Callista Butler Daughter of Demeter

 Age: 11  
 Sexuality: Bi 
  Main Weapon: Knives

Clementine Sunday (close up)

Clementine Sunday -Child of Hypnos
-The Seamtress of Sleep

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Callista: Callista was too easily bored. She'd been in this hospital-like room for five hours now, and she couldn't seem to sit still. What was worse, someone had either misplaced or taken her iPod, which she kept in her pocket. Sighing, she went to the window and looked below her for the millionth time.

Clementine: Clementine walking into the infirmary looking for a bag of ice to soothe the pain that was caused by falling off the bed in her sleep. There, she saw a new girl with dark hair haunting the room.

Callista: She sat on her knees, her eyes just above the window sill, so she was able to watch everyone walk around. Hearing footsteps, she turned around and blinked. "Finally, a human being," she said. "I've been too long alone with the thoughts in my mind."

Clementine: With a sleep smile, Clementine said, "Well, considering we're both in Camp Half Blood, I'd say we're a little more than just human beings. And glad to provide the company." She walked forward, feeling slightly offput by the soft emptiness in the girl's eyes.

Callista: "More than human," she said, smiling. "I guess that's true." She turned around to face the other girl. "So, this is really Camp Half Blood?"

Clementine: She understood the feeling well of trying to wrap her head around the whole "demigod" thing, so Clementine smiled along before she said, "I'm pretty sure, yeah. How'd you end up here anyway?"

Callista: She laughs. "Long story short, me and my brother were attacked by this huge ass dog, and our aunt took us here in her van. She had like, directions and stuff. I know the basics of this place. She also said something about us being children of... what was the name.... Deme..? Demetia? I don't know. I was semi-concious."

Clementine: Glad to put her knowledge to use, Clementine said with a suddenly bright face, "Demeter!" Then, with an awkward kind of cough she said more quietly, "Demeter, thats cool.... and I'm glad you're ok... uh... whats your name?"

Callista "Oh! It was Demeter. I'm Callista," she said, smiling. "What's yours? And who is Demeter...?"

Clementine: "Clementine," She answered simply, "And Demeter is a goddess of agriculture I have yet to be in the cabin, the outside looks lovely."

Callista: She stood up, face full of excitement. "I'd love to go and see it! It's very boring in here," then she leans over to Clementine and whispers, "And the kid won't let me leave. Take me please...? Help me get out without them noticing." She stared at Clementine with big, pleading eyes.

Clementine: Glancing at the camper she was referring to, Clementine agreed with a wordless nod. "On the count of three, we can make it out the back door. Sound good?" Clementine smiled.

Callista: With a devious grin, she gave Clementine a thumbs up. "Ready when you are."

Clementine:  Clementine mouthed, "1... 2..." She turned on her heels and ducked to the back door, opening it quickly but quietly. "3!"

Callista: She bolted, running as fast as her short legs would take her, laughing the whole way. "See you later!" She grinned, sticking out her tongue, and ran until she finally lay down in the middle of field, out of breath. Panting, she said, "That..... was..... fun,"

Clementine: She made some sort of out of breath laughing sound before she resumed to chase Callista into what appeared to be a field. It flashed in her memory that Callista's mother was Demeter, and perhaps that was why she was drawn to there. "Agreed..."

Callista: Still slightly out of breath, she sat up. "So. This is like a summer camp? Where should we go first?" She glanced down at the grass and picked a few flowers as she spoke.

Clementine: She sat down, smoothing her dress out. "Mhm," She said, leaning back and looking up at her clouds, her chest still rising and falling rapidly.  "I think you'd love the strawberry fields. I know I do."

Callista: "OH MY- I might faint- did you just say..... STRAWBERRY?" She was practically bouncing; as strawberries were her first and foremost favorite food. "Let's go!!"

Clementine: Smiling at her reacting, Clementine got to her feet. "I'll show you the way– if you promise we don't have to sprint again."

Callista: "Deal," she said. She stood, arching her feet and balancing on her tip toes to get a better view of the area.

Clementine: Clementine motioned for Callista to follow as she started falling eastwards, ransacking her brain for small talk.

Callista: She followed with readiness. "After I eat the field, can we see this Demeter's cabin?"

Clementine: With an almost dorky laugh, Clementine said, "Sure! Save some for me."

Callista: Being curious and still filled with questions, she asked, "So what is like here, on a daily basis? What's the purpose other than keeping 'more than humans' safe?"

Clementine: "For us Hypnos kids– He's the god of rest– its heaven," She explained as walked between two tall tress, "Since we get to sleep all the time and no one questions it."

Callista: She laughs. "I guess I'll come to like it too. I enjoy the outdoors, I mean I have lived on the road in an aluminum camper my whole life, traveling the country." She glanced over at the woods and smiled. "I'd love to take a stroll there anytime,"

Clementine: "And I'd happily join you. But first.." They walked out of the thicket of trees and camp upon a hill overlooking the fast rose red fields of ripe berries. With a big smile (and of course a yawn), Clementine glanced at her and said, "Shall we?"

Callista: Her face lit up as she saw the field. "Of course!" Running into the field, she carefully eyed them all, looking for the strawberry with the deepest red color. Finally finding one as dark as blood, she popped it in her mouth. "Mmmmmm. The darkest ones are the juiciest," she said, picking another.

Clementine: Using gravity to pull her to run fast, Clementine stormed down the hill after Callista, when she finally caught up with her, she gave a big, long yawn before saying, "You said there'd be no more running!"

Callista: "Oops. I got a bit over zealous," she continued to eat strawberries before handing one to Clementine. "That one should be really good," she smiled.

Clementine: She popped it into her mouth, and it tasted like pure sugar. "You've got a good eye, Callista."

Callista: She shrugged. "It's just like a sixth sense. My aunt always made me and Lennon do the produce shopping, we always knew which ones tasted the best," she giggled. "Besides, with strawberries it mostly goes with the color of how good it tastes,"

Clementine: Yawning again, yet louder, Clementine suddenly blushed, "Sorry, you're not boring me, I just..." Suddenly her knees gave way and Clementine fell to the ground. Yet she wasn't hurt... she was sleeping.

Callista: "Oh my," she blinked, then poked her cheek slightly. "Wakey wakey... just for a while longer? You can sleep once we get to Demetia- I mean Demeter's cabin."

Clementine: Clementines eyes slowly fluttered open, squinting slightly into the afternoon light backlighting Callista. With a long yawn and a blush, Clementine sat up, fixing her hair before saying, "Sorry about that... I don't know what came over me. Lets go." She got up with little trouble, looking around to the direction towards the cabins.

Callista: "Okay then," she said. She ate another strawberry before giving her attention to Clementine, eager to see the cabins.

Clementine: Smiling, Clementine gestured for Callista to follow, and started heading in the cabin's general direction. "So tell me about life before camp. Everyone's got a story."

Callista: She took a breath. "Alright. My life was pretty fun, actually. My brother and I live- well, lived, with our aunt. She liked to travel, so most of the time we were in her old volkswagon van which tows our camper. All we did really was travel to different State or National parks, and to some big cities," she smiled. "I had a collection of all the souveniers I had gathered, but that's back in the van."

Clementine: "Sure sounds like a lot of adventure. But I'm positive you'll like it here too," Clementine said, looking around. "Alrighty, I think we're here."

Callista: She looked at the cabin in awe, amazed someone could have built such a beautiful place. The cabin was very earthy, made of a hard mud material, with a grassy and glass roof. "I love it!" She runs inside, then laughs and rolls onto the carpet of soft grass.

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