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Erlina and Evander

Peter and Joy

Back at camp

Peter: He is walking around the park, keeping an eye out for Joy.

joy: she literally forgot about the event as she was heading to the beach for a nice day out

Peter: He runs over. Hey Joy!

joy: she had ziva next to her and upon seeing peter ziva quickly assume a welcome stance making joy surprise knowing that ziva was not quick to trust oh hey? she said clearly a bit blur

Peter: I've been looking all over for you, where have you been? He says with a happy smile.

joy: she blinks a few times huh? as she tries to control ziva who wanted to get her closer to peter ziva!

Peter: he kneels down to ziva and rubs her head. Hey Ziva, miss me?

joy: was more than curious how ziva was happy with peter how do you know ziva?

Peter: He looks up at Joy with a smile. You introduced me to her.

joy: she raised her eyebrow I did?? she asked a bit confuse now

Peter: Yeah, he also raises an eyebrow in confusion before our date, don't you remember?

joy: she had a paused then quickly nods even if in her face clearly shows how she did not yeah...

Peter: He stands up. Also, you kind of ran away from me at the theatres. But before you kissed me.

joy:'tils her headkiss??

OOC:best part about restart...

Peter: Yeah, kiss, like lip on lip contact.

joy: that happen???she said clearly lost

Peter: Yes it did! don't remember do you?

joy: she shakes her head no...

OOC:accept it :P

Peter: Oh...well i'm Peter. extend his hand towards her.

joy: she blinks a few times before he shook his hand nice to meet you peter...I'm joy...but I think you already know that...she said slowly

Peter: he nods and smiles. I do, and you're very pretty. Who's your godly parent?

joy: persephone and you?

Peter: I'm actually a love nymph, so I was created by Aphrodite but also from the love of my mum and dad.

Joy: oh soo you must have such a fun life then getting to see your parents daily...she said with a bit of sadness in her voice

Peter: Yeah... he notices the sadness in her voice. You sound a little sad. What happened to your parents?

joy:she forces a smilei'm a demigod..i dont get to see them..

Peter: Yeah, same with my dad. So where are you from?

joy: the states and yo...she paused remembering peter being a nymph and laughed sorry you must be from camp right?

Peter: laughs along Yeah. So do you have any hobbies?

Joy: she shows him her camera taking pictures of course she giggled before taking his picture

Peter: He makes a funny face for the photo. What do you take pictures of?

joy: she smiles everything cause a picture is worth a thousand words

Peter: He nods and smiles back That's a good reason. How long have you been taking pictures for?

Jacob and Ginny

==50km outside Paris

Evander: He yawns and points to the ledge. The one you just threw off of the roof.

max: I have no phone...he said simply anyhow what were we doing?

Jacob: We were planning how to get Ginny back.

Evander: yawns But you just had a phone that you threw away.

max: I have no phone!! he said now more and more panicked like what i've been telling you guys dont you trust me!?

Jacob: tries to calm max down Of course we trust you, but we all saw the phone.

Mordecai: He cracks his knuckles. What were you doing on the phone?

max: he cleared his throat as he saw mordecai cracking his knuckles I want a lawyer...

Jacob: Why do you need a lawyer? he doesn't notice Mordecai

max: cause i will be in trouble...

Jacob: For what?

Evander: yawns Can't we just let Mordecai punch it out of him?


OOC:he's just tired and bored, don't mind him haha he's mainly harmless

pool party!

jacob and ginny

Jacob: He turns a little and his eyes flame up with jealousy. I think now. He goes back under and sides up from under her, then comes back up with his eyes still flaming. He blinks a couple of times and they go back to normal and he gives a goofy grin. Sorry about that, I get really jealous sometimes and I hide it most of the time. With you though, it's too strong to control.

ginny: she laughed I know and its very fun to play with that..she laughed a bit as she leans in to give jacob a kiss as she wraps her arm around his neck dont you think???

Jacob: He smiles. I guess so. He kisses her on the cheek. Did you know that you're a very....fascinating person?

ginny: she laughed and did you know this is the part you shut up and give the girl a kiss? she said a bit directly to jacob or do you want the girl showing you how to do it?

Jacob: he chuckles Well you've always been the more assertive one, but this time... he crashes his lips against hers

ginny: she grins as she pulls away from the kiss hmmm seems like someone is hungry..

Jacob: his stomach growls and he blushed Sorry, you feeling peckish?

Ginny: she laughed can I get real food first please? she whine to him

Jacob: rolls his eyes with a grin Fine, what do you want to eat?

Ginny: she laughed real food that wont kill me or eat me back

Jacob: he grins well that narrows my options then doesn't, so no anacondas or black widow spiders then aye

evander and lina

OOC:want some drama?

OOC:of course :)

OOC:pick lina falls off pagasi or pagasi goes nuts?

OOC: pagasi goes nut :)

OOC:ok you rp the pagasi cause I cant think of what happens >,<

The pagasi has a fly go up it's nose and beings flapping around erratically.

lina thighten her grip being a bit scared

Evander: He feels her tense up. Are you scared? He jokes

lina: she shakes her head (not that evander can see it of course) as she placed her head onto his back a bit but i missed you more...

Evander: He smiles at that. Of couse, if we fall you can fly. the pegasi begins going into a nose dive

Lina: she kept quite not knowing what to say to him

Evander: His smile fades and he feels scared. Ummm, what do I do now?

OOC:what next??

OOC:umm... *mediates* Why don't we have Evander slip off and Lina saves him?

joy and peter

Peter: So that maybe...?

joy: she used every bit of creativity she had maybe you should ask my heart! she said trying to be funny

Peter: Okay! he kneels down so his head is in level where her heart should be. Hello this is Peter, I believe we've met before. My question is this, do you feel anything towards me?

joy: she laughed as she didnt thought he would actually do it hmm I think my heart says try again...she said playfully as she tries to give peter a kiss on the lips

Peter: He grins, closes his eyes and leans forward.

Joy: she gave peter the long await kiss on the lips

Peter: He wraps his arms around her and deepens the kiss.

OOC:and where is this going exactly?

OOC:monster attack? :D

OOC:they're in...oh wait they're in town right hmmm sure?

Out in the nerby bushes there is a deep growling.

Joy: when she heard the sound she hid behind peter i think its something bad..

Peter: He squeaks. Why are you hiding behind me then?

Joy: she shrugs cause in movies people do this?

Peter: Oh boy, so i'm the human shield in this scenario? His eyes grow wide and he hears something moving towards them, twigs snapping and leaves rustling


they're alive among us >,< watching our rp...

true, but where from and why?

IDK people stalk a lot i do...i mean >.<...

Haha, yeah I guess, I stalk some characters that I find cool :)


Haha not too often, but it's like reading a story sometimes about how two characters becomes friends or fall in love. It's fascinating

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