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Nyxil -Child of Nyx
Black-Blood Nightingale
 Age: 21  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 125 lbs.
  Main Weapon: Chakrams, Daggers, Electrified Sword, Steel Crossbow, Poisons
  Every man casts a shadow; not his body only, but his imperfectly mangled spirit.

. ..

Sylvio Paltara ~ Observant Child of the Reaper
2371129 1327183413019.41res 259 300

"Even in death things can still be beautiful "
Character's Bio

 Age: 19  Height: 6'2  Weight: 137
 Sexuality: Homosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Williamsburg, Virginia  Main Weapon: CB Scythe
 Accent: Slighty Southern

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Thanatos can use astral energies to make weapons for a short period of time, the larger the weapon, the more energy consumed. Only 1 weapon may be created at a time and it cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
  2. Children of Thanatos have the ability to drain some of the life force out of a person, so that they become weaker, slower, and almost sedated for a short time. However, using this in succession will weaken the power’s effect.


  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to conjure a protective dome of astral energies around them, which will protect the user from attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Thanatos can sense any death, whether it be mortal, demigod,nymph or monster.
  2. Children of Thanatos can communicate with the souls of the recently deceased.
  3. Children of Thanatos heal slightly every time they deal damage to their opponents.
  4. Children of Thanatos are able to see the lifespan of others, but are forbidden to share information about the lifespan in any way.


  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Thanatos are able to call forth recently deceased spirits to aide them for a short time.
  3. Children of Thanatos are able to enchant weapons with soul-damaging powers, the effect only lasts for a short time.
  4. Children of Thanatos can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos are able to feast on the darkness around them and empower themselves for a short time, enhancing their strength and speed. After the effect wears off, the user will be somewhat worn out and unable to use the power again for the rest of the fight.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to temporarily split their souls in order to create a duplicate of themselves to aid them in combat. This duplicate and can only fight using whatever weapon the user has and possesses a weaker version of their powers. The user and the duplicate will possess a telepathic link. The longer the duplicate is maintained, the more energy is drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to morph into a spirit for a short time. Whilst in this state, they are invisible (except to those gifted with powers over necromancy), intangible, able to fly, and their powers over astral energies and necromancy are enhanced. Though they are intangible by default, they can make themselves tangible to attack others or if they wish to be seen. If they attempt to attack anyone while still intangible they will automatically become visible and tangible. While in this state they are also able to drain the life-force of anyone they touch to a slight extent, however they cannot completely drain the life-force of the person. The user is extremely drained once the transformation ends, unable to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Thanatos generally have morbid personalities.
  2. Children of Thanatos are generally not frightened of death.
  3. Children of Thanatos normally prefer the idea of a quiet, peaceful death. They also tend to dislike the idea of people losing their lives violently.
  4. Children of Thanatos can grow up to make great morticians.

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Nin Deamon ~ Shadow walker
    ~ {{{2}}}

Elizabeth Clockstopper ~ Daughter of Lyssa
8141129 SY540
Character's Bio

 Age: 14  Height: 5" 5' 
  Relationship Status: N/A
 Birth Place: Los Angeles  Main Weapon: Clestial Bronze daggers and a clestial bronze tipped boby pin
 Accent: American
 – Wise Men Still Seek Him ~

Character's Powers

 No 3/6/9 Month Powers


  1. Children of Lyssa have the ability to focus an emotional energy beam out of their rage which will burn anything it touches.
  2. Children of Lyssa are able to tap into primal rabid animal instincts which allows them to attack or flee with enhanced speed and ferocity. However, this ability can often lead to loss of self-control and only lasts for a short time.


  1. Children of Lyssa, when enraged, can ignore damage sustained in battle temporarily. Once they have calmed down, however, the pain from the damage is intensified.
  2. Children of Lyssa can generate a veil of the emotional energy of rage around their bodies, the veil would protect them from damage for a short time and cannot be used if the child doesn't have the rage to fuel it.


  1. Children of Lyssa are stronger when themselves and other around them are angry, they cannot be empowered from rage created by their aura.
  2. Children of Lyssa can cure rabies in both humans and animals with a simple touch.
  3. Children of Lyssa emit a rage aura which makes people around them at least slightly angry, they can turn it off for a long time if they wish.
  4. Children of Lyssa can communicate with and command rabid animals


  1. Children of Lyssa can cause people near them to temporarily develop symptoms of rabies, including agitation, hallucinations, and an inability to swallow, incapacitating the victim for a short period.
  2. Children of Lyssa can cause people near them become enraged and frenzied, reducing their competency and effectiveness in battle.
  3. Children of Lyssa can cause nearby animals to become rabid and once in this state, can command them to attack an enemy or gather information for them. This ability can only be used on up to 3 animals at one time. The larger the animals and the more that are summoned, the more energy it drains.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Lyssa are able to drain the rage and anger from those around them, using it to empower themselves for a short time, while also weakening the will of those they drain to fight, but once it has worn off, they are substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Lyssa can turn their volatile emotional energies into larger tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only up to 4 combative/non-combative items or 1 semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly 3 times the size of the one that conjured it. Tools may telekinetically moved by the user’s mind and all rage constructs slightly burn anyone who touched it. The longer they maintain combative/non combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive.However, their ability to use the power is hindered before or during use when they experience emotions in relation to peace and happiness. As more positive and serene emotions are felt, the strength of the object begins to fade, becoming dull and brittle.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Lyssa are able to transform into a dog for a short time. They can turn into either a full dog or a humanoid dog form. In the human/dog form, they are twice as faster and stronger than before. Their senses are also quite sharper as well. They also tend to be more violent and volatile in this state. Once the transformation ends, the user is extremely drained. Using the hybrid form is more draining rather than the full dog form. They will not be able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Lyssa are known for being very irritable and hostile, many usually struggle with controlling their tempers.
  2. Children of Lyssa sometimes love seeing other people angered and will taunt them for fun.
  3. Children of Lyssa are often fond of dogs since their mother was associated with them.

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Aria Shen ~ Head Counselor of Astraeus

"Set your course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship."
Character's Bio

 Age: 20  Height: 5'7"  Weight: 120-ish lbs.
 Sexuality: Aro ace  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Mountain View, California  Main Weapon: CB sword

 – "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves."

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to conjure weapons out of plasma which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Astraeus have the ability to focus an intense beam of plasma which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to summon a cluster of miniature stars directly in front of them which can be used to block incoming attacks; the stars, however, dissipate quickly.
  2. Children of Astraeus generate an orbit around themselves for a short time, all attacks and people near the user get caught in the orbit, causing them to fly around, unable to attack the user. The user cannot move while the orbit is active.


  1. Children of Astraeus are innately stronger during the night.
  2. Children of Astraeus have the innate ability to see in all directions at once during the night.
  3. Children of Astraeus can innately adapt to most natural planetary environments within reason, meaning they're less likely to die of heat stroke and hypothermia.


  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to concept of a flare, which will alight an area or blind an enemy for a short time.
  2. Children of Astraeus can manipulate the force of gravity of the planet and change the direction and force of it. They can cause items to float or stick to the ground for a short time or cause them to fly into a certain direction. Once the curse wears off, the item is immune to further use of it for a moderate time.
  3. Children of Astraeus have the ability to use the gravity pull of the planet to slow down enemies for a short time, giving them a high chance to avoid an opponent’s attack or prevent an opponent from avoiding one of the user’s attacks.
  4. Children of Astraeus can limit gravity’s effect on their own bodies, causing them to float up and fly. The longer they fly the more it drains them.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to conjure a small supernova, which will burn at anything in its wake on a 10m radius, as well as producing a loud booming sound coming from the explosion. It cannot differ friend from foe and will affect anyone or anything nearby.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Astraeus have the power to cause up to three constellations to appear in their physical forms to fight alongside them. Each constellation will appear as an enlarged version of the thing it is based on except for human based constellations such as Orion which will be the size of a human. Constellations will dissipate after a short time, leaving the user moderately drained. Ex: If the user summons the Cancer constellation, it will be a giant crab that cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Astraeus have the ability to change the surface and mass of their bodies to reflect the surface and mass of a planet in the solar system of their choice for a short time. For example, if the user wishes to turn their body into flames, they would adopt the surface of Mercury. No matter which planet they choose to assimilate with, they will be extremely drained after the transformation and they can only use the power once per fight. They may switch planets while in this state. Ex: The user is reflecting Earth to reach an opponent and then reflects Mercury to attack them. Once in this state, they lose access to their other powers. Excluding those that are passive.


