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Jace -Child of Eros
-The Charming Thief

 Age: 19  Height: 5'8 
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: CB Compound Bow,Arrows and Greek styled Knife


Aisling -Child of Psyche
-The Butterfly Effect

 Age: 18  Height: 5'8  Weight: 137 lbs
 Sexuality: A-Sexual? 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: None
 – Fragility is all in the mind.


Jace and Aisling

Jace: Jace had honestly enjoyed the chat with the strange girl from the Psyche Cabin, he wasn't sure what his intentions exactly were but he couldn't stop thinking about her. Her beauty aside, the son of love immensely enjoyed talking to her. As he approached her cabin, he dearly hoped this wouldn't seem weird or creepy. There weren't a lot of black girls at Camp, she would've stuck out if she ever went anywhere else. Besides she didn't exactly seem like she was that great with people anyway. He saw the statue of Eros and Psyche again, wondering if she'd be sleeping under it again.

Aisling: Rather than lay resting on a bench, she had decided to try and take control of her life, by first mastering her abilities. From her back were dark blue wings, which disappeared after a few moments. She couldn't manage to hold her focus and control the energy required to sprout the wings. With her hands on her knees, she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to maintain the wings.

Jace: "Mmmm you can do it." Jace spoke softly as he saw her, finding it cute how she was trying to summon her wings properly. It reminded him of how eager he was to properly use his own. He'd never forget how scary his first flight actually was.

Aisling: With a huff, she gave up. They had appeared and she got a single flap out of them before they vanished on her. She hadn't even gotten to see what they looked like... not really. "AHHH!" She screamed in frustration, tears welling up in her eyes. That was the first time in a long time that she allowed herself to express her emotions so openly. It had immediately brought her to tears. She was growing so fast that not even she could miss it.

Jace: "Hey hey it's alright!" Jace was surprised to actually see her cry like that, it worried him that something trivial like that could make her cry. He was scared to find out what actually made her like that. It felt a little weird seeing Aisling like that, but he assumed there was just something wrong with her. He reminded himself that he'd need to tread carefully.

Aisling: She jumped, having not noticed him. Quickly she wiped her tears with the heel of hands, pressing hard against her eyes to get the tears to stop. "No... it's not," she sniffled, "this is something that should come naturally..." Pushing her hair back from her face she sighed, muttering to herself, "again I'm just a disappointment.

Jace: "Come on, it's alright. I flew into a tree the first time I summoned my wings. Considering you don't have a concussion, I'd say you're doin okay. Also remember? Son of Eros who can barely get a girl to talk to him! You haven't had nearly enough time here to be labeled a f*ck up yet." As always, he tried to lighten her mood with some humor.

Aisling: Her eyes glanced down, before she offered him a sheepish smile. "I guess," she replied in her normal, timid voice. Her hands locked behind her back as she finally came to the realization that he was back, in her garden. "You came back," she chirped, green eyes wide in an innocent surprise.

Jace: "I mean it'd be pretty weird I didn't, I said I'd see ya around." He happily placed his hands in his pocket, smiling now that she had calmed down. "How long you been trying to fly anyway? Those wings looked kinda weird, but in a cool way y'know?"

Aisling: She was going to bring up how a lot of people promise to visit, but never do. Instead, she moved on just as he did. "Since I last talked to you... Well, I've been practicing all of my abilities in general actually..." she admitted, a slight tug at her lip offering a quick smirk before vanishing. "For example...." she created a very small knife, that resembled a basic blade from the stone-age. It lasted much longer than her wings, but still vanished against her will, causing her to frown. "I was told that I have a lot of blocks in my mind and while I'm healing... I have to be willing to open up in order to completely be.... normal." Her voice grew very small at the end, brows furrowed in frustration.

Jace:"Cool...constructs are pretty great." As soon as she created the knife, he created a single rose. Made from a shining pink energy since it was spawned from Jace's emotional energy. "How exactly can you open up though?" He offered the construct to her, unsure of the details of Aisling's problem.

Aisling: she took the rose, an odd feeling tickling her stomach as she mumbled a, "thanks." Instead of looking at him as she replied, she looked at the beautiful rose. "I... I've gotta open up about my past," she said softly, "say what happened and accept that it's... it's not my fault."

