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Ahren Terrance ~ Rebel's Insurgent
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"This who I am. Nobody said you had to like it."
Character's Bio

 Age: 18  Height: 5'10  Weight: 133 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Montana, USA  Main Weapon: Celestial bronze sword and spear
 Accent: American
 – The rebel in me will never die.

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Son of Lyssa


  1. Children of Lyssa have the ability to focus an emotional energy beam out of their rage which will burn anything it touches.
  2. Children of Lyssa are able to tap into primal rabid animal instincts which allows them to attack or flee with enhanced speed and ferocity. However, this ability can often lead to loss of self-control and only lasts for a short time.


  1. Children of Lyssa, when enraged, can ignore damage sustained in battle temporarily. Once they have calmed down, however, the pain from the damage is intensified.
  2. Children of Lyssa can generate a veil of the emotional energy of rage around their bodies, the veil would protect them from damage for a short time and cannot be used if the child doesn't have the rage to fuel it.


  1. Children of Lyssa are stronger when themselves and other around them are angry, they cannot be empowered from rage created by their aura.
  2. Children of Lyssa can cure rabies in both humans and animals with a simple touch.
  3. Children of Lyssa emit a rage aura which makes people around them at least slightly angry, they can turn it off for a long time if they wish.
  4. Children of Lyssa can communicate with and command rabid animals


  1. Children of Lyssa can cause people near them to temporarily develop symptoms of rabies, including agitation, hallucinations, and an inability to swallow, incapacitating the victim for a short period.
  2. Children of Lyssa can cause people near them become enraged and frenzied, reducing their competency and effectiveness in battle.
  3. Children of Lyssa can cause nearby animals to become rabid and once in this state, can command them to attack an enemy or gather information for them. This ability can only be used on up to 3 animals at one time. The larger the animals and the more that are summoned, the more energy it drains.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Lyssa are able to drain the rage and anger from those around them, using it to empower themselves for a short time, while also weakening the will of those they drain to fight, but once it has worn off, they are substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Lyssa can turn their volatile emotional energies into larger tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only up to 4 combative/non-combative items or 1 semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly 3 times the size of the one that conjured it. Tools may telekinetically moved by the user’s mind and all rage constructs slightly burn anyone who touched it. The longer they maintain combative/non combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive.However, their ability to use the power is hindered before or during use when they experience emotions in relation to peace and happiness. As more positive and serene emotions are felt, the strength of the object begins to fade, becoming dull and brittle.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Lyssa are able to transform into a dog for a short time. They can turn into either a full dog or a humanoid dog form. In the human/dog form, they are twice as faster and stronger than before. Their senses are also quite sharper as well. They also tend to be more violent and volatile in this state. Once the transformation ends, the user is extremely drained. Using the hybrid form is more draining rather than the full dog form. They will not be able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Lyssa are known for being very irritable and hostile, many usually struggle with controlling their tempers.
  2. Children of Lyssa sometimes love seeing other people angered and will taunt them for fun.
  3. Children of Lyssa are often fond of dogs since their mother was associated with them.

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Ashlee Lynette Winters
Daughter of Poseidon ~ Owned by Dolt~!
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110 lbs
Bradford, Britain
Her fans
Love is like water; we can fall in it, we can drown in it, and we can't live without it


First meeting

It was afternoon, yet the sky was still bright. Lots of campers were alive and moving, doing all sorts of things possible. Well, not all, really.

Ahren: He plopped under a tree. His favourite spot. The lake was calm as ever, save for the ridiculous teens that bathed nearby. Whistling, he closed his eyes, leaned on the tree and tried to sleep. Sadly, as long as there was noise, he could never sleep or even just nap.

Ashlee: Ashlee smiles softly as she walked across near the lake, barefooted and just let the breeze gently blew against her face. Poseidon must be in a happy mood today with how calm the waters are. She then noticed Ahren sitting against the tree. She blinked her sea green eyes and walked on closer. She then looked up at the noisy teens. "Hey! Keep it down over there! Somebody is trying to sleep!" She whisper-yelled.

Ahren: He opened his one eye to see who was it that scolded people. A girl, not very tall, and new. He was sure he had never seen her before in Camp, so she probably must be a new arrival, or someone who has arrived long ago yet liked to stay indoors. Either way, it was also ridiculous. Another child, huh, he thought. Gods...such horrible creatures sometimes.

Ashlee: Ashlee heard some shuffling so she turned her head and noticed Ahren waking up. She smiles brightly as she looked down at the sitting boy. "Oh ya awake. Ya know, if ya want to go on ahead and sleep, ya should do it in ya cabin."

