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Daughter of Leto - Owned by Oli
Posted on 21:10, January 9, 2016 (UTC)
ValenciaL WB

Camp's Spy
Age: 19 Height: 5'6 Weight: 123 lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Welsh Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales
Main Weapon(s): Crossbow with Celestial Bronze Arrows

Powers of a Child of Leto (3/6/9 Month Powers not unlocked):
  1. WIP
Valencia had to have a walk, she just had to. Being cooped up inside of The Spire with little access to the outside world as they were in invasion planning mode had taken its toll on her and most days she seemed depressed. Seeing as today was a celebration, someone's birthday or something, she took this time to walk outside and get some fresh air. Initially when she walked out she didn't notice Klaus and she proceeded to pull a picture from her pocket and study it; that picture being of her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend.
Destroy what destroys you


  • Klaus: The son of destruction slowed down a little when he heard the sound of shoes against snow, and turned around quickly as to make sure no one had been following him. When he turned it caused a small amount of the melting snow, now slush, to spray up in the air, getting his shoes an the bottom of his jeans wet. When he was completely turned he notcied a familiar face staring at a photo. It was Valencia, and she looked sad? Depressed? He had wanted to say hello, but it probably wasn't a good idea to bother her yet, so instead he stopped and waited for her to notice him, white flakes falling into his red hair, causing a clash of colors.
  • Valencia: A thumb grazed over the face of the man in the photo and Valencia held back a few tears before stuffing it back into her pocket. Looking up and wiping her eyes, she crossed her arms afterwards and looked around before spotting Klaus looking at her. Tilting her head a little bit as a small smile appeared on her face, she took steps towards him, "Have you been staring at me the entire time I've been out here?"
  • Klaus: The son of destruction averted his gaze slightly, shaking his head. "No, staring" his cheeks where a slight shade of pink, as he turned to look back up at Valencia. "Are you okay?" He said this, as he knew she obviusly wasn't, losing someone you were close too, was extremly, and Kluas knee this first hand. "If you not, then you should talk someone." He then shifted slightly, before he started speaking once more. "Anyways, what have you been up to?"

((Ooc:I don't remember if I told you yet, but he speaks broken English, and it's pretty bad. XD))

  • Valencia: Valencia shrugged a little bit as her gaze slowly fell to the floor, "I'm fine as anyone can be here, I guess." She paused, running a hand through her hair before looking back up at Klaus, "Trying to find out what the hell is going on with everyone being so shifty, especially the"
  • Klaus: The son of destruction knew that the lot they were with now where even shadier then the BC, which is saying a lot. "Um" Was he supposed to say anything about Halia? Maybe he shouldn't? This was Valencia though so he was sure that he could, but he didn't feel the need to just yet. "The usual." As he said the words he started to turn a slight shade of pink, as a thought struck him, something completely unrelated to what he'd been thinking moments before. Aileen, the girl who'd tried to kill him just for not answering correctly. That lady was also on the counsel which kind of scared him more then it should have. "Has you meet Aileen yet?"
  • Valencia: Valencia shook her head softly, "No, I've heard of her though. That seems to be all I do here - hear about people and never actually meet them." She bit the inside of her cheek which was a clear indication, to anyone that knew her, of her annoyance and distaste, "Like I heard that the unofficial head of the council is a son of Kronos yet I've yet to hear him, see him or meet him. It's more secretive than the Covenant and we both know how that was."



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