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The Beach

Eryn: Her lips stay connected with his for a few long seconds of bliss before the panic of falling takes over and she drifts apart from him.

OOC: I don't mind at all. :3

rafi: he made a 0.0 face before going off

suzaku:she looks unamused and turns to eryn  you have some ropes?she said soon realizing eryn was not next to her but falling oh shoot! she said as she made a cloud to stop eryn from failling sorry...

OOC: Are they still up in the air? I thought they were falling a long distance?

OOC:oh yeah can you make eryn falling then suzaku would save her?

OOC: Eryn is already falling!

OOC:ok changed it >,< sorry

Eryn: She rubs her head in agitation with a lingering blush. I'm getting really tired of falling.

suzaku: failling in love? she asked a bit exited soo rafi's not your first is he now??

Eryn:Her eyes widen and she shakes her head. I was talking about physically falling. If we were talking about falling in love... She blushes and murmurs quietly. Rafi is my first.

suzaku: sees her blush ohhh what a cutie you are she said as she tried to hug eryn dont worry I'll help you out even if I have to tie rafi down with a anchor!! she said with full spirit but right now i think you need your sleep...wanna come and sleep with me? she offered trying to be kind

OOC:do you have an anchor?

Eryn: She blushes more and runs her hand through her hair. Um, alright. What'll happen to Rafi though? We shouldn't just leave him.

OOC: Nope. Sorry.

suzaku: she looked at eryn as if just realizing something before taking out her phone and calling someone when the phone call was done she turn back to eryn done he wont be running dont worry she said making an evil smile

OOC:awwww hmm a net?

Eryn: Running? As in running away? That doesn't sound too good. She glances towards Rafi with concern.

suzaku: she shakes his head as she saw eryn looking the route rafi took he wont eryn anyhow your a young nymph you wont understand our position...


Eryn: She crosses her arms, slightly offended, with a small pout.

OOC: What is it???

suzaku: she pats eryn's head laughing aww your soo cute..she said simply

OOC:I lost it >,< sor...wait!! rafi had a previous gf!! and he loved the girl soo much as she was his first but then he died from his mistake and now is scared to love again! thats why iris sent him to camp to heal?? maybe? IDK ><

OOC: Yessss! That sounds good.

Eryn: She looks away and mumbles. I'd rather have Rafi call me cute instead.

suzaku; she laughed your better off asking for a blue moon kid..she said simply

OOC:ok we'll do the thing!

Eryn: She opens her mouth to feebly protest but just nods her head. You're right. I know you're right. Why can't I just accept it? He obviously doesn't care as much as I thought he did.

suzaku: oh no that part your right his feeling its just the rest of the part your wrong...she said simply looking at the nymph sanctuary lets just say time sometimes effect us more than you think...

Eryn: She raises her eyebrow, confused at Suzaku's vagueness. What does time affect exactly?

suzaku: she tires to open her mouth but decided against it and simply made the cloud move to the sanctuary lets just rest....

Eryn: She sighs and nods.

'and with that suzaku brought eryn to the sanctuary'

few days afterwards

suzaku: ok our plan is......she said hoping eryn would react...

Eryn: She blinks in confusion. Um, our plan?

suzaku: for rafi! she said loudly a bit annoyed

OOC: What plan?

OOC:uhhh any idea?

OOC: You brought it up!

OOC:what I meant was any ideas?

OOC: Nope. I'm sure you'll have a great idea though. :P

OOC:give me a few hours and maybe I'll have more time to think >,<

OOC: *waits*

OOC:is the anchor idea still a go?

OOC: Anchor idea? What's that?'

OOC:ok lets trick him use one of your boys to think ...umm >,<

OOC: You want me to use one of my guy characters so he thinks someone else is in love with Eryn?

OOC:I like that idea I wish I thought of that >,<

OOC: Haha. Do you have any preference for who I use?

OOC:nope just take your pick

Eryn: Oh, yeah. He should be here any minute.

Carwyn: He jauntily walks over to the two girls, bowing to them both and stooping to kiss Eryn's hand. Hello, Eryn. Don't you look delightful today?

Eryn: She politely pulls her hand away. Hey, Carwyn.