Ahren: He scrunched his face. "What's with how you pronounce 'you'? What, native accent? Huh, weird," he said sarcastically, shaking his head and going back to trying to nap.

Ashlee: Ashlee raised an eyebrow as she heard what he had said about her accent. She wrinkled her nose, she understood that maybe sometimes her accent was a bit difficult to understand but that's because it was a mix of American and British... "I help ya get some peace and quiet and instead ya comment on my accent... Real polite there."

Ahren: With his eyes still closed, he replied, "Why, I didn't ask you to help give me some peace." He scowled and relaxed.

Ashlee: She furrowed her eyebrows as she blinked her sea green eyes in slight disbelief. Never had she ever met someone as impolite as Ahren. She frowned softly before she rolled her eyes. "A thank you would be nice."

Ahren: "I'd only thnak you if somehow the noises stopped, yes?" Considering the noise and the intruder of his time, he stood up and stretched. He faced the girl. "I see. A newbie. Well, welcome to hell - I mean, Camp. Be used to having people ruining your precious mood."

Ashlee: "Well aren't ya a joy at parties." She mumbled softly before she watched him stand up. Her pride stung a little at the fact that she had to look up at look at his face. "Ah... So far, ya are the only one ruining my mood."

Ahren: He walked closer to her. "Hmm, then I might just be a heavy warm up for that." He remembered a friend who was probably the rudest person in the universe. Ahren bet he could even win against his godly father in rudeness. Looking down at her, he sarcastically smiled. She's short. "My, my, my neck would hurt looking at you."

Ashlee: Ashlee blinks as she looked up at him. Did he just called me... Short?! The 5'0 female furrowed her eyebrows before she folded her arms. "I am not short! 5'1 is not that short! All of ya are just giants!" She exclaimed while flailing her arms.

Ahren: "I never said 'You are short.' Which would basically mean either I'm just abnormally tall or you weren't given the blessing of 'height'. So now Miss . . .-" he waved his arms around,"- whatever your name is, thanks for wasting my time that is supposedly for napping." He raised a brow at her.

Ashlee: Ashlee rolled her sea green gems as she folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at her. "Winters, Ashlee Winters. Daughter of Poseidon." She said as the water ripples became faster and harder at her words.

Ahren: He laughed at how irritated she may be. Feels good. "Now, daughter of the sea god Ashlee Winters, don't try bringing up here a stupid tidal wave. It's not like you can use it to unleash your annoyance. I'd feel more powerful, if that is.

Ashlee: Ashlee scoffed softly as she narrowed her eyes at him calling her powers and abilities stupid. "I wonder what is ya godly parent. Maybe Dionsyus? The God of madness? Cause I could feel my sanity dropping the more I am with ya."

Ahren: "Dionysus . . ." He acted like he was thinking thoughtfully, stroking his chin. "I don't think so. I'm not mad as they'd be. Someone more angry. you'd say. But hey, I'll have your last sentence a compliment, Ms. One of the Daughters of Poseidon."

Ashlee: Ashlee rubbed her temples as she rolled her sea green orbs. "Oh in the name of Poseidon, anybody please give me the strength to talk to this idiot over here." She whispered before she narrowed her eye at Ahren.

Ahren: Whatever she murmured to herself was yet another sign for Ahren's annoying rampage through her thoughts. He tucked both of his hands in his pockets and grinned. "Well, wanna go back to sleep, Ms. Daughter of Poseidon? The infirmary's waiting, too."

Ashlee: "Oh I seriously pity your future girlfriend. In fact, I hope no girl will ever fall to ya hands" Ashlee mumbled as she huffed at her.

Ahren: "Wasn't planning to have one," he replied, the crazy grin still plastered on his face. "Why?" He inched closer. "Would you be waiting for that moment?"

Ashlee: Ashlee opened her mouth to retort before she looked up and noticed how close he was to her. She gulped softly as she took a few steps away from him, Ashlee stuttered a little too.

Ahren: He chuckled lightly. "At a loss for words . . ." He lowered his head until his lips reached her ears, " . . . Ashlee Winters?" he finished with a hint of sarcasm.

Ashlee: Ashlee's breath hitched into her throat as she could feel his breath being blown softly into her ear. A shiver went right through her as she bit her bottom lip. She then noticed how he was playing her right into his trap and her sea green eyes sharpened. She kicked Ahren's knee before growling. "That should teach ya to take advantage of others!"

Ahren: He found it amusing while she seemed shaken. He moved fast as she tried to kick him. She hit his knee, but not to the point that he could feel it that much. "Take advantage of others? How rude, Ms. Winters. I suppose you're getting better in here. Yet you still need to improve your reaction time. It won't be long before you realize you are already one's cheap pawn." He turned around. "Advice: Don't trust anyone, even yourself." Then he started walking away with his hands still in his pocket, whistling.