Jace: "It's easier said than done isn't it?" Jace figured that'd it would be some kind of challenge considering that she hasn't done it already. Since he was going through a phase of trying to be more productive at Camp, the young man figured he could help. "Do you need to just open up to a single person or just tell everyone about it?"

Aisling: "I... " she began, thoughts trailing, "I'm not sure." She licked her lips, arms moving to cross her chest, subconsciously switching to a more defensive stance. "I guess one person is enough, to start..."

Jace: He was glad to see that she enjoyed the rose, shame he couldn't maintain it for too long. It faded since it wasn't like she was looking at it anymore. "Well it's not like I'd tell anyone anything, but I know since we just met..." Jace didn't mind being the first one who knew of her past, though he knew it'd be pretty weird. He assumed Aisling would want to talk to one of her cabinmates or something anyway.

Aisling: While she appreciated the offer, she had to decline. Biting her lip, she gave a hesitant head shake no. "I just don't want to make things heavy, with you," she answered honestly, her gaze shying away from his as she admitted liking him, though for her it wasn't yet romantic, let alone sexually."I like that I can smile with you..."

Jace: "I mean I get that." When he thought about it, it was likely for the best that he didn't know anything yet. Jace couldn't help but blush a bit when she said that last line, a little caught of guard by then. It was quite a while since he was talking to a girl like this. After his last relationship, Jace just ended up avoiding relationships and whatnot for some time. "I like that you like that." Why did I say that?"

Aisling: She felt her cheeks flush and she glanced away from him. "What have you been up to?" She wondered, green eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Jace: "Well I ended up having a sparring match against this guy from the Hecate Cabin, y'know the one where every kid puts Harry Potter to shame? Basically fighting a guy who can cast spells is just as hard as it probably sounds." Jace decided to bring that up instead of saying how he usually spent his time in an effort to impress her. Though he wasn't thrilled to remember that massive golem his opponent summoned...

Aisling: She bit her bottom lip, brows furrowed, her expression regretful. "I'm sorry but... I don't know what Harry Potter is, she admitted. Though, that does sound difficult. Spells aren't really something you only have control of, just the caster...right?" Growing up with an extremely religious father and then put into a mental health center, meant she was very ignorant to things that weren't introduced to her before her confinement. Magic, was a taboo subject.

Jace: "Magic is literally just doing whatever the hell you want. Cast a fireball, summon an animal, levitate and whatever. Any sort of thing you can't explain with science is by definition magic." Jace was a huge nerd so it was easy enough to try and explain this to her. "You could sorta call all demigod powers magical in a way. Probably why mortals should never find out we exist." Honestly, Jace was certain his mother would call him satan spawn or some kind of devil worshipper if she was still alive and found out about his heritage. Needless to say, she was just as religious as Aisling's father.

Aisling: "Yeah... " she agreed, eyes wandering as she thought back to the cruel words that labeled her, all because of abilities she couldn't control. "That makes sense though," she decided, "I'd like to see someone summon a tiger."

Jace: "Why a tiger?" Honestly Jace might've screamed if someone had done that in front of him. He had the luck of never having attracted a very deadly monster when he was outside of camp. So a big predatory cat would be enough to spook him. Perhaps she was interested in them.

Aisling: "I've never seen one in real life... " she admitted, "or a lion... or any kind of cat." Her thoughts were accented by her finger tapping of her chin. "I think I'd like cats," she declared with a soft grin. "Do you like cats?"

Jace: "They're okay, my mom hated them. And cartoons. And video games. Basically anything that wasn't the Bible." He groaned, remembering all those damned verses he was forced to read as a kid. "She wasn't fun to live with." Since his mother raised him by himself he tried to think fondly of the woman but it was hard.

Aisling: "An idle mind is the devil's workshop," Aisling mumbled. "That's what my dad used to say," she frowned. "Our parents sound very similar..." It wasn't a similarity that she seemed excited about. In fact, that sadness he softened, began to return to her grassy eyes.

