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Carlton & Xandra

Xandra: She found herself once again outside the rooms, walking towards the lake. She wondered if the scary thing in there was wandering around, but she pushed that thought aside; she needed some air.

Carlton: Carlton had been out collecting more materials for his latest project, one that the earlier stages of had almost blown up the Armoury, and was heading back, with dogs following right behind him, until Neró stopped dead in his tracks and started running the other way, towards Xandra

Xandra: Dog barks broke the silence. She turned around, ready to summon a weapon when she realized who was coming. "Come here, boy!" she called for Neró. She was glad she kind of got close to Carlton's dogs. She stroke the dog's head. "What are you doing here? Who's with you?"

Carlton: In his head, Carlton heard Neró say he found Xandra, which spiked Carlton’s inteest more than the materials he had. He gave his materials to his other 3 dogs and air travelled next to where Neró told him Xandra was. “Hey”

Xandra: The sudden appearance suprised her, but she was glad it didn't show. She looked up. "So you were with him, huh?" She stood and crossed her arms over her chest. "Carlton. What brings you here?" she asked with a smile.

Carlton: “I was collecting some materials until Neró found you,” Carlton stared at Xandra, smiling as Neró rubbed his head against Xandra’s leg then came over to him and sat by his feet

Xandra: "You really love collecting and tinkering with stuff, don't you?" She perked up as she remembered something. "And oh, by the way, mind making me a new weapon? My current one's pretty much rusty."

Carlton: “My sister has cooking, I have this. You know I could fix your old weapon if you. Wouldn’t cost you anything. Making a new one might cost you something, something that isn’t money.”

Xandra: "Hmm . . . you mean the material or metal to use?" She recalled everything that was in her inventory, and decided a repairing might do. "Fixing's good."

Carlton: “It’s more like another kiss or something. Maybe even a date. Materials come easy to me.” Carlton said as he made a chunk of the floor come out, then turned it into Celstial Bronze before changing it back and putting it back into place.

Xandra: She smiled. "Sneaky." Without some warning, she stepped closer to Carlton and kissed him for a few seconds. "Then making it is. I schedule a date today."

Carlton: He stood still when Xandra kissed him, hoping there was a second kiss. “Where do you wanna go, Miss Scimslancer?”

Xandra: She groaned at the sound of her name. "I hate my name," she muttered. She looped her arm around Carlton's and looked up at him. "Take me anywhere you wish. I don't plan on choosing a place for now."

Carlton: “I’m guessing that’s why you like the name Xandra over you’re real name.” Carlton said as he thought about a place they could go. “I would say something like he movies but you don’t seem like that kind of girl. What about something like up at the pond in the mountains and have a picnic or something up there?”

Xandra: She frowned. "The pond sounds really nice. I actually like it there, but there's this nuisance that constantly annoys me. Unless you want to see it for yourself. That nuisance, I mean. The dogs might even like it."

Carlton: ”You could always tell me what it is and I can make my dogs deal with it before we get up there. If you like it up, I’ll do everything to make sure it’s perfect for us.”

Xandra: "Okay." She tucked soem stray hair behind her ear. "See, there's this ridiculous pegasus living in there, and everytime I visit, it appears and just ruins the mood out of me. The owner wouldn't do anything about it."

Carlton: ”Wait until it lets 4 immortal African Hunting Dogs that can turn into the four states of matter then sees that they’re with you,” Carlton said before he called his dogs to him, them running from the direction of his room. “Describe to them what it looks like then they’ll go out and do some hunting.”

Xandra: She knelt in front of the dogs, with whom she was happy to be getting closer with. "See, there's this pegasus living in the area around the pond. I don't know if he's as old as you, but I'm certain he's old.  He's . . . gleaming white, and really huge. Head's taller than Carlton. You'll know him immediately. That thing also has hidden powers that I hope I could use to my advantage . . . yes, you'll recognize him easily," she finally explained. "Will that be alright?" she asked Carlton.

Carlton: The four dogs listened to Xandra, understanding every word she said and had actually seen the pegasus before, looking at Carlton once Xandra finished talking, waiting for his permission. "Ok, guys, you can go. Just no killing it," Carlton said as the dogs rushed off towards the pond. "So are we just going to have a slow stroll to the pond while my dogs deal with the little problem?"

Xandra: "Mhmm, sounds better." She looped her arm once again around his. "What have you been up to, lately?"

Carlton: "I've been making stuff like always. Plus doing a project for Cynthia."

Xandra: Her eyes widened. "Cynthia?" Were they both taking on the things her faction leader told her before? "I bet that something's important, if it's with her, being all serious from another faction and all."

