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Dante & Charlie Have a Good Time

  • Dante: Dante strolled through the town, looking around him as he did so. Very recently he'd been taking more time out of the Sanctuary and had been venturing closer and closer to Camp. This specific day, he sat down on a bench and watched people go past, wondering - as you do - how good they were in bed.
  • Charlie: Charlie was just out for a stroll in town (aka: he was looking to get laid). As, he walked down the street he noticed a very attractive guy on a bench, not caring if he was straight or gay, Charlie tried his best to look sexy for the person as he walked past (just in case he was into him)
  • Dante: Dante had noticed Charlie a while back and finding him attractive he made sure to follow him as he walked past. He remained sitting down for a few seconds before getting up and pursuing after the guy - seeing if he'd notice him before making any other moves.
  • Charlie: Out of the corner of his eye he saw Dante get up, but was unsure if he was following him. He made a sharp turn down an alleyway he knew went no where, and waited to see if the man would follow him there.
  • Dante: Dante saw Charlie go down an alleyway and again he hesitated before following him down it, doing his best to act the least suspicious that he could, running a hand through his hair as he looked down.
  • Charlie: He was leaned against a brick wall, when he saw Dante he sighed "Well that was easy.. I was looking for a challenge."
  • Dante: Dante furrowed his eyebrows as he looked up and in Charlie's direction, his stare resembling a glare, "Easy? What's easy?"
  • Charlie: He began walking towards Dante, looking him up and down, checking out his body. "I mean, I just had to walk past you and you followed me here, what's the fun in that? Good thing you're hot I guess"
  • Dante: Dante narrowed his eyes, unknowingly looking Charlie up and down too, "Who said I was looking for that? For all you know I could be murdering you - do I need to be hot for that?"
  • Charlie: Charlie smiled, he liked Dante "Well I wouldn't want to be killed by someone ugly. How would you do it?" he asked, toying with him.
  • Dante: Dante simply shrugged, "I have a sword or fire, the choice would be yours." After he said it a smirk appeared on his face.
  • Charlie: "I like the fire, hot guy, hot death. It just feels right." he said getting closer to Dante "And plus, the swords too messy anyway"
  • Dante: Dante, noticing the step, raised an eyebrow as he looked Charlie up and down again, "Smart choice besides, killing with a sword isn't any fun at all..."
  • Charlie: "You know what I think would be fun?" now very close to Dante "If you took me back to your place. Maybe you could show me that sword of yours.." he said, biting his lip
  • Dante: Dante laughed a little, not at Charlie but at the thought of taking him back to his "place", "Oh, you wouldn't like that, I'm sure of it."
  • Charlie: He smirked " Why? Are you homeless or something? I'm sure I can handle it."
  • Dante: He laughed again at the thought of being homeless, "Me? Homeless? Far from it." He smirked, crossing his arms, "If you knew what position I held you wouldn't be saying that."
  • Charlie: "Well I'd love to know what position you hold. But let's go to your place first, and we'll talk about that later.."
  • Dante: He rolled his eyes a little, smirking still, "Do you not listen? You probably won't like my place."
  • Charlie: He stepped even closer to Dante and whispered "No, I don't. So let's go back to your place"
  • Dante: Dante raised an eyebrow, "If you're that adamant..." He laughed a little, mostly to himself, "Last chance to back down, I'd take it if I were you."
  • Charlie: "I'm good." He said, smiling excitedly "I like a little danger"
  • Dante: The eyebrow continued to be raised as his smirk resurfaced, "Well then, can't say no to that." Dante paused for a second, before holding out his hand extremely purposefully.
  • Charlie: He smiled flirtatiously "Good..." he said, taking Dante's hand.


  • Dante: Closing the door behind them, Dante simply smirked at Charlie, "Well, here we are - my place."
  • Charlie: Charlie was in awe of the building "This is waaaaaaaaay better than my place..."
  • Dante: He grinned as he walked to his desk, leaning against it as he crossed his arms, "I'm glad you enjoy it - I can safely assume you're a demigod, right?"
  • Charlie: He smiles "Good guess, from Camp Half Blood.. And you are too?"
  • Dante: Dante shook his head, "Not from Camp myself, but we can talk about that later." He walked towards Charlie, smirking a little as he wrapped his arms quickly around his waist, "We've got things to do first, don't you agree?"
  • Charlie: He smiled and quivered with anticipation "Yes, yes we can..."
  • Dante: Dante's smirk was retained as he pulled Charlie close to him, whispering in his ear, "Good choice."
  • Charlie: "I know" he said while fumbling with Dante's belt, trying to get his pants off "Now let's have some fun"


  • Dante: Dante looked lazily over at Charlie, running a finger along his chest, "Well then, you're not as boring as I anticipated."
  • Charlie: "And you were about as fun as I anticipated" he gives a small smile.

Dante and Charlie Still at It

  • Charlie: He makes his way from camp to where he and Dante went last time they met. Dante didn't know he was coming, but he wanted to surprise him. He snuck into the BC headquarters and made his way to Dante's office.
  • Dante: Dante was in his office gathering papers for future missions before realising he needed to go to another's leader's office. Opening the door he was, to say the least, surprised to see Charlie standing before him to which he looked him up and down.
  • Charlie: "Heyyy" he said, not expecting Dante to even be in his office. "I hope you like surprises" he said smiling awkwardly.
  • Dante: Dante remained silent for a moment before crossing his arms and leaning against the door frame, "You do know you could be tortured if you're found here."
  • Charlie: He smiled and bit his lip "I'll take my chances" He walked past Dante into his office. "So what exactly is this place anyway? Last time you kicked me out before I could ask."
  • Dante: Dante shrugged, "A place different than what you're used to living at." He turned and closed the door, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." He smirked a little at the end, indicating it was playful despite his voice being deadly serious.
  • Charlie: He smiled back at Dante, leaned back on his desk, and unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt. "So..." he said with a faint smile. "Got any spare time?" he bit his lip
  • Dante: Dante shrugged, "Won't anyone at Camp be looking for you?"
  • Charlie: "So what if they are?" he continues unbuttoning "If anyone is... They can wait."
  • Dante: Dante's gaze shifted momentarily from Charlie's face to the action he was doing before returning back to his face, "Someone might think you're dead, especially if they know you're here." He paused for a second with a smirk appearing on his face, "I'm sorry to say sex with dead people isn't my thing."
  • Charlie: "Oh, get over it." He said, smiling, as he undid the last button on his shirt. "Think of it as having sex with someone who's almost dead" he though for a second "I'm not sure if that sounds appealing or not" he said with a slight laugh

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