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Aphrodite's Cabin

  • Lewis: It's snowing outside and Lewis wakes up early because he wanted to treat his siblings by making pancakes. He had no particular plan for the day but he did hear of a party that's going to happen out of town tonight from one of his friends. He pulls on a shirt and hoodie because it's chilly, sweats and his puppy dog slippers and goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. Afterwards, he goes to the kitchen and to the pantry to start preparing the pancakes for breakfast.
  • Ryan: He had sprawled himself out on the couch since 4 am since he couldn't sleep and had decided to watch some movies. The TV was loud, he didn't much care for his siblings sleeping pattern, at least they were lucky to have one. It was still early when he heard someone enter behind him and he pulled his Adventure Time duvet close around him on the sofa and the movie carried on and he paid no mind to the other - soon he knew, his sibling would shout and pester about the importance of sleep and how lack of it would form bags under his eyes. As if he cared.
  • Lewis: He is busy mixing the pancake batter, humming Sia's "Chandelier" when he notices the quite loud volume of the television in the lounge area. It's still a bit dark outside because it's like 6 AM and it's snowing so the only source of light is the one coming from the television screen and the one from the bulbs in the kitchen. He decides to check out who was already up and wipes his hands with the towel on the sink before proceeding to walk on over to the lounge. He sees Ryan sprawled across the couch and his face instantly lights up. "Woah, Ryan is that you?" He smiles and then walks on towards him so that he's now towering over Ryan beside the couch. "Man, I haven't seen you in a while! Guess we both got busy, huh?"
  • Ryan: He grumbles as he hears footsteps and he had half the mind to cover himself in the duvet. The humming is rather obnoxious and he hears the sink being turned off. He glances up and notices the familiar face of Lewis, with that comic smile and beautiful eyes. He chuckled a bit, it felt slightly forced and he saw the other one towering over him. "Lewis!" He smiled with a small nod. "I wouldn't use busy but yeah it's been a while." He nodded with a smile as he pushed the duvet down and turned the volume down too
  • Lewis: He nods and then his face instantly lights up. "Oh, perfect timing. I'm making pancakes." He grins and then uses his thumb to point over to the kitchen over his shoulder. "Trying to have an early holiday treat for the cabin. I'm not sure who wants blueberries or strawberries in their pancakes, or even both. You wanna help out?" He looks at him quite expectantly, not in the context of forcing him though, but more on like wanting to spend time with him more.
  • Ryan: It wasn't really in his personality to help out and he did think it un-needed for Lewis to help out but he nodded, wanting an excuse to spend him with Lewis. He had forgotten how attractive he was, pretty eyes and perfect bone structure. He nodded as he lifted himself up, still in yesterdays clothes. He stretched and yawned as he put his hands in his skinny jeans. "I can help if you really want..."
  • Lewis: He smirks and looks at him devilishly, unconsciously letting his flirtatious side take over. "Oh trust me. I want to." He infuses a bit of charm-speak into his words and then glances at him one last time before turning around and heading back into the kitchen, knowing for a fact that Ryan will follow him.
  • Ryan: He nodded with a smile and blushed slightly at the tone Lewis was using. He moved around the couch and left his duvet there before following closely after the other male. He was blushing and he didn't quite know why, maybe because such an attractive man wanted him in his presence
  • Lewis: Lewis walks back into the kitchen and arranges some of the stuff on the counter to make some space for Ryan, before grabbing the whisk and the bowl of pancake batter. He is smirking when Ryan entered the room and then hands him the bowl and the whisk. "Make sure there's no bubbles." He stares into Ryan's beautiful eyes briefly before walking towards the stove to start heating the pan.
  • Ryan: He was forced to take the whisk and bowl and he just grins sheepishly at the other, his green eyes looking into Lewis' eyes before he flinched away because of shyness. He just started to whisk and kept his eyes fixed on the mixture within. He nodded at the 'no bubbles' comment and hummed the Tokyo Ghoul theme song under his breath.
