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Active Roleplay

Jasper & Seraphina

  • Jasper: While it might've been around 12 in the afternoon, Jasper was still bundled up in his covers. It was one of those, not wanting to get out of bed, days for the son of Poseidon and he was determined to stick to it. Though, he knew something would drag him out soon or later and if that were the case he'd also be fine with it. For the time being though, until that something came, he was being lazy.
  • Seraphina: Appearing at his window, dressed for the cold weather, she slowly opened his window before chucking a snowball right at Jasper's exposed back. "GET UP!"
  • Jasper: The last thing Jasper ever would've expected was a snow ball getting thrown at him. He felt a small chilling sting in his back which resulted in him jumping out of bed, exposing his clothing that only consisted of him in his boxer briefs. "God that was cold..." He voiced before looking at Sera, a mixture of realization and embarassment showing on his face as he reached for a pair of sweats and throwing them on. "Hey, What's up Sera." Jasper voiced as he walked over to the window and gazed at the girl.
  • Seraphina: "Down for a snowball fight?" She questioned, bright smile present on her face, giggling at his startled jump.
  • Jasper: The son of Poseidon simply stared at the girl for a moment, humored by the fact that she wanted to have a snowball fight. Letting a small chuckle escape his lips, Jasper finally answer. “Sure, let me get dressed and I’ll be right out.”
  • Seraphina: She bounced on her toes briefly in delight. “Okay dokey!” Sera vanished from his window, reappearing briefly. “Oh, I have coffee in thermoses out here for us...”
  • Jasper: He gave her a quick nod before making his way over to his closet and throwing on a set of warm clothes, taking a brief moment to look at the snow on his bed. “Oh well, it’ll dry...” Jasper thought to himself, leaving his room shortly after and outside the cabin.
  • Seraphina: She was waiting for him outside of the cabin, greeting him with a strong snowball hit at his chest. Seraphina laughed brightly, aiming another snowball his way.
  • Jasper: His reaction to the snowball was close to nothing as he just shook it off and gave a gentle laugh, walking off the porch and scooping up some snow himself. “You know, I don’t like being dragged out of bed...” he said with a glint in his eyes, chucking the ball at the other and smiling.
  • Seraphina: She laughed at his response before dodging his throw nimbly. "You shouldn't have been in bed so fragging late, then!" Sera picked up another snowball, throwing it right back at Jasper.
  • Jasper: This time Jasper side stepped and watched as the ball went past him. “Me and my bed have a special relationship no one should get in the middle of.” He tone was one hinting with seriousness but overall joking. Quickly he picked up more snow, chucking it at the daughter of Persephone.
  • Seraphina: "Not even when you're in a relationship?" She questioned, squealing as the ball made contact, and sending one back at him.
  • Jasper: He wasn’t expecting that kind of response and to be quite honest, he never really thought of himself in a relationship. “Mmm I guess if the person was pretty special.” He answered honestly, before feeling the impact of the snowball. It was chilling but, in a way it felt kind of good. “Let’s be honest though, the chances of me being in a relationship are pretty slim.” Jasper said without thinking.
  • Seraphina: "Do you really think that?" She questioned, taking a few steps closer to Jasper.
  • Jasper: He wasn't sure why Sera had been so intrested in the subject, Jasper was quite oblivious like that. "I mean, i doubt anyone here at camp even looks at me in the manner... Not that it bothers me much if i'm being honest."
  • Seraphina: She took a few more steps closer, close enough for their jackets to brush. "Technically, you're very wrong that no one looks at you that way. I do... and I have for months."
  • Jasper: To say Jasper was caught off guard, would have been an understatement. With the other so close to him he kept his breathing soft and low, the chilling air causing his warm breath to fog for just the slightest moment. "Seraphina, I had no idea..." He voiced. What was he supposed to do in this situation. So far, all he could do was shift his weight from one foot to the other, finding it difficult to conjure up any other words.
  • Seraphina: Tilting her head slightly here and there, she blinked deep grey eyes at Jasper. "I know... but, I do feel something towards you. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything, but if you don't feel the same way, then... I really don't mind if we stay friends."
  • Jasper: He stared into her eyes with his own, the idea of Seraphina feeling this way was confusing for him. Sure, he knew she was beautiful and yes, they’d been friends for a while but, Jasper is in a really weird place as of late. Things with Elliana were just beginning and the last thing he was thinking about was dating. “Look Sera, I... i don’t know if now is the best time for me to be think about dating” Jasper finally spat out. He felt bad but, he didn’t want to string her along either.

