Word Bubbles


Alexandros Varese Son of Ariadne



Primrose Bishop Daughter of Aphrodite ♥



Alex: He waited at the edge of camp for Pri to finish getting ready. It felt great to actually meet someone new at camp and to go off to do something like normal teenagers. Alex watched as Pri made her way over in a ridiculous pair of heels. He jumped up and down waving, hopefully, she noticed him from the distance. "Hey, Pri! Where are we going?" He shouted out to her.

Primrose: "There's a cute mall nearby" she smirked "It's not super big but they have some designers and if I get desperate there's always Forever 21" Primrose wrapped herself around his nearest arm. She was taller than him in the giant heels she was wearing and it felt great. She led him out of camp and into an Uber. "Since neither of us have cars, I ordered this while I was getting ready! Come on!"

Alex: They arrived at the the mall, and wandered around until they found familiar settings. They made their way into the cookie cutter Forever 21, and looked at the new spring season clothes. Nothing they absolutley had to have, but they had fun looking at the sales rack. Nothing could beat a great deal on meh clothing. "Omg! Do you want to go get pretzels?"

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