  • Lewis: He grabs some butter from the refrigerator and starts melting some in medium heat. He then smiles at Ryan before getting the bowl back and walks back by the stove, pouring a little bit of batter into the pan. "So, what have you been up to, lately?" He glances at him for a second before hurling the pancake in mid-air and catches it back with excellent precision.
  • Ryan: He could see Lewis trying to show off and he chuckled and almost sarcastically clapped when he caught the pancake. Nothing was the easiest way to put it, he had been doing nothing, he thought nothing would sound better than having a movie marathon for the past weeks. "Oh not much." He smiled. "I can see you've been to some Pancake Flipping University where you got your PhD." He teased a bit
  • Lewis: He laughs at Ryan's comment and flips the pancake a couple more times before placing finally placing it on a plate. "Well, I've been very busy." He grins at him and then pours some more batter into the pan. "Anyway, I've wanted to ask if you have anything to do tonight? There's this party out in a nearby college town. Some frat thing. You wanna come?" He smiles and looks at him quite expectantly.
  • Ryan: He kept stirring and he pushed a piece of hair behind his ear with a small smile. When he heard about the party he sighed a bit and looked down. "Uhm I don't if I'll fit in." He smiled a bit sadly. "Frat houses don't seem to be the kinda place who would want me."
  • Lewis: He snorts. "Oh come on, who are you kidding?" He grins at him while he puts the second pancake on a different plate. "We are children of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and to a certain extent, fashion as well." He winks. "We'd fit in everywhere."
  • Ryan: He shrugged at that as he finished the bowl and put it on the counter, in all honesty he just wanted to spend time with Lewis. "Fine then." He offered a small smile. "What time is it?"
  • Lewis: "It starts at 8, I'll knock on your door when we're ready to go." He smiles and the continues cooking the pancakes.
  • After a successful pancake breakfast with the rest of Aphrodite's Cabin, Lewis went out to do some errands for Camp and came back in the afternoon.
  • TIMESKIP to 7:30 PM
  • Lewis: He's wearing a light blue long-sleeved button-down shirt, beige jeans and loafers and tucks his wallet, containing a packet of ambrosia, in his back pocket. They will be going outside Camp Half-Blood's magical borders and so it would be best to be ready. He also straps a small celestial bronze dagger under his jeans. Feeling all prepared and ready for anything mythological that might happen, Lewis slips on his winter coat and exits his room, making a beeline for Ryan's bedroom. He stands in front of the wooden door and knocks three times.
  • Ryan: A grumble could be heard and Ryan appeared after a few minutes with a tired look on his face. He had remembered... he's just hadn't slept very well. He was wearing a shirt with a small Superman logo on his chest pocket in a dark blue shade but not quite navy. He wore some black skinny jeans and a pair of burgundy VANS shoes. He slid his hands into his pockets and smiled up. "Sorry - I'm ready now."
  • Lewis: He beams and offers his arm, hoping Ryan would take it so they could stroll out like a couple, just for fun of course, but at the back of Lewis' head, he also wants as much contact with his brother as possible. "Let's go then." He grins.
  • Ryan: He saw the other smile and the corners of his mouth tugged upwards and he looked down shyly. He took the arm with slight hesitation, it wasn't that he didn't like physcial contact or that he didn't like Lewis (far from it) it was the fact that he thought Lewis was like this with everyone and that he was just being friendly. He put on a long coat to keep out the cold winter air that hit them as soon as they left the Cabin and made their way through camp.


  • Lewis: Lewis tugs off his coat the moment they enter the fraternity house, handing it over to the coat check girl. He scans the area, a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people in there with them and the loud blaring of the music which seems to be coming from a huge speaker stationed in the living room. "Hey There Delilah" is currently playing, which is a bit peculiar especially for a party like this but he ignores it and pours his attention towards Ryan instead. "So, beer or shots?" He asks, his mouth forming a playful smile.
  • Ryan: The music hit poor Ryan like a wall of Rock. He screwed his face slightly and  pushed past, handing his coat right after Lewis. The place was full... well it wasn't full it was packed full. Ryan pushed past a few people just so he could stay close to Lewis, in fear that he'd be lost. He watched the other turn and thought. "Shot?" He stated in a thoughtful way, the sort of way that was only a 'if you want shots then shots.'
