Vifera Savage Running Wolf ~ Cybele Wild Child
Vifera Savage
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 Age: 18  Height: 6'2  Weight: 311 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual 
 Birth Place: The forgotten forest  Main Weapon: CB Claw Gauntlets and Clawed Boots
 Accent: Neutral
 – Everybody wants to be a beast, until it is time to do what beast need to do.

Aurora Todduk ~ The Calming Wind

The wind may hurt, but it is my friend
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5'7"  Weight: 141 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Leo Thompson
 Birth Place: Britain  Main Weapon: Re-curve Bow
 Accent: Slightly British
 – The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to create gusts of wind, however, the stronger the gust, the more it drains them.


  1. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to create a dome shaped torrent of wind, roughly two to three time the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to create a small tornado, about the size of the user, which can be used to block projectile attacks for a short time.
  3. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to create large clouds which obstruct vision of everyone else.


  1. Children of Zephyrus are stronger in the spring months.


  1. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them.
  2. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to call upon the winds to speed their movements or attacks; this can also be used oppositely to slow the movements or attacks of others.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to create a massive rainstorm which will begin to downpour and flood the immediate area, for a short time.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Zephyrus have the ability to increase the water density of clouds, enabling them to knock people over with them or even ride atop them; this significantly drains the child of Zephyrus.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Zephyrus can shed their flesh and turn into pure clouds, while in this state they are immune to attacks, can travel long distances in a fraction of the time, can knock enemies off their feet, the longer they maintain this form, the more energy is drained, and the weaker they become.


  1. Children of Zephyrus are generally left handed.

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Aurora is practicing by herself near her favorite spot in the ruins her flash when caught by sunlight. Like a passing breeze her blade flashes in and out of sight her natural speed an then the boost from the wind making her swordsmanship a blur. Further from camp than usual, Vifera chances upon these ruins the strong life of the moss attracting him to the place. He looks over the land from his perch high in the ruins when a glint catches his eye. Realizing the sunlight is coming from a person he climbs down and decides to meet the person thinking he might make a new friend.


Rora: She grunts as the blade slices almost effortlessly through the air. She had been practicing for a while now and she was ready for a break. After a few more fake parry's and blows, she stops and sheaths her sword. She walks to the edge of the ruin's walls and flips off of them, lading perfectly on the ground. She grins in self gratification. I love doing that. She lets the wind cool her off and refresh her energy. 

Vifera: He walks around the wall that she flipped off of and nods That was cool. I would like to try it. He waves towards the girl and offers her a smile "Nice to meet you. I am Vifera what is your name?" He keeps his smile up trying not to look intimidating but failing because all his teeth are unnaturally sharp.

Rora: She stares hard at the boy, not used to people around her. Who IS this kid? "Hi. Rora." SHe puts her hands on her hips. "What are you doing here?" She's wearing a short sleeve shirt, and her leggings. She usually wears them because it allows her the freedom of movement. Not even who is this kid, WHAT is this kid?

Vifera: He puts his hands by his side and he shrugs "I was out and just exploring the forest and wandered to far from the camp." He offers an embarrassed smile and grins wondering what is he actually doing out here but then he wonders about her "Wait. Then I have a question What are you doing out here?"

Rora: She bristles noticeably at the word, camp. "You don't know where you are or who you're dealing with do you boy?" Her hand rests on her sword and her other hand twitches.

Vifera: He instantly picks up on what is going on and his instincts kick in, his nose flaring as he picks up on her hate. He scans his surrounding taking in everything but for landing on her and he bares his teeth growling low. "I could say the same about you miss" his fist clenches and he tenses prepared to fight.

Rora: "I know damn well what I'm dealing with, camp scum." She draws her sword, and holds iit in a sort of defense, offense position, wary to fight, but she will if she has to. He's wandered too far, and that's his fault. "Either get out of her, or face the consequences."

Vifera: He calls small vines from the ground commanding them to wrap around her ankles hoping to slow her down as he charges stepping off with force. "Broken Covenant!!" he flexes and his weapons come out his clawed gauntlets replacing his gloves and his clawed boots replacing his regular shoes. He throws a slash at her sword arm trying to stop her early in this fight even if it means he has to go against what he believes.

