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Jack -Child of Deimos
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Demigod Deimos Eighteen
Single Heterosexual CB Sword/Spear
Lieutenant Counselor
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New Siblings

Jack: Jack lounges in his room, threading a fix to his armored skirt. He was prepping for his potential challenge if his counselor decided to fight. His eyes narrow in work and thought in strategy. He had one ear bud in his ear, the other tucked in his shirt, listing to his playlist of a variety of rock.

Aikaterine: Stopping mere inches from Jack's door, the brunette turned on her heels and delicately leaned against the frame of the door with olive-green eyes fixating on who she assumed to be a sibling. "So do we just pick any free room?" she inquired casually, a bag slung over her shoulder carelessly. It appeared to be the only things she had brought with her.

Jack: He snapped his eyes to the source of the voice. He relaxes his body and sets his work down. He stands up and starts over to new girl in his cabin. "Yep, whole lot to choose from since there's only 4 of us now." He extends his hand to her with a friendly smile. "Jack Swegger, lieutenant counselor of Deimos' Cabin. Welcome."

Aikaterine: Momentarily shocked by the amount of other kids, Aikaterine looked sort of disappointed briefly. "Apparently daddy-dearest hasn't been getting busy then?" she inquired with a quirked brow, a small smirk forming across her lips as she gestured to his work. "Lieutenant counselor stuff? Also, thanks."

Jack: He looks back and shrugs. "Technically, I just challenged the head counselor and I'm getting my equipment ready." He turns back to face her. "As for the other campers, people come and go. I don't know what else to say other than I've manage to stick around. What's you're name by the way? I'd feel awful if you moved in and I didn't know your name." He smirks back just a bit.

Aikaterine: She looked surprisingly impressed and allowed her arms to cross delicately across her chest as she sized him up, trying to figure out if she could see him as the head counselor. Her conclusion was that he definitely had guts. "Well then," she said with a low laugh, "I hope you win." Finally, she hesitated before eyeing the length of his room before carefully stepping inside and making her way toward him. Her hand jutted out to be shaken as she tipped her head to the side, "Aikaterine Diamandis but you can just call me Kat."

Jack: He slightly raises his eyebrow at bit at her inspection of him and his room but after that he smiles and shakes her hand in a proper, firm handshake. "Welcome to the cabin Kat. Glad you were able to make it to camp and thanks for the vote of confidence." He lets go of her hand and stand square to her. "I'm going to guess you're from Greece given you're, but do correct me if I'm wrong."

Aikaterine: She shook his hand firmly in response, the slight callousing and scarring of her palms proving that she wasn't afraid of a fight. "Yup," she said with a pop of the 'p' and made her way back to the doorway. "But I've been all over." She brushed a strand of hair from her face and teetered on the balls of her feet. "Do you happen to know where I can locate Alexander the Great? He's an old friend and I've been meaning to say hello."

Jack: The look of utter surprise takes over his face after her last statement. He shakes it off as best he can before trying to answer. "Alexander? My guess would be the Big House, up on top of the hill." He points in its direction. "He's an old friend of yours?" He looks at her now confused and curious.

Aikaterine: "The Big House," she repeated in attempt to ingrain it in her memory for later. "Alexander and I have fought beside eachother," she said before pausing. Aikaterine checked her finger nails with a slight sigh, "I was actually sent to him by father."

Jack: "Like back when Alexander was conquering the world? And sent by father." He makes a huff sound and shakes his head. "You a very interesting individual, sister." He smiles and chuckles.

Aikaterine: "Alexander made sacrifice to Deimos and his brother," she said casually, like it was the most normal thing in the world. "I fought alongside him during the Battle of Gaugamela."

Jack: He stares at her for a moment in awe of her casualness. "And you were a part of the decisive defeat of Persia?" He stops and looks off as he thinks, shrugging. "Sounds like what father would do though."

Aikaterine: "Oh you mean bartering your daughter off like a lucky coin?" she inquired with momentary distaste before filling him in a little more, "after the battle, we found the Fountain of Youth and that is how I don't look like bones in the ground right now."

Jack: He goes flush with embarrassment. "Oh, uh, I don't mean to insult Kat. Meant that a child of Deimos would win a battle so easily." Hoping to drop the flop he caused, he turns his curiosity to the last thing she said. "And what was the fountain like?"

Aikaterine: Aikaterine didn't seem to care all that much and rolled her shoulders to loosen the muscles. "It was surprisingly beautiful but that comes as no surprise because Hera built it."

Jack: He nods and leans against the wall of his room. "Safe to assume only you and Alexander were the only ones to drink from it?"

Aikaterine: She offered a grin that may have suggested otherwise and slid out his bedroom door. Over her shoulder, she tossed a grin. "Mind helping me bring some stuff inside?"

Jack: He arches his eyebrow before rolling his eyes at her before slipping some boots on and following her out. "You're just chalk full mystery and grandeur, aren't you Kat." He walks up next to her when catches up, smiling down at her. "And isn't that what are brothers for?"

