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Kara -Child of Hera
-Daughter of Hera

 – "Weird. In this picture I look way skinnier and sassier than I am in real life."



Alex Diaz -Child of Aetna
-the Phoenix



Kara: Kara walked around the mall happily with her backpack on her pack (holding her very sleepy baby girl, amongst other things). She'd found her stash of money from where she'd lost it, and had decided to go out and get some new clothes for Nata, and maybe a few things for herself too. So far, she'd purchased a tiny orange T-Shirt to match the Camp Half-Blood ones, a little pair of light blue leggings to go with the orange shirt, a sleeper with "Player 2" labeled on it, a matching adult T-shirt for herself saying "Player 1",  and a bright pink sleeper featuring a rainbow.

She sat on a bench and thought about where to go next. The only crib in her cabin, or maybe even at camp (a wooden one an Aphrodite kid found somewhere) was fairly creaky, and needed replacing, but part of her wanted to wait and comission a child of Hephaestus to create one. Life in the world of greek mythology had always been crazy, so in Kara's opinion, some extra features like shields wouldn't hurt.

Eventually, she decided on visiting Starbucks to grab a snack while she thought. She'd always loved their brownies, anyways. Standing to leave, she jerked back as the backpack caught on the edge of the bench. Kara cursed in ancient Greek and immediately covered her mouth, looking guiltily at the sound-asleep infant in front of her. "Please please don't remember me saying that, sweetie..." She crossed her fingers and picked up the pack, putting it on gently so to not wake the baby.

Alex: Alex was walking to Starbucks to get her friend a cup of coffee at the time when she heard a voice curse in ancient Greek. Wondering who or what had said it, she looked around. She did not see anybody who could have said it, because nobody was really there except for a few office workers on break and a mother with her kid. However this mother seemed odd, she looked way too young and pretty to have a child, so maybe it was her was the baby's older sister. She then noticed that the baby was was stuck, but only for a second before the mother/sister woman put the backpack on.

She then thought of what her friend would tell her to do, and it was a terrible idea, but she had to find out if that girl was a monster who was going to pounce on her or another demigod when they weren't looking. Her friend/mentor wanted her to hunt the monsters of enemy demigods instead of the other way around. So cursing him if she died here, she walked up to the lady and tapped her on the arm and said in ancient Greek "Geia sas, pós kánete símera i kyría?" (" Hello, how are you doing today, ma'am?"). She then watched her face to see her reaction, and formed her sword in her mind just encase she was a monster and needed to attack.

Kara: Surprised, Kara turned quickly to see a remarkably pretty young lady. Her ancient Greek was limited to a smattering of phrases and words, so she wasn't sure how to respond. After a surprised pause, she spoke, stuttering a little. "Αλυμπος? Είσαι από? Αγγλικά?" ("Olympus? You are from? English?")

Alex:"Yes i know English." She said trying to be cool as if she could speak it fluently. " Are you from camp?" she asked tilting her head slightly, "because i don't think I've seen you before." Alex pulled her black leather jacket tighter around her as a gust of wind blew by, even though the weather was getting warmer she was still cold all the time. She then looked at the lady and said , "i'm going to Starbucks for a friend, care to join me?"

Kara: Kara thought for a moment. It couldn't hurt to go with someone else, especially someone else from camp. "Sure, why not? I'm fairly new to Camp, so that might be why you haven't seen me around the place. Well, that, and this little one keeps me busy." She gestured towards her pack with her daughter in it. "I'm Kara." She offered a hand.

Alex:She took her hand and said,"I'm Alex, daughter of Aetna, goddess of volcanoes and stuff." she let go of her hand and smiled, "She is very beautiful, what's her name?" she asked looking at the baby.

Kara: "Her full name is Natasha, but usually she goes by Nata as a nickname." At hearing her name, Nata stirred, but didn't wake up. "She's wonderful."

Alex: "Well, she is beautiful," she said, pushing her black hair out of her face. She looked up at the Starbucks in the distance, knowing she'll never hear the end of it if she doesn'tt remember what her friend wanted, but she would put up with it anyway.

Kara: Kara gestured forward towards the Starbucks. "Shall we?"

Alex: "We shall." She opened the door for her and follows in behind her. Alex was relieved that she was out of the cold and in a warm place. The smell of coffee filled her, and she took a deep breath, smelling the the friendly smells of the store.

Kara: Inhaling deeply, Kara's nose was met with the scent of rich, dark roast coffee, as well as baking and a few other food items. She smiled. "I always like the smell when I walk in. Hey, sweet, no line!" She pumped her fist. "I've already stood in enough lines today. Is it ok if I order?" Taking off her backpack and fumbling with it for a moment, she withdrew holding her wallet and replaced the pack around her shoulders.