  1. Children of Astraeus often wield innate knowledge of constellations, space and other planets in the solar system.
  2. Children of Astraeus can tell the time, date and their location simply by looking at the sky.
  3. Children of Astraeus typically dream of becoming astronauts, to explore the stars and other planets.

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James Spall ~ The Aussie
James Spall

"The ocean is unpredictable. Well so am I"
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 1.7 meters  Weight: 54 kilograms
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken
 Birth Place: Australia  Main Weapon: celestial bronze sword called tsounámi (tsunami), can turn into a pen. Silver sword that is the same style as sword as first one
 Accent: Australian
 – You don't turn your back on the surf, so don't turn your back on me

Character's Powers

 3/6/9 Month Powers Unlocked


  1. Children of Poseidon can fire a powerful blast of water from their hands, equivalent to that of a fire hose, which evaporates after a short time.
  2. Children of Poseidon have the ability to conjure and freeze small amounts of water into durable ice weapons, which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of ice.


  1. Children of Poseidon can create an area around themselves that inflicts others with intense seasickness, making them dizzy and nauseous for as long as they remain inside. The user must keep their focus on maintaining the effect for the duration.
  2. Children of Poseidon can turn their body to water for a very short time, letting an attack pass harmlessly through them. This can cause extreme dehydration with repeated use.


  1. Children of Poseidon can breathe, are swifter and more powerful, and can heal slightly faster while underwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon can keep themselves and everything they touch dry in the water, unless they choose to become wet.
  3. Children of Poseidon can survive falling from any altitude as long as they land in water, and can go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the cold or water pressure.
  4. Children of Poseidon can communicate with and command equestrian animals, as well as all creatures that dwell in the sea.
  5. Children of Poseidon are innately less inhibited by severe wind and precipitation.


  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create minor earthquakes, large enough to knock anyone nearby off their feet, for a few seconds.
  2. Children of Poseidon are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains. This can be used on ice, but is much more difficult and draining.
  3. Children of Poseidon are are able summon a specific horse, pegasus, or sea creature directly to their position, regardless of distance. This only works on creatures that they have a strong personal bond with.
  4. Children of Poseidon can calm, strengthen or influence the direction of the winds, though to a much lesser extent than children of Zeus or the anemoi.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create a torrential rainstorm overhead, which will downpour and cause high winds over a large area. The storm will gradually clear over time, and afterward the user would be substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to shape a semi-living construct out of water, no larger than 3 to 4 times the size of the user, that fights for them for a short time. The user is weakened while the construct is active, and the longer they maintain the it, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to transform their bodies into a state of pure water for a short time, becoming immune to most attacks. The hydrokinetic abilities they already possess are enhanced by this state, and they are capable of covering great distances in an instant while underwater. The user will be extremely drained once the transformation ends, and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Poseidon always know their exact coordinates when in water and are able to innately feel the difference between freshwater and saltwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon normally have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  3. Children of Poseidon tend to be favored by animals of the sea.
  4. Children of Poseidon often have a natural affinity for horses and many grow up to become equestrians.

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Blake -Child of Hades
-The Soul Stealer
Age= 19     Height= 6'1"     Weight= 120lbs     
Sexuality= Straight     Relationship Status:= Married
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= American
Species= Demigod    Main Weapon= CB swords

 – "Now, God be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair." - Shakespeare


Johnathan Scott Wallace ~ The Guy with an umbrella

"play smart or don't play at all"
Character's Bio

 Age: 16  Height: 5'10  Weight: 189 lbs
 Sexuality: bisexual  Relationship Status: none
 Birth Place: no birth place  Main Weapon: transforming scythe
 Accent: semi-southern
 – "if it don't kill ya, run

Character's Powers


Children of Athena have the ability to see each specific pressure point on another person and are proficient at striking them in order to immobilize or greatly pain another person for a short time.

Children of Athena are changed during battle and become stronger and quicker in combat than a normal human could achieve.


Children of Athena are able to generate loose materials or manipulate any loose materials found around them to weave a wall. The wall obstructs the view of anyone facing them, and also blunts attacks. However, it does not stop attacks entirely, it is only capable of slowing the attacks down (possibly say that the wall will cut like a bunch of woven stuff or something ~ spiders and what not).

Children of Athena, using their inclinations of battle and strategy, can most of the time, predict the course of action an opponent attacking them will take, and and are able to dodge or parry accordingly. However, if the prediction is wrong this may cost the child of Athena dearly.


Children of Athena have the innate ability of hyper-cognition. They are able to perform more complex mental operations than a normal human could achieve. They are able to process thoughts and learning far quicker than others with little cognitive effort.

Children of Athena have innate battle reflexes which allows them to fight and dodge quickly.

Children of Athena are able to communicate with and command owls. If the user gives too many commands, the owls will become frustrated and disobey.


Children of Athena have the ability to empower strength and intelligence upon nearby allies and instil fear upon nearby enemies with a deafening war cry for a short time. Children of Athena have minor telepathic abilities, making them able to telepathically communicate with their allies and read the current thoughts of an opponent’s mind. But this mind reading does not always work.

Children of Athena through telepathy are able to alter the moods of a person or group of people for a short time. They are able to make an ally calmer and more courageous or an opponent panicked or depressed. Once a target has suffered from this power, they become resistant to it for a moderate amount of time.

Children of Athena can curse an opponent, temporarily ruining their ability to formulate battle strategies for a short time. With this curse, the target would only think up rather silly and quite awful strategies. This gives the user a chance to attack or flee. Ex: The target would fake a heart attack and fall back on the ground, thinking the user would believe it and give up on the fight. 3 Months After Character is Made Children of Athena, due to the strength of their minds, are gifted with the ability of clairvoyance. They are able gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, for example beyond their normal sensory range or when unable to use their physical senses. Some techniques of clairvoyance are veridical dreaming, scrying and parasight.

6 Months After Character is Made

Children of Athena can curse an opponent with severe stupidity and ignorance, temporarily stripping them of their intelligence and knowledge. The curse can cause an opponent to lose their common sense, fighting skill and tactical abilities. The target could even be unsure how to swing a sword or use their powers properly. After a short time, the curse will wear off and the target will regain their intelligence and knowledge. Their minds will be resistant to further use of the curse for a moderate time and the user will be substantially drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

Children of Athena can turn into a normal sized owl of whichever species they select for a short period of time, allowing them flight. The user has the option to grow into a giant owl, it can be up to 2 to 3 times bigger than their size as a human. This will make the transformation more draining. As a giant owl, the user would be twice as fast as a normal owl mid-flight, be able to transport allies and possess a very loud scream. After the transformation, they are extremely drained. Unable to move and they could possibility faint.

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Nyxil: At well-past-midnight, camp's training arena is in nearly pitch-darkness save for a few sparse torches casting sporadic shadows of a few training dummies left from the day before. The night itself ebbs silently as Nyxil shadowtravels onto one of the benches along the arena's edge. It was his first time coming to camp in months, and his time beyond its protective barriers showed. His black hoodie is flecked with blood and his shoes are worn to hell and back. But for now he was pretty relaxed - or at least tired - and it shows. Silently, passively, he reclines on the bench and examines a bloodied chakram intently, squinting from its soft glow.

​Sylvio:  He had snuck out well after all the other campers had gone to sleep. He knew at this hour no one should be at the training arena and as he hadnt had the chance to in some time he needed to practice with his reapers tool. Quietly he snuck his way into the arena summoning his Scythe from its necklace form. As he looked around he spotted the other male and quietly cursed under his breath and tried to back away into the shadows not thinking about the glow of his weapon.

Nin He walks into the arena bored and feeling active because of the crisp air and the glow of the moon. The shadows stretched all over the camp and he figured why not go for a stroll. He makes it to the arena and see someone up in the stands, he was about to wave thankful for the company when he notices a glow out of the corner of his eyes. He blows his silver whistle and is holding a shadow dagger in his left his baton already out on his right. "What the hell is going on here! You trying to pick a fight."