Carlton: "It is. Might get me in some real trouble if I get this project to work."

Xandra: If that was it . . . "I just hope you wouldn't try and kill yourself. I'm not the only one who'd follow you to the Underworld and kill you again for doing such," she joked.

Carlton: "You've been talking to my sister, haven't you?" Carlton joked

Xandra: She laughed. "She is fun to be with, to be honest. And oh, she talks about you a lot. All the bad and funny things about you. It's cool."

Carlton: He laughed along with Xandra. "I was only joking about that. I didn't know you two were really talking to each other. What's the worst thing you've heard about me from her, so far?"

Xandra: "Hmm . . . " She tried to recall all those Izana told her back then. "She told me that you used to train with a spear by whacking and not thrusting." She looked at him. "Aww, little Carlton trying to figure out a spear. That's just cute."

Carlton: "I was only like 12, I didn't know how to use one then." Even though he sounded serious, the smile on Carlton's face said otherwise. "And I don't see how that's the worst thing. I expected you to say about when I found out I needed glasses."

Xandra: She frowned. "Needing glasses doesn't sound so bad," she retorted. "Although I'd like to see you wearing one."

Carlton: "I know it isn't bad but you should of seen me when I found out I needed them. I actually cried because Izana and my dad didn't need them and I thought it meant I was broken. But this was like when I was 6."

Xandra: "Oh my, Izana said you cried because they didn't look good on you. But you were six then, so I guess you guys won't remember much." She smiled. "That's a nice memory, though."

Carlton: Carlton smiled as he remembered when he got glasses. "You got any memories look those?"

Xandra: She knitted her brows and bit the inside of her cheek. "I'd rather not recall anything from my past. I'm replacing all those memories with these new ones. They're so much better."

Carlton: "Well then, here's another new memory," Carlton said as he moved in front of Xandra and kissed her

Xandra: She kissed him back, pushing her body against his. She clasped his hair, not wanting to let his lips part from hers. "Give me somthing I won't forget," she mumured between their kisses.

Carlton: You weren’t forget this, Carlton said as he kept kissing Xandra. That was until he turned a bit of the ground behind Xandra into ice, then heated it up with some fire before controlling it to float over the top of them and just drop down onto the top of them.

Xandra: She teasingly smiled. "Scared that someone might see us?"

Carlton: ”No, just trying to be funny,” Carlton said as he wrapped his arms around Xandra’s waist, before kissing her again for a few seconds.

Xandra: She put her weight on him and pushed him to the ground, her on top, then kissed him again. 

Carlton: Carlton let Xandra push him onto the ground, kissing her. "So. Is. This. Going. Somewhere?" Carlton said, stopping kissing for a second for each word

Xandra: "Want it to go somewhere?" she whispered, then trailed kisses along his jawline. "Carlton, let's go back first. This place seems too . . . uncomfortable for me," she commented while staring at his face.

Carlton: "Like where? My room?' Carlton said as he shivered when Xandra kissed him.

Xandra: She smiled at him. "I would like that."

Carlton: Carlton wrapped his arms around Xandra before earth travelling the both of them to his room.

Xandra: She never got used to that teleportation feeling. She put a hand on her head. "Wait, Carlton . . . that was too dizzy," she muttered as she rested her head on her chest, being on the same position they were.

Carlton: Carlton laughed a little. "You being dizzy would be kind of fun," Carlton said with a smile a sense he rested his head on the top of Xandra's

Xandra: She let the light feeling pass before looking up at Carlton's face. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she slid a hand under his shirt, feeling the muscles that lay beneath. "Let's continue?"

Carlton: "One of the best things Iv ever heard all day," Carlton said a sister he picked up Xandra, kissing her as he put her down on his bed.


Izana: She found herself running straight to her brother's room to ask for some guidance on a whatnot thing. She didn't even bother knocking as she pushed his door open. Her eyes widened with shock as she took in what's before her. Her first words were, "Can't you lock the door?!"

Carlton: "Get out," Carlton yelled as he covered himself and using wind to push his sister out of his room.

Izana: The door slammed shut in front of her. She clenched her fists, cussing at him silently. Then, "Yes, I knew it!" with a big smile on her face. She then, shouted back, "I'm waiting, Carly!"

Xandra: She laughed. "That was hilarious." She took her clothes and started putting them on. After, she sat on the edge of the bed, hearing his sister's shout. "Well, that was quite an ecstatic moment, don't you agree?"

Carlton: "That's an understatement," Carlton said, ignoring his sister, while putting on pants. "I seriously can't believe Izana just randomly came in here. Lucky we were almost done."

