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How long can we wait for love?

Mel Side: after years being "asleep" she was finally awake and brought to camp.. everything there was a new experience to her and with the help of a few people she was trying to adapt .. yet she didnt hear the end of it yet

Hyu's Side: Mako has just arrived at Camp Half-Blood after his journey from Mt. Olympus (aka Empire State Building, New York) after hearing the news that "she" is alive...

Rouxi: she was altering her earbud it was the thing that helped her understand the english language and enabling her to understand what everyone was talking about. She wore her casual wear a red dress with her winter coat and cap she was at the coffee shop with eddy and ginny trying to discuss on what should they do. She of course didnt understand the concept of Christmas and new year but alas listening to it was just half the fun

Mako: Humming to the tune of "Santa Tell Me" (yay Ariana Grande), he walks along the sidewalk. He's a bit more careful now as he takes his steps on the frosty gravel, since a few minutes ago he slipped and nearly got hit by a car in an intersection. His gray bonnet and scarf managed to hide his embarrassed expression, while his black parka and pants kept him warm in the wintry day. By the time he's in front of the coffee shop, he checks his phone for messages, not noticing that Rouxi is just right in behind him, the glass pane separating them.

Rouxi: she's just barely new on camp when suddenly ginny got up inviting her to go to the toilet she looked at her not understanding the concept but either way agreed thinking it was a way for her to get to know both of them better. She passed a few tables and clearly not paying attention she bumb into one of the waiters. there was a crash and she quickly apologized while ginny paid for the damage I'm sorry she said quickly but ginny merely placed her hand onto her shoulder with a smile

Mako: The wind's picking up and since he's outside he didn't hear much of the commotion inside the shop. He glanced to look inside, but not enough to see Rouxi. He sighs and goes back to checking his phone. Passing by a few emails, he shivers from the chilly wind. And before he knew it, he's walking straight through the coffee shop's door to get a cup of latte and warm his insides. He still doesn't notice Rouxi's presence, probably because he's in dire need of his drink.

Rouxi: She continued to pick the pieces of shared glasses even if the waiter told her to stop but she felt she had a duty for it and as expected one of it cut through her skip Owwww.. she said out load as the red drop of blood came out the waiter went from worried to absolute panic as he searched for some bandages

Mako: As he puts his receipt into his back pocket, he hears Rouxi's scream of pain. That is when he turns around, only to see the girl's back kneeling on the floor, her hand seeming to both have blood and broken glass. The panicking waiter, on the other hand, is rummaging through his pockets for bandages. Mako was about to hand the girl his own bandages, but he is too late when the waiter gives her his. Sighing, he turns around again to look for a seat.

Rouxi: when someone passed her a bandage she smiled honestly as she placed it on her hand Thank you she said kindly as she was thought in the palace She soon noticed ginny wasnt there thus she decided to went back to her seat she walked passed a few tables as like before before seeing eddy I'm sorry for the drama she said slowly with a bow he of course over reacted but smile and invited her to seat awaiting his sister. She played with her hair and noticed her bracelet the one she gave mako her heart was in pain thinking he was dead Please.. survive.. she begged slowly as she lean back looking out through the window

Mako: He settles on a table right behind a brightly decorated Christmas tree. His place is situated several feet across Rouxi's, but the tree's size forbids Mako from seeing her and vice-versa. He sips his espresso, but nearly chokes. For a moment he felt a familiar pulse of power (Rouxi's bracelet), but he immediately dismisses the feeling, thinking it's just his own demigod powers. Outside, the wind has stopped, and for some reason the shop has become eerily quiet. Staring at the Christmas tree, Mako starts singing in Chinese, something about winter. He always sang it to Rouxi whenever it snowed. It's tune remained as it was, sad and mellow. What he didn't know was that his voice got a little loud and, given the quiet atmosphere, its volume became more amplified.

Rouxi: she was in a daze slowly not paying attention to her surrounding she heard eddy telling her something but her mind was too occupied to notice when she heard a familiar tune impossible... she said slowly she turn to look for the singer as its one of those songs she remembered but before she could see tian ginny got back and started talking on how they should go back to camp with a heavy heart she agreed as her logic side took over reminding her of the impossible yeah sure lets go she said as she got up and followed the twins out the door..

OOC(mel):we should totally do the car thing you know? the moment they see each other a car pass them by

OOC(hyu): YES. +100 DRAMA PTS

OOC(mel):and then they dont know who each other's god parents are so imagine it~

Mako: Realizing he's a bit too loud in his singing, he stops then gasps for air. His stomach has warmed up after a few sips, but his coffee hasn't even reached one-fourth of the cup. After giving it little thought, he decides to take out the espresso and drink it on the way back to Zeus' Cabin. He leaves the coffee shop about a minute after Rouxi and her friends left. As soon as he steps out of the foyer he realizes that one of his shoelaces is loose so he crouches down and fixes it.

