Jalfie tbh

Jansen:The pavilion is almost empty, most demigods having finished their meals. Jansen is one of the few still chowing down. He glances around, glad he isn't the only slow one. Once he finishes, he quickly gets up and goes to follow the line of people to the camp fire. He's still a little new, and has made no friends, so he hangs back in the crowd.

Alfie: Alfie hadn't eaten that night and as such he just lingered around the pavilion, his notebook for communication clutched tightly against his chest, however he didn't have a use for it because he was new and didn't have any friends - not that he went out of his way to attain any. With careful eyes, he moved from thing to thing until his eyes settled on Jansen, confusion being his main emotion. He held his stare for a lengthy time - enough for Jansen to notice him.

Jansen: He feels as if someone is staring at him. He turns to look, being the curious guy he is. His gaze is met by the surprising image of a friend from the past. "Alfie?" His face lights up in a grin, and he makes his way to Alfie, moving away from the crowd. "Wow, isn't this a small world. Whatcha doin here man?" He figures Alfie must be a demigod as well, but of whom? None of the time spent being his chem partner had given any indication. "I've missed you," he says, blushing slightly.

Alfie: Seeing Jansen walk towards him triggered a small smile to form on Alfie's face as he scrambled to write down the words 'Son of Harmonia, you?' followed with the messy scrawl of the words 'I missed you too Jansen' underneath them. While his smile was shy, looking at Alfie's face in more detail people would be able to gather that he was in fact excited to see someone he knows - let alone his best friend from when he was fourteen.

Jansen: He furls his eyebrows, somewhat confused at the notepad. Sure, when they met he'd been shy, but that didn't mean he didn't speak. His grin fades a little. "An apparent son of Ariadne," he says with a small chuckle. He tries to revive his grin, but the sight of the notepad is still startling. He wants to get to the bottom of it, never one to leave a mystery unattended. "So, I see you've taken another mode of conversation. Is it another project?" He lifts his eyebrows in a somewhat humorous fashion, wishing to keep it light.

Alfie: Alfie's smile widened somewhat significantly, a small laugh sounding out for a few seconds as he wrote quickly on the notepad again, 'I prefer it this way - I have to think of my words more and don't mess up my English as much.' With the same laugh, he wrote underneath 'Plus I can write Alfie correctly and not Alpee.'

Jansen: "Nah, your English is good, stop being such a downer on." The grin comes back, now that the mystery seems closed. "Besides, it only matters during role call. Remember when Mr. Roberts asked your name so he could add it to the role call? Took a helluva long time for him to change it to Alfie." The memory always makes him laugh.

Alfie: The memory made Alfie flush a light pink colour as his smile returned to being small and shy. Unlike before, Alfie took longer to write on his pad, tearing away the pagers he used and stuffing them into his pocket, "Of course my English is good now - I've lived here for ten years...the standard of learning English here is higher than over there.'

Jansen: He gasps and brings a hand to his mouth. "I couldn't imagine that the standard of learning english is higher. I mean, It's not like english is the official language here or anything." He then grows serious, laying a hand on Alfie's shoulder. "If you are worried about being bullied for your accent, you should know there is large group of korean born demigods at camp. It's extremely common. Also, the people here are a lot more accepting than your average high school mortal kid. I mean, we have to be, right?"

Alfie: At Jansen's gasping, Alfie rolled his eyes semi-affectionately before glancing down at the hand on his shoulder. He didn't look uncomfortable but his gaze on it lingered for a few seconds, shifting back up to Jansen soon afterwards. He shrugged lightly, writing down on his book, 'But I'm not Korean, my parents said so, so I can't be.' This would've been a drastic change in Alfie's tone since Jansen last met him and the look in Alfie's face showed determination in his words and seriousness.

Jansen:He is taken aback by the words on the notepad. He is unsure if Alfie means it in a bitter way, but from his serious expression, it seems he truly believes his words. Jansen sighs. Maybe today won't be the day to discuss the logic in that. His hand still on Alfie's shoulder, he gives it a little squeeze. "You may not be Korean, but you sure do have the accent." His smile is gentle, his tone almost tender. "I think it would be cooler to sound like you; much more adorable than this current Jersey accent I have." He realizes that might sound like a line, and quickly retracts his hand, folding his arms together and clearing his throat.

Alfie: Alfie shrugged, his smile returning as he seemed to push Jansen's first words out of his had and focused on the second part, writing quickly on his pad, 'But Jersey accents are fun to listen to, Korean ones aren't.'