Liz: She sneaks out of the Bethel, and goes to the training arena. She walks in, puts on armour, only to turn around and find two figures standing there. She turns to leave, but all of a sudden a whistle pierces the silence. It startles her so much that she falls with a CLANG!

Nyxil: Nyxil twitches at the sudden sound of the whistle and springs to his feet, stance low. In the heat of the moment he flicks his wrist to throw the chakram at the sound's source, but remembers just in time that camp.... usually... isn't hostile. So he sits back down and lets his eyes adjust before responding. Two people, for some worthless reason, decided to show up and disturb his peace in the middle of the night at once - the whistle jackass, and some other idiot thinking he was stealthy in the distance with a glowing scythe (not that it mattered to a kid with night vision), and the whistle jackass. Then a metalic crash, and there were three. Why. Nyxil facepalms so hard he forgets to even answer the new arrivals. ​

Sylvio:  He curses under his breath at all the people who had been here despite the late hour. Two men and a woman. Too many people for him to handle. He sees the chakram go flying and drops into a reapers stance. 'What the hell are these idiots thinking!?' He takes a couple steps forward wanting to better see his possible opponents. "What are you throwing that thing around for!? Do you want to be sent to my father so badly!?" His anger at all the people for interupting his one chance to get some training in making him bolder than normal.

Nin He looks as the glowing kid comes out of the shadow and notices the kid on the ground with his night vision. He has an eye on everyone as he loudly states "You are the one who was hiding". He tries to bind the yelling kid in shadow tendrils as he keeps his baton trained on the one on the ground. "You in the stands! Start talking or catch these hands!.

Aria: Running away from her nearest close encounter with an angry cabin at night, Aria passed right by the training arena before she looped back and simply stared, sighing wearily at the free-for-all. Though to be honest, a brawl like the one brewing right now was a long time overdue in a camp full of angsty, weapon-wielding, superpowered teenagers. Aria had really considered escaping before everything descended into anarchy and violence reigned supreme, but she figured that so long as she was in the vicinity she should, as an upstanding and bystanding citizen, provide damage control. A challenge rang out, and the voice sounded quite familiar. "...Nin? Is that you?" she shouted, approaching guardedly in case some trigger-happy kid decided to attack the concerned civilian entering the premises.

Nin He releases the yelling kid and looks up a smile breaking across his face as he sees possibly his only friend at the camp "Hey Aria what's going on". He keeps an eye on the whole field as he watches her approach and then remembers what was going on "Wait Aria no don't move. This is some kinda set up or brawl and I don't want you getting mixed in". He throws his black linen coat to the side and stands there his arms bared and his stance set extending his staff. "Someone choose a bad night to replace the training dummies".

Nyxil: As more and more of a crisis develops in the arena that had been dead silent when he arrived, he resorts to gritting his teeth. I swear to Hades, why do people insist on being idiots every damn time I try and relax around here? Honestly, do I need this right now, I don't think so! ... Know what? No. You're all leaving. Though barely registering Nin's words, their intent must have been pretty obvious what with the shadow-tendrils assaulting scythe-kid and the newly drawn weapon. So that's how this is going to work. Nyxil stands for the second time with a sigh and decides wastes no time getting things over with. In one fluent motion he leaps forward for momentum, shadowtraveling a few feet next to Nin in the process, scoops up the discarded jacket without slowing down, throws it at Nin's face, drops into a slide to close the remaining distance -a couple feet- and swings a left-handed suckerpunch at the younger boy's gut. With the speed from his initial jump behind him, the whole chain of motions doesn't take more than a second or two.

Nin He doesn't know what is going on at all as his jacket flies up over his face but it is a thin linen jacket so he barely sees through even with his night vision. He takes a step back and absorb a bit of the punch knowing if that had connected he would've been over with. So he falls to his knees clutching his gut and trying to assess the best way to take all of these guys out. Knowing the kid that was in the stands organized this he stays on the ground and forms a shadow bullet in his right hand.

​Sylvio:​He watches as the boy from the stands comes flying down to strike the strange kid who had assaulted him with his tendrils. His blood really boiling from having been violated he comes charging his scythe creating a small scar in the ground as it drags behind him. He swings at the pair as he flies by them kicking off the ground to cause himself to launch over the pair so his swing comes from a diagonal over head. 'Touch me will you! Pay for your insolence.' ​

James: Walking back from keeping an Apollo kid up that doesn't like staying up late at night and almost become deaf, James decided to go into the arena and go against anyone that is in there. "Wow it is like Sydney on Australia Day" he said as he walked into the arena with his sword out and with a two litre bottle of water

Selena: The daughter of night had been on a stroll to the arena as she'd been sent to get something from the arena for Brett much to her dismay. The site upon her arrival was different and energetic, but what the hell was going on? Was this a free for all? No it couldn't of been planned, so had this happened by an accident? She stood there and stared a few more minutes, before clearing her throat. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" If she had to step in, it may not end pretty for a few campers she didn't know. As she looked around she recognized 2 of them as her siblings from Nyx.

Nin/ Nin vs Sylvio&Nyxil He rolls backwards and lets his bullet go mid-roll aiming for the yelling kids hand knwing if he couldn't see everywhere at once when night he would be screwed. When he gets up from the roll he creates a construct he has been working on called a "SS Bomb". It wraps the opponent up in tendrils for a little while draining a minimal amount of energy Hey catch he says as he throws it at the two dudes that were about to jump him and smiles. Then he looks across the arena and realizes more opponents have shown up This is not my night he mutters and readies his staff.

Nyxil: Nyxil had just registered that his punch connected when the kid who was tied up moments earlier was suddenly darting toward him with scythe in hand. Still low from his slide, he narrowly manages to drop flat on the dusty earth of the arena floor and roll aside, away from what surely would have been certain death. Holy shit. Are all Thanatos kids f***ing psychos? He quickly spins around to face what was now two aggressors and notices Whistle Jackass, unfortunately unscathed from Sylvio's rush as well, toss some unknown construct where he was standing a fraction of a second earlier. He jumps back to avoid whatever it must be and reaches for the sword hilt at his shoulder, but waits to draw it. If this is some kind of free-for-all, he's not running in like an idiot. This is getting out of hand. Can't I just have one night? Seriously? And now there were even more random strangers. Doesn't this camp have a damn curfew?

Blake: He stand up from the stands. Having been there for awhile watching them fight. He chuckles to himself and thinks about joining this fight. Seeing Nyxil again after a long time brings him some joy and a few mischievous plans. He gets his weapons ready for a good fight. Seeing nyxil being backed up in the corner by his assailant, he uses shadow travel to try and get by nyxil's side as a smile creeps up on his face. Managing to get near nyxil. "A few minutes in camp and already i have to save your ass. How do you manage to get in these kind of predicaments." He asks rhetorically.

James: James slowly backed into a corner looking around the small crowd for people he knows. When he sees Nin he opens up his bottle of water and makes it come out extremely powerful at the person he is fighting's torso. "Really your in another fight Nin" James yelled out to Nin

Selena: Selena turned her head slightly as shye watched the scene progress, as people ignored her, which was usually how it went down for her. Se turned her head to see a rather small Asian girl, as shye wanted to know what the hell had caused this. "Hey, do you know what's going on?" She said this yelling as the clashing of metal was getting louder and louder as the time progressed. She turned back to the arena before pulling out her short sword, as she waited patiently, until she noticed that the boys where going after 2 people. Each split off into two groups. 2 of which she knew where more expreienced then the other two, but she decided to wait to do anything until the fighting got serious.

​Sylvio: He took the bullet to his hand spinning with the sudden change to his momentum. As he splayed himself out he suddenly saw a blast of water coming his way and spun his scythe through it to decimate the torrent. Grimacing as he landed he looked at all the opponents before him. His eyes fell on the boy who started it by throwing that strange chakram and his blood boiled. Because of him he had been forced to get near two men. He growled and dropped into his usual stance before charging the boy. 'I'll make him pay for causing this brawl!'

Nin/ Nin vs Blake He sees the scythe kid blasted with water and sees a new kid join with the kid from the stands. He charges the new kid who just shadow traveled in and attacks brutally jumping into the air and flipping trying to bring his staff down on the new guys head. While he flips his whistle flies between his teeth and he blows hard and suddenly a shadow spear is flying towards the kid with the scythe. This is amazing.