OOC(hyu): Plot twist: They have the same god parent lol jk

Rouxi: their "aim" to go back to camp was lost when ginny saw the sale that was going on with that she managed to get both her brother and rouxi to join her arguing rouxi needed a few more cloths fine fine... she heard eddy said as the walked across the road to the mall when suddenly a strong gust of wind blew taking rouxi's winter's cap "my hat! " she said turning her head to where the hat lands


OOC(mel):the reason why they found each other,... a freaking hat..

OOC(hyu): Will do XD

OOC(mel):imagine them telling people ... "soo how you meet? "oh a hat and wind lead us to each other"

Mako: He finishes the last knot of his shoelace then picks up his coffee cup from the snowy granite. Upon standing up, he looks up and notices Rouxi's hat flying in the air. It's within arm's reach so he grabs it with his left hand. He looks around for a few seconds, hoping that the hat's owner is still around so that he can return it. Looking at the other side of the road...

Rouxi: She saw her cap flying away and she was about to cross the road when ginny stopped her as it was a busy street but then she saw someone picking up her hat someone fimiliar.. tian... she said slowly under her breath as she stood there in total disbelief


OOC(mel):freaking write it then just say "here it comes its a cliffhanger >,<

Mako: Before he could even focus on the girl he just saw across the road, a van parks right in front of him. He steps aside as several people, about three to four of them, went out of the van. They approached Mako, asking for directions. One of them asks their driver to get something from the nearby McDonalds. The van leaves so that the strangers are the only ones blocking Mako from Rouxi's view.

OOC(hyu): Sorry for another cliffhanger omf

Rouxi: even if mako didnt see her rouxi saw mako very well and just stood there frozen her mind tried to tell her it was an illusiion but her heart however knew it wasnt she stood there eddy went over to mako

eddy: hey dude! he said calmly as he approached the boy with a smile that hat he pointed to the hat belongs to my friend can I have it back?

OOC(mel):we love cliffhangers dont we?

OOC(hyu): Totally XD

OOC(mel):if we were writers of a drama our life would be in chaos

Mako: The strangers leave him and go inside the coffee shop. A few moments later, Eddy approaches him so he can't focus on Rouxi again (>.<). Oh, this? He points at the hat with his other hand while still holding his coffee cup. Um, sure. Here you go. He hands over the hat to Eddy.

OOC: Broken must read this. Can you transfer our RPs here to the forum? c:

Eddy: thanks he said slowly as he walked away with the hat as he walked away something fell off it was one of rouxi's hair ornament like the one she got from the palace thats why she didnt want to let the hat go as the ornament was given to her when she was still in the palace. when eddy finally got back he found rouxi and ginny sitting by the seats rouxi still looked as if in a daze while ginny was trying to comfort her

rouxi: eddy passed her the hat and she quickly examined it oh no its not here.. she looked around hoping it was dropped here and not somewhere else.. please...oh dear gods please thats the only thing I have of him...

OOC(mel):you can make the him either from mako or the emperor but one thing is for certain it is from her as its given to all the concubines etc etc


OOC(hyu): Mkai it will be from Mako but I'll do another cliffhanger xD

OOC(mel):oh course it is.. i swear this rp have more ciffhangers than a rack!

Mako: He doesn't reply back at Eddy. By that time, his coffee is already near lukewarm. He chugs it down, crumples the cup and throws it on a nearby trash bin. The taste seemed pretty bad, but he didn't mind as long as he warmed himself up. And to keep himself that way, he starts his walk back to camp. Well, that's what he's supposed to do until he notices something glinting in the snow at his feet. Curious, he picks up the object. Oooh, a nickel! Without any thought that someone may see him, he puts it into his pocket.

OOC(hyu): Haha! Another one XD

OOC(mel):wait a nickle >,< mako you dissapoint me in soo many levels >,<

OOC(hyu): now now dont blame him

Rouxi: she storms through the shop looking for the ornament she wanted it back as it was from him but to no avail she of course looked sad.. so both ginny and eddy agreed to bring her back to camp to just calm her down

ginny: I'm sorry for my brother "she said slowly rouxi forced a smile

rouxi: its ok...i think the world is telling me to give up and find someone new... maybe i should take up conrad's offer on a drink.. she said slowly as they walked to camp her heart was sad but maybe it was time to move on?

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OOC(mel):you did it to me >,<

OOC(mel):also conrad is a nymph I made with a crush on rouxi

Mako: A few feet from the place where he found the nickel, another object seems to be glinting. Thinking it's another one, he crouches down to pick it up. That's when his jaw dropped. I-i-it c-can't be..." His vision seems to be spinning, yet at the same time stopping. There's a ringing in his ears as memories start to flood his mind. T-this... t-this..." He recognizes everything about the ornament, from the material to each intricate detail etched on it. It seemed forever before he finally stands up to look for its owner, whom he know so well he... even loved her. He frantically looks around, searching for her. Unfortunately, it seems that she has already left. Still disoriented, he sits down on a bench, gripping on the ornament very tightly. Eyes brimming with tears, he manages to utter, Rouxi..."