Jansen: He shakes his head, grinning coyly. "No no no, my friend, I think you have it confused. Everyone hates Jersey accents. They find them annoying. But Korean accents....Well, you can listen to them all day. I mean, I know I could, that's for sure." He shrugs. "But I guess I'll just wait till you're ready to be able to hear that nice accent you've got." He makes a pouty face. "Why must you deprive me of your voice. I found it to be a necessity in life." His face, although playful, goes a little sad at this point. "You know, a lot of things have changed since you left. I'm sure a lot of things have changed with you too." It saddens him to think of the time they'd lost.

Alfie: Alfie narrowed his eyes and shrugged, really hating everything from the past three years, smiling a little to know that Jansen did in fact miss him. Ultimately, he pouted and wrote messily on his notepad, 'Well, I like your accent - I could listen to it all day and maybe one day you'll hear me speak, maybe.'

Jansen: "Good thing you like my accent; I get the feeling I'll be speaking to you a lot more often now." Now that we're at camp together. He wonders what circumstances brought his long lost friend hither. "And on the day you speak to me again, I will rejoice. You'll be completing one mans dream." His smile is boyish and inviting, trademark dimples to be shown. Jansen looks around and notices by now they are alone in the pavilion. He figures it's too late to join the campfire, and gets an idea. "Hey-" he turns to Alfie. "Wanna see the stars?" A flash of teeth show. "For old times sake." Jansen remembers sometimes just walking with Alfie, looking up to the sky to see what stars light pollution hadn't blotted out. "We could go to the forest."

Alfie: Alfie rolled his eyes semi-affectionately again as he shoved Jansen's shoulder playfully before nodding slowly and shyly, his smile a little bigger than it was previously. He opened his mouth to say something, comfortable around Jansen - however he shut it before he could make a sound as, like he said, it was easier than embarrassing himself with his accent and near perfected English.

Jansen:His eyes widen as he sees Alfie open his mouth. Wow is he going to talk? So soon?? It felt good to know he maybe had the capability to let Alfie relax enough to talk- Except then he sees Alfie is not, in fact, going to speak. Maybe he just wanted to yawn. Somewhat down by the failure on his part, he attempts to take Alfie's hand to guide him to the forest. Then he realizes what he's doing and moves his hand back to his side. "Come, the forest is this way." He waves in the general direction of the forest, turning his head ever so slightly to hide a blush.

Alfie: Alfie, as he was with everyone, watched Jansen attentively and as such the little movement to take his hand didn't go unnoticed but the former shrugged it off - playing it as nothing important. Although Jansen had turned, Alfie nodded and walked forwards so he was beside him. There, he turned slightly and smiled at Jansen after a scowl had previously occupied his face from the attempt to talk. The smile, albeit small, was genuine and it replicated the one Alfie used to always have when he was at Jansen's school.

Jansen:He responds with a smile in turn, more of relief. Maybe he hadn't noticed the blush. As they walk, he decides to fill in the gaps for Alfie. "Soo, when you left, a few things happened. Besides my being sad, that is." He chuckles. "Well, our school no longer dissects animals, because it is animal cruelty. You know we had a pretty hippie school. So, we were the last year to torture the frogs!" He grins at this. "Poor Alfredo the frog. We coulda saved him, had they'd done this a year earlier." He continues. "Um, then we got a new principal. Same kind of stuffy person, different package of body. Uh, then, at least half the teacher staff got laid off. Repurposing of the money, or whatever." He rolls his eyes, showing he thought it was utter crap. "And then I guess finally, my parents are getting a divorce. Soo yeah, Hoboken doesn't change." He avoids mentioning Caroline, still not ready to talk to anyone about that.

Alfie: Alfie listened attentively as they walked, nodding every so often with the smiles in the appropriate places. At one point, he even laughed - though the sound was quiet, the laugh could be heard and was in his distinct voice. Usually if he made that sound, Alfie would reprimand himself mentally and hide away but with Jansen, he didn't feel the need to. Instead, he just waited for the other's reaction as he looked up at the stars.

Jansen:He is taken aback by the laugh. Although it wasn't an unknown laugh, it sure was one he hadn't heard in a long time. His face lights up in a grin. "Soo, I see your lack of speech doesn't affect your laugh at all." He slyly peers over to get a good look at Alfie's face. It seemed paler than he remembered, features more defined. He looks up at their shared sky, giving a sigh of contentment. "This camp is nuts, you know. But it's a good kind of chaotic." He shoves his hands in his pockets. "The kind of chaotic I could live with."