Valerie & Vienna

  • Valerie: Despite the current season and it's weather, the day was actually quite nice - the warm rays of the sun shining down and a cool breeze blowing through the air. Taking full advantage of the day, Valerie sat on the porch of the Hecate cabin, flipping through a spell book. She was entranced by its content, wanting to learn as much as she possibly could from it.
  • Vienna: She was a new arrival to Camp, almost striding through the grasses in almost insanely high heels, but at the same time, knowing that she was bringing attention from both girls and boys. She was looking for the Athena cabin, to get a new weapon, and couldn't exactly find it. Vienna glanced at Valerie, sitting outside, and called over to her. "Uh, excuse me, but could you tell me where the Athena cabin is? I got lost, somehow."
  • Valerie: Her trance in the book was finally broken when she picked up on Vienna calling out to her. For a moment she just stared, the chilling wind blowing through her hair. After setting her book down on the table in front of her and pushing herself up, Valerie walked over to the other and smiled. "Yeah but, it'd probably be much easier if i just lead the way." She answered, not caring to drop what she was doing to help out a new camper.
  • Vienna: "Sorry for bothering you again, when you were reading, it looked like a good book." Vienna apologized quite quickly, following Valerie. "Oh, Vienna Lovell." She offered a hand. "May I ask the name of my beautiful guide?"
  • Valerie: She waves her hand dismissively, hoping to reassure Vienna. “Don’t worry about it, i’ll get back to it sooner or later...” Valerie pause before picking up on the others last sentence. “It’s nice to meet you Vienna, I’m Valerie Fairchild. A daughter of Hecate.”
  • Vienna: She smiled. “Nice to meet you, Valerie.” Vienna kept in pace right behind Valerie, somehow, managing to stay balanced in her six-inch heels in the snow. “Your last name is interesting.”
  • Valerie: ”Fairchild?” She repeated her own last name. “To be honest, I chose it myself when I arrived at camp.” She was now feeling a bit shy over the subject, a slightly embarrassed chuckle escaping her lips. “I thought it sounded pretty.”
  • Vienna: She made an 'O' with her lips. "Interesting. Well, it's a very pretty name." Vienna followed her guide closely. "Can you... tell me about camp?"
  • Valerie: ”Camp is kind of quite, in the sense of nothing major really happens.” Though, that wasn’t completely true with the recent events of the CoO. Best not to scare a new camper with that information though. “There’s plenty to do though... from rock climbing to forging weapon.” The daughter of Hecate paused for a moment. “We even have a beach where some play volleyball and a campfire.”
  • Vienna: "Interesting. What do you like to do?"
  • Valeire: She gave the girl a short glance from the corner of her gaze. “I’m like to study a lot of different types of magic, big fan of my mother’s scope and all.” She answered truthfully.
  • Vienna: She chuckled, nodding. "I get you. You're lucky to have a parent that has such a wide-spread scope..." Vienna glanced at Valerie carefully. "Daughter of Psyche and legacy of Ares."
  • Valerie: She was glad there was someone who understood her and gave the other a genuine smile. “Psyche, she’s definitely a goddess who’s very interesting to myself.”
  • Vienna: She hummed, nodding, and returning the smile. "Indeed. There's... a very interesting powerscope for her as well."
  • Valerie: "Indeed" Valerie voiced, her steps finally coming to a halt as the came to the front of Vienna's cabin. "Here we are, the Athena cabin."

Jasper's Mission

  • Jasper: brown orbs gazed through the window of the San Francisco police precinct, filled with a mixture of worry, fear, and confidence. Jasper, who decided to put his plan in action, had flown out all the way to San Francisco. Something was pulling at him though, almost beckoning his to give up and crawl back into his bed. This wasn't something he could just forget about though and with that set in mind he went in, head held high, and demanded to speak to someone who could help him. Soon, he was in a room with one of the well-known investigators, speaking his mind. "You have to believe me, Echo is toxic to Elliana and she needs to be put behind bars." Out on the table lied pictures of the injuries the mother had given her daughter. "just look at these..." His tone hoarse.
  • Andrew Prowler: The investigator crossed his arms narrowly, eyes gazing down at the pictures. "Very well. We'll bring her in, but you have to have something that can put her away for good. She's always gotten away." Andrew gazed at Jasper, expression stern. "Tell me you have something demigodly to get her put away."
  • Jasper: A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he plopped down in the seat just behind him, satisfied that he got someone to listen to him. Upon hearing the investigator, he touched the side of his pant where his pocket would be and felt the potion sitting in there. Something he'd have to thank Valerie for later on. "Just bring her in, I'll handle the rest." He told Andrew with a determined face, the same determination burning in his eyes. "Oh and bring me a water bottle please.
  • Andrew Prowler: He nodded slowly before he rolled up his sleeve to show a SPQR tattoo, of an eagle with five lines under it before winking slightly and issuing orders to bring Echo Delacroix into police custody under account of suspected child abuse. Within thirty minutes, a protesting, quite drunken lady was escorted in and sat down across from both of them as another officer handed Jasper the asked-for water bottle. Andrew was letting Jasper get the potion into Echo, but from then on, he would take the lead.
  • Jasper: Upon setting his eyes on Echo, Jasper practically had to stop himself from jumping at her. Instead setting the water bottle with the potion mixed into it on the table and sliding it over to the women. “Hello Echo, my name is Jasper and I’m a... Relative of Elliana.” He let his words sit for a moment. “Before we get into the swing of things though, you should have a drink of water. It might help you sober up a bit.” It was taking the son of Poseidon every once of his being to be generally nice the her.

