Scarlett Sinclair Daughter of Mnemosyne • Lieutenant

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Demigod Poseidon 18
Single Bisexual

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Scarlett: Stepping  outside of the cabin wasn't something this demigoddess normally chose to do but, needing another journal to write in she decided a trip to the town would be a good idea. How would she get there though? She was too scared to step outside the border alone and she didn't have much people to ask. Scarlett's mind shuffled through the people she had met at camp so far and to be quiet honest, only one person came to mind - Luc. With that in mind the daughter of Mnemosyne made her way over to his cabin, knocking on the door softly once she had arrived.

Luc: He swung the door open after a few moments, a smoke already hanging out of his mouth, "hey," he said, looking down at her with a surprised blink, not expecting her, "I know you, Scarlett! We went on the canoes together, right?"

Scarlett: She jumped slightly as the door swung open suddenly. "Ummm yeah, Sorry to bother you but, i was wondering if you would mind coming with me to the nearby town?" Scarlett asked, her gaze falling to the floor once she did - sure that he'd decline. "It's fine if you say no, i just don't wanna go outside the border al...." Her voice faltered.

Luc: He stared at her, not use to the request. Mostly everyone stayed away from him, let alone ask him to escort them somewhere. He rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah..sure, I guess, just...let me put a shirt on," he said, realising he wasn't really dressed if it wasn't for a pair of tracksuit pants.

Scarlett: Her gaze shot up at him, meeting his eye's with her own. "Really?!" She exclaimed a bit to loudly before blushing and looking back down out of embarrassment. "Thank you so much... and uhmm sure go ahead and get ready." Her embarrassed blush had gotten even deeper as she noticed the boy was shirtless.

Luc: He grinned as he watched her blush, "I don't have to," he said, beginning to walk back into the cabin, gesturing with his hand for her to follow, "if you prefer it."

Scarlett: She shook her head quickly. "No no, go ahead." She answered before following behind him slowly. She wasn't sure if it'd be a good idea to follow him to his room so she stayed by the entrance, hugging her arm with her other one and waiting patiently.

Luc: He threw on a simple hoodie, not bothering with a shirt. It was cold outside and he didn't feel there'd be a reason to take it off. He came out, pushing the sleeves up to his shoulders. "Ready?"

Scarlett: The daughter of Mnemosyne examined his arms for a moment, watching his muscle flex. Hearing him talk though snapped her out of the thought and she nodded her head. "Yeah... Yeah i'm ready."

Luc: "Then lets go," he said, moving past her, "do you mind if I grab some smokes on the way. I've run out of it."

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