Alfie: Alfie stared at the sky for a few seconds more before glancing back at Jansen, an eyebrow raised as he reached for his notebook and scribbled some words messily, 'More chaotic than school? Or less so...?'

Jansen: ""Mmmm...." He thinks about this. "Well, from what I've seen, it's basically screeching harpies versus screeching teachers, and wild eyed students versus wild eyed demigods. I would have to say, the level of chaos is about the same. Camp is better though because it has a view. And more stars. You could practically taste the stars here."

Alfie: Alfie nodded slowly as he shrugged, scribbling words on a new page, 'I've been in my cabin since I've gotten here...tonight's the first night I ventured out and I ran into that a good thing or a bad thing?' Alfie would usually write formally and wouldn't dare write the last thing but, seeing as it was Jansen and he'd know his tone, he didn't feel obliged to write with a composed style.

Jansen:He shrugs back. "Maybe it was fate. I would rather think it's good than bad. Unless you were looking for a fresh start." This makes him grin. "If that's the case, we can always pretend to be strangers and re-meet each other, ha. Though I find it curious why you picked tonight of all nights." He says this with an eyebrow raised. "I don't think the screeching harpies went in and dragged you out... or did they?"

Alfie: Alfie rolled his eyes for what felt like - to him at least - the umpteenth time that night, grinning as he did so. On a clean page of his notepad he wrote two statements. The first, 'I'd rather not have to have a re-meet you, the first time was bad enough,' referenced to how Alfie had found Jansen strange initially. The second, 'It wasn't my intention to run into someone who I couldn't help but talk to...I wanted to wait a few more weeks...or months...maybe even a year,' was in a smaller hand in hopes Jansen couldn't see it easily.

Jansen: He puts a hand to his chest, pretending look hurt. "Was I truly that bad?" He quits the act quickly though, not being much of an actor. At first, his eyes miss the smaller message, and he almost leaves it at that, but then he sees it. He can't help worrying, but, not wanting to freak Alfie out, tries to play it cool. "You know, people don't bite. Or well, most people don't bite. I think. Anything particularly off putting about these half-bloods?" Anything in particular putting you off from people? Jansen knows better than to ask this, however. Sure they knew each other, but with so much time gone by, they were practically brand new people.

Alfie: Alfie shrugged, his gaze shifting from Jansen to the floor, an awkward tension settling almost immediately. He made no advances to write anything down and he simply sighed sadly - as if he wanted to say something but couldn't think of any words, or none that would be able to convey exactly how he felt without saying it directly.

Jansen:His sigh only made him more anxious. Call him a clucking mother hen, but Alfie's body language is worrisome. "Hey," he says lightly. "You know I don't know what your thinking unless you tell me. Let me into that nice head of yours." Oddly enough, it hadn't even felt silent before, even though Alfie hadn't spoken a word. Now, the silence permeated the air.

Alfie: Jansen's words caused a small chuckle to come from Alfie, plus a roll of the eyes. With playful intentions, Alfie shoved Jansen's shoulder lightly before reaching for his notebook, writing the words 'Oh my god shut up' neatly.

Jansen:He snorts. "I'd say only if you shut up first, but I think you already beat me to the punch line. " He grabs a pen from his pocket, and a spare napkin from dinner, writing out Your wish is my command. Say, since I'm not talking now, you wanna trade places? Hey, if a tactic works, it works.

Alfie: Alfie remained silent for a few minutes, contemplating heavily. After this, he sighed and rolled his eyes playfully and, in a small voice, "You're still just as idiotic as you were before."

Jansen:He widens his eyes, putting a hand to his heart, a cheeky grin lighting up his face. He writes What was that? Sorry I don't think I heard you c:, although of course, he had. He looks around. Surely now that Alfie spoke, a hord of monsters woudl take them down at the outrage.

Alfie: Alfie stiffened for a little bit; he thought Jansen would've taken that and left it but then again, what did he expect? Rolling his eyes for a second time, Alfie raised his voice just a little bit, "You're still just as idiotic as you were before, and you've just proved my point that you are."

Jansen:He laughs. "You know you love it when I'm idiotic." His face is flushed with happiness to hear Alfie again. "If it wasn't for my idiocracy, maybe you wouldn't roll your eyes, and I happen to think that would be another deprivation to the world, besides you not speaking." He lightly punches Alfie's arm. "Why do you have to go and deprive the world of Alfie."

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