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Dewy n Joshua

Dewy:Dewy is mindlessly playing with his psv outside of his cabin, unaware of his surroundings and not caring about the people flittering back and fourth. As far as he knows, he's going to be assigned somewhere in there, but until they do, he'll just chill out here and take it easy. The boy hopes they've placed his Brunello Cucinelli luggage in a safe place.

Joshua: Camp was a bit overwhelming, just as his mother had told him but that didn't stop him from taking a look around and familiarising himself with the place he's gonna call home for the next few years. One Hephaestus kid had let him have some spare screws and gears to play around as a sort of welcome gift, which is kinda cool. With his new "distraction toys" in hand, he decided that he should call it a day and headed back to his cabin.

Dewy:Sweat trickles from his forhead from the intensity of his game play, until he breaks. "No, NO, NOOO!" Dewy throws his psv and crosses his arms, mad that he had died in a grand theft auto goal as he was about to pass the checkpoint. He realizes he won't have a bakcup to replace what he threw. "NO. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT." The rich kid picks up the psv and dusts it off, dissillusioned by the cracked screen. "God, so stupid." He never internalized anything because he never had to and it felt less lonely not to, so why start now?

Joshua: The sudden outburst made Joshua jump a bit in surprise, dropping his screws and gears. He raises an eyebrow at his probably-most-likely half-sibling throwing a small device on the ground then picking it up. "Uhhh, is everything okay there?"

Dewy:"Nope," he says, crossing his arms. About now, one of his servants would've brought him a new psv. "That was my last psvita, and I smashed it like an idiot." He shakes his head roughly, pursing his lips severely. "I only brought one with me."

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