OOC(hyu): gasp. someone who has a crush on her? oh boy you'll definitely see mako's jealousy

Rouxi: they finally reached camp and she decline both offers to accompany her to her cabin she knew both had good intentions but she just needed some time to just think... and the image she saw didnt help her mind it was him... she said as soon as she got into her room she lie on her bed and stared at the ceiling she decorated with stars.. similar to the burial site ... the place she was imprison why did she do such thing.. was it for loyalty? or was it cause for the love of her former husband i need to move on.. she said as she got up she held her pendent close to her heart as the words was more painful to say than do. The image of tian smile came to mind and that made her smile underneath all the pain its funny your dead and yet you can still make me smile...

OOC(mel):best part is they havent even met and mako already have a rival

OOC(hyu): adds more juice to the story lol

OOC(mel):dude this is just one juice I have a ton more....that sounds >,<

OOC(hyu): Okay i'm gonna go for a really dramatic scene aka rain at night

OOC(mel):....we're not doing the one of them suddenly tell the other they have terminal disease right? cause that OFTEN happens and you know it ....if you dont reply i swear I'll be going nuts >,<

Mako: He stayed at the coffee shop until evening came, doing nothing but stare outside where he found the ornament. He's definitely sure that it belonged to Rouxi; a nostalgic feel enveloped it. As soon as it stopped snowing, he silently made his way back to camp. It seems that the heavens are sympathizing with him, the clouds dark and pretty ominous. As soon as he reached camp's entrance, rain started pouring down like a torrent. He makes his way to Zeus' Cabin, but not before he passes by Nike's. Masked by the rain, he started crying hard. All he could ever think about was Rouxi. Ever since Zeus told him that she was alive, he was determined to find her. At this point, he's too near, yet too far. He feels so frustrated, impatient with himself. Filled with bitter memories and the turmoil of the past and present, he screams out loud in the pouring rain.

OOC(hyu): Sorry kinda wanna flesh out that part

OOC(mel): do you want them to finally meet or should we just prolong this even if it kills our char... and feelings?

OOC(hyu): and no. no terminal disease and nope, let them meet. the cliffhanger's gone overkill

Rouxi: She was in her room preparing to go to sleep even if it was early today was too much for her take but then she heard a scream with thunder following behind it was that thunder or ... she paused as her brain tried to comprehend the sound was it really a scream.. so she went to her window to check she saw a figure there standing in the rain not knowing what to do or say she merely stared at the man she couldnt really go outside as that person was a total stranger to her but she did felt worried.. maybe it was her trying to be human?

OOC(mel):btw rouxi been on camp for like .... 9 months soo yeah >,< she cant just go out and meet the dude you do know she's a princess she was thought better

OOC(hyu): Right. Never trust a stranger as they say

OOC(mel):unless they give free candy ...the good kind

Mako: The rain is still pouring hard and he's just standing there crying his eyes out. He reaches for his pocket and gets the ornament. He stares at it with tear-stung eyes before raising his head to yell, Rouxi! Where are you!? Please tell me where you are! Tell me you really are alive! Lightning flashes, and for a moment one can see Mako's anguished face.

OOC(hyu): you never know whats inside those good candies

Rouxi: She continued to stare at the man not knowing what to do part of her wanted to just take an umbrella and bring the boy inside while another part just told her not to trust him thus all she did was stare that was until she heard him call her name... and as the lightning flash pass she saw his face as clear as day and with that she turned white. Her hands slowly moved to her mouth as her eyes was in tears.. impossible.. she said it once more she fell down on her knees her legs too weak to even held herself up. Slowly yet carefully she opened the window not knowing what would happen if he sees her..or what would happen if she sees him....did their love really prevail?

OOC(mel):the wrapper~ also...i wrote looong

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Mako: No voice answered except for the echo of his voice. Feeling more frustrated than ever, he screams once again, cursing the skies for receiving such a cruel fate, blaming himself for the past. This is all so unfair! Why!? I feel so alone! Thunder crackles with every word he utters, as if his voice and the storm became one. He now trudges his way towards Nike's Cabin then sits at the porch with his head buried in his palms. He continues to sob, using up every tear he has in his eyes to release all of his feelings.

OOC(hyu): partly yes mkai um its 1 am and i have school later so i gotta sleep

Rouxi: She saw him sitting by the porch her mind went blank not really knowing what to do... her heart told her to scream and call out his name while her brain kept her pessimistic reminding her to how it was impossible for him to be here why... she said slowly her eyes was still in tears touching the pendant she received when they were together (lets pretend) why is it the very moment I want to move on.. this happens.. she tried to think back on what she should do as a princess... or as a woman.. but is both choice correct? tian.. she whispered his name not really knowing if it was really him...

OOC(mel):this is going to be troublesome hyu put it on my death certificate.. death by cliffhangers

Mako: With the strong rain and rumbling thunder, Rouxi's whisper becomes nigh inaudible. He fiddles with her ornament, which feels really heavy and unusually cold for some reason. The memories that involved the ornament continuously circled his head. He is still wondering on Rouxi's whereabouts, or who's her godparent, or if she really is at camp. What if this is some kind of cruel joke set up by Zeus? He shakes his head at these thoughts then finally stands up. It's no use for him to sulk here. He slowly makes his way back to Zeus' Cabin.