Rora: She turns into a cloud, escaping the vines and instantly appearing on a level of the ruins. She sheaths her sword and takes off her bow, quickly nocking an arrow. She grins. Finally, something interesting. She pulls back the bow, aiming, ready for him to make a move.

Vifera: He sees her disappear and he throws his shoulder down flipping his body into a roll landing in the bushes at the edge of the clearing. He breathes hard trying to figure out what happened and where did she go, so to concentrate he closes his eyes. Then his eyes snap open and he moves staying low to the ground quickly trying to find a tree and when he does he moves to the top faster than most squirrels. He scans the area for a glint of light, a tiny movement or even a disturbance in the moss his eyes seeming to trace the ruins.

Rora: She stays perfectly still, keeping her balance on the edge, ready to flip off if she needed to. Right, so, where did he go... He's a camp kid, son of the ground, so earth. So he would find some place comfortable, where he's strongest... She picks out a few places, the bushes, the trees, or somewhere near the vines on the far side of the clearing.  Her training kicks in and she makes herself float above the ruins, almost ready to turn into a cloud again. I've practiced it so many times. I can hold it for a lot longer than people think I can.

Vifera: He realizes he has to keep moving and he turns to the right jumping from branch to branch until he comes up behind the ruins. He finds a nick in the wall and climb until he gets the highest ground and at the peek he sees Rora floating. His eyes widen and he thinks So she can fly! I wonder if her flip was the real deal or if she used her flight. Knowing he can't be distracted he focuses on the girl and his eyes begin to dull as his instincts take over completely. He sees the girl in front of him as prey and nothing more which makes him bare his fangs ready to hunt. He picks moss up from the ruin hoping it sticks to her body when he throws it then he ducks behind the ruin his senses heightened allowing her to just listen instead of look.

Rora: She senses something and quickly puts up a wind barrier around her body. She floats a little higher off the ruins. If this guy is what I think he is, then I can use the wind to my advantage. She relaxes her bow, but doesn't put it away. Her training instincts kick in right then and her mind focuses on all of the tiny things take disturb the wind, within a distance of about 20 feet. I need to find some way to boost my powers in the future.

Vifera: More beast than man right now due to his mental state he continues to stalk his prey. He sniffs and confirms that he is the one upwind and he uses it to his advantage moving through the ruins like a cat making no sounds at all. Remembering the trees had nest in them he calls to the bird in the area and has them gather in the ruin perching in different spaces and watching the girl none of them moving. Hoping this is distracting enough below her he makes walls of earth each roughly five feet in a cube ready to pounce when the trap is set.

Rora: She looks around at the birds, just a tad nervous. That isn't normal. She frowns. Where is this guy? Noticing that the birds aren't moving, she moves toward the ruins, settling gently on the very top of them, making sure to be away from any vines. Remember, you can always turn into a cloud and move. She pulls back her bow and thurns toward the clearing. Her eyes widen as she sees the trap. Di Immortales, this guy isn't human. She chuckles. Then again none of us are. She squints and tries to find him, she spots him and lets an arrow fly, aiming for his shoulder, making its aim truer with the help of the wind. 

Vifera: His senses heightened because of the state of mind he is in he hears the arrow before he sees it and catches it with his right slowly turning in her direction his hazel eyes seeming to glow amber from his hiding spot. He releases the birds from his control and out of his command they all fly up and out of the ruins with confused and startled squawks. In the confusion Vifera backed up on his hands and claws like a cat and moving quickly to a spot curtained by vines to his right never losing sight of his target. In his mind he says No one can fly but god of thunder and gods of wind and clouds going on this information he uses his power and makes her feet feel heavy and encased in rock trying to strip her away of her flight. He bares his teeth barely blinking as he waits for the right moment to strike and end his prey.

Rora: She feels her feet getting heavier and heavier and she strains against it, trying to hold herself up. F*** She frantically searches around for Vi, and not finding him she turns herself into pure air, flying around the ruins. She goes through trees, bushes, vines, around walls. Eventually she finds him, but she keeps moving. She heads back to the top of the ruins, landing on them. When she is back in her true form she pants. Note to self, practice that more and more. I need to be able to hold that longer. She puts her bow away and takes out her sword. "Alright, show of powers is over, let's fight."