Aikaterine: "I've always wanted a brother slave," she admitted with a playful grin and easily matched his larger steps. "Plus, how else am I going to lug all my weapons and outfits down?"

Jack: He smirks and feints courtesy. "Of course, as lieutenant, I strive to make every resident as comfortable as possible, not matter the lengths." He breaks the facade as he laughs. "And careful about your wording of wanting a brother slave, people might think you're strange."

Aikaterine: "Woah," she gushed, feigning a swoon by placing the back of her hand on her head. "Lieutenant Jack." She burst into laughter and gently punched his arm. "Not what I meant but all right - you know I've actually been around in a time where slaves were actually normal."

Jack: He laughs with her and makes an 'oof' sound in jest. "I know. So what do you need help with?"

Aikaterine: The girl gestured to a heap of suitcases, boxes and other various luggage that contained all her items. Most notable was a large wooden trunk that looked way to heavy for just one petite teenager.

Jack: He looks at the pile and back at her. He knew that she was probably more than strong enough to carry anything in the stack given their shared parent. "You're getting the first open room we get to." He smirks and goes over to the pile, picking up a couple suitcases.

Aikaterine: She couldn't help but laugh at his response and while it was reasonable, she still offered a devious grin with eyes that twinkled darkly. "I liked that room anyway - personally it might have been the nicest.."

Jack: He almost shouts to her, already in the room. "Well aren't you just lucky then." He sets the suitcases down and actually looks over the room she was getting. He turns to her when she walks in. "You know, you might be right."

Aikaterine: She followed with her own considerable arm-load of things and gently set them down, her gaze pinpointing every crevice in the room. "Wow, it is nicer," she said with a slight grin.

Jack: He watches her and smiles, patting her shoulder. "Welcome home Kat." He goes out to grab more of her stuff, picking up a significant stack of boxes.

Aikaterine: She grinned up at Jack and then waited until he left to grab more stuff to let a newfound emotion come through; something vaguely between sorrow and excitement. Aikaterine had never really had a definite home but Camp seemed like a nice place. She soon followed Jack to grab more things.

Jack: After a few minutes, they had moved all her bags, boxes, and luggage into her new room. He worked up a light sweat from the work. He had watched her and noted her conflict of emotion. Wanting to feel better, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and squeezed her a bit. "I'm going to be honest. If you are going to ask to help you decorate, I'm going to no help." He chuckles hardily and grins at her.

Aikaterine: She peered up at her brother with eyes that glittered with unknown emotion and gently leaned into him. It had been centuries since she had actual family. "I wouldn't let you decorate this place if my life depended on it," she mused and set the final box onto the bedroom. "This is going to take forever to unpack."

Jack: He smiles at her, overjoyed at how she was becoming more comfortable with him and the cabin at least. "Good wisdom to live by there." He rubbed her shoulder and looked over the mess. "You know what would help all of this out." he looks back down at her with a small smirk.

Aikaterine: "A bottle of rum?" she inquired with a lopsided grin, the idea bringing up some devilish tendencies. "That or food," she said and sat down on the bed.

Jack: His grin suddenly matched hers, giving a small chuckle. " I like the rum, but I was think food. How about we take a break, eat, come back and and have a couple drinks."

Aikaterine: "Sweet," she said and got up off the bed with a stretch. "Where do you guys eat and is the food decent?" she inquired curiously.

Jack: "We eat up at the dining pavilion and it's some pretty good food." He waits on her for a second, then pokes his fingers in the side while she's stretching. "Come on, I'm hungry too." He smirks just a bit, enough to let her know he's just playing.

Aikaterine: Aikaterine laughed and grabbed a thin jacket to throw over her shoulders and made her way out of the bedroom. "So do you think you are going to win counselor?"

Jack: He thought for a moment about Killian and how he might fight. "Killian, our head, isn't nearly as big as me. Depends on what he bring and how he fight but I'm fairly confident I can beat him, either by shear strength or better skill in combat. Shouldn't be too hard, just hope I have some fun with it."

Aikaterine: "You just have to learn how he moves and counter his attacks. Undermine him by observing his tendencies. The mortal within us makes us predictable," she reassured her newfound brother. "Well, if you win... Maybe I'll try to go for lieutenant."

Jack: He nodded his head at her advice. "Thanks Kat, I'll do my best. And you stand a decent chance at being lieutenant automatically after I move up, I think. If you don't I'm sure it'll be easy enough for you to get it anyway."

Aikaterine: She didn't hesitate to link her arm delicately into her sibling's much larger one and looked up at him with a devilish grin. "I think we'd make an unstoppable duo."

Jack: He matched her and brought her forearm to complete his hook. "I'd doubt there would be many people in camp that could match us." She sparked small flicker alof battle wantingness in his eyes. "You know you're my favorote sister and not just because you're my only sister at camp Kat."