OOC(HYU): Louder, Rouxi! tongue emoticon

Rouxi: she saw him sitting there fiddling something. All she could do was stare wondering what to do she never noticed her hair ornament being in his hand as his presence alone was shocking her nerve. Thus there she stood lost seeing her lover there only steps away from her ... then she saw him walking away ...a part of her was glad as she didn't want the past to repeat itself... their love was forbidden for a reason... thus she should give up.. sparing herself and tian the pain of tomorrow. While another part of her question her decision to let him leave .. love is something they fight about here isn't it.. should she fight? As both tried to argue their logic she felt her heart ache... counting each of tian step... and where he stepped it was as if her heart was telling her it was him... once again lost she pressed against her pendant TIAN!she.yelled this time a bit louder hoping it could give her courage other than hope.. after her.scream thunder clapped.loudly did her call reach him?

Mako: He gasps because this time, someone answered him--with his name. He picks up the pace, not minding the rain that is splattering against his face. He needs to see the person calling him, to see if the person really is the girl he loved. R-rouxi? I-is that you? P-please! Show y-yourself! Since the visibility is low, he can't make out where Rouxi is, not even her silhouette that is looking out the window. The beat of his heart has gone so loud he can actually hear it in his ears. Where is she in the cloak of darkness and cascading rain? He can't falter now; he's already too near.

Rouxi: With every step he took she saw him closer than ever before like when they were happy her heart wanted that once more and for once it was stronger than her own conscience she tried to get up but her feet refuse to work she wanted to call him but her voice was lost wanting to say something else other than his name.. her hand moved from her pendant to her bracelet the thing that could save her life "if you could work once more I beg you please make this moment last.." she said but finally her hair ornament came to view...she remembered her powers and thus with a great amount of strength she tried to pull it away from tian.. as in a way the hair ornament was her weapon of choice "please work.. " she said trying to pull it hoping it will lead him to her

Mako: Several feet from Nike's Cabin, the ornament starts to squirm in his hand. "What the... H-hey, what's happening?" He tries to tighten his grip on the ornament, but it seems as if a giant invisible hand is trying to pry it off his fingers. Finger by finger, the ornament finally frees itself from his clutch then flies off to his right into one of the windows, which is unusually open given the bad weather. "H-hey, wait!" He runs after it, not realizing that he has cut himself while struggling with the ornament. As he approaches the window, a familiar silhouette looms...

'Rouxi: the ornament finally got into her hand and she saw Tian there all she could do was smile as she gripped the ornament hi... she said slowly not really knowing what else to say her eyes was set on maka still cant believe he was there he wanted to touch him but alas her powers was drained using it to pull her hair ornamant

Mako: He stops abruptly, eyes unblinking and frozen in a gaze upon the girl that is right in front of him. That's when his tears start to run uncontrollably. No, it isn't frustration; it is a mix of emotions that even Mako can't understand. His cheeks feel so hot it might burn out yet at the same time his insides feel like ice being thrown into a blender. His hands are shaking so hard, and his heart is skipping so many beats he has lost count. Unable to speak as if his vocal chords are snapped off, he finally manages to utter a single name--a name that suddenly tastes so sweet on his lips, "Rouxi..."

Rouxi: She smiled hearing the name she longed forgot Tian... she said replying to his called she didnt know what else to say her mind was buzzing with thoughts and her heart was fluttering with joy seeing him there alive and well she wanted to just give him a hug to say how much she missed the man

Mako: He can't help but say her name once again, "Rouxi." In fact, it's all that he has to say to express what he feels at the moment. For a thousand years they were separated, but now they are here, standing in front of each other. "It really is you," he sobs as the tears keep on flowing down his face. He takes a few steps forward to see Rouxi better... and to finally hug her in an embrace that is worth the thousand years of waiting and longing. (OOC:Just don't mind the window division >.<)

Rouxi: she stared at him slowly she reached out to him hoping this was no illusion hoping this dream could forever be true. She heard him call her name once again and her heart skipped a beat And its you tian.. she said slowly her voice was practically choking as she wanted to touch him

Mako: His embrace tightens, the giant void in his heart slowly filling up with happiness, "I-i... C-can't believe it's r-really y-you..." His voice is choking as well, but he doesn't care. He'd rather choke all of his words than not say anything at all.

Rouxi: she hugged him back her eyes was in tears she couldn't believe it... he was there and with her but then the thought of the emperor came to her mind she was scared (obviously) so with all her might she pushed him away we cant she said her heart was in pain you could tell she refused to take it this way. he'll kill you she said forgetting how he was long dead and in the ground but her fear was still there I cant loose you.. her voice was cracking she held the ornament tightly in her hand bringing it up to her chest she was in pain but not as much pain as seeing him dying

Mako: He takes a step backward with a face that expresses puzzlement of what she has done. He tries to control the shaking in his words, "W-who? Who will kill me?" That's when he realizes that the person Rouxi is talking about is the Emperor. He shakes his head, "No... He's long gone to be here. You don't have to worry, Rouxi. I'm right here for you, alright? You won't lose me this time. Never..." He feels some uneasiness inside him as he says those words. It has been a long time since he promised her something. To be honest, he's not sure if she even has her full trust on him anymore.