Vifera: He shivers as a gust of wind flies past him but he doesn't take this as chance. He breathes deeply and catches the scent of the breeze and jumps through a hole in the wall near him before catching a vine and climbing to the top of the ruin. He reaches the top and assesses the girl holding the sword his animistic brain searching for weak points that she had exhibited during the fight. He tenses like bobcats do before they lunge and he rushes her staying crouched and low to the ground nearly on all fours. He puts his hands on the ground during the dash and bunches his knees to his chest with the momentum carrying him forward he flies feet first at the girl tilted slightly to the side should he need to stop the action with his claws.

Rora: She grimaces and jumps up, using the wind to boost her. She lets go of the power and drops down, using gravity to her advantage. She points her sword down, hoping to land on his back. With his speed I doubt it, but maybe I can land just behind him and land a blow.

Vifera: Sensing the sword barely inches before it landed on his back he fully turns into the twist he was half in before. His claws drags across the ruins as he comes to a stop on all fours he growls lows as blood trickles down his arm. He stands up and his shirt split open falls off of him, he notices the blood on his arm and then his entire body changes. The last thing he consciously thinks about is the flute Jiminey used to play to calm him down when he would get angry but that shatters as his eyes close and he howls. Not in pain, not even in anger he howls a howls that would signal the beginning of a hunt. When his eyes open back up they are nearly devoid life or soul the amber tint in his hazel eyes bright but lifeless like the eyes of a shark or wolf. He remains standing but he crouches ready to move on all four's in a moment and then he let's out another growl this one deeper and more threatening. The wind picks up whipping around the two fighters grass and leaves and flowers being picked up slowly but gaining speed fast causing clothes and hair to rise and fall dramatically. While a grass tornado begins howls of many woodland animals return his call from earlier making him drop to all fours and stalk closer to his prey.

Rora: Her eyes widen but she just pushes against the wind, willing it to calm down. She hovers in the center of the ruins, far above the ground. She hesitates, not quite knowing what to do. She decides to go with her instincts and go for it. She pulls out her bow, and aims it at him, letting her arrow fly, faster than ever before. No human could dodge that, but this guy is good.

Vifera: He just pushes harder with the wind the grass and rocks starting become more than just a little threat and one large rock in the tornado hits the arrow in the shaft. The arrow with the speed it is traveling shifts from his chest to the ground near him and with his kinetic vision enhanced he swipes with his claw and cuts through the arrow all too easily. Animals that answered to his call begin to climb the ruins because of instinct not because of his power and he uses this advantage, smelling her shock and growing worry. To lunge at her jumping into the air looking like a straight beast but just before he makes contact he creates a wall of earth traveling behind her and he swipes at the middle of her back with both claws aiming to remove her arrow pack and injure the muscles that control arm and back movement. The first of the animals reach the top searching for the source of the cry and burst through the wall of earth trapping the girl of wind in a three move pincer attack. The animals on the front, his claws at her back and the tornado limiting flight and turning into a cloud as it grows stronger and stronger the blades of grass raising skin on contact but not breaking it and the rocks strong enough to leave bruises. His eyes are still soulless and dead and one look into his eyes would chill even the largest of predators the girl in front of him is prey and he is planning to end this hunt.

Rora: She does instinctively what any of the wind children might do, disappear. She turns into mist and disperses into the wind, letting herself be caught up with the tornado that formed. She wills it to grow, adding a lot of her power to it, until it could be considered a full tornado. She travels up, knowing that he couldn't get her if she was far, far above him. Once high enough she forms a dense cloud, then sits on it, panting a little. Bloody hell!

Vifera: Refusing to his let his prey get away he reacts quickly and uses the strong vegetation to his advantage. He makes a bed of moss about the size of a small crate and then moves it with his mind not finding it difficult. He then hops on and uses the moss to fly after he not making a sound as he approaches the cloud she made. He uses an air current to flip upside down while above her making eye contact with the girl and when he does he tenses his incredibly strong legs jumping at her claws extended with a loud loin like roar. With the moss sticking to him and in his hair to anyone he would look like a monster.