Nyxil: Even with just how quickly everything is developing, Nyxil had remained bitterly disinterested. But then Blake was there and he flinched in surprise. Wha- When- Oh for the love of- A smirk spreads thin across his lips. "It's a talent of mine, it really is. I wou-" Mid-sentence Nyxil's instinctive reactions kick in and he pulls his sword off his back still sheathed, sidesteps between Blake and Nin just in time to parry the staff, then jumps back and away from the pair, noticing the psychotic idiot with the scythe rushing toward him for the second time. At this point he's almost amused at how beautifully chaotic everything has become.

Blake: Seeing the attack blocked. He takes it as an opportunity. He jumps up to meet nin and aims a weak roundhouse at his head. Thinking this kid wasnt worth his effort.

Nin He uses throws a hard punch at the kids calf trying to use that as a propelling force but also give him a muscle cramp mid flight. He lands back on the and folds into a roll popping back up into a fighting stance but turning the staff in a baton and wagging a finger at the new kid. "You should give one hundred percent. Because I won't hold back man" he gets ready to charge.

Nyxil: Separated from Whistle Jackass and Blake now, Nyxil stares down Sylvio and waits in a casual stance, still-sheathed sword at the ready, pulls a chakram from his waist for his off-hand. The flickering shadows cast by the training dummies behind him warp and distort unnaturally, pooling at his feet like water. He smirks and tilts his head as Sylvio closes the distance, not reacting at all to the sudden appearance of Nin's spear, merely waiting.

James: Considering the water he brought did nothing, James made the water come rushing back into his bottle and sat down. "You all should get ready for this" he said just before he started an earthquake

Blake: He lands, shaking the leg that nin kicked. Smiling eerily he pulls out a long sword, ready to fight until the earthquake started he almost loses balance but reinstates it. He covers his sword with diamond making it stronger. He crouches and charges at nin, mid-crouch. His sword flashing as he reaches nin and swings his sword horizontally. Aiming to cut nin across the torso.

Selena: The daughter of Nyx was getting angrier by the second, but as she watched Blake she noticed he was trying to really hurt the other, and she didn't want someone to die over each others stupidity. A few seconds delay and she went to action. Since it was completely dark outside, she bent the shadows around her, which was an easy feat, and then walked for a few seconds. Making sure that her powers didn't become unstable as they tended to do sometimes. She waited another second and she then shadow traveled behind Nin, and tugged him backwards just as the earth quake made it a little more unstable for her to walk, causing her to fall on her butt. The shadows around her disappaiting as she tried to stand up and get herself grounded., her short sword still in her right hand, as she was closer to the now fighting bodies.

​Sylvio: He was still charging when the earthquake caused him to lose his balance and stumble. The shadow spear landed in front of him and Sylvio smirked at the idiot shadow hurler. He had given him the perfect opportunity as the shadow construct seemed to be solid enough. He quickly stepped on the spear and hurled himself at the boy from the stands swing with his Scythe mid air aiming for a sweeping arc across the mans shoulders/neck area. 'One fatal swipe. And the beauty of death will be known to this man.'

Nyxil: Nyxil's smirk wavers slightly as the entire arena to shakes. How many useless bystanders are there at this point, and one of them actually has the nerve to target the whole cast of whatever-this-is at once? Be a good little spectator and go f*** a cactus. He shifts his weight slightly until the earthquake passes, unaffected, locking eyes with the scythe kid as the boy propels himself into the air. Momentum. This kid gets it. Still a useless weapon though, Efrain be damned for making me train him with it. Anyway. Nyxil stirs to life for the n'th time as the wicked-sharp scythe races toward him. He dodges from a standstill lurching forward and low under and inside the swing, then brings up his sword. Sylvio was clever, he noticed, in jumping the way he did - he had too much momentum now for Nyxil to parry the scythe - but not clever enough. Twisting and standing as the scythe narrowly misses his head, he pushes the flat of his blade against the scythe pole and throws all his weight into flicking it horizontally, propelling Sylvio's scythe faster along its arc in an effort to use his momentum against him and throw the heavy weapon from his grasp, or at the very least force the younger boy off balance before he lands.

Nin He flickers out of existence shadow traveling behind the boy trying to slash at him mentally thanking the girl for pulling him away. His form comes back into existence in the boy's peripheral vision nothing more than a shadow as he says "Everyone was afraid of the dark once. Let me help you....remember that fear". Then he plunges the space around him and the boy into darkness robbing him of sight so he has to rely on sound. While he does Nin blows his whistle sharply and is holding a shadow jagdkommando knife and, he is still behind the boy as he grabs him and presses the knife to his chest. "This knife will kill you and you would bleed out in seconds. You would need a whole team of surgeons stop the cut. So try me. I dare you!" and he drops the shadows hoping his partner can see him.

​Sylvio: He takes the push to his scythes pole and continues with the momentum. He spins with it and and lands on his feet dragging his scythe into the ground to stop his slide enough to launch himself again at the boy. Smirking he feints a swipe from the side but as he swings from behind he stabs his Scythe into the ground and swings up on top of it to launch himself bodily at the boy. Using astral energies he reforms a replica of his scythe swinging again this time aiming for his lower body considering how much lower to the ground he had been on this launch.

Selena: The daughter of night watched as the boy she'd saved had decided on going back into the fray. "Men" She said these words as she stood back up, and faced the idiot who'd decided on starting a damned earthquake in the middle of a huge free for all. She made a e.e face before she slowly made her way towards him, his back facing her as she pulled a dart out of her pants pocket and aimed it at the center of the boys back. Hoping to at least cause him enough pain to stop him from continuing with the earthquake.

Nyxil: Regaining his balance immediately, Nyxil spins to face his opponent again. Not bad, kiddo. Eff could learn a thing or tw- He takes a sudden half-step back in response to Sylvio's quick feint, startled with the boy's speed, but stops himself and keeps his balance when he recognizes the deception. On some level he still can't quite explain he felt the darkness give way to the the astral scythe. At that point Sylvio's movements - impressive in their own right - made the coming lunge all too easy to predict. The inky pool of shadows collected at Nyxil's feet snaps into the form of a spear embedded into the ground perpendicular to the scythe's swing, just in time to be hooked by the astral construct and stop it before its blade can connect with Nyxil's gut. Simultaneously he sets one foot back, crouches low and swings his sheathed sword downward to try and strike his lunging opponent in the back of the head face-first into the dust.

James: James stopped the earthquake considering he wanted to get amongst the people fighting cause so damage. As he started running towards Nin, he tipped the water out the bottle and took some of the water vapour from in the air and added to his water then he made it float behind his head in a sphere

​Sylvio: He takes the swung sheat to the back of his head but places his hands on the ground as he goes down to force himself to flip over. As he flips he forms an astral sword comporable to his opponents but lacking sheath and swings at the boys neck. 'I've trained for fights like this my whole life. My body is agile. I've learned to use my momentum to my advantage considering my reapers tool. But this man has such great reflexes and strength. He will not go to father easily it would seem.'

Nyxil: Nyxil glares as the slightest wolfish growl escapes his pursed lips. He casts his left hand high throwing the yet unused chakram he had been holding up in the air, raises his sword in the other and clasps his newly freed hand around its sheath at the base of the hilt. One year, eleven months, sixteen days. The arena is illuminated by a flash of lightning as he pulls his sword from its sheath with a swing diagonally downward, parrying Sylvio's astral blade in a literal shower of static sparks as they connect, and following up immediately by stepping forward with his left foot and making another diagonal, underhand slash with the empty sheath in his off hand - this time for Sylvio's neck.

​Sylvio: He is caught off guard and momentarilly blinded by the shower of sparks that their weapons made. And as he notices his opponent step back and swing with the opposite hand, the one bearing the sheat, his mind kicks into overdrive. Shadows were pooling around the boys feet, perfect for shadowporting. Following this line of though he shadow ports to the spot just beyond his opponent give or take a few inches. Close enough for his plan. Knowing the boys enhanced senses he drops down to avoid any back swing and kicks up coating his feet in Astral Energies to create boots of hardened Darkness to make the kick more effective.

johnathan: he walks through the back ground sweeping up the ground and yawns as he watches the battle go on and on.