Rouxi: she looked up to him her eyes was still in tears she was scared can you blame her? you dont know that... she said slowly remember last time? her voice was full with fear she didnt want to go through that again... ever tian I cant do that again.. she said slowly her voice slowly trailing off as she hugged herself remembering those dark days

Mako: Memories of what Rouxi referred to as "the dark days" start to flood his mind again. He remembers everything so vividly that the pain feels so real. Yet why say such promises? Maybe it's his way of saying that they should forget the past, but the scars run too deep to disappear completely. One of those scars was regret; he regretted a lot in the past. "I... I'm sorry... You didn't have to go through all of that if it wasn't for me..." He sobs louder, "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... For being such a coward..." He covers his face in shame with his hands; it is now apparent that the wound inflicted by the ornament is bleeding, the blood mixing with the rain as it trickles down his arm. Whether Mako realized it but decided to ignore it or not, he continued to sob.

Rouxi: she saw him sobbing and felt the same way her heart was screaming as she didnt want this she wanted her happily ever after too but can she ever get that?' yet when she heard him apologizing she shakes her head I would have done it a thousand time if it means I get to see you happy she said simply trying to smile while crying Your the first person that ever means so much to me Tian I didnt want to loose that..




Mako: He takes off his hands and holds both of Rouxi's; he is still regretful but he tries to sound strong for her, "And that's why we are here right? Maybe the gods have given us a second chance to live a better life, where no emperor could interfere. We have been through so much together... And I... I don't want to lose you as much as you don't want to lose me... But that doesn't mean we have to be scared in doing so. Right?"

Rouxi: she stares at him before placing her head onto his shoulders I want that ...she said her eyes starting to tear up the thought of happiness really did made her happybut how do you know he wont come back? she asked turning her head to him her eyes shows how scared she was

Mako: He looks at her straight in the eyes to reassure her, "He's dead some time after I did. He drank this stuff called mercury, thinking it could immortalize him or something. I'm not really sure how he actually died, but I've learned from my father that he's long gone, probably in the Fields of Asphodel or maybe even Punishment."

Rouxi: she laughed isn't it ironic he wanted immortality so much... that he died looking for it... she looked up into the rain then she realized something but wait he turned to tian how are you here!?!? She was scared obviously now wondering if her mind was truly lost

Mako: He smiles back (after an eon of crying and sadness >.<), happy to see her laugh for the very first time since they have met. "Well, he deserved it. There's no doubt about that." He tilts his head at her question, then smiles again, "I came to find you, of course. My father told me you were here so... Here I am, in front of you. How about you? How did you get here to Camp?"

Rouxi: She looked at him a bit shocked Your father? she said as she thought back so your a demigod like me.. she said slowly as she got up taking a towel passing it to Mako the poison I drank was a sleeping potion.. she said simply as she tried to dry mako not wanting him to get sick from the rain I woke up a year ago and my mother.. send me here she confessed to him

Mako: He blinks, taking in all the information he has just heard. He kinda expected Rouxi to be a demigod or a species similar thereof but yeah the news still surprised him. "Really? You're a demigod too? My father is Zeus, by the way. I served him for forty years after I was found with a bunch of terracotta men in the Emperor's mausoleum. I don't remember much really. But yeah, that's what happened to me these past years. Who's your mother again?"

Rouxi: she looked down sadly as she thought back on her past My mother is nike the goddess of victories.. she said simply she finally placed the towel onto Mako's head hoping he would take the hint to dry up sounds like you had a better time than I did she joked not wanting to think about what he's been doing not wanting jealousy to come into her heart

Mako: He raises an eyebrow, "Me? A better time than you? I think not. We're pretty much on the same boat." He takes the towel with a smile to express his thanks. After that, he hoists himself up to go over the window and into Rouxi's room. "May I enter? The towel would look useless if I didn't come in where it's dry."

rouxi: she saw the smile and had smiled he never changed something she felt happy for yet upon hearing his request she turn back looking at the state of her room before step back inviting him to come in please excuse the mess never expected I would be receiving guests she said simply to him

Mako: He enters her room and chuckles jokingly, "That is not an excuse. I thought you're a princess! Haha!" He continues to himself up with the towel, cautious to not touch or sit on anything yet.

Rouxi: she paused upon hearing the word princess, Its been a while since she was called that since here she was just a regular camper that came from China Welll last I check your a prince and your soaking wet she pointed out his flaws as well chuckling as she checked her clost. It wasnt full with cloths as she wasnt much of a shopper however so most of the cloths that was there shows refine taste indicating she did know a bit about the modern fashion sense Well I dont have any cloths that can fit you.. She says as she looked back at Mako knowing his body type was not a match to hers Oh wait .. she says as she remembered something bending down to reach to the back of her closet taking out a t shirt that seems waaay to big for herself. It was a white with a few patterns on it, and the sleeves was elbow length Well i guess its lucky for you conrad forgot about his shirt she said as she passed mako the shirt I dont know about pants however she says as she begin to think up a way to get mako some proper clean cloths

OOC:and with that... he knows conrad been into her room... and left his shirt... want me to add his jeans too?