'suzaku: she gets up and examines the boy hmmm your a fine looking boy...she said slowly as circles him like a hawk nice abs his face is also nice and that lips you must have a good girlfriend! she said directly

OOC:did I mention I love suzaku for her sadistic and truthful side?

OOC: Me too. :P

Carwyn: He grins at Suzaku's candor. I do, in fact, have a great girlfriend, but Eryn's asked me for a favor so I'm willing to pretend I don't for a little while to help her out.

Eryn: She fidgets, turning to Suzaku. Are you sure this is a good idea?

suzaku: aww your taken and here I was thinking on going out with you she sigh playfully not that I'm interested as I myself am dating but its just your good on the eyes...she said flatly still not turning away from carwyn anyhow yeah its the only one we've got what do we have to lose? otehr than our sanity that is...she said slowly to eryn limits...

Eryn: She bites her lip as she always does when nervous and nods. Ok. How will we arrange to meet Rafi?

suzaku: oh thats easy! she said with an evil grin do you want to be tied up or dropped?

OOC:....I dont have anything to say...

Eryn: Her eyes widen. Um... preferably neither.

suzaku: awww come on where's your sense of adventure?

Eryn: There's a difference between being adventurous and not having any sense of self-preservation. She sighs. Basically, I don't want to get hurt. Please and thank you.

suzaku: but falling in love with rafi did made you hurt...

Eryn: She opens her mouth to respond but can think of no words for a moment, blinking back sudden tears and taking a shuddering deep breath. ...Yes, it did.

suzaku: and I heard adrenaline heals the soul...

OOC:....I dont even think that sort of quote exist >,<

Eryn: She raises an eyebrow, thinking hard. I've never heard that...

suzaku: thats because it isnt that popular soo she passes eryn a rope skydiving? she turns to carwyn do you have a plane license??

OOC:I am scared of how this will turn out...

Eryn: Her mouth forms a small "o" as she looks at the rope.

Carwyn: He chuckles. Sadly, I do not. He winks at Eryn. It looks like you lucked out.

suzaku: she grins then i guess we're free flying she said as she made a cloud

Eryn: She sighs and looks at Carwyn. You first.

Carwyn: He jumps on the cloud with a grin.

suzaku: noticed his grin someone a happy camper...she noted

Carwyn: He raises an eyebrow at her. Something wrong with being happy?

suzaku: its not unless you want to be dropped too

Carwyn: He chuckles. Well, I'd prefer to be left out of the freefalling.

suzaku: awww really what do you say eryn? she said turning to eryn

Eryn: She shrugs. He can do what he wants.

suzaku: and he wants to jump off a cloud with you! she said happily

Carwyn: He scratches his head. Um, no, I don't think that's what I said.

suzaku: lets just fall for funshe said with an evil grin

OOC:she can fly soo even if she falls she'll be alive ><

Eryn: She looks from Suzaku to Carwyn in concern. That doesn't sound fun to me.

OOC: She's going to have to push them off or something. They're not going to go voluntarily.

suzaku: ok soo the plan is eryn falls on a cloud carwyn here saves you you fall in love and then....she asked seeing the flaw of her plan...

OOC:ther's suppose to be a plan here >,<

Eryn: And then...?

suzaku: she shrugs your turn to plan

Eryn: Well, I think it'd be good for Carwyn to come up with a way to save me. I don't really know how that will happen when I'm falling so rapidly...

suzaku: oh come on eryn dont you trust me?? I wont let you donw...

OOC:no I dont trust you suzaku >,<

Eryn: She laughs uneasily. Riiiiight.

suzaku: she looks at carwyn you trust me right?

Carwyn: Honestly, no.

suzaku: she laughed smart man...she said supporting his decision still you NEEED to trust me to make this plan work...

Carwyn: Alright then. It's simple. Do something to earn our trust.

suzaku: she tilts her ehad thinking hmmm catching you after dropping you from a certain hight acceptable? she asked casually with a grin

OOC:I'm in a love and hate relationship with suzaku....

Eryn: But how can we be certain that you'll catch us?

suzaku: she smiles you cant but thats the fun part...her grins widen

Eryn and Carwyn exchange weary glances and shrug.

