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Jayden n Elliot Make Annabelle Salty


Jayden McKara WB

Jayden McKara Son of Aphrodite • Camper


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Gender Species Age
Male Demititan 19
Relationship Sexuality Weapon
Dating jayden Homosexual Powers



  • Jayden: Itching to see his boyfriend again, Jayden woke up somewhat early (also known as 1pm) and had walked over to Elliot's cabin with the intention of spending the remainder of the day with him. It didn't take him long to get there for he did, not dramatically no, run over. Knocking on the door of his cabin, he bounced on his heels and waited for a response.
  • Elliot: Elliot had been long awake before Jayden had arrived—since he hadn't even gone to sleep in the first place. It took a short nap the previous day plagued with a nightmare of his father's death for him to decide he'd rather not sleep and had frequented between his room and the common area for the remainder of the night and the beginnings of the day. Now he sat in the common area on the sofa reading a book as he struggled to keep his eyes open. At the door knocking, he sighed and stood, approaching the door. He was a bit stunned to see Jayden but it lasted for half a second before he smiled a little. "Hey," he murmured weakly, leaning against the door. "Thought you'd still be sleeping."
  • Jayden: Jayden shook his head, arms crossing. "I wish. Today was the day one of the new kids decided to try and cook in the kitchen for the first time and one crash of pans later and here I am." He pouted in an exaggerated way as he tilted his head, "Is this your way of telling me that you're too tired and don't want to see me? Or that I should come back later...?" It was obvious from the tone he had and the way his pout was too exaggerated that he was joking, though it wasn't going to stop him from messing with Elliot.
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