Mako: He laughs off the flaws she pointed out on him, but that didn't last long. The unfamiliar boy's name, Conrad, registers inside his ears. He suddenly stops drying himself up, the smile on his face fading quickly. He blinks at Rouxi in wonder, not even minding the shirt she's offering to him, "Conrad? Who's he?"

Rouxi: Being from the palace she noticed the tense of Mako's face and thus quickly went to diffused his anger. She placed her hand onto his shoulder and stared at him straight in the eyes He's a friend nothing more She said calmly to him she knew her words was useless but it was the truth

OOC:welll I asked soo yeah

Mako: He holds her hand tightly as a sign of reassurance. He's been dead thousands of years ago. I'm pretty sure he won't come back after all those years.


OOC(hyu): maybe in their dreams or maybe his ghost yes

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Rouxi: as she was about to answer she heard a knock on the door yet pay no attention to it. That was until the one on the other side spoke

Conrad: hey rouxi are you ready? He asked from the other side he didn't bring any present as he was fully aware the girl was a conservative type but he was excited to how the girl finally agreed to go out with him...

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Mako: He stands upright to see who's speaking to Rouxi. However, he's pretty sure it's a man. Hm? Who's that, Rouxi? Is he a brother of yours?"

Rouxi: she blinked not really knowing what to say to tian knowing what ever thing happen it won't be good umm she started trying to wonder what to say but like before as she was cut off by Conrad on the other side of the door...

'Conrad: hey Calista I'm serious if you want me to go with you for that concert we need to go now or else we'll miss our flight... as he said that the boy opened the door roughly seeing the sight he blinked before closing the door again I'll come back later he said quickly thinking that was the proper thing to do....

Mako: He looks back and forth from Rouxi to the door where the voice came from. For a moment he sees Conrad's face in the dim light of the room, yet at the same time feels unnerved by the guy. He turns his head back to Rouxi, eyes blinking, "Er, who's he? Where are you going?"

Rouxi: "he's a friend" she said quickly "and we're going to this fashion show near new York..." she said honestly "I didn't want to go alone so he offered to come with me..." she continued not really knowing what else to tell him as she knows how she would feel if she was in his position. At a last attempt to calm him she held his hand "I promise you there's nothing between us..." she said unwittingly as nothing ever started ....not yet at least...

OOC(mel):In a way she's not lying cause tian stopped anything from happening

Mako: Clearly, Rouxi's attempt to calm him isn't working much. With a click, he starts to become the possessive person he is. "Nothing between you? Wait, what is all this? You talk like it's the other way around." He lets go of her hand. "What is happening?"

OOC(mel):Oh wow they just saw each other and already they're having their first fight That's quick

Rouxi: when tian let go of her hand she knew it was slowly getting out of hand as she saw tian using his heart more than his thoughts "I was planning to go with him to new York.." she said once more "there's a fashion show there that I wanted to go see and he said he'll come along as he had something to do in New York as well" she said practically the same thing she said before this time adding a few details "but I'm not going any more..." she said painfully she didn't want to cause a rift with tian especially after so long being apart. She ignored the fact she wanted to go as she valued tian more than the show itself ..but will tian see that...hmm

OOC(mel):Like my reply?

Mako: He scratches his head. He's a bit annoyed on the outside but definitely jealous on the inside. But since it's just their first meeting after the ages, he's decided to keep his cool. "Now you're making me guilty... Well, okay, go for it. I'm pretty sure that guy can accompany you well. So..."

Rouxi: she was obviously was shocked by tian words as she gave a reassuring smile "it's ok I can go next time" she said once more "plus I heard the designers are bribed or something..." she added a tiny little white lie. She wanted to go to see cloths of this century may be even meeting more people to forget what happened before. However now how can she forget when the very thing she needed to forget was right in front of her. She went closer to tian and gave him a peck on the cheeks "still if your feeling guilty how about you make the time I'm spending with you worth my wild?" She dared hoping that could ease his burden maybe just a tiny bit...

Mako: He lowers his head and shakes it. "No, no... It's not like that. It's just that... We've only met after a very long while. I just want to make up for the loss of time that should've been for us being together..."

Rouxi: she let out a small laugh as she got up and offered her hand to him "then let's start making up for lost time..." she answered simply. Just like that the shadows of fear was gone as rouxi slowly forgot about the emperor and may be even Conrad as she failed to realize a dove on her window flying off...

OOC(mel):Guess who's the dove?


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OOC(hyu):wait omg is that conrad

OOC(mel):Correctomondo ....I don't know who I pity more right now

OOC(hyu):pity mako

OOC(mel):In all honesty I'm pitying everyone... Mako for getting into the situation... Conrad for obvious reason...And rouxi for being stuck in the situation

Mako: "No, wait, Rouxi. You should go. Your friend might be disappointed when you don't go to the show. I can wait. Promise." But deep inside, he can't help but choke on every word.

