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Kara -Child of Hera
-Daughter of Hera

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Kara: Humming a christmas carol, Kara gently closed the door to her cabin behind her, being careful to not drop the baby in her arms. She smiled down at the 8-month-old. "Breakfast time... Hey, I don't know if you've seen the snow before! Isn't it pretty?"

Nata: Nata, the baby in question, was staring up at the snow with wide eyes, mouth agape.

Kara: Kara giggled. "Well, I'm glad we got you that little snowsuit. Here, let's try out the sled!" Carefully, Kara set down Nata in a nearby pink sled, with a small chair, seatbelt and a short rope to pull it along. Nata wiggled as Kara buckled her in, waving her tiny mittens to touch the falling snowflakes. After admiring her handiwork, Kara stood up and began to gently pull the sled down the path to the dining pavilion. "Yay! Ok, let's go to breakfast now." Nata smiled back before being distracted by a snowflake on her nose.

  • Hyacinthe: The young woman was walking past, seemingly non-affected from the cold weather as her cloak swirled around her legs. Hyacinthe stopped, hearing the bright giggles of a baby, turning her attention to the two girls nearby, smiling briefly. "First snowfall?" She called, pulling up her hood smoothly to keep herself warm, approaching the two.

Kara: "For her, yeah. She seems to love it so far." Kara looked back to see Nata happily swatting at the snow and giggling wildly. "NIce coat! I'll have to try to find one like that." Dressed in a old, slightly ripped and well-used jacket, Kara was shivering lightly in the cold.

  • Hyacinthe: She frowned slightly, moving towards the two. "It's not made anymore. It's of a leather-make lost to history." Hyacinthe revealed about her cloak. "But I do have some cloaks back at my cabin of deceased Musketeers, if you want to try one of those on?" She offered calmly. "I might even have a little something for the baby."

Kara: "Oh my... that would be wonderful! But... I wouldn't want to be disrespectful." Kara lowered her head. "I'm sketchy on my history, but I've heard a few stories of your people."

Nata: Nata looked up through the snow to see a lady in a long coat. Ooh, she was so pretty!  The infant flailed an arm wildly and gave a toothless, gummy grin. "Alaalbm!"

  • Hyacinthe: She gestured briefly. "Come on then. I don't mind, they're just gathering dust in my trunk." Hyacinthe smiled. "While we walk, I'll gladly answer any questions that you have about the Musketeers."

Kara: "Ok!" Kara carefully stepped around a patch of ice. "Thank you so much. You're a lifesaver... I'm running low on cash lately, and it's hard to find a job in the town nearby. I've been hoping to have enough to get a new coat, but with Christmas coming up, I'm scrambling."

Nata: "Aa..." Nata stared up at the new pretty lady, enamoured by her long coat, beautiful hair and the snow gathering on her. Was she Da? She'd figure out who Da was one day. "Lalmm."

  • Hyacinthe: She laughed at the baby's chirps, smiling before she stopped suddenly and bent to pick up the infant from her sled, knowing that it was getting cold for the little one. She didn't stop for permission, tucking Nata into her arms, snug under her weather-proofed, and wool-lined leather cloak. "I've seen a few babies come down with cold-related issues and never really recover." Hyacinthe addressed to Kara. "I figured you were having a rough go of things, so I convinced my companions to sit down and make a variety of outfits for both of you. Everything should last you for a while, they're made of our old clothes or clothes donated by other campers."

Nata: Nata's eyes went wide as she was unbuckled and hoisted up by the new lady, but she quickly relaxed and snuggled into Hyacinthe's arms. "Applltlt!" Sneezing after the wool tickled her nose, Nata decided that she enjoyed riding in her new friend's arms.

Kara: "I... don't know what to say..." Kara was completely taken aback by this stranger's kindness. "How did you... I... Thank you so much."

  • Hyacinthe: She laughed faintly, a slight smile present. "You're welcome. We're here, by the way." Hyacinthe led the way into the Elpis cabin, moving down a hall and into a large room, occupied by another woman, dressed the same as Hyacinthe, with a set of elegant silver tea cups on a small table. "Kara, I would like you to meet my second, Elodie. Elodie, meet Kara and Natasha." Hyacinthe swiftly introduced the two before bending to set Natasha down on the rug, reaching over to grab some toys and setting them around the baby. "Kara, feel free to take a seat and help yourself. I'll get those clothes pulled out in a sec."

Kara: "Oh, um, thanks! Nice to meet you, Elodie." Kara considered curtsying, genuinely unsure how one addressed a Musketeer, but decided not to.

Nata: Nata whimpered for a moment while being set down, but immediately was enamoured by the new toys. "Aa!" She began chewing on a stuffed animal contentedly. "Mlmm."

Kara: Kara turned back to Hyacinthe. "...How did you know about me and Nata? And that we're here, and um... not so financially stable, I guess?" She felt perplexed but very happily surprised all at once, and was blushing a deep red at being treated so nicely.

  • Hyacinthe: She smiled briefly, turning to pull out a large trunk from their shared closet and carry it out into the center of the room. "We're not fans of formality. We grew up with it too much, so just treat us like normal people. Now come, let's see how these clothes fit you."

Kara: Curious, Kara moved closer. "Oh wow..."

Nata: In a similar tone, Nata gave a small ooh and crawled over to the chest.

  • Hyacinthe: She smiled, bending to pull out an elegantly-designed leather and colored fabric tunic. Somehow, even though it seemed to match naturally, it still looked amazing, followed by a pair of black jeggings, with a small knife sheath on the belt, already linked into the fabric. "Try this on, Kara. There's a bathroom right over there."

Kara: "Oh my..." Kara was speechless. "Okay!" Excited and blown away, she carefully took the tunic and walked into the bathroom to try it on.

Nata: While everyone else was distracted, Nata noticed a handle on the side of the chest. Grabbing it, she slowly and shakily pulled herself into a standing position, looking extremely proud of herself. "Gbla!" She turned her head towards Hyacinthe and beamed.

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