Xandra: "At least she seems fine with us," she mused, tying her hair up in a messy bun. "Are you two going to talk for a while? I can wait."

Carlton: "I think she would want to talk to the both of us, even though I don't want to talk to her. May a small well tell her to come back in because I know she's just at the door," Carlton said, rather loud when he talked about Izana

Izana: She heard him, so she pushed the door open and crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, well, I didn't know you were already this far in your relationship." Then muttered to herself, "Not that I was not expecting it."

Carlton: "At least I have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex and not related to," Carlton said, blushing a bit about the fact Izana had seen them.

Izana: She scrunched her face. "So what's your point? It's not like I have a relationship with someone." She turned to Xandra. "Hi, Xandra. Was he gentle towards you? Idiot can't even make a cup of coffee."

Xandra: She giggled. "Don't worry, Izana. Carlton's been nice to me and I think he'll always be that way."

Carlton: Carlton just sat there as his sister and Xandra talked about him. "I can make a coffee. I use to always be the one to start the fire, without my powers, when we were on the run."

Izana: She frowned. "Did you? Oh yes, cold coffee it was, then." She eyed her brother. "Don't go contracdicting me, it was really cold then."

Carlton: "I love contradicting you," Carlton said as he moved close to Xandra and slipped his hand into her's

Xandra: She interlaced her fingers with his. "You two are seriously amusing."

Izana: She raised a brow. "I'm not doubting you, Xandra, but seriously, and honestly, why did you even choose Carlton?" She made a sour face at him. "I can't see it."

Carlton: "I don't think you're meant to see why a girl would want to date me, Izana. It would be a little messed up if you did."

Izana: She tilted her head a bit. "And what's that supposed to mean?" she blurted.

Carlton: "I wouldn't expect you to see why Xandra would want to date me, unless you were into incest."

Izana: She scowled. "That is purely disgusting."

Xandra: She squeezed Carlton's hand a little tighter. "To be honest, Izana, I don't even know myself why I got attracted to your brother, but isn't that how love really works?"  She looked at Carlton. "Don't mention incest. It's weird."

Carlton: "Just trying to get my point across," Carlton said as he tapped his thigh. "I don't think Izana would know how love works. She's just so weird."

Izana: She rested her hands on her waist, left eye twitching. "And do you, O dear knowledgable brother, understand how love works yourself?"

Carlton: "Having strong feelings for someone and other stuff, but everyone kind of has a different opinion for that, like the meaning of life."

Xandra: "Love is both good and bad. Just depends on how the person perceives it," she said. "Everybody loves, and that includes you, Izana. Maybe your brother's talking about romantic love. Don't worry, it's going to come to you soon."

Izana: "Thank you, Xandra. You're very nice. Carly's not. Like, not ever."

Carlton: "It's only just me teasing you for a little joke. Sibling arguments that don't really mean anything really. Also how many times have I told you to not call me Carly?"

Izana: "Hmm, over some indefinite number, but if you know me well, you very well know I'll indefinitely call you such."

Carlton: "At least you'll never call me that. I hate it," Carlton said to Xandra.

Xandra: She looked up to the ceiling, her finger stroking her chin. "Hmm, the nickname doesn't sound so bad," she mused as Izana smirked at her.

Carlton: "I could always start calling you Alexandra," Carlton said teasingly

Xandra: She turned to Carlton with a disgusted face. She waved hand in front of her and said, "No, that's too ridiculous, and second, it's too long to say."

Izana: She muttered to herself, "So it's Alexandra . . ."

Carlton: "Noam you know how I feel about being called Carly. But you do know I'll never call you that, I know as Xandra Andy only Xandra."

Xandra: She smiled. "Now that's just simply sweet, Carlton."

Carlton: "And that's all I'll ever be with you."

Izana: She knitted her brows. "Now don't go sweet over each other while I'm here, k? It's kinda bitter, y'know."

Carlton: "We should so start kissing, just to be mean."

Izana: She frowned. "Damn it, you just did that. Don't go doing that in front of me."

Carlton: "Get a boyfriend and it can all be revenge."

Izana: "Are you challenging me? Of course I can get one if I let it be." She stomped her foot. "Don't underestimate me."

Carlton: He laughed a little, just about how Izana was acting. "I've never underestimated you, you underestimate me more often."

Izana: She raised a brow. "Hmph." Hard to admit, but his brother was totally right. She kept her lips pursed as she thought through what he just said. 

Xandra: She kept herself from chortling at how the siblings were acting. She walked back to Carlton's bed and took a sit on the edge, then crossing her legs, leaning over. "I don't really know what to make of you two."