OOC(mel):....hmmm right now to get out if this rut there's two choices is by making Conrad cancel on her (making Conrad look like the bad one) two making both go or three we do what you want to do....did I tell you I'm bad at counting?

OOC(hyu):nope but thats okay well mako can just let them go

OOC(mel):Yeah but rouxi would feel bad and she wants to spend time with him Cause the only reason she's going with Conrad was to get tian off her mind

OOC(hyu):hmmm..mkai let's make mako go so that there's more tension

OOC(mel):Ok then wait go with them or just make Conrad cancel.And give the extra ticket to him?

OOC(hyu):nope make mako go with them

Rouxi: she looked down as she pulled back her hand a bit sad tian didn't want to take her offer. She wasn't lying when she said she could go next year in fact she was ready to admit to him that she could go to the one in Paris with him. However she looked away keeping quiet as she wonder on what to do before she saw her phone on the drawer vibrate. "Hmm..." she asked herself as she took her phone she saw the message and turn to tian hoping this can fix ever thing "my other friends that's going cancel..." she said telling him another part of the story. She wasn't to blame on this as the girl was often tumbling on any decision considering who she was dating. "So we now have an extra ticket..." she continued slowly "so wanna come?" She asked directly hoping for a yes if not she would not be going

Mako: He thinks about it for a while. It's either he stays with her while trying to keep his cool with the other guy or stay away, knowing that there may be a possibility that Conrad's going to make his move towards Rouxi. Eventually, he prioritizes being with her rather than thinking too much about the guy. He nods slowly, "Oh, sure. That'll be a better idea."

Rouxi: she let go a sigh of relief hearing him say those words "ok then you should know it's a weeks trip and so you have to pack...unless you want to try and look for your old cloths.." she teased the boy with a laugh.

Mako: He smirks, "Oh, it's fine. I have my new clothes already. I'd just have to pack them. Wait, when are we leaving?"

Rouxi: "we were planning to.leave today so we can just have an extra day in New York as we're planning to take the grey lady cab" she explained knowing how fast that thing is "but we'll go when your ready I don't mind waiting" she said quickly she made a mental note to not use Conrad name knowing it would just provoke tian. However will she be ready to.face the two boy head on?

Mako: He shakes his head embarrassingly. "No, no... I don't want to be the cause of your delay. I can leave right now to have me stuff packed, then I can come back here. Will that be alright?" He's still not that settled with the fact that he'll be spending time with Rouxi AND another guy (even though he just joined by chance).

Rouxi: she nodded once more " ok then I'll meet you at the camp entrance?" She suggested to the boy "you know where that is right?" She asked not trying to doubt tian but was worried he'll get lost

Mako: He laughs, "Oh, who do you think I am? I ain't a lost puppy! I'm pretty sure I can find the camp entrance since I came from there."

Rouxi: she looks down feeling bad she asked that "sorry I was just worried you know?" She said pushing a smile "anyway I have a few thing to pack myself I'll meet you there?" She suggested hoping for some time alone. Praying this would be enough to give her an idea of what to do...

Mako: He nods as he proceeds to get out of the window he came from. "Okay then. I'll see you there. Oh, and, er..." He goes back to give Rouxi a quick hug.

Rouxi: the small gesture calmed her greatly and as he was in her embrace she whispered slowly into his ears "it's just gonna be us like old times sake.." she said "just without it being an offense..." she added with a laugh

Mako: He laughs back, shaking off the fact that they did go through tough times back then. "Of course. Now if you excuse me, my princess. I shall be going." He lets go of the embrace and goes out of the window.

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Rouxi: she waved goodbye to The boy as she looked at her phone. She stared blankly at it as she thought back on how things got so complicated. Yet before she could answer another knock came through her door this time it was a girl. It was Cecilia telling her how she saw her brother being sad. She of course wanted the best for both of them. Thus that's why she canceled not knowing she just made it worse. Rouxi merely smiled and waved it off as she took her bag and excused herself. She prayed hard this can fix every thing ...can. it?

happiness and sadness

Zahara: she was at the edge of the cliff looking down at the people she wanted to jump.. this was her 5th time there but each time something stopped her but now she was more and more determined Give me a sign if you dont want me to jump... she said looking up please?

Audie: He's happily strolling in the woods near the beach cliffs, carrying a basket of berries he has just collected from the nearby bushes. He decides that he should get more and walks toward a clump of healthy-looking bushes at the end of the forest. He crouches down to pick several berries, creating a rustling sound that can be heard near the cliff.

Zahara: she thought of jumping she looked down but then the desire just stopped they're right I'm such a weakling she said her eyes was almost in tears as she fell on the grounds watching the cloud roam free maybe I should just get out of camp and jump in front of a car she said simply not knowing if anyone can hear her

Audie: He pokes his head out of the bushes, his mouth already stained purple by some of the berries he can't help but eating. He notices Zahara lying on the ground; without much ado, he runs for her, leaving behind his basket. He tilts his head, "Heeey! Are you okay there?"