OOC:now what?

OOC: Suzaku does something crazy and they just have to deal with it.

OOC;any specification?

OOC: Nope. You have complete freedom.

OOC:only thing on my mind is she bungee jumping from a cloud and leaving the two alone on the cloud..

OOC: Hahaha. You could do that I guess.

suzaku: she made a cloud welll? she grins as she invited the two onto the cloud

Eryn:She rolls her eyes as she gives up resisting Suzaku and grabs Carwyn's wrist, jumping onto the cloud.

'she grins as the cloud got to a perfect height

Carwyn: Um, why are you grinning like that?

suzaku: she turns to him innocently grinning like what?

Carwyn: ...Like a maniac.

suzaku: she laughed i'm already a maniac...she said slowly before jumping off the cloud

Eryn: Her eyes widen. She just proved it. She is most definitely a maniac.


OOC: What?

OOC:I have no chars on that cloud ><

OOC: So, how can they leave the cloud?

OOC:uhhh let them hug and I'll make rafi save them

Eryn: It's such a long way down from here. She shivers and looks over the side of the cloud, nearly losing her footing.

Carwyn: He catches her, laughs, and pulls her into a hug. You might want to be a little more careful in the future. Remember, you can only turn into a dolphin -- not a bird.

Rafi: he was in the clouds when he sensed eryn's aura eryn...he said slowly to himself here...he said looking down and seeing carwyn and eryn hug oh..hmm they need to be save...he sigh trying to hide the pain in his heart seeing the cloud slowly disappear ok...he sigh as he made a rainbow appear letting the two ride it

Eryn: Her heart thuds loudly in her chest after the sudden shock of falling. When she notices the rainbow underneath her, she looks around hopefully as she descends. Rafi?

rafi: he hid himself in the clouds as he used the rainbows to bring the two 'couple' down from the sky

Carwyn: He reaches the ground first, and catches Eryn as she leaves the rainbow slide. You're lucky I was here to catch you. You seriously owe me. That's saving you twice in one day.

Eryn: She shoves him playfully. I could've managed without you just fine.

Rafi: at the moment he saw their closeness his heart ache as he wonder about this new feeling

Carwyn: Oh, really? Fine? You'd define fine as a splatter on the ground?

Eryn: Shut up.

Carwyn: He pretends to be frustrated and mutters in French.

OOC:now what?

OOC: Rafi should do something.

Eryn: Oh, c'mon. I know you're not angry. You're just trying to show off.

Carwyn: He grins charmingly and raises his hands above his head. Caught red-handed.

OOC:give me an idea ><

OOC: Does Rafi know French? He could come over and argue with Carwyn, telling him to stay away from Eryn, and Eryn will be really clueless because she doesn't speak the language. Then Carwyn can explain (still in French) that it's all a plot to get him to show her affection because Eryn loves him so much and that Eryn and Carwyn aren't really a thing. Finally, Eryn and Rafi can admit that they are both fully in love with each other.

OOC:I dont think he knows french >,<

OOC: ...Could you just make him know French? He's a nymph. It's possible that he's picked up bits and pieces of languages in his lifetime. I don't have a lot of ideas. D:

OOC:ok???? I guess he can pick it up when he was under iris

OOC: Yay! (Your turn to rp.)

rafi: upon hearing some french he tried his hardest to understand what they meant but maybe it's been too long or maybe he wasnt paying attention all he could hear was carwyn complementing eryn

Eryn: Her face flushes with embarrassment. Stop it.

Carwyn: Am I not allowed to speak the truth? You're a marvelous girl, Eryn. He lowers his voice so only Eryn can hear. Rafi is a lucky guy. He winks at her.

OOC:can I make rafi misunderstand them?

OOC: Sure!

rafi: he misunderstand the meaning thinking it was a love confession oh great....

Eryn: She smiles slightly. I think I liked you better when you were speaking French and I had no clue what you were saying.

Rafi: he made a fist with his palm a bit annoyed yet the feeling was soo new to him why am I angry??

Carwyn: He says a few sentences in French and then shoots her a grin. Better?

Eryn: She laughs. Much better.


OOC: How do you need me to help?

