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Aurora Sakallerios - WB
Daughter of Zeus ⚡️ Storm's Daughter ~ Owned by Khione
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"Doth you want a lightning bolt up the behind?"
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It was a dark and stormy night...

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Every prince needs a princess, not the other way around.


Aurora: The girl had just returned for school break, and almost seemed like absolute crap as she headed into the dining hall with quick and quiet footsteps. Her blonde hair covered her face, only enough for her to see her surroundings, but she was a lot worse than how it appeared.

Jax: Shortly after, Jax had entered the pavilion, his long auburn hair hanging around his face as a charming smile decorated his lips. He wasn't in the best mood, but the smile covered up any evidence of his foul mood.

Aurora: Aurora wasn't looking where she had been going and slammed right into Jaxson, sending her roughly to the floor with small tears beginning to well up. "O-Okay?" She asked hesitantly, trying her roughed-out voice with one word, pushing herself up slowly. "Y-You O-Okay?"

Jax: Jax, who had barely been moved from the impact, bent down to help Aurora up. "The question is, are you okay?" he murmured, offering his hand. Truth be told, he was quite annoyed but his smile remained.

Aurora: She took his hand slowly, allowing herself to be pulled up into a standing position. "Y-Yeah... I-I o-okay." Aurora returned, hesitating around the words. Purple and blue bruises decorated her hand, just enough for Jax to see and get suspicious.

Jax: He didn't pay much mind to the bruises on her hand, but he saw them. It wasn't in his interest to question her about them anyway. "You should be more careful," he warned. "There are others who wouldn't take kindly to you bumping into them. Always watch yourself, okay?"

Aurora: She nodded slowly, pulling her hand away and pushing it into a small pocket. "O-Okay s-sir." Aurora hesitated to leave, seeing that Jax hadn't given her permission to leave in any way.

Jax: He studied her face, an expression of hesitation written on it. "Let me... walk you to your table," he offered, withdrawing his hand as well.

Aurora: She nodded, turning to head towards the Zeus' table with slow footsteps. "H-Here."

Jax: "Are you usually so..." he drifted off, thinking of a word to describe her appearance. "...distracted?"

Aurora: She paused, turning to face him and blinking. "W-What do you mean, s-sir?" Aurora asked, watching him.

Jax: "You don't look particularly well," he corrected. "Is this a normal occurrence? Maybe the infirmary would be in your best interests?"

Aurora: Her eyes grew stormy, as she obviously struggled with her emotions and the pain. "F-Fairly. I am going have to say no to the infirmary, sir. If you would stop trying to get into my business..." Aurora trailed off quickly, turning and striding towards her table only to get caught on a leg and falling to the marble with a harsh crack and crash. The girl gasped in pain, struggling for breath and trying to pull herself up into a standing position, ignoring the pain and dislocated kneecap.

Jax: He flinched and exhaled at the girl's stubbornness. He approached her once more after she had stood. "It's extremely in your best interests to go to the infirmary right now. You know what? I think I'll just take you myself."

Aurora: She tried to refuse, before letting out a sigh at seeing his stern expression before she let her gaze drop to the ground, extending a hand for Jax's. "Y-Yes s-sir." Aurora managed through the welling-up of tears at the flooding pain. "H-Hurts..."

Jax: Well duh, you're walking around injured and then you injured yourself again. Like you probably shouldn't even be outside your cabin. He kept his thoughts to himself though and gently pulled her arm over her shoulder so that she was leaning against him. "Let's go."

Aurora: She leaned heavily against Jax unsurely, but didn't flinch away from him or anything as the two headed to the infirmary. At their entrance, the infirmary seemed empty except for a red-haired girl, someone who was easily recognized as the priestess of Apollo. At the examination, Aurora immediately began to cry, trying to pull away from Pyrrha, repeating the words: Hurt and Stop. She almost seemed to be trying to escape, kicking with her good leg and flailing her arms about, crying.

Pyrrha: She turned at the sound of two people entering and immediately strode over, taking Aurora's other side and directing both to an empty bed. "Want to tell me what happened?" was directed at Jax, Pyrrha asked, turning to retrieve medical things, and sitting down to examine Aurora's knee with practiced hands. She nearly avoided a kick to the chin, gently catching the girl's ankle while sending a help-look at Jax. "Help?"

Jax: "I wouldn't be able to provide any assistance," he replied watching her with an amused smile. "She fell. I think she busted her kneecap or something."

Aurora: She calmed with the slight addition of medicine, leaning heavily into Jax.

Pyrrha: She sighed, standing and grabbing bandages, beginning to splint the girl's knee with deft hands. "Alright.."

Jax: He allowed Aurora to lean against him, despite his discomfort with it. There were so many things he could be doing instead of this but unfortunately, his kindness extended to everyone whether or not he chose for it to do so.

Pyrrha: She stood, having finished with the splint and offered a hand to Aurora to help her down. "Alright... I would give you ambroisia & nectar, but you've already had enough, right?" At Aurora's nod, she continued. "I've splinted the knee, but no training or anything along those lines. I will let your brother know the orders. Now you better get back to breakfast."

Jax: "Actually," Jax interrupted. "Let me talk to the head counselor. You're a daughter of Zeus, right? I'll let Landon know. I think I should watch her for today. Make sure she isn't straining herself." He shot Prryha a smile and nodded in thanks as he couldn't currently bow with Aurora against him. "Thank you."

Aurora: She nodded in response to the godly parent question, smiling back at Pyrrha in thanks. "T-thank you, m-ma'am." Aurora leaned into Jax's side, looking up at him with grey eyes so much like her father. "Can we go?"

Jax: Jax stood up slowly, before allowing Aurora to get up to. "Let's get you some breakfast... Aurora, was it?"


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