Carlton: “Yeah, we can get a bit to much for people and they don’t know if Izana and I are joking or not, but we love each other. I don’t love her as much as another girl in this room though.”

Xandra: She sweetly smiled at Carlton.

Izana: "Really, really sweet. So it's she who you save when the boat sinks. No offense, Xandra," she added with a teasing smile.

Carlton: "Yeah, I'll leave you to deal with trying to not die and save the girl that I have much stronger feelings for."

Ada and Zane

Ada: Out in the forest reminded Ada so much of her old home, that’s why she was wondering the forest, with Ragnar’s bag on and her crown not covered by a hood, all because of what she had been taught, always be on the lookout in the wild.

Zane: For the worst part, he couldn't find the ridiculous, nightmarish horse of his as he scourged through the woods. Whoever Firebright found would surely be unlucky, but he hoped it wouldn't come to that. He called his nearest Greek name, "Lampos!"

Ada: In the distance, Ada heard someone yell out in a language she could only remember through her brother's memories, Greek. She quickly grabbed out her old knife from her bag and waited for what would come, if something did come her way.

Zane: He spewed an amount of curses that would've definitely made the pegasus happy. He kept on forward carefully, until he noticed a silhouette of some kind. Another demigod, maybe? No mortal would come this far. "Hello? Somebody there?" he called out.

Ada: She heard someone call out but that still didn't comfort her. Even though she didn't like it, Ada went back through all the memories she had so far gotten from Ragnar's time in the jungle and found one set of memories in particular, stealth. She quickly climbed a tree and quietly jumped from one to another until Ada could see who had talked, a boy.

Zane: He called one more time but nobody answered. He readied for a possible fight. Hey bastard, someone's watching your ignorant ass, loser, Firebright suddenly told him telepathically. It could've been helpful if you were down here. The horse replied, Nah. A lookout on the ground, a lookout from the sky as well. You told me that, bastard. And so Zane looked up at the trees, searching. "Okay, whoever you are, I, welll, basically come in peace."

Ada: Adalithia heard that the boy came in pecae but wasn't fully trusting. After all, she had been betrayed by her own brother and missed out on over 5000 years. Ada climbed down the tree she was in, off to Zane's left, putting her knife in her bag when she got to the bottom.

Zane: His head turned at the sound of leaves rustling. A girl, way younger than him. He didn't move from his spot. "Hey there. You lost or something?" he asked, wary as someone like her shouldn't be in forests so deep.

Ada: "No, I have not lost anything. I am out here because I feel better out here than around modern stuff," Ada said as pulled her hood over her head to cover her crown

Zane: He scrunched his forehead. "You have lived within nature?" Hey shithead, that girl's probably as old as you. I've heard about her and stuff about her. This made even Zane more confused. Shut up, Firebright.  "That might be, but a young girl like you shouldn't be too far from civilization," he added.

Ada: She nodded. "I lived in the middle of an Africa jungle until I came here," Ada said, as she smiled. Ada loved the idea how the boy thought she was so young. "Who said I was so young?"

Zane: I told you she's as old as you, dammit! He knitted his brows. "Who are you?" he asked, in a tone demanding yet wary. 

Ada: "Adalithia Matumaini," she said simply

Zane: Never heard of the name. "Well, nice meeting you, Miss Matumaini. I reckon you'll be fine on your own, since you supposedly are what you aren't." He nodded his head at her. "I'll take my leave, if you don't mind."

Ada: "I do mind actually. You know my name but I don't know your's."

Zane: He gave a pursed smile. "You don't really have to know it. Besides, we might not probably meet again. Though if we do, I guess there is something going on and I will tell you."

Ada: "I want to know it so it's close enough," she said, smiling. "Let me ask you a different question if you won't tell me you really name. Who are you?"

Zane: "I am just someone looking for peace, which is something really hard to find nowadays." Especially with that ridiculous horse every single day. "It's like journeying with no destination. Makes me just a wandering man."

Ada: "A wandering man. That sounds pretty interesting, better than a princess of a tribe of long dead people."

Zane:  "I'm sorry." He tilted his head slightly. Then processed what she said once more. "Princess of a long dead people?" How come I've never heard of her? he thought. Duh, you did, dummy. You were just to ignorant to my stories, then.

Ada: She smiled a little bit, with Zane's reaction, as she took off her hood to reveal her crown. "My father was kind of a king of my people, before they got destroyed long ago."

Zane: "And now you're wandering around aimlessly, too? Or do I suppose you've found something to live for?" He asked one last thing. "Are you a demigod?"