Jace: "Shit." He observed the fact that bringing up his mother was a mistake, he scrambled his mind for something else to discuss. "So any idea who designed this sweet ass garden anyway? Do you guys take turns taking care of it or what?"

Aisling: Her eyes gazed at the fountain that had brought him to this place, giving her someone to look forward to seeing. "I don't know who designed it... but as of late I've been volunteering to maintain it, though my siblings do a better job. They have... telekinetic abilities, I guess," she explained.

Jace: "Then you have telekinetic abilities, just gotta learn how to use em. Like I remember how I saw one of my sisters charmtouch a guy into giving her his wallet. After I practiced, I learned how to do it too. Oh don't worry I rarely ever use that power." He quickly realized it was probably a mistake telling Aisling about charmtouching, but she probably never heard of the ability his siblings were famous for.

Aisling: She'd already gone over a lesson with Sinclair, about how her mind naturally resist persuasive powers, she just has to believe in herself and not let any of it take root. So she knew what he meant by charmtouch. "Well it wouldn't work on me anyway," she replied, before clarifying, " the charmtouch... I mean."

Jace: "That's actually pretty cool, I don't like using it on people." He meant unless he was defending himself or stealing from a mortal, but he wasn't going to tell her the second part anytime soon. "Like just being able to control people is a little scary, like you could possibly make them do whatever you want with just a touch." Jace actually liked being around someone who was immune to his abilities, not even his slight attraction. If she liked him it was solely because of him, not due to a mystical influence.

Aisling: Aisling nodded in understanding. "When I got my abilities... I first began speaking to my father in his mind, by accident of course. I could also make out his aura at times. It made him think I was the devil and it made me wish that I was blind and deaf."  While she didn't mean to and it was far from her intention, Aisling began to open up about her past. But speaking to him about it didn't seem like the therapy sessions she had with Sinclair.

Jace: "You think that's bad? I was accidentally turning on girls with my powers, it was so awkward because they all assumed it was on purpose and I had no idea what they were even talking about." He rested his hand on his forehead as he remembered his first few weeks at Camp. But fortunately he'd managed to control that power and hasn't had a reason to use it since.

Aisling: Her heavy heart rose at hearing this, able to relate. "I agree, it is very difficult being unable to control how people react to you," she replied, tone solemn, "especially when you have to fix it." There were many times it was her fault for arousing faculty at the psych center, and she had to fix their problems. The memory made her grimace. Though, she took solace knowing she wasn't alone.

Jace: "Well when they expect you to, sometimes they just want you to go away." He was completely ignorant of her past ordeal, but it was nice to know he wasn't the only one who sucked at dealing with people. "Being social is kinda hard isn't it? Like everyone just expects you to be just like them y'know?"

Aisling: She realized that perhaps they weren't on the same page, but she couldn't bring herself to point it out. She hadn't realized how far out of her shell she'd come, until that moment, and she quickly retreated back emotionally. "Yeah... though I can't tell when it comes to you," she replied, voice shaky as she tried to keep her composure.

Jace: "You alright?" He could detect the change in her mood. Anyone could hear the concern in his tone.

Aisling: She gave a nod before standing, bare feet digging into the soft earth. "Just fatigued..." she replied. Her eyes darted to her cabin door, where she could escape this interaction, and cry out her stupidity.

Jace: He stood as well, able to tell that their conversation was drawing to a close. "Um it's cool if I show up tomorrow right? Or did I screw things up already?" The teen scrambled his mind to try and figure out what he did wrong. He was certain something he said bothered her.

Aisling: Her brows furrowed in confusion as her head tilted ever so slightly. "I... no, it's my fault," she explained shaking her head, again in a very child like manner. "I misunderstood," she mumbled before turning away and rushing to her cabin. Tears had already began flooding her eyes, and she forcefully wiped them away as she opened the door and vanished inside.

Jace: "Goddamn moron." He muttered, truly believing this to be his fault somehow due to his social awkwardness. Jace's life had mostly involved him screwing up social situations since he was just never a people's person. Part of the reason as to why he'd taken to secluding himself in his room. He was tired of liking people only to just weird them out or turn them off. He walked away, groaning in irritation.

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