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  • Theia: Theia was in the arena, in the bleachers, relaxing as she had just finished a training session. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and was packing up her stuff. By then, most, if not all, of her siblings had left the arena. Probably to go back to their cabin to change or something like that.
  • Amie: Amie entered the arena, it was her second day and she wanted to visit every place in camp. The arena was very interesting to her, she watched the other campers battle each other with their weapons and powers. She just wanted to check out the area and go to the cafe in town later.
  • Theia: Eventually, Theia picked up her bags and began to leave, but not before she had to pass Amie. Looking at her, briefly, she wondered if the other girl was new. Theia had slowly began to get use to all the faces around her, even though she knew none of them by name. "Sorry," she muttered as she moved past the girl. Theia wasn't the person and didn't think to pause and introduce herself.
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