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  • Mekabi: *walks over to the stables to go and give the pegesi some apples* She is new to the camp and the beautiful horses are the only thing that remind her of home, *hums a song that has been stuck in her head the whole day* "getting used to being a demigod is not easy" she says to herself. She brushes the pegsesi's coat and keeps humming.
  • Keanu: Keanu emerges from one of the stables after having ridden one of the pegasi himself (secretly). He makes sure the animal has some hay to munch on after a tiring ride around camp. Having thought of that, his stomach growls ferociously. He hasn't eaten a good breakfast today, especially when he found out that the only thing the nymphs were serving was baked beans. He had to go through the horror of eating through half a plate before deciding to call it quits. The stable's bronze padlock is put as it is found before and the child of Zephyrus makes his way for the Dining Pavilion.
  • Mekabi: She see's a boy walking away from the stables and going to the Dining Pavilion, she looks at the pegasus he had riden and gives it an apple "you really are a beautiful creature" she says to the pugasus and brushes its coat. Aftering taking care of the pegasi she decides to go to the lake and play her voilin. She sits with her feet at the edge of the lake and plays A Thousand Years by Christina Perri on her voilin.
  • Keanu: Thank the gods. The nymphs are now serving mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. He helps himself to a plateful with blueberry juice that tastes unusually sour. This doesn't bother the child of Zephyrus at all. He's pretty sure he won't get sick with anything the camp serves.
  • Mekabi: She starts to feel a bit hungry and decides to go get something to eat. She walks into the Dining Pavilion, she takes a plateful of food and sits down at the Apollo Table and starts to eat. She sees the boy she saw walking from the stables and wonders if she should go talk to him. She has never been really socail so she was a bit of a loner but she knew it would be a good idea to try and make some friends if she was going to stay here for who knows how long. She decides that she'll talk to him later when she isn't feeling so morose.
  • Keanu: It is known. Keanu definitely needed more servings of the mashed potatoes. The corn, carrots, and broccoli definitely hit the spot. It's not the same as his mom's awesome cooking, but it's the closest thing he can consider a taste of home. Once a nymph puts his third helping, he vigorously eats through, spoon after spoon of warm potatoes, gravy, and veggies.
  • Mekabi: She decides to go and chat with him and try to make some friends. She walks over to the Zephyrus table, "hello" she says with a kind smile, "may i sit with you?"
  • Keanu: Keanu glances at her, his cheeks inflated with food. Since he cannot speak, he simply nods at her while gesturing at the empty seat to his right.
  • Mekabi: "Thanks" she says. She quickly pulls her long hair over her shoulder so that it doesn't get caught on anything, "i'm Mekabi" she says while she sits down "i'm one of the new campers here"
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