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Jesse -Peace Spirit
-Peace Spirit

 – 9:21


Whisper -Horse Guardian
-Horse Spirit

 – 10:30


Jesse: Jesse sluggishly moved throw out the dept of the Camp Half Blood forests carrying a half empty bottle of wine. In the midst of his drunken forest exploration,Jesse trips,letting go of the bottle of wine causing it to shatter. "OUCH" He yells "SOMEONE HEL-P" the drunk spirit slurs.

Whisper: While on a treck around the forests in her horse form, Whisper's ears picked up the sound of a yell. Already galloping towards the sound of agony, she couldn't help but wonder what had happened this time. If it was a monster attack she would be helpless. Whisper shook the thought out of her head and slowed to a stop as she looked down at the boy.

Jesse: He lifts his head up to see the horse staring down at him. "Uggg" he groans in pain while he points to his now bruising leg. "Hel...p" he moans to the horse.

Whisper: Her form slowly changed to that of a human, "Oh my gosh!" Whisper began to look around for any sign of what caused this. There was no scent of monsters in the air, and they wouldn't come tis close to camp anyway. "What hap-" Just as she was about to ask the question her eyes fell onto the shattered pieces of glass. "I see, so you had a drinking spree," She muttered in digust.

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