With a beaming smile, she attempts to wave at the stranger. "Hey!"

Madison: Madison smacked her lips together and looked in surprise at the girl who had just waved at her. "Oh, hey!" she replied brightly. "Do you use tinted lip gloss? I mean, of course you don't. You'll need it if you want anyone to notice that you aren't a lipless zombie," Madison scoffed.

Roesheen: "Uh, I actually don't use tinted lip gloss." Her smile falters a bit but then returns to its previous bright state. "It looks very pretty on you though!"

Madison: "Of course it does," Madison sighed. "Don't you think this is like, the greatest shade in the world? So of course it's made for me. And please replace that hideous shirt with something else. If my eyes could vomit, I swear they would."

Roesheen: She giggles. "That would be ridiculous. Eyes vomiting?"

Madison: "Do you like, understand what I'm saying right now?" Madison asked skeptically. "Girl, I'm here trying to get you a life. Literally. As in, child. As in, find a boyfriend. And all you do is giggle?" Madison couldn't comprehend that idea.

Roesheen: She shrugs with a small smile. "I already have a boyfriend, and I'm already happy with who I am."

Madison: "Okay," Madison shrugged. According to her, as long as someone had a soulmate they were worthy of her attention. Which was ironic, considering she was a (newly) single person. "Still...fine. At least your hair is awesome. I would kill for it. And if you don't mind me asking, what's your name? I mean, it's weird, but I do care about that stuff."

Roesheen: "My name's Roesheen. What's yours?" Using a gust of icy air, she springs up from her sitting position enthusiastically so that she and Madison are on the same level.

Madison: "It's Madison," she said. Whoa, that is so cool! she wanted to squeal, but that would be a little...weird. And totally not Madison. At all. (OOC: If you're wondering, I can't stand being mean to Roesheen anymore. That's basically why I made Madison like this :( LOL)

Roesheen: She beams. "Madison? That's a lovely name!"

Madison: Madison raised a curious eyebrow. Roesheen was...quite interesting personality-wise. "Um, thanks?" she said, though it came out sounding more like a question.

Roesheen: She bounces slightly on her toes, visibly excited to find a new friend. "You're welcome! Who's your god parent, Madison?"

Madison: "Poseidon," Madison shrugged, wrinkling her nose in disgust. "What about you?"

Roesheen: "Ooooh. That's wonderful! Mine's Boreas." She tucks her hair behind her ear, becoming slightly more shy.

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