Aria: While all the chaos around her was getting even more chaos-y, Aria was getting more and more convinced that someone was gonna die tonight at this rate. Someone had asked her a question earlier, but she hadn't been able to hear what was being said over the tumult in the arena, and after that she'd been all but ignored by the combative lot duking it out there. Enough was enough: monsters took enough casualties already, and kids shouldn't have to die from other kids being dumb and reckless. She planted her feet and shouted with all the force that her contralto training had taught her, "EVERYONE, STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!!" At the same time, she sent out a wave of intensely increased gravity throughout the arena, aiming to yank everyone down to the ground so they'd stop their squabbling and come to their senses. For good measure she sent up a beam of bright light to stun everyone's dark-acclimated eyes, before stopping and panting heavily.

Blake: He yawns. Having been standing in place for a while. Looking down at the knife Nin has pointed at his chest with disinterest. He wills diamond armor under his shirt to cover his skin in case nin decides to drive the knife to it's target instead of waiting for his very unlikely surrender. His eyes are affected by the lightning when he notices the little girl, not getting any better when she decides to increase the gravity. He grits his teeth as another blinding ability of hers attacks his eyes. "Well. This got interesting." He says with closed eyes, choosing to rely on other senses for awhile. "You have me at a disadvantage now. I suggest you use it." Aiming his voice at nin, wondering if he even heard him through all the commotion.

Nin Getting hit by the lighting distraction threw Nin off but what really took him for a loop was when Aria increased gravity and blinded him again. He trips the kid he is holding and blows his whistle creating a war hammer hoping it falls on the kid and decommission him for a while. He is still fuzzy so he uses his power to throw on some sunglasses and readjust his eyes as he shadow travels to the stands behind him feeling a bit winded. He catches his breath up there and begins to pool all the shadows at the center of the ring planning to let loose and get everyone. Have fun guys

Selena: The daughter of night felt the gravitational pull change just as the small girl from earlier screamed. As it shifted, she felt as if she were being pulled towards the earth and it was an almost sickening feeling as the dart from earlier fell from her arms. A few seconds passed before the Lt was able to fully stand up, but when she did the shadows from around the surrounding places where starting to come together in the center of the well lit arena, and a thought came to her and she shifted her attention to back to James. She then willed the gathering shadows away from the center of the arena, and since she was stronger in the use of her powers the shadows started to do her bidding. Black bars started to appear around the son of Poseidon, creating a sort of cell less then a foot taller then the boy, and a foot wider then he. "I wanted you to stop, and if I have to put you in a cell for you to listen then I will." She spoke the words ferociously as she kept the construct solid and unbreakable.

Nyxil: One year, eleven months, sixteen days. Nyxil's thoughts blur together and he gives in to reflex. At the slightest sensation of his shadows giving way to Sylvio's shadowtravel he arrives at the obvious conclusion. The shadows at his feet shoot up and form a protective barrier behind him from whatever was coming. : Oh you son of a bitch. Barely aware of his own actions, he whirls around on his heels, transitions the barrier into tendrils of darkness around his opponent's outstretched ankle as it connects with his defenses, and continues the dual swings that put him into this mess by throwing the sheath at Sylvio's throat with the momentum from his spin; the enchanted sword passes inches over the younger boy's leg and is cast from Nyxil's hand to embed itself in the dirt, freeing his right hand to catch the chakram he'd thrown earlier. Then the gravity hit. Oh for f***'s sake. Why. Fearing the tugging sensation may be indicative of some form of trickery, Nyxil immediately jumps back several feet, sliding to a stop in a low, cautious stance next to Sylvio's discarded scythe.

Aria: Whoo, using big bursts of power sure felt like a condensed run hitting you all at once sometimes! Aria had had plenty of practice with her abilities, but there were still some feats that mortal bodies just weren't designed for performing easily. Taking a few deep breaths and stretching like she would for a track cooldown (what? it actually helped, at least in her experience), she surveyed the scene around her. Unusually many of the planets were visible tonight, and Mars happened to be especially bright, Aria noted. Bringer of war? Not the best omen in this case. Her damage control efforts had lasted even shorter than she'd been expecting, to her dismay, and the fight appeared to be resuming. Stronger methods would be needed; luckily, she'd just about recovered from her earlier exertion after this contemplation! James had just been trapped in a cage by that kid who had tried to ask her something earlier, and she could probably get at least one of them on her side while the others were preoccupied. "Hey, you and James, I get the feeling that someone's about to die tonight if we let them keep this up!" Aria shouted gravely as she ran towards them. "Will you guys help me stop them before it gets to that?"

James: James kept running until the increase of gravity put him face first onto the ground and his water nearly everywhere on the ground. Just as he got up, he got trapped in a cage and the responded to what just happened "You're going to get tired before I stop messing with the other guys". As he sat down in the shadow cage, he heard Aria yell which would explain a lot of the gravity get messed up. "I would if I had more water and wasn't locked in a cage" he yelled back to Aria giving the girl who trapped him a death stare

Selena: The Lt turned her head, but her focus wasn't leaving the cage, as she looked at the young girl who'd yelled to them. "Of course" She yelled this back before looking back at James. "If you promise not to attack me, and help end the commotion then I'd totally let you out. Just don't attack me or I will knock you out." As she spoke she bent down to pick up her short sword, before standing tall and observing the scene before her. She knew someone might be losing a limb here tonight if things weren't ended soon. Hopefully the harpies didn't hear the commotion or almost everyone here would be killed in seconds flat.

Sylvio: Once again thinking quickly as he sees the sheat coming he pulls a barrier over his head the sheath clattering off into the dark. As he is released from the weird shadows he feels himself being dragged down. Cursing he stands against the gravity and as, for the second time that night, he is blinded he jumps backwards. Sliding to a halt he looks by his feet and sees the boys weird sword. Looking aross from himself he sees his own Scythe and grimaces. He wasn't very good with a sword but he wasn't going to be caught empty handed. He pulls the boys sword out of the ground and points it at the boy. Growling in a mixture of rage and confusion at the who mess with the three bystanders he charges the boy. As he gets closer he drops to the ground in a slide. As he nears the boy he kicks down hard with his leading foot to launch himself upward to slash diagonally at the boys torso. Just to be safe he prepares an astral dagger in his hand for any counters the boy could try.

Blake: He falls from nin's tripping him, and takes a chance to open his eyes and manages to see a blurry outline of an object heading towards him. In response, he starts exerting his will once again for the diamond armor to cover his entire head as the war hammer smashes down on him. He reaches for the handle and throws the hammer to the side. He smiles, allowing all the armor to crumble away as he opens his eyes and manages to see nin head toward the stands. Laughing, he shouts in nin's general direction. "You wasted energy. Although not enough to not give me a good chase." He bounds toward the stands, sword in hand, wanting to take nin down quickly.

James: "Why would I do something like that when you can easily put me back in a cage" James said as he stood up and looked around at the people and studied their moves to figure out what he should do to them

Selena: the daughter of Nyx let the shadows around the cage disperse as she watched the scene progress, and turned to look at the Asian girl once again, waving her over but making a hand motion to be cautious. "Do you have anything in mind that might end this?" She spoke the words to James as she gestured to the fighting going only mere feet away. "I have an idea, but I doubt it'll work unless I get the gravity shifted again, and I doubt your friend's up for that."

Nyxil: Nyxil wrenches the dimly glowing scythe from the earth and tests its weight curiously. Why so many kids think such a horribly balanced farming instrument is a good choice is beyond him. Y'know what, no. Whatever. F*** this thing, f*** the guy who owns it, f*** this entire situatuion, I am getting my damn sword back. Audibly groaning in annoyance he sets into motion, spinning and pivoting the massive blade around himself in a complex, unyielding blur with no choice but to shift his weight and duck continuously to avoid impaling himself. One year, eleven months, sixteen days. Nyxil just barely managed to flow the incoherent string of motions into an upward swing in time, but it worked - the scythe parried Sylvio's slash with such force that Nyxil was forced to release his grip or lose an arm, sending it flying. Immediately afterward during of the sudden flash of static he shadowtravels high into the air a few feet behind the younger boy, uses the vertical movements of his swing to lurch into a backflip, catches the falling chakram he'd thrown what felt like minutes ago, and whips it as hard as he can down at his opponent's blade in an effort to force the stolen weapon out of his hands. He lands from the dizzying jump with a roll away from.... whatever... just happened, comes to a kneeling stop and summons a tendril of darkness from his outstretched arm to catch the sword he just spent so much energy to hopefully dislodge from Sylvio's grasp. "Holy mother of Hades, what did I just do," he mutters under his breath. Seriously, god damn.