OOC:I dont know what to do..

OOC:still dont..

OOC: Well, how can I help?


OOC: You can have Rafi walk up to them all upset.

OOC:can I bring someone else in??

OOC: Sure!

Zahara: she was juggling at least 7 balls trying hard to balance when suddenly she made a mistake and the balls started to drop down scattering everywhere

Carwyn: He hears the hubbub and rushes over to help collect the lost balls. He begins speaking in French and then catches himself as he turns to Zahara to hand back a few of the balls. Forgive me. I'm Carwyn. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, even in such an odd circumstance. And you are...?

Rafi: he was still in the clouds his thought was scattered everywhere when he heard what carwyn said he sneaked a peek and saw zahara. She was a new and he had met her before in the circumstances you would never imagine She's a demigod...he said slowly remembering his visit to china once by the order of iris yet that was a tale on its own

Zahara: She was collecting the balls she picked up one by one and noticed how she was missing some then she heard a voice and looked up seeing carwyn she gave him a fake smile I'm xing ai she said simply her voice was careful to hide her true emotions Carwyn thats such a nice name she complimented the man as she slowly placed the balls into her small pouch her smile continue to decorate her face despite her heart scream otherwise Thank you for returning my balls she said once more with her calm and composed voice as before she was careful as she gave the man a bow and I dont really mind the circumstances as I just think fate likes to make people fall she made a bad joke as she pretended to laugh at it not knowing whether did it work or did it fail

Carwyn: Thank you. My name means "blessed love". Pretty fitting for an erotios, I suppose. He grins at her endearingly. I agree that fate sometimes does like to let people fall. I'm not sure it's always a bad thing though. Just think about falling in love... and then there's all that "you must fall so that you can discover you can fly" stuff. He shrugs dismissively.

Zahara: she nodded and smile yes it is a good name for an ero....she paused and turn to carwyn Erotios? her faced was as puzzled as it can be showing how she was still new to camp and such

Rafi: deep in his heart he wanted to save zahara from carwyn not really trusting him with a fragile girl such as her but another side of him wants to let it be in hope with her appearance carwyn would leave eryn alone

OOC:carwyn is taken right?

Carwyn: He shoots her a dazzling smile. Yes, an erotios. A male love spirit. I was formed by the love of two people, Terrence Rutter and Cherry Wilson. They're really great.

Eryn: She nods. I know Terrence. He seems nice... kind of quiet though.

Carwyn: I just don't think you know him well enough. He smirks and nudges her shoulder playfully.

OOC: Yes.

Hara: she smiled as she nodded her head she sense the need of a back story but she restrain herself from asking for more detail but she looked up her eyes met up with rafi's eyes whom she noticed was more lost than ever but she promptly turn away when rafi went into hiding once more ummm he sounds nice she said quickly turning her attention to carwyn being careful to trust the two

Carwyn: He nods sincerely. Oh, he definitely is. Almost as nice as Eryn.

Eryn: She rolls her eyes. Stop it.

Hara: being a child of apate she noticed the lie but held back the urge to ask she also notice even if there was chemistry the chemistry was not romantic but platonic.. umm ...she said slowly her head began piecing together the story

Eryn: She tilts her head, scrutinizing Hara's face. Is everything ok?

Hara: she quickly turn her attention to erynhuh oh nothing I'm just wondering whether would you want me to show you some magic tricks she said quickly before taking her 5 juggling balls, she juggled them for a few minutes before each one dissapeared from sight

Eryn: Her eyes widen and she applauds. Wow!

Hara: she bowed her head thank you she smiled as she looked at rafi I have more tricks if you want to see them?

Eryn: She nods eagerly. Yes, please!

hara: she smiled as she looked around well for the next one i need some help who would want to help me?

Eryn: She shrugs, trying to contain her excitement. I can do it.

OOC:what sort of magic trick do you want me to perform?