Zahara: she looked up seeing a boy with purple stain on his mouth she giggled In a way.. she said simply blinking a few time at him How did you get so messy ? she asked forgetting to introduce herself to the boy

Audie: He grins, revealing his stained teeth. "I ate a lot of yummy berries! Do you want some? You seem kinda hungry. Is that why you're lying down there or...?"

Zahara: She nodded her head welll those berries must be yummie in deed she said slowly you sure they're not poisonous? she asked hoping the boy sees the false in his logic eating berries so freely

Audie: His grin fades and his happy expression is replaced by horrified surprise. "Wait... What? They're poisonous? Oh no... No no no no no!" He starts running around in circles, spitting whatever is left in his mouth and making gagging sounds. It's clear that he is in a panic. "B-but... They're so yummy! They can't be poisonous! OMG!"

Zahara: she saw him being scared thus she got up trying to calm him down hey hey hey I was just asking soo cool down.. first lets think where you found it? she asked like any matured adult would hoping it wasnt really poisonous

Audie: He stops running around, partly because Zahara tells him to and partly because he has to catch his breath. He nervously points at the bushes behind him. "Over there... Well, um, there's a lot more of them in the middle of the woods."

Zahara: she nodded her head as she as she placed both her hands onto audie's shoulder come on then she said as she pushed him toward the forest Lets check if these berries are poisonous if not we're going to the infirmary ok? she said simply with a smile she checked her pockets to checked if she had some ambrosia and true to it she did. she walked as slow as possible making sure audie wont fall

Audie: He nods back nervously. "O-okay... I'll follow you." Contrary to Zahara's intentions, he does trip/fall on a small rock, probably because he's too frantic and/or clumsy to notice such an object. "Ow ow ow ow ow ow!" He nearly falls on his face flat on the ground, but manages to prevent this by using his right hand.

Zahara: when he almost fell zahara quickly went in front of him examining his situation oh dear I'm sorry! She said quickly you ok? yoU he said looking at him directly in the eye that was maybe the first time she saw him

Audie: He looks at her with slightly teary eyes, "M-my... knee... Ouch!" He puts his left knee forward for Zahara to see some scraped skin on it. If only he didn't wear shorts, he could've just had a sore knee.

Zahara: She pulls her hair back to get a better look at Audie's condition. When she saw the scrapped knee she took one quick look before taking the band aid she had in her pockets Here you do she said as she passed him the bad aid now shall we look at the poisonous bush? she asked even if she now suspect the "fear" was merely in the boys mind

Audie: He places the band aid carefully on the wounded area, wincing a little bit because of the stinging sensation. "T-thanksies..." He slowly stands up to follow her again, "Um, okay. Let's go. But, um, be careful." His facial expression may have a calmed down a little bit, but he's still panicking deep inside. (tbh there could be a bodily reaction to the berries already, should it be poisonous but yeah)

Zahara: she slowly follows him, once or twice she did glance back wondering if Audie's appearance was a sign she should live on I'm always careful she said upon hearing his warning she looked up hoping to see trouble before it landed on them

Audie: He follows her gaze, and for some reason he screams and starts pointing in upwards, "OMG WHAT IS THAT OMG LOOKIE!!!" It seems his panicking has reached a whole new level since the alleged poisonous berries part.

Zahara: she looked up to where he was pointing not really knowing what she was looking at

Ooc: what is it? Is he being delusional?

OOC: Nah. Seeing things that aren't their at night while in the forest is pretty usual. xD

Audie: He points anywhere in the air, actually, "T-there! There's a... There's a..." That's when he realizes that it's just a creepy branch. "Oh. Um... That's just a b-branch... I thought it was some... Monster arm. I-i hate creepy monster arms..."

Zahara: she paused looking at Audie she remembered her own youth when she was a child in the monestry. How many times she cried and whine and yet the monks still tended to her every need thus she took one good look at the branch before picking up a rock and throwing it at the branch. Her aim was somewhat good and with the force she placed on the rock (the velocity and the speed (yes this is physics class)) the branch fell down onto the ground And now the monster is gone! she said simply with a smile in her mind the words "be the hero you needed when you were a kid..." was echoing all around We saved the next person from the fears of a monster! She widen her smile as she looked at Audie cause I know your not the only one that is scared of monster arms and I doubt you'd be the last

OOC: i swear I see this rp more and more of a parent child than a girl boy rp..

Audie: Despite the personal reassurance that the branch was just as it was, he loses it. He screams and clings onto Zahara, "Y-you didn't have to do that! For a sec I thought it really was a creepy monster arm." He pouts at her, "You meanie!"

OOC: And if Audie doesn't change his ways it will remain as such xD

Zahara:she laughed as she sees Audie as more and more of a chuld yes I'm a meanie she said as she made a few hand gestures a meanie with horns and a tail she placed her hands on her head and made two horns with it And I'm hungry for demigods!!

OOC:i never saw hara being sooo free..

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