Aikaterine: "We would be completely unbeatable," she said with an air of confidence as they pair walked. "I've never had a sibling before," she admitted and then grinned up at him.

Jack: He matched her grin. "Well now you have me and the rest if the cabin as brothers. And I promise to be the best sibling I can be."

Aikaterine: "Having brothers with the father we have," she began with a thoughtful look, "Any male I try to bring around is going to be scared absolutely shitless."

Jack: He laughed and patted her arm. "I'm sure you can do that just by yourself. But if you'd like a brother to put the fear of the gods in them, I'm more than happy to help."

Shift In Power

Jack: Still in most of his armor with his short sword on his hip, he walks up to Kat's room and knock on the door. He waits with a big grin on his face even though his looks dirty and beat up.

Aikaterine: Having just finished unpacking the remainder of her things, Kat was eager to answer the door if it meant taking a small break from re-adjusting everything to fit her standard. "Jack~" she chirped happily and then leaned up to peck her half-brother on the cheek, only hesitating for a moment because of the filth. "Were you wrestling a bear in the woods to prove your masculinity?" She quite enjoyed having an older brother to tease.

Jack: He grinned at her peck and chuckled at her tease, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her tight. "No something better. You're looking at the cabins returning head counselor." He planted a big kiss on the top of her head and laughed.

Aikaterine: She allowed his thick arms to encase her, a grin soon appearing when she heard the good news of his promotion. "So essentially," she began and wrinkled her nose playfully, "you did metaphorically wrestle a bear. At least you won." She closed her eyes upon the small kiss and then slipped from his arms, dragging him further into her room. "I think I've got some rum and whiskey here somewhere to celebrate."

Jack: He let himself be pulled in, starting to doff his armor and sword. "That sounds wonderful. We have plenty to celebrate." He gave her a half cocked smile.

Aikaterine: "New siblings, new promotion, camp half-blood," she listed out easily and grabbed the bottle from beneath her bed before offering it to him, intending that he got first drink. "Was it hard? How do you feel? I've got some ambrosia around here somewhere if you need it."

Jack: He gently set his gear on the floor and walked over to her. "I could uses a quarter of ambrosia if you have it." He sits down next to her and rolls his neck, massaging it with his had. "Also, it's promotions." He smirks to himself.

Aikaterine: She snagged a small tin from her dresser and broke off a piece if ambrosia, handing it to Jack while she stretched out with a slight yawn. "Promotions?" she said with a tone of confusion.

Jack: "Thanks." He took the piece and ate it, letting out a hard groan as it worked on his muscles. He smiled up and her and gave a sly wink. "I was lieutenant, and every head couselor needs one, so there's a vacancy and I signed you up for it."

Aikaterine: "Thank god - I thought you almost popped one of those muscles." She located a secret stash of fruit rollups and began to open one when he announced her promotion, her eyes quickly fixating in him. "I haven't even been here 24 hours and I got lt? That's some history." The girl started to laugh and then snagged the bottle to take a celebratory swig.

Jack: He laughed and took the bottle from her after she finished, wrapping his arm around her and squeezeing her tightly. He takes a couple large swigs and smiles stupidly. "I couldn't give it to Killian and Liam doesn't talk to me, easy choice for me." He planeted a big kiss on her cheek.

Aikaterine: Her smirk broaded as a familiar fiery glint entered, her head inclining to the side as she leaned back. "I'll try to be the best second in command that I can be," she mused and stretched a little.

Jack: "I have no doubts that you won't make me regret my decision." He rolled his shoulders, a couple kinks popping out as he did. He took another swig and offered jer the bottle.

Aikaterine: "Good," she said with an accompanying snort of amusement, "because I don't have the energy to prove you wrong if you did doubt me." She fell back onto her bed and gazed up at the ceiling. "So where are you from?" she inquired, attempting to prod a little in his history.

Jack: He rolled his neck from side to side, popping a few joints. "Detriot Michigan if you know where that is." He looked back at her, not wanting to lay on her bed in his current state.

Aikaterine: "I think I've heard of it," she said absentmindedly, "may have even been there." She rolled onto her stomach and grinned at him. "That's the thing about being eternally youthful - you have all the time in the world to travel."

Jack: He looked over at her and grinned back at her. "Must me nice, not worrying about age. And then there's me who's going to become a crotchity old man one day." He chuckled at the thought.

Aikaterine: "It's not exactly an ideal situation," she explained and took the bottle from him. "Unless I find someone immortal to fall in love with, I will always watch those I love grow old and die. A world like that is very lonely." She took a deep swig of the liquor and offered a sly grin. "But at the same time I'll never have grey hair and I'll always be able to feed myself and wipe my own ass."

Jack: "Double-edged sword you could call it. Good and bad things with a timeless body." He grinned back. "So want do you want to do as our first act of the counselors of Deimos?"

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