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Polly Akana - Daughter of Aetna ☼ Hawai'ian Fire

-"Oh, should my people fall, then surely I'll do the same."
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  • Polly: She walked through the forest near the camp, earbuds nestled in her ears as she listened to one of her favorite songs. She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings; Polly just walked, eyes closed, letting her feet take her wherever.
  • Adéle: She was headed towards a clearing, hoping to the gods that she wouldn't encounter anybody. She had in mind exposing her wings, and she didn't want an audience when she did it. Not in the case the pain would be overbearing again. If anyone saw her... that'd be humiliating.
  • Polly: Despite the noise Polly was making, she stayed on course until she felt it right to open her eyes. Polly found herself in a clearing, the silence deafening once she took out her earbuds.
  • Adéle: Of course someone was headed towards her when she wanted to be alone. That's - that's fucking fantastic. Heavily annoyed, Adéle resolves to sitting in the middle of the clearing. She hoped that whoever those footsteps belonged to would just leave within the next few minutes upon realizing this place was thoroughly empty.
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