Anja: Trying shadow traveling for the first time, Anja landed on some guy that was floating on some moss. She also saw that he was fighting a girl that was way smaller then him, Anja imprisoned his powers and jumped off the moss onto the ground. (OOC:This was not my idea it was Nat's and she wanted to win)

Vifera: A new girl appears behind his prey ad immediately he feels himself weaken his strength cut in a full half. Despite this he still had his strength and speed so he lands fine on the dense cloud. Then he runs at the two girls on all fours leaping into the air and spreading his arms wide attempting to take all of them off this cloud and back onto the ground. With all the momentum he ad he couldn't stop if he wanted to and he wishes he could've moved faster. (Don't worry. I can fight both you at the same time.)

Anja: As the boy went after the other girl again, Anja entered Tartarus and exited it a few feet in front of him. She made a bronze wall also in front of her making the boy slam right into it.

Rora: She allows herself and the other girl to fall, having just enough energy to land them on the ruins safety before collapsing and gulping for air. She tries to stand, to draw her sword, but she can't move. Oh bloody-

Vifera: Sees a wall briefly and prepares to crash into it thankful his arms are stretched when it suddenly falls a the cloud disappears. He is then hurtling toward the ground a alarming speed but he catches his prey land herself and the girl safely. Noting the girl is visibly winded from the use o her powers to bind his an the creation of the wall he thinks to himself This hunt is mine. He feels nearly back to full strength and he earth travels in mid air coming up from the ground near both of the girls. He walks towards them still on all fours and he growls a challenge wondering if they have submitted his brain telling him he can't leave unless someone has been declared dominant.

Rora: She looks up, barely registering anything. "I don't know who you are," she says to the girl, "but we need to stop him." She stands, shaking. Black spots appear before her eyes, but she pushes through it, after all, monsters weren't going to stop for her and wait while she caught her breath. Go down fighting or win.

Vifera: His eyes narrow into amber slits when he notices the prey still wants to fight. It causes him to tense and he digs his claws into the dirt his rage getting the better of him as he roars mad that his mercy was wasted. He takes off from that position moving as fast a bobcat or wolf his teeth bared, he runs along the preys right side attempting to take her by surprise while avoiding her friend.

Rora: She flinches at the beast but holds her ground, hoping that she could intimidate him by showing she wasn't afraid. Some animals are like that right? She holds her sword up, ready to take a swing.

Vifera: He notes the fact his prey doesn't move and while he now has respect for it, it matters little. Knowing she is weak and thinking about how she hasn't used her sword he changes direction so he barrels into her swiping with his let claw to knock her weapon away.

Rora: She yelps as the sword is knocked from her hand and she jumps back. She looks past him, and down to the ground. She had an idea. She had just enough energy to run. She takes one last look at the creature, and runs at him. She takes the chance and jumps off the ruins, and flipping until she lands on the ground. She turns and looks up, hoping that the other girl could help her out.

Anja: Anja reached for her weapon forgetting she left it back at camp. Seems like I'm going to have to go defence she thought to herself as she turned her arm and into amour before she made the surrounding darkness make her disappear and ran towards the fight

Vifera: He sees her jump from the ruin and he jumps after her ignoring the other girl completely because she disappeared. He grabs a thick looking vine and slides down the vegetation after her falling the last couple of feet because it snaps. He looks down at the vine,thinking it is around four or five feet,and then grabs it wrapping the thin end around his waist and leaving the thick end out like a tail. He then moves it with his mind using little energy to deliver a hard swing to a weak pillar nearby. Rocks and moss embed it self into and onto the vine back on all fours he looks even more beast like. With the new vine appendage he charges at her sending it out whip like at her legs but still running planning to drag and weaken her before going for something vital

Rora: She doesn't see the wip coming and trips over it. She rolls on the ground before standing, using the wind to help her move, her strength almost back completely. She runs faster, using the wind to make her run faster. She makes it to the stairs of the ruins. She turns around for a quick look and her eye widen as she sees Vi coming toward her, and upon seeing his new tail, she almost screams. As he gets closer the quickly runs up the stairs and into the tunnels. This is probably a bad idea. She almost immediately sees a small opening in the wall leading to a cave, only accessible through the opening. She hears Vi and then squeezes into the cave, knowing that Vi can't follow her. She listens, ready to create a shield at any moment.

