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Day 2

Raeyn: Skilled fingers moved across the paper smoothly, creasing and recreasing, folding and refolding. In less that two minutes, a graceful crane had sprung from the previously lifeless but very colorful paper. Raeyn eyed it critically before nodding in assent. "Good enough, I guess," She mumbled as she set it aside, hands already picking at a new piece as she walked aimlessly around camp.

Riku: Riku finds Raeyn and snorts in derision.

Raeyn: At the sound, the daughter of Athena's head lifted upwards, dark eyes already narrowing at the boy. "What's so funny?" She inquired dryly, tucking the piece of origami paper into her jean pocket. She was attired casually as usual, though she had taken up advice on carrying extra weapons everywhere.

Riku: "You wasting your time doing...origami. And here I thought Children of Athena where supposed to be intelligent." He remarks snidely.

Raeyn: She cocked her head to the side, sending him a look of incredulity before doubling over in laughter. "Oh my gods!" She chortled. "That is just- Dude, I have met monkeys who know better insults. If you used half the brain you have, you'd realize that every art can be used in the real world." Every word punctuated her foreign accent quite clearly, but she didn't really mind as she ceased laughing and straightened up. "If you knew any better, you should know not to judge someone by their godly parent," She scoffed finally. "We demigods are still our own person, regardless of heritage."

Riku: His eyes glimmer violently and he whispers in her ear "Shut up. You don't know anything, and you never will. Child of Athena? More like Child of Hesita, as in, nonexistant." He retorts in an oddly snake like voice.

Raeyn: A moment passed, and Raeyn didn't even think. She just acted on impulse, as usual. She had been having a pleasant time and the weird creep decided to try and ruin it all. Her hand had already swung up, palm open for an effective power-slap right up the guy's chin. "First of all," Raeyn stated coolly, her voice as harsh as hellfire. "Do not insult Hestia. She's still a goddess who can curse the living fuck out of you. Secondly, I don't know anything? You don't know who the hell you're dealing with," A dark expression flickered across her face. "Lastly, I'm not the one running around failing to ruin people's days." A subtle flick of a wrist and one of her knives glinted in her hand, and she stared at him boredly. She'd dealt with worse.

Riku: He frowns. "Insult, Hesstia? Never. I wass ssimply remarking how you have no sskills, and how Hestia has no children, and thus they could not possess ssskills as they do not exist, like you." His face darkens. "The Logic is hard to follow.And I don't know who i'm dealing with? Oh, a knife. Yay! Could you do me a kind favor and cut my veiens. Ruin? No, I am simply stating the truth." He smiles madly.

Raeyn: The daughter of Athena blinked, a neutral expression now masking her face. "Oh, great," She found herself speaking, her words practically dripping with sarcasm. "A self-pitying smartass who feels that he's too good for the world and wants to see if the Underworld is any good," Her tone abruptly gained a harsher edge. "Well, newsflash sweetheart. Logic isn't my thing, and as for skills," A mad glint was reignited in her eyes. "I could probably kick your ass anyday."

Riku: He frowns slightly. "Feel I'm too good? You misunderstand. I am a mistake, I was never meant to be. If anything, you'd be doing the world a favor, and, you'd be ridding me of this curse! Please, end me. Please, I'm begging you. What is your name? So I can properly thank you if you do so."

Raeyn:' "There," Raeyn started slowly. "Is something very wrong with you," She finished, staring oddly at the boy. He couldn't have been older than fifteen. She slid the knife back into her sleeve easily, backing away from the emo kid. Not that she could talk. But she didn't go around pleading for someone to kill her.

Riku: He starts laughing hystically for a few minutes, he then grabs Raeyn's wrist. "Can't take a joke, can you?" He says. And as if reading her thoughts "I'm 13 by the way."

Raeyn: Raeyn jerked her wrist backwards and out of the boy's grasp, involuntarily summoning an apple that hurtled towards his face. "Things like that aren't things to be joked about," She responded curtly, her fist loosening just enough to show the owl tattoo on her palm. 

Riku: "My brother sure acted like it. Clearly you haven't met me. I'm Riku Nightshade, Son of Eros, Son of Miranda Nightshade. And you are?" He says with a mock bow.

Raeyn: Her lip curled almost imperceptibly in distaste. "I have good taste in company, I believe," Raeyn's tone was surprisingly even, but the insult lay beneath it quite deceptively. "Raeyn, daughter of Athena, as you know. Unless you've been stalking me successfully, you shouldn't even know that," Her eyes narrowed as she leaned back on the balls of her feet.

Riku: "I haven't been stalking you. But I can recognize a Child of Athena, Ares, Aphrodite and Eros when I see one. And it's rude to insult company."

Raeyn: "Oh, really," Raeyn stated skeptically. "It's also rude to point out that others are being rude. Thus resulting in you being a hypocrite and your argument becoming unfortunately invalid," she added blatantly, no longer caring at this point. A glance at her watch showed that it was nearing noon. It was then that she realized she hadn't eaten breakfast. Toying with the idea of summoning breakfast, she flexed her fingers instinctively.

Riku: He groans. "You think I care? Bye Raeyn." He walks off to the Strawberry Fields.

Raeyn: She watched the Eros boy walk off with a disapproving shake of her head. "Let's just see how egotistical he'll be when he meets one of the BC," the daughter of Athena mused darkly as she went on her own way to the dining pavilion.

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