OOC: I thought you had a good idea already. Um, maybe something should happen that somehow draws their attention to Rafi? A rainbow could appear or something and he's at the end? That might make the rp more interesting. XD

OOC:I did had an idea but I forgot (hey I'm human >.<)

Hara: she smiled as she placed Eryn by the trees taking some blindfold. She knew the two were aware of her trick now so she smiled confidently I've done this before she said taking out her knife. Rafi saw that and gasp not knowing what the girl would do but he then saw her using it to shoot down an apple See! she said simply taking the apple and the knife back into her hand

Eryn: She claps with a small smirk after removing her blindfold. Very nice. I was nervous for a moment there when I heard that knife whizzing through the air. She pauses, realizing that wasn't all she'd heard. There had been a quiet gasp and it hadn't been Carwyn. Unsettled, she glances around her.

Hara: she looked at rafi as she took aim for another shot knowing that all she need was one more scare and the boy would come to them and slowly she threw the knife which was intersected by the boy tadaaaaaaaa she said simply I made rafi appear out of nowhere she added on quickly before going with carwyn

Walter and Kai

a few days after the fateful day

OOC:dont kai want to talk to him?

OOC: She will! She's following him.

landon stops and stares at the trees not really knowing anything

Kai: She clears her throat cautiously. Landon? That's you, right?

landon: he turns to her i think thats my name...

Kai: She raises an eyebrow skeptically. You mean... you don't remember?

landon"he blinked am I suppose too?

Kai: She squints her eyes at him, tryinging to determine if he's acting or genuinely confused. It's usually normal for someone to be able to recognize and respond to their name.

landon: he shrugs but why is it worth remembering? if your not worth it...he said in a sad voice

Kai: I suppose this way you can have a fresh start. Forget about everything you've ever said or done... She watches him carefully.

landon: what if you dont remember what you done?

Kai: Well, that's perfect. You're already off to a great start. She attempts to smile.

landon kept quite as he stare blankly to the sky

Kai: You really don't remember anything? Short-term memory, long-term memory... It's all gone? She attempts a smile. It could come back. There's always that possibilty. You can't lose hope.

he kept quite as he stared to the sky

Kai: She shrugs and pulls out a book from her purse, remaining beside him.

continues to keep quite

Kai: She begins to flip the pages in her book. Would you like me to stay or go? Your choice.

Landon: in his daze he turned to her huh? he said showing his eyes thats full of sadness

Kai: Would you like me to stay with you?

landon: he shurgs your choice

Kai: She sighs. But I asked you.

Landon: yes but you have  a choice to listen to it dont you?

Kai: You have an interesting thought process. I like you more than I thought I would.

landon: he turned to her and blinked a few time why?

Kai: I strongly disliked you prior to this meeting because... She clears her throat. You hurt someone I love.

Landon: he blinked a few time i did what??he said showing how he had no prior memory of this

Kai: You injured my boyfriend with malicious intent. She fiddles with the hem of her shirt, choosing not to look at him.

landon: he nodded his head I dont remember that

Kai: She sighs. I know, but I'm still holding a small grudge.

Landon; he blinked a few time is it wrong?

Kai: I...I don't know.

Landon: he blinks a few times did I tell you why I did it??

Kai: No, I really don't know your motive.

Landon: he blinks a few times then why hate me?

Kai: Because... because anyone who threatens anyone or anything that I love is not someone that I can easily forgive. 

Landon: soo he's dead? he asked flatly

Kai: No, he lived. The gods must've heard my prayers.

Landon: or...his role wasnt done yet..

Kai: Or that.

Landon: stuff happens in this world ....arent you curious?

Kai: Well, of course I am...

landon: then why dont you question the world than me?

Kai: Are you always this infuriating to talk to? She sighs.

Landon: he shrugs most of my conversation was one sided...he said slowly cause the dead cant reply to you now can they??

Kai: She pauses to think. Well, if you're a child of Hades, I think it's possible to reach the deceased.

Landn: he shrugged not my point but ok...

Kai. She shrugs also. Sorry. I suppose I misunderstood.

Landon: he nods people tend to do that a lot...

Kai: Really? Can you think of anyone in particular? She looks at him, intrigued, hoping to jog his memory in some way.

Landon: He looks up in the sky I can but he's no longer breathing...he said sadly it was ironic to how the wind suddenly blows it was a calm wind yet the significance of it was scary

Kai: She shivers a little in the cool wind.

