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Anemone (Ann) Cirillo -Child of Aeolus
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Elk Fosters ~ Stubborn Child of Demeter

"Don't be afraid to think open minded. It's not like your brain will fall out."
Character's Bio

 Age: 13  Height: 5'3  Weight: 125 lbs
 Sexuality: Bi-curious  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: New York City  Main Weapon: 2 Bronze Daggers
 Accent: Neutral
 – "I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the face, but with words!"

Character's Powers

 Offensive: 1. Children of Demeter have the ability to shoot poisonous pine out from their hands which acts as a powerful paralytic for a short time. 2. Children of Demeter can create weapons made from plants, flowers, and trees in order to aid them in combat. The larger the weapons, the more energy is drained. Flowers, plants, and trees, can also be reshaped to reinforce existing weapons and only one weapon may exist at a time. Defensive: 1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create a large protective dome of thick plants around them for a short time. Although they will die after a few moments. Passive: 1. Children of Demeter have the innate ability to talk plants to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death. 2. Children of Demeter can understand the overall well-being and conditions of plants, as well as fully interpret their emotions and communicate with them. 3. Children of Demeter are always surrounded by an aura that normally causes plants to grow where they have walked. They can shut it off for a moderate time if they wish. 4. Children of Demeter are innately stronger during the Spring and Summer months due to the happiness of Demeter with the return of Persephone. Supplementary: 1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create ropes of vines and telekinetically move them. 2. Children of Demeter can create and control sap, the sticky substance, distract an opponent ,bind their bodies in it and cloak themselves in a coat of sap that grants extreme resistance to physical attacks due to most weapons simply sticking to the thick sap. . 3. Children of Demeter are able to make plants (i.e. grain, barley, corn, etc) grow so tall that it hampers the movements of those around them for a short time; the longer they maintain the growth, the more energy it drains. 4. Children of Demeter have the power of Plant Travel which grants them the ability to teleport from one plant to another. A small tree, patch of grass or even a flower will suffice. The further the distance traveled, the more energy is drained.

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The sun shinning, the birds were chirping, some kids were playing in the lake, and a new camper had already destroyed a few of the archery targets.

Ann: Ann sighs as she returns her borrowed quiver and bow to their rack...who knew a child of a wind god would be so lowsy at archery? You'd think the two would go hand in hand! She didn't know what the Apollo kids were so mad about...she hadn't hit anyone and it wasn't like she had meant to start a fire...who even thought it was a good idea to put the forges so close anyways? The blonde sighs and takes a bit of a walk through the strawberry fields, humming a song by the Beatles to clear her mind. 

Elk: It was really nice outside so Elk decided to take a walk. She passed by the strawberry fields. She always felt so happy when she was around plants. She suddenly heard a familier song being hummed. She walked around and finally saw a girl humming the song. She walked over to girl and gave her a big smile, "What song is that exactly? I know I've heard from somewhere..." She tried to think of the song and almost forgot to introduce herself, " Oh, and I'm Elk! Uh, daughter of the plant goddess, I think." She then flashed another wide smile. She hoped she didn't give the wrong first impression to the girl. Then she wondered if the girl might think she was clueless or something.  

Ann: Ann had been about half way through Strawberry Fields Forever when someone walked up to her, breaking hre out of her thoughts. "Huh?" She blinks, trying to take her mind back to the present. "S-sorry...It's Strawberry fields by the mom always used to play it in the car when I was little" She thought back to her mother, probably still getting settled into her new appartment. "Oh...umm...the name's Ann, by the way." She says quickly, kicking herself for being so rude. She puts a smile on her face, trying her best to act like she wasn't the reason for the smoke coming from the archery range. 

Elk: Elk laughed because she could tell something was up. She then said, "Oh, yeah I love that song!" She then turned over to see their was smoke flying around. She then decied to ask Ann about it, "Do you know where the smoke is coming from?" 

Ann: Ann glanced in the direction Elk had pointed and winced. "Ah...yeah...some...ah...some camper had a shot go wild and I think it somehow caught fire from the forge...Straw dummies don't mix very well with flaming arrows." Technically that was true, and she hoped she had at least left enough information out to keep her anonymity safe. She quickly skirted passed her unintentional arson. "So the plant goddess...?" Ann had been a little obsessed with Greek mythology, even before coming to camp, so she knew a little bit more than what was probably healthy for someone living the life of a greek demigod. "Like...Hades' wife?"

Elk: Elk was a little big suspicious about Ann's story but she let it go. "Uh, I think Hades wife's Mom. Maybe Demetra" She then looked up trying to think, "No, Demeter!" She then smiled, "Yeah, yeah! That's it! So um, who's your parent?"

Ann: "Aeolus" Ann responds immediately. "I've never met him...but apparently he runs some weird weather chanel or something for olympus." She starts to walk as she talks, plucking one of the strawberries from the field, brushing it off, and taking a little nibble. No one was going to mind one strawberry going missing, right? Besides, just from having Elk wander next to her the strawberry plants seemed to be going wild. She could swear they were actually wiggling, like green worms, trying to hug the other demigod's ankles. She didn't know why but the sight made her uneasy. 

Elk:"Oh, Nice!" Elk said when Ann picked one of the strawberries. Elk had noticed that the plants seemed greener and brighter when she was there. She wondered to herself if that always happened. She never bothered to check. She then looked up at the sky and said, "I wonder if the gods keep an eye on their children. Maybe not 24/7, with so many children here, but still." While she said this she thought of how her mother might think of her. Elk hoped Demeter was proud of her. She leaned down and put her hand on one of the strawberries. It suddenly grew the size of her palm. As fast as it grew big was the of how long it lasted. Suddenly Elk felt out of breath, like she had just run 3 miles around the field. You could tell on the look of her face, she didn't know she could do that. 

