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  1. Skylar Lune, Son of Eros, Wonder
  2. Riku Nightshade, Son of Eros. Shadow


Riku: Riku relaxed, eating some chocolate as he curled up in a blanket on the couch in the Eros cabin as he turned on his favorite show, grinning at the Anime's graphics. He sighs dreamily, eyeing the main protagonist. Hot.

Skylar: Skylar was in a good mood for once. Instead of storming into Eros' Cabin yelling at Naomi to get out of bed and come with him to Alexander the Great's office to complain about some little shits that were vandalising the Hera's honourary cabin he was actually enjoying himself for once. Sprawled out lazily on one of the many pink and red couches that lined the walls of the cabin's common room he took one quick glance at the TV screen and snorted in disgust. "Will you turn that shit off? It's not even a good anime."

Riku: Riku looks at Skylar with a completely cool face, but internally he is seething. "I'll have you know that FMA:B is good. Good plot, good graphics and more. Go screw yourself." He retorts pissed off.

Skylar: He rolled his eyes making them look like they were almost going to roll back into his skull, "Yeah whatever helps you sleep at night." He groaned as he went to get up, his back no straight and his posture correct. Standing up he made his way to the other side of the room, it was a small room but it still somehow managed to house about twenty campers all of whom Skylar either hated or adored with extreme passion. Riku was beginning to get on to that hated list. "Also I watched this shit before, once you grow past the age of sixteen it makes your eyes bleed and your mind implode with stupidity."

Riku: He shrugs. "Nothing really helps. Also, I guess I sort of agree? I mean," He glares at the TV. "There is no f*cking reason why Lust would be so haughty and arrogant to not make sure Mustang was dead." He drawls. "And I liked her too! She was interesting.." He sighs, before turning to Skylar.

"You have officially ruined it for me." He deadpans, before laughing. He then puts something else on. "Whaddya wanna watch."

Skylar: He looked confused for a second at Riku's change of heart about a thing he seemed to love so desperately a second ago, "Uhh...well....anything that's not anime or a crime show, preferably." He walked our of the common area and into the kitchen where he rummaged around some cupboards and the fridge trying to find something to eat that didn't physically make him want to throw up.

Riku: Riku nods, before settling on Transformers: Prime. He looks at Skylar. "Want some chocolate?" He asks.

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