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Demigod Ares 21
Married to Beau Homosexual Sword
Son of Ares | Head Counsellor


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Pyrrha and Ryder

  • Pyrrha: She was standing at the edge of the training arena, leaning heavily on her crutches as the campers trained and fought together. Pyrrha sighed, bored with this leg injury, and just wanting to get back to training. She noted the presence of Ares' kids, and tilted her head curiously at seeing a slightly familiar head, probably the boy that was always with Beau, maybe his boyfriend..?
  • Ryder: Ryder hadn't come to the training session going on initially, having chosen instead to stay back and get some sleep after binge watching a series on Netflix the night prior. Subsequently, when he did decide to show up, he figured it'd be too late of him to join in the sparring, not that he particularly wanted to, and instead decided to sit out. He noticed a familiar face and decided to sit beside her, turning to face her with a tilted head, "Pyrrha, right?"
  • Pyrrha: She started, turning to look up at him with a nod. "Yeah." Pyrrha smiled slightly, "Ryder, Beau's significant other, right?" She asked, eyes focused on the older boy.
  • Ryder: Ryder nodded, "Yeah that's me - Beau's mans." He laughed a little, "Also the Counsellor of Ares but that's irrelevant." He tilted his head a little again, "You're the Priestess of a God, right?"
  • Pyrrha: She nodded. "Head Priestess of Apollo, former daughter of Boreas at your service." Pyrrha gave a little half-bow with a grin, adjusting to sit down next to Ryder, careful of her knee.
  • Ryder: Ryder laughed a little at her bow before tilting his head, "Former daughter of Boreas? What does that mean? Like, you were one but you died or?"
  • Pyrrha: She shook her head. "I've never died but I gave up my father's powers for those of a priest. I was actually called to serve the god Apollo at the mere age of ten, came to me in a dream."

Kingston and Kiran

  • Kiran: Close to the end of the council meeting, Kiran had double-timed it to a bathroom, feeling nauseated big time. She threw up, before collapsing to the ground with a groan of pain. It was rare to see the councilwoman so ill, and in so much pain. It was probably a case of flu, hitting her harder than most. She slowly left the restroom, returning to the council room before she felt close to passing out, staggering to brace herself against the door of the meeting room
  • Kingston: Kingston had noticed something abnormal with Kiran throughout the entirety of the meeting. He hadn't brought anything up, not wanting to embarrass her by putting her on the spot, but he was concerned. Whatever was bothering her could not distract her from the task at hand; their plans had been so meticulously crafted to be executed perfectly than one mistake was all it'd take for the whole thing to crumble and he wasn't prepared for that to happen. Calling the meeting to a close early, he asked her to stay behind and once the other councilmen had left, he looked over at her from his chair. "Kiran, is everything alright?"
  • Kiran: She looked up with bleary eyes, blinking to focus on Kingston. "Hm..? Oh, is the meeting over?" Kiran asked, noticing that the other council members had left, before his words punctured her fuzzy brain, giving a shrug. "Probably not sleeping well, or something," Kiran answered, coughing harshly to rest her cheek on the table again, keeping her blue eyes on Kingston. "Why? I-If you're worried I'll mess up on the missions, don't worry, I won't."
  • Kingston: His eyes narrowed slightly as he tried to assess her. For what? Anything. Something wasn't right and even he knew it was beyond a lack of sleep. He reclined back in his chair, arms crossing. "Tired people don't perpetually have their cheek on the table for the entire meeting, nor do they hurry away to the bathroom looking like they're about to vomit up their guts." He paused before laughing airily with a small smile, shaking his head, "No, I'm more worried about the fact that if we're to lose a councilman to feeling ill and we're down to four, that wouldn't work so well, would it?"
  • Kiran: She let out a low sigh, giving Kingston a blue-eyed look. "No, it wouldn't work well." Kiran adjusted her position before speaking again. "I rarely do get sick, but sometimes it just hits me hard. It won't take long for it to run its course, especially if I'm taking in ambrosia and nectar. Thank you for being concerned, though, Kingston." Kiran stood, using the chairs for balance and moved towards the door.
  • Kingston: To mirror Kiran's moves, Kingston got up too and moved strategically in place of the door so, whilst she couldn't exactly leave without nudging him, it didn't look like he was purposefully trying to block the door. "Do you know how long this little... disturbance will go on for? I need to know how worth it is to shelve you for the time being."
  • Kiran: She tilted her head in thought, before answering. "The last time I got ill like this, I was taken out for about eleven days, but then again, that was back in 1996, so I really don't know. But believe me, you don't need to shelve me for the time being, I can still manage stuff even without me being at full strength." She seemed to start showing a little bit of irritation at him blocking her path, almost coming close to actually teleporting past him. "Can you move? Please?" A sudden coughing fit hit her then, turning Kiran away from Kingston, gasping for breath.
  • Kingston: Kingston was about to move and let Kiran go - a hinting feeling of guilt emerging within him for cornering her the way he did. But, when she began to cough, he had more of a suspicion that his mini question session was well argued for. He walked a step closer to her, tilting his head - concern perhaps taking over from just being inquisitive. "Are you alright? That cough doesn't sound good."
  • Kiran: She cast a glare from her bent-over position at Kingston. "I swear by Orthrys I will damn send you into Tarturaus if you don't stop asking if I'm FINE!" Kiran snarled, getting irritated now. "I'll see you around, Kingston." She straightened, teleporting back to her room quickly.


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