Alex: "Sure," she said, fumbling in her across the shoulder purse looking for her own wallet.

Kara: Kara ordered her brownies, and a few cookies too (in her own defense, she had a sweet tooth, and camp didn't have a ton of sugary confections), and meanwhile saw an open table to one side. She turned to Alex. "Hey, do you want to sit down? Or do you want to walk around a while? Don't let me stop you from wherever you're going."

Alex:She smiled and ordered her and her friend a black coffee as she forgot what he wanted and if he did not like it she could drink it. With her two coffees in hand she sat down with Kara and said, "so how are you liking camp life?" And took a sip of her coffee. And as she waited for her to say it she swiped a cookie and shoved it into her mouth, and smiled as if she did nothing at all.

Kara: Surprised, Kara giggled and sent a small gust of wind to blow Alex's hair into her face as revenge. "Ok, you can have one this once. Camp's not that bad actually! It could use a few more things for Nata, but I'm here to get a few of those, and the rest of the stuff I'll comission the Hephaestus cabin to build." She took a bite of brownie and reveled in the flavour. "Oh gods, that's good. Want a piece?"

Alex:"Yeah, sure." She smiled and took a brownie. "Mmmh. This is really good." She said with her eyes closed. She then looked around the coffee shop and said, "you know, i really envy them. The humans, they have no idea of what type of world they live in. Going on through life without a care at all. It really makes me angry, but there is nothing i can do about it. No way i can live a normal life with who my mother is. " she shook her head. "Lets change the subject."

Kara: "Mm, I understand." She looked down suddenly as she heard the tiniest of sneezes. "Oh, Nata's awake!" She lifted the slightly disoriented infant out of the backpack and into her mother's lap. Reaching for a tissue in the pack, she quickly wiped Nata's nose and looked back up at Alex. "Sorry. Um, yeah, I guess this is a good time for introductions. This is Nata." She held Nata's arm and moved it up and down, as if the baby was waving. Nata blinked a few times sleepily and squirmed slightly before looking into Alex's eyes.

Alex: Alex tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled. "Hello, there cutie." She said wiggling her finger at the baby.

Nata: To Nata, this new human was a little scary, but really pretty like mama. Ooh, and she had a shiny thing on her chest! (A zipper, although Nata was far too little to understand what a zipper was.) Deciding the stranger was trustworthy for the time being, the infant wiggled and reached towards Alex. "Aaaa."

Kara: Kara giggled. "She's always curious about strangers. Seems like she's ok with you, though." She noticed Nata's movements. "Would you like to hold her? She loves meeting people and new things up close."

Alex:" oh yes, sure." She said with a grin. And reached over the table and lifted the adorible child from her mothers arms. She smiled as she played with her zipper, but gasped in horror as the baby reached for her locket. Knowing what would happen if the baby touched it, and Alex would be put in full greek battle armor. Which was not that bad of a thing, but not in this place holding a baby. Then she pushed the baby back at arms length, as far from the locket as she could get. She looked at Kara and said, "maybe it would be best if she did not touch that necklace." And held her back towards her mom.

Kara: "I'm sorry. She's really curious about everything, and you know babies - they just want to touch everything. Or try to eat it." She took back Nata. "Magical item?"

Alex:"Yeah. It turns into black leather corset armor, with boots and bracers. And my clothes kind of morph with the the armor to fit me best for fitting under the armor." She shook her head with a smile on her face, and said " well mom was one step ahead of me on that. Seeing as im the best weapon summoner in the cabin, i needed someway to protect myself." She laughed and took another sip of her coffee. "See children of Aetna can form weapons out of hardend ash. Its wird, but efective."

Kara: Kara raised her eyebrows. "Interesting." She bounced Nata up and down, making the baby girl smile. "As a daughter of Hera, I've got a few tricks of my own, too... but I probably shouldn't get into them right now."

Alex:Alex smiled, "yeah. I saw the whole wind control thing, and I'm sure you can do other things as well. I mean your mom is the queen of Olympus, which is like the queen of the world.

Kara: "I do have to wonder if Nata will have any abilities when she grows older..." She looked down at Nata, who was grinning and chewing on her fist. "Hey, hands out of your mouth love." Gently, Kara pulled Nata's hand out of her gummy, toothless mouth. "Yep, she's definitely starting to teethe."

Alex:"I would guess she would have some abilities, not all of them though." she said taking another sip of her coffee.

Kara: "You think so? I don't know her dad, but he's probably mortal. I don't know what powers a quarter-god would get from their parent. But I guess I'll maybe find out when she grows." Kara bounced Nata up and down, making the infant squeal happily in surprise.

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