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Raeyn Esparza, daughter of Athena

Lilly Lancaster, daughter of Hades

Roleplay start!

Lilly was sitting under a tree, writing her book.

Raeyn: Nimbly scaling a tree, Raeyn dropped from the lowest branch with almost no sound, a tuck and roll helping her in not breaking anything. She tried to flex the fingers of her bandaged right hand and winced. Cela HAD told her it would be stiff and sore for the next few days. Then again, she couldn't complain. She did get her fingers cut off. Minka was off on a quest of some sort, leaving her to her own devices. Her own devices, in fact, were not as healthy as the usual training session. Located just outside of the cabin area, Raeyn spotted another girl by a tree, writing something. She ambled over awkwardly, leaning over the girl. "Hey. What're you writing?"

Lilly: She looked up and smiled. "Hi. I'm just writing my fantasy book."

Raeyn: Her dark eyes shone in delight at the last word. "I love books," Raeyn remarked cheerily. She paused, blinking, realizing she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh, my bad, I'm Raeyn. Daughter of Athena," She extended her hand. If she were any other person, she'd have blushed. Unfortunately, she was incapable of doing so, and her embarrassed expression replaced it quite well.

Lilly: She smiled. "I'm Lilly, daughter of Hades."

Raeyn: Quickly withdrawing her outstretched hand, Raeyn smiled back, trying not to look sheepish. Of course, Hades children generally didn't like physical contact. "Nice. I know one of your sisters. I haven't seen you around though...are you new?" She didn't mean to pry, but curiosity was a flaw that was very difficult to remove.

Lilly: She nodded. "I arrived a week ago."

Raeyn: Raeyn noted this down mentally before plopping down on the soft grass with hardly a thump. "I've been here for roughly a month, and I've already been to the infirmary about five times," She stated thoughtfully, trying to keep the conversation going. She wasn't used to this position...she was unbelievably socially awkward.

Lilly: She smiled. "Wanna hear more about my book, Raeyn?"

Raeyn: Her slender shoulders shrugged instinctively. "I'm banned from the training arena till my hand is healed, most of my siblings think I'm a weirdo and rightly so, so why not?" Raeyn retrieved her sleek, grey slate from her bookbag, the surface seemingly rippling with images as the light reflected off it. Idly tapping it, a bunch of grapes popped out of thin air, and a deft hand caught it, already popping a piece of fruit into her mouth.

Lillly: She smiled and took a small notebook out of her backpack. "Once there was a king named Richard. He had a wife named Anne, who was dying."

Raeyn: Ah, one of the royalty type introductions, Raeyn noted. She leaned forward, mildly interested, her right hand loosely held by her left. She popped another grape into her mouth, awaiting the next sentence.

Lilly: She kept on reading. "He wanted to save her but there was nothing he could do."

Raeyn: "Well, that's a tad pessimistic," Raeyn noted quietly. This did, however, pique her interest and she kept one ear alert.

Lilly: She turned the page. "Anne looked at him and asked him to marry again, but he refused, saying he would find a way to save her."

Raeyn: Nothing Raeyn hadn't come upon before. There were also probably a bajillion other technicalities on the whole "king needs new wife" thing, but she decided not to elaborate to herself and make her head implode. That would be rather messy and somewhat disturbing. Besides removing another grape from existence with a barely audible pop, she remained silent.

Lilly: "Do you think Richard will save Anne?" She asked with a smile.

Raeyn: Resisting the urge to wince, Raeyn let her face remain impassive. She swallowed yet another piece of purple fruit before deciding to respond in a drawling manner. "I'm an Athena kid. Our thoughts go an infinite number of ways, and sometimes we don't even realize we even thought about something until later. Technicalities aside, that is a continuously repeated question in the history of writing and I personally don't see the point in answering something that's already gone in a million ways in history." 

Lilly: She handed the notebook to Raeyn. "Read."

Raeyn: Raeyn stared at the Hades girl for a brief moment before handing the notebook back. "I'd rather not," She stated simply. She'd finished the last of her snack and wiped her sticky hands on the sides of her jeans. Instinctively, she brushed the back of her hand against her mouth to wipe it as well before wiping it once more on her jeans. Not ladylike, but it worked. "Your story, your read."

Lilly: She kept on reading. "When Anne died in Richard's arms, he was enraged and that rage changed him into a vampire, the first one in existence."

Raeyn: It took less than two seconds for the words to process, and by then Raeyn had already nearly flipped backwards, fumbling awkwardly with her slate as she tried to regain her composure. The color had drained from her face, but her breathing had slowed. "Warn me the next time you mention vampires."

Lilly: She frowned. "Are you afraid of vampires?"

Raeyn: A dry laugh escaped her throat before Raeyn could even stop it. "Possibly," She answered cryptically. Moving to adjust her position, Raeyn managed to get back into her former seat.

Lilly: Lilly smiled."Well, Richard won't hurt you."

Raeyn: The impulsive 14 year old shook her head disapprovingly. "If you really think that book characters can't come to life," She stated quietly, "then you haven't lived long." A tilt of her head accompanied the appearance of an orange, which Raeyn promptly began to peel, letting the membrane of the fruit fall to the ruffled grass surrounding her.

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