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Minnie McAllistor -Child of Eros
-Flirty Daughter of Eros

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Avery WB!

Kara -Child of Hera
-Daughter of Hera

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Minnie: She was walking around the edge of the forest, still not brave enough to go explore inside.

Kara: Walking around the camp, bouncing her baby in her arms (ok, and the sling she had on to carry her), she noticed someone pacing by the nearby forest. Well, I may as well go make at least one friend around here. Maybe they'll know their way around. She began to walk over, little Nata making happy gurgling noises as she did.

Minnie: Hearing footsteps not too far away, she turns her head. At first she only notices the girl walking towards her and sends her a polite smile. That's when she notices the tiny baby... She walks over to the two before she says, "Oh my gosh, she's so adorable."

Kara: "Thanks." Kara smiled. "She's usually pretty cute." She looked at the little baby herself. "You're so so cute, aren't you?" Nata smiled back up at her with a toothless, gummy mouth, making Kara grin. Aw... I love her. Looking back towards the newcomer, Kara spoke up. "What's your name? The two of us are pretty new around here, and I don't know a lot of people yet."

Minnie: "Minnie," she said while smiling at the baby. "And yours? Plus this little girl." Minnie wondered in her head if the baby was the girl's. It made sense since the two were together but not many people older 20 lived around here. And she definitely had never seen a baby. Though, it didn't seem that the (maybe) mom was too old herself. Maybe a few years older then Minnie. Though, it seemed that they should probably introduce each other before asking questions.

Kara: Nata looked back at Minnie with wide, curious eyes while the two girls talked. "I'm Kara, and this lovely little girl is Natasha. But she's nicknamed Nata for short." Smiling, Kara rocked Nata back and forth a little. "How are you doing?" Minnie: "Nata. What a beautiful name." She turns her head from the baby toward Kara's. "Pretty well. I think I've finally got the gist of everything here. Though, I still suck when it comes to training, but whatever." Remembering something Kara said earlier she then adds, "New? So, who's your godparent?"

Kara: "I'm apparently Hera's daughter, somehow. Apparently she put me in who I thought was my mom to grow up. It's all so... weird." She smiled. "And hey, you probably don't suck at training. Don't worry." Nata pulled at her mom's hair. "I haven't exactly done any myself here... I may have this shield, but it's been a while since I've practiced with it." She gestured to the circular shield on her back. "I should start up again soon if I can find someone to take care of Nata while I'm practicing. Getting back into shape a little more might be what I need to protect her if anything happens."

Minnie: "Wow, really? I thought she wouldn't have children." She shrugs. "I would train with you if I was any good. I'll need practice before we ever do that. Though, I definitely can watch Nata if you ever needed someone to." She goes back to smiling at Nata. "I'm really good with babies for the most part."

Kara: Kara smiled. "That's good to hear." She looked at Nata, who was still looking up at Minnie while eating her mother's hair. "I think she likes you." Suddenly, a loud growl came from the nearby woods. Kara's eyes widened and she stood upright. "Minnie... how would you like to hold Nata?" She quickly offered the curious baby to her new friend, while beginning to reach for her shield.

Minnie: Hearing the growl, you can see fear in her face. Though, it quickly goes away when she's offered to hold the child. She takes Nata and holds her up with her arms. "Hi Nata," she says in a high voice she usually uses when talking to babies, while rocking her just a bit.

Kara: Kara swung her shield into a defensive stance in front of herself and Minnie. "Make sure Nata's calm, talk to her just like you're doing. Is the forest within Camp Boundaries? Can monsters get in?"

Minnie: She thinks for a moment. "No... I don't think so. Well, unless a camper invites one in. But who would be dumb enough to do that?" She looks at Nata again and smiles.

Kara: With a sigh of relief, Kara dropped out of her defense position and replaced her shield on her back. "Oh thank gods. I'm sorry, I absolutely freaked out for a second." She turns back to face Minnie and smiles. "Hey, I think she likes you." Kara suddenly squeaked with delight. "Aww!" Nata was trying to cuddle up closer to Minnie. "She does!"

Minnie: "Oh yeah, probably should've told you that. Sorry." She smiles when Nata cuddles up to her. "Is she yours?"

Kara: Kara smiled, adoring the scene in front of her. "Yep. 4 months old now."

Minnie: "Oh, that's cool." She smiled some more at Nata. "So you had her before you arrived at camp?"

Kara: "Nata, no!" She intercepted Nata's tiny hand before the little baby could tug on Minnie's hair. "Sorry. Um, yep, had her just a while before I got here. I'm glad no monsters have attacked the pair of us yet... even though we were living with a demigod friend in the city, things still could have gone badly."

Minnie: "Oh, that's okay." Even with the baby trying to tug her hair, she still kept smiling. "That's good... And lucky. Demigod friend?" She knew that some demigods left Camp Halfblood if they wanted to, but she was still a bit surprised. "So did they go to Camp Halfblood before living in the city?"

Kara: "I think so. His name's Daniel. Child of Hephaestus." She smiled wistfully. "Probably the best friend I've had in a long time. He saved me and took care of me after..." Kara faltered for a moment and thought about how to word what she would say next. "After I was attacked. And he helped me train and learn, even while I was pregnant. Without him I'd... probably have died."

Minnie: "Wow. That's really cool." She smiled. "Before camp, I was living on the streets. Then I might another demigod and we found camp together... Well with the help of a satyr."

Nata: Nata liked the nice warm girl. She seemed happy and had a pretty voice and she was cuddly. Deciding that this new person was trustworthy, the little infant yawned and snuggled a little deeper into Minnie's arms.

Kara: Grinning at how quickly Nata seemed to take to her new friend, Kara had an idea. "Well, now that I'm no longer a panicked mom worried about a monster in the are... could I maybe take you up on your offer? I'd love to practice with you if possible, and I'm sure I could find someone to hold Nata in the meantime. Or if you'd like to watch her while I practice with someone else nearby?" She quietened slightly. "I don't really have many aquaintences here... or friends."


Hannah: Sorry about the late post! I was gone for a week.


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