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Élodie Desmarais - daughter of elpis ✯ one for all and all for one
- member of the musketeers ∙ aspiring queen ∙ french and english rose
-"Do you feel like it? Are you drawn to it? Give it all for it? Do you feel alive?"

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Elodie: The Frenchwoman was sat by the well of hope, legs crossed neatly, a half-full mason jar rested against her knee; for a child of the goddess of hope herself, she had — for the past half-millennia — found herself rather less uplifted than she felt she ought to be, especially spending her time in the presence of the other children of her mother, and found she drank from this as many others might drink alcohol, in pursuit of the momentary buzz it offered. It was late in the night, and she assumed the others had retired to bed, because it was quiet; her rapier was rested in her hand as she tilted it at certain angles, experimenting with how the soft light played with the blade.

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