Aria: The girl who'd trapped James looked oddly familiar, now that Aria thought about it. A fellow officer she'd seen at a Lieutenant meeting, maybe? There were so many cabins, she hadn't learned everyone's names yet. "Awesome, thanks for actually being reasonable unlike almost everyone else here!" she grinned, reaching the cage area at last and avoiding the brawl nearby. "Any plans you have in mind? I was thinking that we should stick together and figure out a way to use all three of our fighting styles and demigod powersets in sync, so that we could overwhelm the combatants and break them up. But there's definitely other ways of handling it, and input from you guys would be great! We've got to hurry before there's blood spilled, though, and getting a few Apollo kids here is also a priority," Aria spoke quickly, mulling over the courses of action.

James: "By the looks of the things most of them have something to do with darkness so anything she does is out of the question" James said pointing the girl that locked him in a cage and while he brought all the water and put it over his body like amour.

Nin His shadows get stolen and he is bummed about that but has a more pressing matter as Blake charges up the stands. Not as much as you think he thinks to himself knowing his shadows were stolen. As Blake runs he goes to meet him blowing his whistle and summoning a solid shadow shield two times bigger than him. With his shield blocking the entire aisle he uses it to slide down the steps fully opening his staff to either run Blake over or pummel him. He chuckles a mad grin coming across his face First this guy, then the Sycthe wielding bastard, and afterwards a nap.

Selena: She turned to face James, and as she spoke venom seemed to pour into her words. "You don't get to make the plans seaweed brain. Just because your dads high up there doesn't mean anything, and did you not see me take shadows from the center? I've been around longer then most of them, well other than Nyxil. But that's it." She pinched the bridge of her nose as she started speaking once more. "Nyxil and Nin are from my cabin, so I need to drag them back before anything else happens." She pointed to 2 different people, before she turned to face the small Asian girl "Your god parent is Astraeus, if I'm not mistaken. Which means you can summon constellations right?" She wanted to confirm this before she spoke her plan.

Blake: He watches as nin, slides down the aisle. Raising an eyebrow at nin's questionable tactic, he covers himself in bone armor and jumps. Aiming to jump-kick nin.

Nin He crouches even lower while sliding down the steps towards Blake and grins. Then he grabs the straps of the shield, unfurls his shadow wings, and pulls up. Causing the shield to come up vertical at twelve feet with the words "Suck it" embossed on the front and his wings behind. He flaps once and the wings disappear doubling his speed from before and trying to catch Blake in the air knowing when they both collide this is going to hurt like a B****. He yells as he speeds down the steps parallel with the stone and gets a rush of adrenaline.

Blake: He brings his legs in on contact with Nin's shield to absorb the shock and kicks off like a recoiling spring, trying to slam Nin back-first into the steps full-force. By bouncing like that Blake winds up getting sent flying even more than he would have, narrowly backflipping and landing back on the dirt hard. He shakes his now-sore ankle, gets to his feet and starts to walk back toward the stands.

Nin He is still balled up behind the shield when he feels contact and not in a good way. The kick he pulled off! He must have used it to jump off my shield reversing the way I was moving! Well played.. He thinks as his adrenaline doubles from all of the stimuli. He panics and everything goes black and white as the shield changes shape and expands becoming a ball of shadows and wrapping him in a protective cocoon. He is jarred by the impact and feels his pinky hit the wall of the cocoon jamming it as it unwraps from around him. He stands up feet firmly planted on the steps as he looks down at the arena and unjams his finger pulling it with a hiss of breath. His baton is in his hands in moments and extends into a full stygian iron staff in the next couple bring it he thinks and he walks down to meet his enemy.

Aria: Watching Nin and the others flail around, doing everything that they shouldn't be doing if they wanted to live to adulthood, was pretty aggravating. Getting upset at them wouldn't accomplish anything, though, even if they could use a few whacks to the backs of their heads. "Yup, I can summon constellations: The Lion, The Hunter, The Mountain, The Phoenix-- heck, even The Unicorn, you name it! Three at once, too. We'll need something that can stop these guys quickly, since I can't keep them up for too long without collapsing, and I just used a big burst of power too. Maybe Aquila, The Eagle, and Draco, The Dragon, to carry people away from a fight. I can summon Eridanus, The River, for James to rain watery doom upon these guys, too. If we can't get an Apollo kid here in time I can summon Ophiuchus, The Healer, but let's hope we won't need that..." ((OOC: I wanted to summon a unicorn so freaking bad you have no idea ;-;))

Selena: The way this girl thought, was completely different that she would of suspected, Coming up with a plan that quick was very smart of her. "Ahh, that would work, and it'd give the dim wit here something to work with. Maybe wash everyone away?" A thought struck her, but she didn't know if it was smart to do or not, considering Nyxil could just as easily take control away from her, but if he was too distracted it may work. "I can create creatures out of darkness, but I don't know how effective that's be considering all of them use shadows.." She squinted her eyes, and from the looks of the battle she assumed the other 2 campers to be from Hades or Thanatos. Which wasn't a great sing.

James: James ignored both rude comments towards him and responded to Aria "I don't want to cause as much damage as I would if I did another earthquake so I would just pit them under for a few seconds". I don't want to be in another cage again he thought to himself

Aria: "Alright, here goes nothing," Aria muttered, channeling her energy into summoning the constellations. So as to give James the most time to figure something out, she materialized Eridanus first, a steady, rippling current that meandered through the sky above the arena. Filled with pinpoints of starry light flowing downstream, it glowed an ethereal silver-blue that was further highlighted by the softly shining moon. If the children below were to look closely, they would see the reflections of cosmic dust and nebulae illuminating the surface, which was otherwise a deep midnight blue. "James, do what you can now!" Aria called, next manifesting Aquila. The majestic bird that had once held Zeus' lightning, that had once carried Ganymede to the heavens, burst into existence larger than life beside the celestial river. His wings shimmered a brilliant gold as he soared with the night breeze, as dynamic and spirited as Eridanus was tranquil and serene. Circling upward, he surveyed the brouhaha below as he prepared to dive down and carry an instigator away. The hundred-headed Draco manifested last. Known as Ladon, the guardian of the Hesperides' gardens, in life, his power had intimidated even Hercules in his prime. Outlined in incandescent seafoam green, he unfurled his massive, star-speckled wings and fell in line behind Aquila, waiting to swoop down. "Both of you, act quickly!" Aria strainedly shouted to James and Selena, sitting down meditatively to maintain the apparitions for longer.

Nin Stars show up in the middle of the showdown about to take place between him and the kid but then the stars take shape and move. F*** these are Aria's constellations. I guess it's time to go all out and show them what my staff can really do.. He grabs the staff and puts his finger on a groove in the middle of the staff, he creates a tiny shadow and puts it into the groove most would miss. This staff weighs fifty pounds when it comes out of baton form. The real enchantment is the fact that the weight of the staff and the baton can switch leaving me with the staff lighter but even more deadly than before. He gives the staff a twist and spikes come out of the end of the staff. He twirls it letting it flow through his fingers like water making it look like his own shadow. He grits his teeth Ten minutes starting now. Then an hour before I can use the enchantment again. Gotta make this count and I am going to take out the rivers or maybe James. He jumps over the railing landing in a crouch and rolling already running for James as he partially cloaks himself in shadows bending in and out of sight. "James you prick you are supposed to be on our side!"

​Sylvio: As his stolen sword clashed with his Scythe he felt the sparks all around him and closed his eyes to avoid being blinded. As the sudden loss of opposition is felt he grins knowing that his Scythe had been released from the grip of his enemy. As he opens his eyes he spots said Scythe spinning into the air. All of a sudden he hears the rush of air as the chakram comes flying and he snatches his hand away the charkram colliding with the handle of the blade where his hand had been just a moment ago. As the two weapons go spinning off he shadow ports to his Scythe and splays out to stop his movement skyward. He summons an astral kunai and hurls it at the irritating boy as he falls to the ground. As he lands he instantly launches himself forward again. He runs full tilt at the boy hoping the astral kunai would be enough of a distraction to keep him from noticing his coming attack. He had a trick up his sleeve he was just dying to try and see if it threw the boy off or not.

