Min'gyu and Kyungsoo

Min'gyu: Why was he at the pool, you might ask? Well, his friend decided to take him because he "didn't want to be alone" or something along the lines of that. Min'gyu tried to bail out of it, but I can't swim, but fell on deaf ears. And of course he would be the one to be fully clothed, in long swim trunks and a black, baggy shirt on while he sat on the bench, watching his friend swim and a few other demigods talking among themselves. He just wanted to stay at home and watch Netflix, was that too much to ask? Apparently.

Kyungsoo: Being a rain spirit, he is, in no way, scared of water. This includes pools. Maybe he's been to one too many pool parties in his life, but that doesn't stop him from continually coming. This particular day, he feels especially drawn to the pool, considering he has absolutely nothing to do.The chlorine isn't his favorite, but what can one do. Kyungsoo supposes he could always turn it into a salt water pool later anyways. He enters the complex practically fully clothed, eyes darting from people to chairs. Finally, he spots an open seat and lays his towel their, casually pulling off his shirt in order to go take a swim.

Min'gyu: The son of Morpheus looked over at the new camper and got a bit flustered and immediately drew his attention back to his friend, crossing his arms over his chest. He wanted to swim, really badly, but he doesn't know how. And, that scared him. He'd probably touch the ground, anyhow. He is quite tall, but the gym's pool was around 13 feet deep and he wasn't that tall. Still, it didn't stop him from standing up and walk towards the pool, keeping a good distance from it, and began to walk around it. If he was going to be here while his friend was swimming, it was better than to just sit and be miserable. He'd rather walk and be miserable.

Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo walks towards the deep side, vaguely noticing the uncomfortable tall man, despite that in itself being a rarity to see. He takes a deep breath in, then dives into the pool, despite the signs telling him not to. He turns out fine, able to move his body in an upwards curve, surfacing. He grins, water refreshing. About this time he really starts to notice the uncomfortable camper, and while he finds him cute, he doesn't approach. Not yet anyways.

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