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Cel and Cassiopeia


Cel WB 3

Célestin Loup Music Spirit • Son of Apollo



Cassiopeia Shay Daughter of Hades • Starstruck



  • Cel: It'd been a long time since Cel had been at Camp - a few years, perhaps? In all honesty he never planned to return. Not because he didn't like the place, no it was home to him, but because he had thought he was happy. What was a happy wedding turned sour fast and somehow Cel found himself back at the very place it all started. He wandered a little aimlessly around Camp, familiarising himself with the place he roamed around for three or so years. It was weird to be back. Nice, but weird.
  • Cassiopeia: Sitting cross-legged on a bench nearby was none other than Cassiopeia Shay, who had two new-looking leashes in one hand while the other held a phone up to her ear. She appeared to be in the deep conversation with someone. "No, no..... yes, but don't go overboard.... jie, they're hellhounds, their dietary needs are way different from regular dogs." there's a pause, which lasts for about two seconds before the girls sighs, a fond smile on her face as her feet shift. "Kylie, it's okay," another pause, this time Cass gets up and starts walking away, but she seemed to have forgotten one of the new leashes on the bench. "Yeah, sugary stuff doesn't affect either of them, though Salem might have addiction- besides the point, anyway, I'm walking back now, I'll see you later jie." She hangs up and continues walking, still not noticing she lost a leash.
  • Cel: Cel was a little lost in his own world, mostly reliving some of the events that had happened to him within Camp's borders. From falling in love three times to leaving with his then husband, Cel was taking a long trip down memory lane. It was by chance that he looked around and notice that Cass had left a leash behind but he saw it as an opportunity to at least try and introduce himself. Did people still do that? Surely walking into one another wasn't still Camp's standard way of getting to know one another. Walking to grab the leash, Cel followed Cass for a second or two before clearing his throat and calling out. "Madame," He said, French accent always sounding a little thicker whenever he reverted back to his native language, "I think you left this behind?" Hopefully random acts of kindness were still appreciated at Camp; otherwise Cel was about to be branded a weirdo in his first hour back.
  • Cass: Turning around, she blinks for a few moments in confusion, wait why- before her eyes land on the leash in recognition. "Oh, oh my god, thank you!" she says, "Or, uh... merci?" I took like, one elective in college, and that was in first year. But this man seemed really nice, and it brought a sense of reassurance to Cass. And now one of her dogs would not have been without a leash, which is it good because they're getting bigger and it's beginning to worry Cass. Guess chivalry isn't dead, huh? "I think I was too distracted I didn't notice," she says, slightly embarrassed, the habit of running her hand through her hair making its appearance. For some reason, a small sense of her feels like she's heard about him before, or perhaps a description- did Kylie mention him once?
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