Landon: the fact he lacks humanity he failed to notice kai's chill but that didnt stop an onlooker from noticing it

Pamina: she came closer being an audience to this stops there as she passed kai a jacket Landon stop this drama and lets go back you apologized to her already for what you did to walter now go back to your room before someone noticed your here! she said trying to push landon back into the infirmary but alas she was weak compared to the buff landon whom refuse to move

Kai: She joins Pamina, lending her strength to the effort of moving Landon. Thank you for the jacket.

Soon enough landon moved and went to his room leaving the two girls behind

Pamina: sorry for him he... lets just say he went on a psychotic break down and is trying to 'heal' well so to say she smiled to the girl and walter is free now you can go and see him if you want

Kai: She nods. Right. Thank you. She leaves to go find Walter.

Mina: she looks at kai as she went to walter's room wonder if this is ok... she asked herself before turning back her attention to landon

Kai: She spots Walter at last and jogs up to him, wrapping him in a desperate and warm embrace. "How are you? I've missed you."

Walter: he laughed uhhh we just saw each other before ryusei kicked you out of my room remember?

Kai: She fakes a pout and kisses his cheek. So, I'm never allowed to ask how my wonderful boyfriend is feeling?

Walter: he laughed I'm feeling fine other than being poked around ... anyhow how about you?

Kai: She hesitates. I'm fine... I'm really happy to be back with you. She loosely hugs him again, burying her face in his chest so she won't have to look him in the eye and discuss Landon.

Walter: he got the sense something happened thus hugged her back not wanting to push for an answer he waited for her to let go..

Kai: She lets go of him eventually, but still looks down. Do you ever feel like you're as powerless as a character in the book? Do you ever think about how the gods are just writing our futures and we have no say in our ending?

Walter: he stares at kai as in their relationship this was the first time he ever heard her being so meaningful so he did what was expected of him. He stared at her and after a few minutes he opened his mouth who are you and what have you done with my loving girlfriend? he asked still in shock

Kai: She shakes her head and gives him a playful shove. I'm still me, dearest boyfriend. It's just something I've been wondering...

Walter: hearing her words made his mind go into total wonder if you want to have a kid again please do wait till I get out of this place...he said simply as a joke to the girl


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Kai and Walter

OOC:have kai met suzaku?

OOC: Sure.

OOC:is that a yes she has or sure she can?

OOC: She has, I think.

OOC:ehhhh when??

OOC: I don't know. We've had so many rps that go on and on and on. XD

OOC:oh wait scroll up they did met in the infirmary...but now ...this is after or before that?

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OOC: Fluffy romantic cute stuff caused by Suzaku's mischief. :3

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Kai: She smiles at Walter, changing the subject. Do you ever wonder what kind of book our love story would be? It's probably just me...

walter: he doesnt really read book uhhhhh hmmm the one where the lead doesnt die? he joked

Kai: She laughs. Well, yes, that would be nice. 

walter: he grins as he pulls her close and where the couple live happily ever after

Kai: Her cheeks are tinged a light pink and she leans in to kiss his cheek. I love the sound of "happily ever after".

'walter: he smiles dont we all

Kai: She raises an eyebrow and chuckles. How true. 

Walter: soooo he asked slowly as he looked around

Kai: What would you like to do, love?

walter: food? he said casually

Kai: She links her arm through his. Mmmm. Sounds good. What kind should we get?

Walter: uhhh something that wont kill us??

Kai: Obviously. I'm not in the mood to eat some poisonous mushrooms. She rolls her eyes sarcastically.

walter: he shakes his head slowly not when your with ryusei..

Kai: Exactly.

walter: sooo la lumiere sound good to you??

Kai: It sounds delightful. Let's go.

walter: he nodded his head lets

The couple walks to La Lumiere.

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OOC: When they get their food, the waiter could spill it all over Kai. I'm so bad at ideas. XD

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OOC: Ugh. I know. It's awful. Just start something and we'll figure it out. Haha.

OOC:hmmmm how about a total restart? from when walter comes back home?

OOC: Sure. Do that.

OOC:before we do that we need to talk about how you want it to go is that ok?

OOC: Yes, of course!

OOC:screw that..lets just go on with a plan here hmmm walter comes back will kai know?

