Aurore Parthenopaues -Child of Hecate

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Bea -Honey Bee Nymph
-The honey bee that doesn't sting

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Bea: The honey bee nymph walked slowly, breathing in the crisp autumn. It was wonderful time of year, great for exploring, but as the climate began it's steady decent, fresh honey just didn't taste as sweet. Wearing a yellow and black stripped dress, black flats, and bee clip in her honey blonde hair, Bea swung a wicker basket filled with small jars of crystallized honey from the spring back in the underworld. Mellisa, a queen bee for the hive by the lake, had just buzzed away after their friendly but heated conversation about the best recipe for sweet cakes. Then a sound snapped her back from her daydreams, just in time to see...

Aurore: ... had stepped on a twig. She squeaked slightly, seeing as she kind of looked like she had been following the nymph from wherever she had come from. When, in all reality, she had been exploring the camp. After all, she still kind of was a newbie, and didn't they all do the same thing? She was wearing dark jean shorts, with a sparkly purple shirt with black boots. Her white hair was in a braid, and pulled over her left shoulder. Her blue eyes quickly looked up to the girl, as she gave a nervous smile. "Sorry!" 

Bea: Hearing the sudden sound, Bea twirled around to see a see an apoligetic girl who was at least a head shorter than her. Curious to get a better look at the girl's white (for she had never seen oddly colored hair), Bea flashed a bright smile at was she assumed to be a newbie. "That's quite alright, honey." She said, boucing on the balls off her feet like she had boundless energy. Maybe that came with being immortal. The girl, however, looked young with her blue eyes– they remided her of Jeremey's, who was a past.... friend. "Don't be embaressed, I do love to explore, aswell." She set her basket of honey jars on the ground and held out her hand. "I'm Bea." She grinned again.

Auore: She litterally sighed with relief that she wasn't going to be yelled at, which she did get at one time. She smiled in return, shaking the other girl's hand. "I'm Aurore." She replied, as she nervously messed with the emerald ring around her finger. She glanced down at the honey jars, wondering what was going on with them. Maybe a Nymph? She didn't want to seem rude and ask, however.

Bea: "Lovely name, Aurore," Bea commented sincereley. The newbie obviously wasn't at ease, the way she saw her fiddle with a mysterious gem ring. Bea would ask, but she didn't want to be rude. Seeing Aurore eyeing her (quite famous, thank you) honey, She drew her attention back by explaining, "I was just bringing these to the dining pavillion, but you're welcome to take a jar– sweet as can be." Bea gazed affectionately at the basket, as some of the honey she'd take from the underworld. She still had a bunch more in her suitcase.

Aurore: "Thank you. I love your dress." She replied, looking it over. "Oh, thank you." She said, and before the words even left her mouth, she already could plan what she would use the honey for; some tea! Aurore then looked back at Bea, "Did you need any help?" Maybe a little bit later, she would think this question over. How this little, short, girl was trying to helping out. But at the moment, she just wanted to be friendly. 

Bea: "Thank you, it's my one of my favorite outfits. And honestly, these jars HAVE been getting a little heavy..." She took three of th fullest jars and presented them to Aurore. "Guard them with your life." She said seriously, though her smile was playful and her eyes were teasing. Bea picke up the basket again, much lighter, and turned her torso a bit, as if to say, Well, are we going?

Aurore: She held onto the heavy-ish jars of honey, giving a small grin back at her little tease. At least she hoped it was a little tease, otherwise, Aurore would be terrible for a task like so. Looking back up to Bea, she nodded, taking a step towards her as if showing her that she was ready to follow. As she did so, she briefly glanced down at the jars eyeing them suspicously. How delightful can you be to be guarded with one's life?

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