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Nin Deamon ~ Shadow walker
Nin is looking for somewhere to rest as he bumped into "Excuse you" he says. He looks at the guy just walking away and with the het already getting to him he does something reckless.
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Le Rp

Jadon: Jadon looked back as he had just realized someone bumped into him "Watch where you're going!" He says this with a light touch of anger as he looks back at his map.

Nin Nin grins and then sends a weak shadow to wrap around the stranger's ankle then tugs. "You should take your own advice".

Jadon: Jadon turned his head to look at The young man just as he was falling. He hit the ground and was immediately filled with anger. "What the hell? Do you wanna get your ass kicked?"

Nin "Whatever do you mean, old sport" He smiles wide and adjusts his circular sunglasses. "Did I do something to you" he asks innocently?

Jadon: Jadon stood back up and flashed a cocky grin. "Ya know I think you're about to start sinking." He said this as the ground underneath Nin started to shift to that of quick sand. "Have fun trying to get out." He said this as he started to walk away.

Nin "Alright if that is how you want to play it" he pulls the baton off his back and clicks the button. The baton extends to a full staff and he then twist the staff, and the ends sharpen. He stabs an end into the ground to pull push off of as he lifts himself out the quicksand. Without pausing he flings out his left hand and fires a couple of shadow bullets at the person's map. He smiles , leaning against his staff and ask "do I have your attention now"?

Jadon: Jadon looks at the kid and decides to continued to walk. "You're an annoying fool." He stops abruptly and then jerks his hand sending clay bullets at the young mans chest. "Unless you want to get your ass kicked I suggest you stop while you're still standing."

Nin He sits down quickly as the bullets fly one clipping him in the shoulder, He ignores this and smiles at the man from he crisscross applesauce position. "Teacher can we continue if I am sitting" he says with a cocky grin?

Jadon: Jadon looks Down at the man with disgust on his face. "Ya know, I'm guessing that you have no friends?" He says this as he looks him in the eyes and transmogrifys Nins body into hardened clay.

Nin Forms a shadow hand that reaches for the strangers arm. Nin's words are slurred as he says "No I don't but your friends must all be statues huh".


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