OOC: He could surprise her.

OOC:at the airport?

OOC: Sure! That's perfect!

OOC:you start

Kai: She sits alone on a bench at the airport, her nose buried in a book and totally oblivious to everything going on around her. 

OOC:is she there alone or can I bring one of my chars there?

OOC: Sure, if you want! As long as Walter comes eventually.

OOC:no i was asking was she there alone...

OOC:was she?

OOC:IDK >.< thats why I'm asking you

OOC: Yes? She's alone.

hara: she was at the airport waiting for walter as he wasnt aware of kai so he asked someone from camp to bring him a car as he didnt want to take a cab. Hara was here with ichiro and she not knowing what to do was walking aimlessly around looking at the architecture of this place

OOC:worst reply sorry >.<

Kai: With a quiet sigh, she looks up from her current page and spots Hara wandering. With a kind smile, she stands. "Are you a fan of architecture?"

Hara: she heard the comment and turned to kai before shaking her head quickly no I=...or at least i think its a no.. she paused not really knowing what to say as this was a first for her to be in such a big crowd ever since she got back to camp why?

Eryn and Rafi

The Mall

Eryn: She lets herself get dragged into the building by Suzaku, overwhelmed by all the stores as she looks around.

suzaku: she continues on to pull come on!! she yelled out

Eryn: She flinches at being yelled at. Where are we even going?

suzaku: everywhere!!! she said pulling her to a store

Eryn: She looks around, dazzled by all the colors. Gods, I don't even know where to start.

suzaku: she pulls her into a random store LETS GO!!

rafi: he blinks a few times looking around before choosing to wait at the ice cream place still wearing his swim wear


Eryn: She points to a shimmery turquoise dress. That's kind of cute, don't you think?

suzaku: just take it off the rack if you want it eryn dear...

Eryn: She fidgets self-consciously. But, I don't know if it'd look good on me... Never mind.

suzaku: she rolls her eyes would you rather wear that or stay in a bikini? she ask directly

OOC:technically she is still in her bikini right?

OOC: Didn't they go there from the date? Did they go to the date straight from the pool?

OOC:nope no change...

Eryn: She laughs sheepishly. Right. Good point.

suzaku: she does her hair flip I'm always right honey

Eryn: She smiles nervously. I'll just go try it on. She heads into the dressing room.

rafi: as he saw eryn changing he looked down shoot....he said slowly realizing his cloths thus walked to the store suzaku was in and picked a few casual picks your paying right suzaku? rafi asked a bit curious

Suzaku:' she made a sly smile I'm paying for what I picked not yours cause that doesnt fit you rafi..

Eryn: She comes out of the dressing room and twirls, not yet realizing that Rafi has joined Suzaku. Ta da!

Rafi: he turns to see eryn and blushed thus he turned away I'm going to wait at the cashier...he said slowly before going away

suzaku: she looks at him then turns to eryn seems like he likes it soo that one is a keeper

Eryn: She smiles a little bittersweetly. How can you tell? He seems happy with it, but he also can't be around me when I'm in it and wants to leave...

Suzaku: she shrugs he turned pink...she explained slowly

Eryn: And that's good, I guess.

Suzaku: she raised her eye brow you guessed? she said slowly repeating her words

Eryn: She fidgets. Uhhhh... Should I just go change out of this dress?

Suzaku: she shurgs how about you buy 20 and put up a show for him...she said sarcastically

Eryn: She's totally oblivious to her sarcasm. Would he like that?

suzaku: she rolls her eyes i know love was blind but nobody told me love was deaf and stupid...she said simply anyhow no he would like you to wear a 100 dresses...

Eryn: That's a little ambitious. I can't afford 100 dresses... I'll just get this one for now. She changes out of her dress and comes back out of her dressing room.

Suzaku: she shrugs you cant but this she shows eryn her credit card can

Eryn: She laughs nervously. We'll start with one. The other 99 can wait.

Suzaku: she blinked a few time what about the first dress?

Eryn: Yes, the first dress will be my only dress. I'm joking about the others.

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes what a pity everything would look lovely on you

Eryn: Was that an actual compliment or sarcasm?

