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Leon and Aurora

  • Leon: Leon walked around camp with a nervous step. Lately he'd been confused. No, not the type of confusion where he didn't know what was what or the sort, but rather the internal confusion of his sexuality. For all his life he was sure he'd only been bi-curious but recently, rather recently, he'd been having thoughts that maybe he was bisexual. Calling defeat in the mental battle, he sat down on a bench and twirled a twig between his fingers that he just picked up from the ground.
  • Aurora: Aurora was walking around holding her teddy bear,Mr. Snuggles around her waist while being held up by her arms and she's seen wearing all black. She had on a short black lace dress with flats on and a choke bracelet that's lace around her neck and was wondering around spotting a ghost around some kid and walks up to Leon, who was sitting at the bench and Aurora just begun talking to someone but not him.
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