Vifera: Sees his prey disappear and he stops running lifting his head to sniff. He realizes that the tunnel is upwind meaning there is no way in but the point his prey entered. Then he thinks There is no way out, he then sits on his haunches staring at the hole of the tunnel she went in to. A small boulder begins to form growing in size until it completely fills the hole and when it does he prepares himself mentally and earth travels into the cave. He emerges on the ceiling his claws digging into the stone and earth above the girl and he growls knowing how disturbing his appearance is to the girl especially now that he is upside down. His eyes adjust to the darkness of the cave and his strength returns immediately because of the fact it is a cave. This hunt ends here he thinks to himself and he detaches from the ceiling his claws hitting the ground and making sparks briefly illuminating how beast like he is. His tail whips toward the girl aimed at her right wrist and hand.

Rora: She quickly makes the strongest wind shield she can, making everything push against the walls. She makes the wind whip faster and faster, all of the earth and debris fly quickly. Eat this Vi. She takes one step toward Vifera, glaring at him, letting him see the anger she held. "I'm not backing down." She snarls.

Vifera: He bares his teeth as the wind whips around him but, is not phased by the wind moving at such high speed. Thanks to the small area of the cave and the earth matierial in the tornado and wind shield they don't pose such a high threat. "She has more control. All i need is more force." and thinking this he let's out a loud roar and pushes the wind back in the oppistite direction effectively cancelling it completely. Then he draws on a mass of energy and a quicksand pit forms under her swirling violently thinking that isn't enough he uses his power to make her feel as if her feet hardened to the floor. Hoping to have her panic because she is a child of wind and there is now a sudden quicksand pit plus the heaviness of her feet he intends to completely take advantage of the panic. He runs directly at her his ultimate goal to force her to submit with a grappling takedown he and the wolves he grew up used to do to show dominance. He lets out a loud snarl of his own as he charges at her.

Anja: As she watches the wolf/guy and girl going into a cave, a plan starts forming in Anja's head to help the girl. With the darkness still covering her and the cave probably being really dark, Anja shadows travels into the cave behind the boy then made a shadow of Krios ,slightly bigger than Anja, around her to change the gravity on the boy so that he sticks to the celling of the cave

Vifera: Feels himself flung to the roof of the cave and he collides with it nearly enough to leave him breathless but thanks to the fact it is a cave it eases the pain. He snarls at them before earth traveling through the rock ending up above ground in a sunny patch of land. He is angry that his prey got away ,extremely angry that it got away, he feels like all his anger travels to his fist as he smashes it to the ground futilely. Then an idea forms in his head to corner his prey and he bolts over to the bolder guarding the entrance he places his hands to it and then pushes it with a roar moving the bolder though the hole and into the cave with the strength of his mind. Considering the size of the cave and the size of the boulders he knows there is no escape for his prey unless they both teleport like he did from the cave and back into the ruins, he wants to give them no time to catch their breath.

Rora: She starts to panic. She didn't do well with enclosed spaces. Going into the cave in the first place was a bad idea. She started to hyperventilate, and she couldn't think straight. She felt like she was going to puke. uh oh

Vifera: Feels the boulder stop moving forward and narrows his eyes remembering the curve of the cave once it got to the end. He however wasn't a hunter to assume the prey had died so he dropped his body low to the ground and dissolved into the earth reforming inside the boulder. He is wary of a surprise attack and crawls out of the boulder forcing his earth travel to be slow and he immediantly makes eye contact with his startled prey. Once he does he crawls out completely and lands on all fours stalking towards his prey feeling stronger and even more dominant in the cave. Once he is in range he springs onto both of his feet and rushes her aiming for her right when he jumps , kicking off the wall behind, in a corkscrew disorienting attack his claws directed at both of her shoulders. "Time to pin the prey. After that comes the kill." Just before he lands the attack he sees the beaten and broken expression in the faces of both of his prey and he knows he had won; he howls inside the cave earth traveling to the woods while the howl echos around the cave.

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