Ann: Ann's response was a little shrug. "I..." Just as she was about to respond, she noticed just how winded Elk appeared. "You...alright? You look like you're about ready to pass out..." She quickly crossed the short distance to Elk and looked her over, frowning a little. "Do you need to sit down...? We can go find a place to sit down..." Without waiting for an answer she started to lead Elk and her extra large strawberry out of the field towards the dining pavilion. For no other reason than to keep her mind off things, she decided to answer Elk's question. "From what I's a bit of a yes and no sort of deal. They're all around, but most of their thoughts are directed at their jobs...they might take a special interest in their kids but they can't really interfere.  I'm sure they're watching just to brag later though." She gives Elk a sideways grin. "You know, like 'My son just became the god of medicine, what does yours do again?'"

Elk: When Ann took them for a place to sit down, Elk catched her breath. She smiled at Ann's response. She hoped her mom bragged about her. She looked out to the camp and muttered, "It's crazy to think all this is real. Their are demigods out there. I'm one of them!" She then looked at Ann, "It's like I found a family here." She then smiled. She did know it sounded kind've cheesy but it was true. For ever she didn't know who her mom was and her dad never talked to her. She had finally found kids like her. 

Ann: Laughing, Ann nodded her agreement. "Yeah, nothing like finding out you got like six siblings to drive that point home" She glances east as they climb the steps to the dinning area. She sets Elk down at the Demeter table. She sits down next to her and lets out a little sigh. It wasn't even close to meal time yet, so the only one there besides them was a little girl tending the fire in the corner. "Some of the things here still completely floors me, ya know? I mean...My sister says I can learn to fly! I mean without a pegasus! Can you believe that?" 

Elk: "Flying! Woah." She then started thinking, "Honestly, all of this just seems like a really weird dream that doesn't end." She then smacked her hands on the table, "We have powers, we can use weapons, we can go on quests. Are parents are Gods. GODS!" After she ended her little rampage she then remebered Ann saying something about pegasus. "Wait, there's pegasus here. That we can ride?!" Her eyes widened and she formed a huge grin on her face.

Ann: Ann nodded "Yeah, you can see the stables from here, see?" She points to the stables off in the distance. "There's a herd that kinda lives here at the camp and we're taught to ride, fight on their backs, basic hoof and feather care techniques... apparently it's one of the big jobs of the wind gods' cabins to take care of them if there's a stampeed or something. Otherwise those hooves can cause a lot of damage" 

Elk: Elk was ecstatic when she heard that their was pegasus at this camp. Her favorite animal was a horse and now she's finding out that her camp has flying horses. Then when she heard that Ann helped take care of them she had an amazing idea. "Wait, if you take care of them could you take me to the stables?" She jumped up, "I really want to see one!" Elk had a huge grin on her face. She hadn't only made a new friend today, she made a friend that could show her flying horses.

Ann: Ann couldn't help but wonder if this was what people felt like when she talked. Elk, at the mention of pegasi, had taken on a whole new energy to her. Ann shrugged, grabbed Elk by the hand and half lead half dragged her away from the dining pavilion, eager to show her new friend the stables. She was so busy tugging Elk along she didn't even register a simple fact; her feet were no longer touching the ground. She had started hovering without even noticing. Still, she pushed herself through the air with every step so it was almost closer to say she was walking on the air than actually flying.

Elk: Elk was so excited to see the pegasi she hardly noticed that Ann was flying. When they got to the stables, Elk leaped like a frog and then started sprinting towards them. She had no idea that when she was running, that the grass became 10 times greener when she stepped on it. When she saw the the horses, she had no words. They were beautiful with bright wool and delicate their delicate mane. Don't get her started with the wings though. They were huge and almost had a slight glow to them. "Can people ride these?" She said while day dreaming of her self flying on a pegasus in the air. 

Ann: The nearest pegasus, a black and white horse like an appaloosa, snorted and tossed its head. Ann shrugged and grinned sheepishly. "I think you need to be trained for it first, honestly. I mean falling off a normal horse is bad enough but falling off a pegasus in flight...unless you can catch yourself...well it doesn't end very well" She suddenly realized that, in theory, she could be one of the heroes who could catch herself! Falling from that high wasn't a problem for her anymore! A second later, she came to an even more stunning realization. She was floating! She let out a little squeak, and immediately fell the two inches back to the ground. 

Elk: She noticed Ann squeak and she let out a small laugh, but she knew what Ann was thinking. Just  everything like this being possible was just... so... unreal! She walked over to one of the pegasi, it was tall and light white with brown spots. She delicately put her hand on it's sholder. "There so beautiful." She accidently said out loud. She heard Ann mention the part about being trained to ride one. "I wonder if there are anyone at camp who can teach me." She bursted out.  Ann: Ann shrugs in response. "Don't look at me...I only got here like a week ago" She mutters sheepishly, glancing at the nearest pegasus and giving it's snout a gentle pat. She looks around and locates the little container of sugar cubes. "Here..." She passes a few to Elk and holds one in the palm of her hand up to the winged horse. "Keep your hand flat, it's easier for them to get at it without nipping your skin" 

Elk: She did what Ann told. She smiled as a horse started to eat the sugar cubes. "Wow." She said while smiling. 

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