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❝If something goes wrong just yell, "Plot Twist!" and move on. Wait, hold on.... Abracadabra! Nope, you're still a bitch.❞


Character's Bio
Age 19
Height 6'1
Weight 145 Ilbs
Relationship Status Single (is for Cynthia only)
Sexuality Heterosexual
Birthplace Miami, Florida
Main Weapon Celetisal Bronze Katana and Dagger
Accent Neutral
Possibly Sociopathic Sarcastic Jerk
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Tim: As he admired the campers and cabins from a tree branch, Tim, as usual, was feeling lonely. Sure he had like, what, two friends? Forget it he said to himself. Your not making friends at this point.

Leo: Unlike Leo, he fidgeted with his father's pendant as he scanned the campgrounds. So far, he had talked to no one besides guides, but even then he only said a word or two and that was to answer questions. While the sun poked fun at his vision, he struggled to think of ways to make friends, even though that wasn't his main concern.

Tim: Though Tim wasn't necessarily looking for anyone imparticular, he still took notice to a boy walking his direction. As usual, he fled. Though not having full control over his powers led him to getting himself tangled in vines, hanging upside down from the tree. His hood blocked his vision as he wrestled to get free. 

Leo: Suddenly in corner of his eye, he spotted some type of struggle and faced his body that way so he could observe the predicament better. Refraining from helping, Leo watched the boy as he struggled to break free from the vines. He let out a cough that happened to be stuck in the bottom of his throat before spoke, "Do you need any assistance with that?"

Tim: Tim's face flushed with embarresment. He stopped struggling in the vines, and let out a sigh. "Zack? Is that you? help me!" He said in such a childish tone. He couldn't see who it was because his hood kept falling over his head, but he definetely thought wrong. "Im gonna be sick."

Leo: Leo blinked in delayed confusion. Who is Zack? He shook his head to focus himself on the boy ahead. "I don't know who Zack is. Can you please answer my question?"

Tim: "Oh, sorry..." He said in almost disappointed voice, "No im not ok. I wouldn't mind some help right about now," he answered, struggling to break free. "I can't control my powers at all, and this is the outcome" 

Leo:  "I noticed," he deadpanned with his trademark monotone voice. "What do you expect me to do? I can't do much. I'm a son of Poseidon. Unless you want me to climb up there and shake you down or something." Leo mentally slapped himself. Is that what you say to someone you want to make friends with? How does this work? Come on Leo, you couldn't have forgotten all your social skills in a day right?

Tim: "Well than I'm screwed," Great first impression. That is why Tim had almost no friends. "You could, I dont know, cut the vines or something?" He cluelessly suggested. He should have known how to get out of this predicament, but he was too panicked seeing the other campers that were starting to take notice of the problem.

Leo: He sighed and unclipped his pendant from its cord before he flipped it into the air. It returned to him as a katana, and a sheath shimmered into existence around his back. He sheathed the katana and then scampered up the tree and to the branch, Tim was hanging from. He unsheathed his katana and began sawing at the vines.

Tim: He fell on the ground head first, which was not a very nice thing. He moaned, holding his head in pain. "T-thanks Mr.Unicorn for the trip" He accidentaly said before tripping and hitting his head on a tree trunk, fixing his thoughts. "Um, I mean thanks for helping me" he stated while rubbing his arm, he didn't like drawing all that attention towards him. And after noticing the campers looking at him funny he panicked and jumped into a tree with the other boy being dragged along, shooting them out deeper into the forest.

Leo: Leo frowned slightly but said nothing else as he leaped from the tree. "You are welcome."

Tim: "Sorry, I just don't like attention. At all." He admitted as he sat down against a tree. "what now?"

Leo: "Unless you have means of interacting with me, I'm going to go head off now," he responded, sheathing his katana. His whispered the words and his sheathed katana turned into its pendant form.

Tim: Tim sighed. "I guess so. Thanks, again, for helping me out." He said as he got up, turned, and started to jog deeper into the woods, not realizing Leo probably didn't know how to get back to the cabins.

Leo: Leo blinked, and then watched the boy run off. He sighed, Well done Leo. You scared him away. He scowled and headed towards the arena, combing his fingers through his hair.


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