  • Lewis: "Well, to be honest I'm more of a beer person." He sighs. "But if you want shots, then it's totally cool." He looks around for the least occupied area in the house and his face lights up when he spots the almost empty kitchen. He grabs Ryan's hand and drags him to the kitchen where there's a bunch of guys and girls playing spin the bottle. It sparks an interest in Lewis but he goes for the beer cooler first, grabbing a bottle for him and for Ryan. He pops the caps off with a bottle opener and hands one to Ryan. "We can just do shots later. But since the night is still young, I think it'd be best if we hold our alcohol for now." He looks at Ryan fondly and smiles at him, before taking a drink from his bottle.
  • Ryan: He felt himself being dragged and for the first few seconds he imagined his hand would come free and he just kept letting Lewis drag him and his now rather sore shoulder. They reached the kitchen and Ryan turned his attention rather plainly to spin the bottle... it seemed like an Aphrodite game, maybe see invented it. Being forced to kiss people, maybe even your secret crush with no consequences... it was just a game right? Ryan imagined what it would be like if the bottle spun on Lewis... how those lips would feel, those hands, those- He felt a cold beer being handed to him and he smiled rather sheepishly and nodded slightly. "I think we should play spin the bottle." It was a quick and paniced blurt.
  • Lewis: He raises his eyebrows at Ryan's suggestion, a bit surprised but intrigued at the same time. He takes another drink from his bottle and smirks at Ryan. "Alright, then." He walks towards the group playing spin the bottle and asks if they can join. He smiles and sits with them after being given permission and looks at Ryan. "Come on in."
  • Ryan: He sipped his beer... which he wasn't too fussed on and went to sit down. He frowned when some girl took the place next to Lewis and so Ryan was forced to sit opposite him. He had a very moody look on his face as the bottle was spun by the girl next to him. If it lands on me I'll kiss her with my fist.
  • Lewis: The bottle stops in front of Lewis, whose face instantly brightens. He looks at the girl next to him and greets her, before placing his hand at her cheek and leaning forward to kiss her, the people around them cheering as they continue to make out.
  • Ryan: His heart sunk slightly, he knew it was just a game but he didn't like it one bit. His legs retracted towards his body and he looked away rather awkwardly, not wanting to see it with his own eyes. It's the fact that Lewis continued, like it was something much bigger.
  • Lewis: He pulls back from the kiss after quite some time and laughs with the girl. He then looks at the bottle and exclaims, "My turn to spin!" while throwing his arms up in the air. He takes a quick sip from his beer and spins it, slowing a little bit when it aligns with Ryan...
  • Ryan: He very quickly mocks the girls giggled and distracts himself from the fact that Lewis has spun. The circle fell quite and he looked down at the bottle, blushing as he noticed it landed on him. He gave the other a sheepish grin, rather lost for words.
  • Lewis: Lewis is a bit confused on what he should do. On one side, Ryan is his brother, well half-brother actually, while on the other side, it's just a game and he really wants to kiss him out of pure attraction. He sees Ryan's sheepish grin and says Oh fuck it on his mind before leaning over the girl between them whom he just kissed and smiles at his brother. Their faces are inches apart, Ryan's breath hot on his face and Lewis decides to just go for it. He places one hand on the back of Ryan's neck and the other one on his cheek and pulls his brother's face towards his own, pressing their lips together.
  • Ryan: Ryan's heart skipped beats as the other edged closer with his cocky yet attractive smile. Time seemed to slow down and he felt the warm hands of the other male as he pulled Ryan forward slightly. Their lips touched and it was warm and it made Ryan flush a deep crimson. It was a good kiss, probably because they were both the children of the goddess of love.
  • Lewis: He gets lost in a sort of trance because the kiss feels so good. He opens his mouth and moans into Ryan's, trying to deepen the kiss.
  • Ryan: He felt the kiss being deepened and he didn't really try to stop it. He felt Lewis push him back and Ryan was nearly lying on the floor. His hands connected with Lewis' hair and almost all the cheering from the rest of the circle was forgotten
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