Ada: "I'm one of the first daughters of Hebe, and to use what I've ever heard people use nowadays, so duh. Are you a demigod too?"

Zane: "Fair enough. And yes, I am a demigod as well." Oi, I discovered something about her! Well, I did days ago. He chose to ignore Firebright. "In that case, you're really, really old then, huh? Not someone I should call a child and bother, si?"

Ada: She smiled a little, all because she had never tried to explain her age situation and it was kind of enjoying. "Child, no, and bothering me is something I don't care about. I've been alone long enough."

Zane: "I see. Guess I found someone almost as old as me. The name's Zane."

Ada: "Was that the name you were born with or did you pick one that is modern?"

Zane: He nodded. "Most obvious, isn't it? My real name wouldn't fit right now . . . or so I thought. However that may be, it's nice coming up with new identities, starting with names and the basics. I suppose your name is the one you are born with?"

Ada: "I was born with my first name, giving to me by my mother, but I didn't have a surname. I just took the title people had giving my dad, like what I heard most surnames where."

Zane: He nodded at that. "Want to find a place to talk? The forest seems like a place not ought for one," he suggested, actualyl wanting to get out of the woods.

Ada: "Are you scared of being out here? Because I would of thought a wandering man wouldn't truly be scared of anything, being that he would of wandered for so long."

Zane: "You're right. But I'm just trying to get away from some . . . one. So, yeah, up for it?" You tryna get away from me, huh?

Ada: "Why not? I haven't been rally out adventuring in the modern world. Who are you trying to get away from anyway?"

Zane: He sighed. "See, I have this 'friend' who's constantly annoying me and the only thing I'd like even just for once every day is some peace that spares me from him. He might appear any second now. Does that answer satisfy you?"

Ada: "A little bit. I would like meet this friend of your's and if he get some too annoying, you can always use me a single an excuse to leave."

Zane: He sighed even louder, putting his hands up in defence. "That's not really good option, y'know? Seeing him is ridiculous—you couldn't even hear how annoying he is, so I'm the one in a disadvantage at that point. And ever since I met him."

Ada: It took her a moment to register what Zane said. "Does that mean he's not human?"

Zane: "No, and I hope he won't be one. Still deciding to meet him?"

Ada: "Of course I do."

Zane: "Obstinate, I see. Well, suit yourself." Hey, Firebright. Somebody wants to meet you.

"Nah, I might just kick them up in the ass."
"It's no problem to her, come on."

Before he even thought that last message got to him, the familiar loud flap of his wings whistled up in the trees. "Oh, there he is."

Ada: Ada looked up to see a pegusas. "Is this your friend because he's beautiful."

Zane: "Is he?" Firebright landed just between them, facing Ada.

"Oh, so that's her. Sad, body's still like a child."
"What's with that comment?"
"Nah, I don't like her."
"You haven't even known her yet!"

Firebright then turned his back at her, clearly disrespectful. "Apologies. I did warn you about his attitude, though."

Ada: "It's ok. I know a trick for pegasi," Ada said as she walked over to Firebright and stroked a little part near his back left leg, hoping that it would make him turn around and look at her.

Zane: As soon as she touched him, a stream of violent curse words ran through Zane's head. It made his head hurt. Firebright just adjusted his position to fire offensive. "No, Firebright, don't kick her. Please," he told him. While massaging his temple, he said to Ada, "I guess no calming tricks ever work on him, Ada. He's quite the extraordinary horse."

Ada: She moved back a little bit, just in case Firebright did try to kick her. "And I'm an extraordinary girl so it cancels out both of our extraordinary."

Zane: "Is she praising herself? She is, isn't she?" Firebright then faced Ada, ears pricked forward and nostrils flaring, standing just in front of Zane as if protecting him from something really bad, except that wasn't the case. "Firebright, seriously, if you continue this—"

'"Ain't scared of your threat, idiot."

Zane simply sighed.

Ada: “He can understand me right?” Ada said to Zane as she put her bag down onto the ground and grabbed something out that she had only put in there because of Ragnar’s instincts, an instinct she didn’t mind having. She kept what she pulled out of her bag hidden from both Zane and Firebright, slowly moving towards the both of them.

Zane: Firebright backed up. "Woah, woah, woah, wait, man! What's that she got? She gonna kill us! She gonna kill us, I knew it!"
Zane stepped aside as the horse went backwards. "Yeah, right." He looked at Ada. "What's that?"

Ada: "Something I know majority of horses and Pegasus like," Ada said as she pulled out a few apples from the bag.

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