Nyxil: Just as he starts to get a break in the way of disarming this scythe-wielding idiot, intercepting his blade in the air with the tendrils of darkness and catching it flawlessly in an underhand-grip... the sky lights up. Oh, for the love of... As unexpected as this turn of events was, though, he knew better than to take his eyes off a fight. He himself had defeated countless dueling opponents for being stupid enough to look away. He recognizes Sylvio's sudden kunai immediately from the motion of the throw, converts the inky black rope still massing from his left sleeve into a formless layer of shadow like a cloth and launches it with a flick of his wrist to intercept the incoming knives, then calls the night to him once more. He would've been in first grade when the titaness Theia first gifted him with his chakrams and they have remained his most reliable instrument of death to this day - using projectiles to lead into a rush is the most obvious play in the book to him. He stays low and focused, holding sword hilt inverted in his left hand and newly-drawn chakram in his right, when Syvio breaks into the predicted dash, preparing to react to whatever's coming. His shadows rise and hang a like a black mist around him, masking the vague, incomplete shape of two massive black raven's wings. There's only three yards between them now. One year, eleven months, sixteen days.

James: James brought all the of the water from the river, made it in into a sphere that in the centre was him and made tencles of water come out and try to grab anyone that was fighting. "I'm on no one's team. I only mess with everyone" James yelled back at Nin

Blake: He watches as nin goes towards the tentacled kid called james. He tilts his head as a tentacle comes near him for the grab. He jumps and starts to run toward James as well. Coming up with a swift and simple plan. He turns his head toward nyxil and shouts. "Sword!"

Nin He picks up speed the wind starting to whip past as he closes the distance between him and James like a hunter finally about to get his prey. As he runs he make a shadow spring board and jumps off it hoping to distract James with an ariel attack as he spins. He descends upon the three trying to stop the fight and kicks backwards clouding the air around Aria with dust while using that kick back to propel him towards James. He jumps mid-run throwing his staff up and going in for a drop kick, while he attaches a tendril to his staff planning to bring the staff down hard on James shoulder. Eat it buzzkills! he thinks knowing he is still cloaked in shadows so all of this should be unseen.

Nyxil: Nyxil's mind clocks into battle-hardened overdrive at the sound of Blake's call. He half-turns on the balls of his feet and sends his sword spiraling end over end in an almost automatic throw toward the sound of his partner's voice. He and Blake couldn't be from more different walks of life and had almost nothing in common - they didn't even fight alike - but the two become practically linked by telepathy from the day they met. They were the perfect team by second nature. As soon as Blake clears Nyxil's tunnel vision for Sylvio - steps away at this point - for even a split second, though, Nyxil notices an unexpected sound: water. From directly behind him. Nyxil whirls around in alarm as James's brazen attack races for him. "Oh, son of a-"

​Sylvio: As he charges his opponent he transforms his Scythe using astral energies. Becoming nearly double his size and an almost exact replica of the Kishin Hunter he jumps over Nyxil. He had seen the tentacle coming from behind him and even a few others from other directions, each aimed at a participant in the melee. 'No one takes him out but me. These bystanders need to get out of my way!' His rage comes to full boil and as he flies over Nyxil he spins himself and Scythe together in unison slashing in a whirl around the both of them shredding the water to nothing more than harmless droplets which spatter off his now oversized blade and onto the ground. He drops just beyond Nyxil and turns to him eyes furious. "That... Is enough!" He turns to James breathing heavily. "Time to deal with some bystanders, starting with the girl throwing stars like the knows anything!" His face sets grim and his Scythe reverts to its normal form but his black aura casting most everything around him in perpetual shadow. "Come and meet the Reaper! Do not go in peace I want to hear you scream!" He goes off charging at Aria.

Aria: Her nocturnal omniperception aiding her even through the cloud of dust, Aria kept track of the battle raging around her as she analyzed what the best targets and best timing for Aquila and Draco to intervene would be. They were circling high enough now for a rapid dive. Soon she could dissipate Eridanus, since James seemed to just have jumped into the fight instead of stopping it, but she'd keep it up until the poor reckless kid could get away from Nin trying to bash his head in. A camper broke off from the fast-paced skirmish to her right, making him a prime target for Draco overhead-- oh. Heh. Were all the other night-powered kids fond of making puns? He was coming over here to attack her. Fun. Well, Aria figured that by intervening she was setting herself up for opposition, but it was still a sad realization that anger and bloodlust would motivate others to attack the well-meaning. Short temper and irrationality had felled many a capable fighter, both heroic and villainous. But now was not the time to reflect upon societal incongruities. Now was the time to avoid getting decapitated by a scythe-wielding beserker! Draco swooped down, hundred heads hissing, and soared over Aria in a direct line toward Sylvio. Aquila followed the dragon constellation, diving towards the James-Nin-Nyxil-Blake fight whilst leaving behind a shimmering trail of sunlit gold. "Hey, other Lieutenant, can you help me out here?" she shouted over the swords and water, having a plan in mind for Selena.

Nyxil: A few seconds of stunned silence and light splashes of water later, Nyxil finally exhales. He wasn't expecting Sylvio to neglect an opportunity to kill him, let alone be so... easily distracted. Huh. At any rate, he figures, with a bit of luck that idiot isn't trying to kill any... His thoughts trail off as Sylvio breaks into cliched proclamations of bloodlust. Jinxed it. Nyxil heaves a sigh and retrieves his sheathe from where it had fallen a few feet away with sudden disinterest in the amusingly destructive predicament surrounding him. They're all idiots. He slings the sheath over his shoulder again, and his chakram slips back into the case on his belt. Evident by his casual stature and absent expression, Nyxil takes Sylvio's response as one massive letdown. One that, unfortunately, he would have to clean up after. With a bored sigh the misty darkness surrounding him surges to his palm. Di immortales, you're all idiots. Suddenly and without any warning beyond the soft sound of Nyxil's fingers snapping everything goes dark - first the torches lining the arena are blown out like candles, then Draco cries out horrifically as its brilliant starry form goes dim and vanishes. A second later the heavenly bird Aquila loses control and drops like a stone with an anguished screech, crashing into the earth in a cloud of dust and convulsing pitifully before its lights too go out. Then Eridanus' currents come to a halt and it fades - predictably with far less dramatic exasperated dying winged creature noises than the other constellations. Nyxil spits and lowers his hand, eyes bloodshot. He manages to shout one phrase in the following silence: "YOU ARE ALL. 'F***ING'. IDIOTS." And with that frustrated exclamation he lies back on the dusty ground and stares at the sky, struggling to make out the stars from the haze that usually comes to people who just got hit with a bag of bricks to the head repeatedly. Which would probably be a lot more pleasant than this.

James: In the middle of the water sphere, Nin's blow does nothing considering the water slowed it down and his healing factor in water speed up any major thing that would happen to him. "Dude I'm water that would do nothing to me" he said as he blast Nin off him. Just as he had enough of everyone that kept coming at him, the water he took from the constilation river disspeared and just had the water he brought in. "If everyone doesn't stop someone is going to die" James yelled out to everyone

Nin Taking the lights going out, the stars dying, and what James and the other kid had said as a giant universal duh moment he looks over at Aria. He sees the yelling kid running at her and his heart pounds blood rushes to his ears and he thinks to himself I have to stop him now!. He shadow travels just in front of the kid, using the shadows his aura is giving off as an anchor, something he saw him do to the other guy he was fighting. He puts his whistle between his teeth breathing through his nose as he steps out of the shadows in front of the guy using the element of surprise to try and knock him out with a sucker punch. He cocks a fist back and feels a tug at the shadow tendril that is connected to his staff. Using the punch as a distraction for pulling his staff to him and through the guy with high speed aiming for his heart.

Aria: It was a nice gesture that Nin was helping her fight Sylvio, but Aria could have stood her own, irregardless. Worn out or not, when someone was trying to vivisect you, you got strangely motivated to, well, not die. Besides, that Nyx guy had basically sacrificed his energy just to get everyone to STOP, and there they went, instigating things again. Not surprising, but she was too tired to deal with their special brand of illogic right now, so she'd leave it to Selena. With everyone besides the night kids out of commission and Nin and Sylvio preoccupied, there were only a few things to do if she didn't want to just sit there until dawn. Near the entrance, in the direction that Sylvio had charged from, that Nyx kid and some other girl in heavy armor were lying down, either unconscious, asleep, or just completely done with the world. Aria rested a few moments more, then dragged herself into a reasonable approximation of standing and made her way over to the two. "You okay?" she asked, flopping back down once she was within talking range.