Suzaku: she shurgs both maybe?

Eryn: She sighs. Right. She buys the dress with the aid of Suzaku's credit card.

OOC:wait just one?

OOC: Yeah. The one that she tried on. 

suzaku:: she placed like 20 more piece of clothing on the counter all this too

Eryn: Uhhhh. Alright then. She buys the additional items as well.

Suzaku: she looks at the additional stuff no accessories?

Eryn: Accessories? ...I'm sorry. In case you've forgotten, I am kind of new to this.

Suzaku: she grins then lets start shall we??

Eryn: Uh, sure.

OOC:how to start?

OOC: She could hold up shoes/a necklace/etc. and ask Eryn about it. Eryn won't really know what to say and then Suzaku can call awkward Rafi over and get his opinion. I don't know.

OOC:this is the problem with me...I'm not good with shopping >,< i'm not a real girl ...

OOC: I don't go shopping often either. It's kind of ironic that we're the ones doing this rp. :P

OOC:sooo what to do now??

OOC: We could always do a time skip to when they're done shopping...

OOC:and what should we do after the skip?

OOC: Eryn could be trying on all her new outfits for Rafi. :3

OOC:thats an idea!

OOC: Where should they be?

OOC:her room?? with rafi trying to look at it?

Eryn's Room

Eryn: She enters with Rafi and sets down several large bags of clothes before flopping out on her bed, exhaling deeply. That was a looong day of shopping.

Rafi: he nods as he looks at the bags of cloths do you want me to get out cause I'm totally ok with leaving...

Eryn: She instantly sits up and grabs his arm. No, please don't go. I need to know if half of these things actually look good on me. Suzaku basically just threw a bunch of clothes in a pile and thrust it at me in every store. She sighs and looks at him with puppy dog eyes. Please stay.

Rafi: he was turning red being in a girls room... but now seeing eryn face... he couldnt say no... ok... he said slowly before sitting down... he was a sucker for a sad face... not really remembering why though...

OOC:I have an idea... how about his memory was wipe for what iris did to him?

Eryn: She smiles a dazzling smile and kisses him on the cheek lightly, rushing off to try on the first item of clothing. She returns quickly wearing a maroon floral dress with a sweetheart neckline. She giggles nervously and spins in front of Rafi. Soooo... what do you think?

OOC: Sure!

Rafi: he turns red and looking away upon seeing eryn in the dress uhh umm you sure you need me cause I dont know anything about fashion...

Eryn: She giggles. I don't need your fashion advice; I just need your impression of how it looks. You don't have to be fashion savvy for that. So, is it good? Bad? She turns pale. Why are you looking away? Is it horrible?

Rafi: he quickly shakes his head no no no its just no..umm he waited as he thinks of something to say to her ummm

Eryn: She studies his face, confused. Is it not my color? You like the style, right?

Rafi: he took a deep breath and got up pretending to see Eryn as one of those girls he tended to before he cupped her cheeks and lean in for a kiss i think you look ... he stopped half way looking into her eyes thus turn away blushing red umm he took a deep breath trying to remind himself this wasnt like before yeah.. he said finally after he got control of his heart

Eryn: She blushed, looking into his eyes and leaning in slightly closer. Her voice has dropped to a low murmur. You think I look good? Delightful? Lovely? She laughs teasingly and her eyes sparkle as she continues to hover. She tries not to bite her lip or think too much about their near miss kiss.

Rafi: his brain kept on playing the scenario which did not help his heart calm down (not one bit) but after much time he finally was able to say it Nice... he said simply with a stoic voice showing how even talking was hard for him

Eryn: Awwww. Just "nice", Rafi? She fakes a pout and drapes her arms over his shoulders.

Rafi: when he felt her hands on his shoulders he reacted rather quickly his heart jumped out as he escaped her hug I have a feeling this isnt going to be a regular check up of clothes... he went to check the door and true to his guesses it was locked I have the need to say I expected this.. he said under his breath cursing suzaku

Eryn: Her eyebrows raise in surprise as she feels a mixture of joy and dread. We're both trapped in here?

Rafi: he nodded solemnly sorry...was the only word he could ever say to the girl feeling bad this happened


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