Callista Butler Daughter of Demeter

 Age: 11  
 Sexuality: Bi 
  Main Weapon: Knives

Owned by: Professional-narwhal


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ahahaha Hi, I'm new here and I'd love to roleplay. Most of the rp areas here are dead (sadly), so I came here hoping someone will notice this lonely whale. My character was claimed a few days ago and I'm new to rp online (I rp in texts haha) so forgive me if I make mistakes or if my writing skills suck.

I'll join~ <3 Don't have any children of Demeter so I'll have to make due with Hana.


Callista: Callista slowly sat up in the bed, wincing. Her chest felt tight and sore. Looking around her, she could see she was in a small room with several beds, each with its own little station of medical supplies. Rubbing her eyes, she swung her feet out of the bed and walked to the window.

Hana: Hana entered the infirmary with a subconscious smile on her face, thinking about earlier conversations and interactions. She initially had wanted to volunteer in the infirmary for a while now but had never put herself up to it. She briefly scanned the infirmary, which wasn't filled with more than two people if she didn't count herself. Hana caught Callista by the window and decided her first job would be to get her away from the window. "Hey," Hana chimed to get Callista's attention.

Callista: Hearing a voice, she turned. "Oh, hi," she said, smiling. Callista was grateful someone walked in, she wasn't sure if she would be able to handle the silence of the room for long. "So, mind telling me what happened after I passed out? I don't remember anything after I got that girl's attention. If, of course, you know what happened," she added.

Han: She blinked and cleared her throat. "Actually I, uh, don't know what happened. I wasn't there if it isn't too obvious or else I'm sure I would actually, I don't know, know you," she replied sarcastically to Callista. She must be in a state of confusion, Hana thought. I'm not one of the campers who helped her... Or was she even helped by campers? 

Callista: She blinks, then smiles. "No need to be rude," she stood up, and walked to the other bed with a resting boy, touching him slightly. "This is my brother. Is he... is he alright?" She looked at Hana. "Don't answer if you're going to be rude to me, either. I'll find someone who knows what manners are, if that's the case."

Hana: Hana rolled her eyes, She's getting on my nerves. "I need to check his vitals first, but he looks fine. Good luck with that by the way, around this time of day, everyone is cranky. I just happen to be less cranky than most." She strode to the other side of the bed and began checking the boy's breathing and heartbeat. "He's most definitely alive, and his vitals are stable. He looks like he might be unconscious for a couple of days."

Callista: Callista sighs. "Poor Lennon." She glanes back at Hana. "If everyone was cranky at this time of day, I'm sure there would be a lot more injured people. Anyway, I'm just going to grab my things, and find some place more... amusing," she said, looking around her bed. "I wonder where my iPod went.." she muttered.

Hana:  "Guess I'm not amusing enough for you, your majesty," she sighed. "Well that's too bad, I was even thinking about giving you a tour but I guess not."

Callista: Sitting back up from looking under the bed, she looked at Hana with a glare. "I was in a pretty good mood until youcame in with this negativity. By the way, I'm not saying that you're unamusing, only this room here is unamusing. I'd love to get outdoors now and back in my flow. If you'd like to come, I welcome you to do so. But I won't put up with someone who's only going to be rude to me. I just got here, and the first person I meet makes me want to go back home."

Hana: "If you call this negativity you won't get along with many people here, kid," she chuckled. "And may I remind you, going home means certain death unless you're trained properly." Hana studied the girl, who looked small and no older than twelve. "You look eleven, twelve? You wouldn't last a day out there by yourself without proper training. Here, you're going to need a tour anyway. It's unlikely your brother will wake up today, but we can come back and check later. I'll have to show you the training arena, it's nothing like you've ever seen before." She walked to the door and propped it open, waiting for Callista. "You comin'?"

Callista: She sighs. "I usually get along with people fine," then shut her mouth, because she knew Hana was right. "I'm coming," she got up and followed Hana out the door.

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