Nyxil: Nyxil slumps up to a sitting position with a huff and pulls back his hood. A blood-red laurel of dead, thorny rose stalks is seemingly knotted into his messy hair. "I would be a lot better if you camper types had the slightest intent to learn to survive to adulthood, actually...", he mutters, a grim bitterness plain on his tongue, "... but sure. I'm aces."

Blake: He runs toward James, ignoring nyxil's spectacle, bobbing and weaving through incoming tentacles. One barely misses his head and another almost wraps around his legs. He once again, covers himself in bone armor as he races toward James in the center. As soon as he gets near, he jumps and swings the sword in a downward arc aiming not for james, but the bubble surrounding him.

Aria: The rose wreath in the no-longer-prone figure's hair was an interesting -- and painful-looking -- accessory, Aria's tiredness noted. "Surviving at camp's a group effort, Aces," she grinned, bringing the terrible dad jokes to the party. "The sensible ones do their best to keep those reckless guys in check," she gestured at the other campers duking it out in the dark, "and for the most part we try to keep each other alive. Though I suppose you wouldn't get that impression from what's going on right now, huh?" Aria sighed, shifting to get a better view of the fight. Turning back to Nyxil, she paused for a moment in contemplation and asked, "I don't think I've seen you at camp before, and I know most of the Nyx kids by name or at least by face. You new here, Aces?"

Nyxil: Aria was very... small, Nyxil noticed - probably a few years younger. But glancing toward the ongoing chaos he saw that Selena and the asshat with the water were still in the thick of things. Which meant the little Asian girl next to him must've been the one who lit up the sky with glowy whatever-the-f*cks. Nyxil smirked and looked back to her, experimentally turning over wispy shadows in his palm. "Opposite, actually. The name's Nyxil, obviously son of Nyx. I got here three, four years back? Just been a couple years since I've stuck around. Too much drama, y'know?" he motions at the fighting to prove his point. "You misunderstood, by the way," he says after a few seconds, turning his gaze to the unusually active night sky above. "So you've got a point. Surviving at camp is a group effort. Without a touch of teamwork we'd be slaughtering each other over stupid shit. Sure. But... what about after that? I've been out there. Almost two years, and it's been nothing but constant attacks. Two years of waking up to the sound of something trying to kill me. That's what the world is and it's not something you can avoid or wish away. Only way to make it in the real world for people like us, kid, is fighting through it. When you're trying to live your life, start a family, get a job, whatever, you won't have each other, and you won't have a magic barrier to hide behind. By the time you all grow up and have to fend for yourselves, do you honestly think you'll be strong enough to make it on your own?"

Aria: Hmm, Ace-- er, Nyxil-- being a returning camper did make sense. From the glimpses she'd caught during the fight he could handle himself much better than a typical newb, and the fact that he was back to using his powers to manipulate shadows, albeit minorly, so soon after his previous burst indicated some degree of training. The blanket of darkness he created during that aforementioned burst was fading away, and Aria could see the stars even without her night vision once again. Another planet, Jupiter, seemed to be shining a bit more brightly than usual-- an omen of benevolence, and the sign of a guardian angel-- to oppose the aggression of Mars from earlier, perhaps? She mulled over Nyxil's words for a few moments, the quiet of the night punctuated by the sound of weapons clashing and feet running, before responding. "I can't say that I have anywhere near the amount of experience you have, and I'm guessing you've seen parts of our world entirely different from anything I've ever known. So I suppose my take on things will seem pretty naive and sheltered compared to yours, and, hey, that makes sense! I can only speak for myself in thinking whether or not I can survive on my own, and in that regard I honestly do believe I can. As for other campers, though, I can only hope for and help them to be ready when their time comes. The world might be a tough place, and the odds may have always been against us, but I think every one of us is doing our best to live and learn and fight those odds. Our efforts might not be apparent all the time, and maybe in the end that best effort won't be enough, true. But admitting it's over before it's even begun won't get us anywhere, and we've all figured that out one way or another." That was enough deep stuff for now! There was a fight going on, and all talk and no action wouldn't stop it. "I'm Aria, by the way, and I don't think I can quite be classified as 'kid.' I'm pretty sure I'm secretly an old cat lady at heart!" she laughed. "After a few more moments you wanna go and stop those guys once and for all?"

James:  At the last moment James moves out of the way of the boy's attack but the water surrounding him get hit by the sword. James felt a electric shock which left him unconscious face first on the ground

Sylvio: As he charges the girl he feels less than sees the boy come into being in front of him. With no time to dodge he takes the punch full on to his jaw. But he smiles just the same as he flows with the punches momentum. As he does so he sees the boys weapon flying at him. 'Cant have that hitting me.' He thinks and stabs his Scythe into the ground using it to spin and hurl himself skyward. As the staff flies by underneath him Sylvio smiles and summons a large hammer made out of astral energy and slams it against the end of the spear increasing its already hurtling speed towards its owner. "Good luck stopping that!" He lands on the ground beside his Scythe and rips it out of the ground. 'This is such a nuisance!'

Nin His punch connects and he grins until the boy takes off skyward and his staff is coming full speed at him instead of the intended target. He uses the connection tendril in his staff to flip the staff upright, it collides with his hand and he closes his hand around the staff. He grits his teeth, and removes his shades looking around the arena taking in the scene with the inky pools of darkness he calls eyes. This fight is really starting to piss me off he takes off towards the kid shadows seeming to leek out of his eyes with the speed he is going. He jumps and swings the staff heavily using the weight to go into a spin becoming a male wind of death mid-air while conjuring multiple stiff shadows tendrils aiming to cut him to shreds one way or another.

Sylvio: Sylvio was disgusted by the brutish movements his opponent was trying to take and made a noise of disgust as he came running at him. As if that was going to work. Did he expect him to just take the hit again when he saw it coming? He hurled his Scythe skywards and as the moon cast its shadow at an angle behind his opponent Sylvio shadow ported to said shadow watching his opponent rush right by where he had been.

Nyxil: Nyxil toys with the dead laurels in his hair in silence. Aria's words were still incredibly naive, he thought, but between the static dancing through his vacant gaze and the fact that it was admittedly a pretty nice speech, he didn't care to argue. After relishing in the quiet for a few passing moments of slow breathing, he kip-ups to his feet and finally responds, "Yeah, guess we probably should. Huh... okay, you just... wait here for a bit. 'Case I f*ck this up." The weary son of night doesn't wait for his new ally to respond before once striding once again toward his earlier opponent. Nyxil casually calls upon his own moonlight-cast shadow to rise like vapors at his heels, walking in the unnaturally perfect silence that only predators of night can match toward Sylvio's turned back. The waiting vapors coalesce into the unmistakable form of a beautiful and massive black raven's wing on his left shoulder. Upon closing the distance to what he took to be just beyond scythe reach, Nyxil breaks his dead silence by shouting at the top of his lungs, "HEY, REAPER!". His words are almost drowned out, though by the thundering sound of his wing as he springs to motion from a standstill for the hundredth time today, beating the single wing forward and simultaneously sweeping his leg to kick up both a smokescreen of dirt and a likely-staggering rush of air at the boy that hopefully just turned at the sound of his voice. The backblast throws Nyxil several yards before he drops into a crouch from his already low position. A second majestic wing seems to materialize from thin air on his right shoulder, and the twin constructs spread wide to slow his backward slide across the arena floor. All the while he keeps his eyes locked dead on the young reaper in spite of the haze playing across them. It wouldn't matter.

'James: When James came back around, he flopped on his back and looked up towards the night sky. "Is the fight over yet" James yelled out "cause if it isn't ill get back up and help if I can get up"

Nin His spin keeps most ,if not all, of the dust and dirt from hitting him. He senses a change in the energy of this fight and on his next revolution he let's his staff slide a bit through his hands. The end of it is met with major friction causing his spin to be met with equal force and throw him backwards due to his momentum. He slides, staff in hand, and jams it into the ground using that to stop his skid and ends up near James. "Man you got roasted" is the first thing he says when he stops but, is smiling slightly.

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