Niome Wilson -Child of Aglaea
-The other half

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Cora closeup

Cora Wilson -Child of Aglaea
-The other half, Lt. of the Aglaea Cabin

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Yael Katzovichz

Yael Katzovichz -Child of Hecate
-Lover of kittens and mad science

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Niome: Niome had her camera out, standing by the back wall taking photos of Cora. "Come on Cory, you're ruining my fun not just standing there. Keep doing this and I'll find some magic makeup and make you look Barbie doll." Niome said while taking photos of Cora.

Cora: Cora rolled her eyes and posed infront of a willow her knocking her head back slightly so her long hair looked like willows off her head. "Whoever said I wanted to look like a Barbie doll, Niome?" Cora said exasperatedly, swiping her water bottle off the ground and taking a long swig. After a short silence, Cora asked her twin, "Have you ever wanted to be the one being photgraphed? I mean, I would have never guessed you liked being behind the scenes."

Yael: Finally, the daughter of Hecate had worked up the courage to leave her cabin for the first time in a few days, after eventualy creating the potion cure for yellow ladybugs. As Yael strolled around camp with her eyes closed, breathing in the American sun, she walked by a tall, glamourous, blue haired girl photographing a more simple, petite, brown haired girl and bumped into the blue haired girl's tripod. Her eyes flinging open, she exlaimed, "אוי ואבוי! לא ראיתי אותך שם." Before reverting back into her newer language, "Oh my! I uh, didn't see you there." Yael gave a sheepish smile as she backed away, embarresment shown on her now red face. Tucking a black curl away from her face, the daughter of Hecate introduced herself at a safer distance. "I'm Yael Katzovichz."

Niome: "You're my sister and a daugther of one of the beauty goddesses, so basically me and mom did." Niome took a few more photos of Cora then went over to Cora , taking her camera off the tripod and took a selfie with her, hugging her. "I always want my photo taking, especially by cute boys, but I love taking photos more." Niome said as she flicked through the photos, deleting the ones that she thought Cora or her looked ugly in, which was 25% of the photos she took.

Being distracted by her camera, Niome didn't notice another girl heading straight for her tripod, quickly rushing over to it as the girl ran into it. "Same here, so we're kind of even. I'm Niome Wilson." Niome said as she put most of her hair over her right shoulder.

Cora: Cora sighed and admitted defeat as she screwed the water bottle shut and accepted her sister's affection, not entirely sure where that was coming from. "Especially by cute boys?" Cora asked rhetorically, eyeing as her sister deleted around a quarter of the photos, suddenly feeling self conscious and hunching her shoulder slightly amidst her insercurity. 

Suddenly, everything happening quickly, a girl taller than her but shorter than Niome bumped into the latter twin's tripod and apologized profusely. Of course, her confident sister replied with an easy quip and effortly introduced herself whilst doing so. How could they be more different? Cora thought. Peeking out from behind her other half, Cora sheepishly made eye contact with the girl called Yael. "I'm Cora. Er, Cora Wilson. What language was that?" Cora cringed at the sound of her own voice but luckily her freckles helped conceal her blush. Mostly.

Yael: Looking between Cora and Niome, Yael immediately felt like she was intruding on something. "Hebrew." Yael replied as she stared at the ground, her accent obvious to even herself. Glancing up again, Yael added, "I'm new camp. And, well, this country." The demigod took a step forward, and went on, "I'm a daughter of Hecate, but unlike some of my siblings, I'm not all dark and gothy. So, uh, whose your godly parent Niome? And you, Cora?"

Niome: "Well, we are twins so our mother is the same and she is Aglaea." Niome said as she changed her lipstick to a deep brown colour.

Cora: Cora nodded, untying the faded wheat colored sweatshirt from around her waist and zipped it up on herself. Seeing as her sister non chalantly displayed her powers, it only felt right that she tap her wrist and have three neat bronze bengle bracelets appear. "Goddess of Splendor. And uh, beauty."

Yael: The demigod listened, feeling gradually less nervous. Looking between Cora and Niome, Yael commented lightly, "You two don't look alike. Like, at all." Seeing as both sisters looked comfortable using their powers seeminly unknowingly, the daughter of Hecate remember how out of place she was. "I'm the daughter of Hecate," Yael said, her accent thick, and hopefully understandable, "I'm not really sure what I can do yet."

Niome: "If you saw us when we were younger and before I dyed my hair and started growing taller, you wouldn't really be saying that. But what you're saying is what everybody says when we tell them we are twins." Niome explained as she pulled out her bronzer and checked her reflection in it's small mirror. "Well, that is something to is right up Cora's alley, mainly because I'm a complete airhead with remembering stuff not related to beauty, so tell her what you know about what Yael can do, Cora."

Cora: Cora agreed quitely, "Yeah, even our dad couldn't tell us apart." She glanced at her sister as Niome explained in all seriousness that she had nothing in her brain to offer Yael but beauty.  Then, she offered up Cora's services instead. What was up with her today? First, being behind the camera and then this. "Well, Hecate is the goddess of magic, so I believe one of the first powers you could learn– or might even have– is casting spells. Maybe have one of your more cultured siblings show you around a spell book sometime. The probably won't might, even if some look a little hard to approch."


Reese: Ya'll called her ugly >.<

Yael: Niome is such a lady. XD

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