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Rhi: Rhiannon had just wrapped up an archery training session with the younger demigods. It was always more than a little tiring to maintain control over a group of twelve year olds, but it was particularly hard to keep with a bunch of kids with ADHD and magical powers. Yawning, Rhi walked out of the archery range, her bow and arrows over her shoulder. She was humming a tune under her breath, not paying too much attention to her surroundings.

Skylar: Blazing heat enveloped the green in the centre of camp. Skylar and one of his sisters lay lazily on the lawn, gazing up to the sky talking about an assortment of subjects from politics to how many sexual partners has Alexander the Great had. His hand gripped several blades of grass and pulled them from their home, creating a little pile beside him which could feed a miniature pig but he was beginning to dose off and his sister decided to get up and leave him be.

Rhi: She didn't notice the body of her sort of ex boyfriend on the grass in the middle camp until she was tripping over Skylar, basically kicking him in the ribs and then landing head first on the ground, her left knee digging into his groin. She barely had time to put her hands in front of her, saving her face from a very agressive exfoliation. Rhi groaned in pain, not yet acknowledging she had landed on someone.

Skylar: As soon as Rhi fell on him he moaned out in pain, an agonizing jolt running up from his groin to all his nerve endings and the likes. "Ugh...get off my dick. Not like that's something I typically say." He groaned as he opened his eyes warily, black dots filling his vision. "Were you even looking where you were going?" He asked semi-aggressively- not yet realising who'd just fallen on him.

Rhi: Slowly, mentally cataloging any injuries she'd just acquired, Rhi rolled off whomever she'd just used as a landing mat. The voice berating her was familiar, but she didn't really comprehend any of it yet. Her subconscious, though, was a different case all together. "F*ck you, Lune, you try training three cabins worth of twelve year olds for three hours and leaving with your mental functions in tact." As soon as she finished her small rant and ran back what she just said, she sat up, ignoring the pain jolting up one of her legs. "Wait, Skylar? What are you doing here?" she asked, staring at the boy, as if she hadn't just fallen on top of him.

Skylar: He rolled over to his side, gripping his now searing crotch. Instead of his face hung a picture of agonizing pain and distress; however that didn't stop him from answering her back. "I don't know," he took a sharp breath, "maybe I'm an angel that fell from Heaven?" He exhaled again, another pained breath.

Rhi: "Oh, f*ck, I'm so sorry, babe," she said, her brows furrowing in worry and guilt as realization finally dawned on her. "Do you need the infirmary? I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going at all, this is completely my fault," she went on, ignoring her own bleeding palms and possibly broken toe.

Skylar: He panted gently before taking another deep breath, his face becoming slightly more relaxed, "No....I might not be able to reproduce anymore but..." He managed to give out a slight smirk, "maybe that's a good thing."

Rhi: "I'm sorry, love," she said again, reaching out to touch his face, run her fingers through his hair in hopes of comforting him. "Your children are going to have gorgeous face structure, so shut it."

Skylar: Skylar felt comforted by her touch and his face returned to its previous state, no longer scrunched up and red albeit the heat was still there. "I don't know, yours are probably going to be prettier."

Rhi: She beamed down at him with a chuckle, "You're the pretty one, remember? I'm the brains." She was still tracing patterns on his face with her fingertips, the familiarity of the moment leaving her warm all over, pain forgotten. The wave of nostalgia that hit her wasn't entirely unexpected, but still sudden. Her smile only widened as she looked into his eyes.

Skylar: He raised his hand to hers and grasped it gently against the side of his face, "It honestly isn't that hard to be smarter than me, ma chérie." He paused for a moment. "My dick still hurts though..."

Rhi: She burst out laughing, not able to help herself. "I'm not gonna reply to that, you'll turn anything I say into something sexual," she said after recovering, grinning ear to ear.

Skylar: He chuckled before sitting up, the pain in his genitals now subsided. He grunted as the blood rushed from his head, "I shouldn't have sat up so fast." He snapped his eyes shut once more to try and cope with the dizziness.

Rhi: Frowning, she could do nothing but look at him while he recovered. "Are you sure you don't want to go to the infirmary for some ambrosia?" she asked, very obviously worried.

Skylar: He laughed before shaking his head, "No, I'm fine." He looked at her for a few moments before speaking once more, "Are you okay? I forgot you fell."

Rhi: She shrugged, looking down to examine her palms, as they had taken most of the fall and naturally most of the damage. The blood had clogged, and she'd have to sanitize them with some strong alcohol, but it could've been worse. "I'm fine," she said finally, wincing as she tried to form a fist. "Nothing horrible."

Skylar: He raised an eyebrow as she winced, "Are you sure you don't need to go to the infirmary?"

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