Finished Roleplays

Jasper & Elliana

  • Jasper: It was one of those nights... The ones were Jasper was haunted by his past and just couldn't bring himself to sleep. Not like it was like him to tell anyone though and instead he sat on his bed, watching some anime show playing on the t.v. His door slightly cracked open as he had forgotten to close it all the way when he went to grab a snack.
  • Elliana: The little girl padded into the cabin, arriving late tonight, and spotted Jasper's door half-open. She slipped into his room, scrambling up onto his bed and curling up with her head on his legs. "Hi."
  • Jasper: His eye's lazily rolled over to Elliana, giving her a small gentle smile. "Hey there, Why are you up at this time?" He asked, not minding the girl in his room considering he took a liking to his younger sister.
  • Elliana: "Just got back from a few months back with Echo... apparently getting guardianship things figured out, school and all that." She chirped in response. "She hurt me again."
  • Jasper: In response to her last words, Jasper clenched his fist, twisting the blanket under them. His blood began to boil, which was rare for the demigod but, he kept his composure for Elliana’s sake. “Would you mind showing me where she hurt you?” Jasper asked as he shifted to sit up.
  • Elliana: She shook her head slightly, slowly sitting up and sliding off her small sweater she wore, adjusting her position to show him her back, covered in half-healed injuries and some not even healing yet. Her brown eyes glanced at Jasper for worry. “Don’t get upset...”
  • Jasper: Jasper slowly examined his younger sisters wounds, his blood only only boiling more at the sight of them. It was uncharacteristic of Jasper to get so angry but, could you blame him? It wasn’t till he met Elliana’s eye with his own that he settled down and gave the girl a gentle smile. “Let me ask you... if there was a way you’d never have to see Echo again, would you be ok with that?”
  • Elliana: She nodded quickly. “Yes... but what do you mean?”
  • Jasper: Jaspers eyes traced over her wounds once more before waving in a dismissive manner. “Never mind that, let me help you clean some of these up... they still look like they’re healing” an idea had popped up into the son of Poseidon’s head but, he didn’t want to give Elliana any false hope of things didn’t work out. For once in a long time though, Jasper was ready to fight for someone he cared about. For now, he slid out from under the covers and looked for the first aid kit he had in his room.
  • Elliana: She nodded slowly. "Okay dokey." Elliana would remain still, watching Jasper the best she could from her position.
  • Jasper: Not long after, he walked back over to the bed and plopped down behind his younger sister - the first aid kit in hand. While Jasper wasn’t exactly a doctor or one of the Apollo kid at that, he was pretty informed on how to dress wounds and he did just that. Carful not to hurt Elliana in the process. “Are you tired at all?” He asked suddenly, just about finishing up with her.
  • Elliana: She yawned faintly in response, nodding. "Yeah... kinda. Why do you ask?"
  • Jasper: ”You can sleep in here if you’d like... just don’t snore to loudly.” He answered her. Moving to play the anime he was watching and laying back in bed, patting the spot next to him just after.
  • Elliana: She nestled down into the blankets next to Jasper, eyes soon dropping into heavy blinks, curling up and resting her head right on his chest, barely staying awake at the moment. The sound of Jasper's heartbeat helped keep her calm, and soon, she had fallen asleep.
  • Jasper: The son of Poseidon was careful not to breathe too heavily as to not disturb Elliana, hi hand rested on her back and his gaze fixed on the t.v. Though, he hardly took in any of the show as his mind races with idea on how to achieve what he wanted to accomplish. Soon, he too had drifted off.
  • Elliana: She snuggled into his warmth slightly, sleeping peacefully at the moment. She looked quite adorable, none of the stress or fear that usually covered her expressions at all moments of the time she was awake.
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