Moments later . . .

Ahren: "Thanks, Jaron!" he shouted back to his friend. A little prank came up in his mind and he told Ahren. They decided to call in their other partner in crime. Jaron went for some business, and Ahren went to find their partner. Walking towards Nike's cabin, he stopped, and grinned. Ah, that girl again. He decided to not bother her yet; he needed to find his partner.

Ashlee: Ashlee hummed softly as she walked out of the cabin. She was unsuspecting as she happily grabbed a pair of new clothes and was about to go to the beach for a swim. She then Ahren and groaned softly, Not him...

Ahren: He met her eyes even before he reached the cabin and noticed her fresh change of clothes. "Up for something new, Ms. Daughter of Poseidon?" he called out to her, a little laughter next.

Ashlee: She looked up when she noticed someone calling her as another groan was emitted from her. "I just wanted to go to the lake for a swim. Is some nice peace and quiet really too much to ask?" She then looked at Ahren, "Nothing that is the business of ya."

Ahren: "Pfft. Is asking about having ya do new things too much to ask of ya?" he sarcastically imitated. "Don't drown yourself, would ya?"

Ashlee: "I'll take ya warning closely." Ashlee muttered with the same level of sarcasm before she remmeber something. "What were ya doing walking towards the Nyx cabin?" She asked with pure curiosity in her eyes.

Ahren: He squinted his eyes. "Nyx's cabin? Wow, miss, it seems like I wasn't updated that Nike's cabin was already Nyx's," he replied with double sarcasm. He crossed his arms over his chest and grinned. "I'm fetching a friend, whom you'd really like. Want to know him?" He's ruder than me, based on my observations. Haha.

Ashlee: Ashlee ignored the little slip up that she had said before she raised an eyebrow at him saying that she'll like his friend. "Knowing ya and ya stinking attitude, he's probably as, if not more, rude as ya are."

Ahren: He rolled his eyes. "Oh please. As rude as me, are you serious? He's one of the worst. You'd love him if he's kind. And I think he is right now. Now, love, let me call him," he teased.

Ashlee: Ashlee raised an eyebrow as she blinked her sea green orbs. "I'll love him? Oh please..." She muttered under her breath before a soft blush grew on her cheeks when he teased her.

Ahren: He noticed her sudden 'shyness', and found it amusing. "Well, that was expected." He shouted at the cabin, and no one answered. He called for two more times before his friend answered from the cabin. "Would you wait? I've some business here!" he replied in a shout, not showing himself. "Alright!" Ahren yelled back. He looked at Ashlee. "A wait is on the go."

Ashlee: Ashlee mumbled softly before she looked up at the cabin when he was called. She blinked her sea green eyes as she raised an eyebrow after Ahren called his friend. "I'm waiting then." She replied.

Ahren: His eyebrows quirked up. That was unexpected. And so he smiled. "Now that's a good girl!" He neared her and patted her head.

Ashles: Ashlee's face burst into a million shades of red when Ahren said that and patted her head. She almost purred and nuzzled into his hand but she caught notice of what she almost did and she waved his hands off. "St-St-St-St-Stop th-th-th-th-that!!!" She stuttered.

Ahren: Again, another amusing expression. He ducked to meet her eyes. "Well, what do you know . . ." And grinned at her. She's cute that way. Hahaha.

...then his friend comes out of the cabin . . .

Xander: Walking out - or stomping out - of the cabin, he stopped when he saw what he saw. Ahren and . . . a girl??? That's totally new. He walked up to them and wrapped each of his arms around their shoulders. "Now, what dowe have here, huh? Lovebirds?"

Ahren: Surprised, he stood straight. "The heck, Xander. What took you so long?"

Ashlee: Ashlee then noticed a tall male stomping oht of the cabin. She noticed that she could tell a bit of a Chinese descent in him before she yelped when she felt his arms around her. She blushed much darker when she heard what he called them. "W-We are d-definitely not l-lovebirds." She mumbled before she ducked under his arm.

Xander: "Not lovebirds, eh? Then what was that I just saw?" He slapped Ahren softly. "Dummy. Never told me any of this." He turned to the girl. "And you are Miss . . .?"

Ahren: He slapped Xander harder on the back. "Oh, whatever, idiot." He crossed his arms over his chest. "You know what I love doing."

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked with slight confusion in her eyes before she looked up at Xander when he asked for her name. "Winters, Ashlee Winters. Daughter of... Uh... Poseidon." She just nervously rubbed her arm.

Xander: "Well then, nice to meet you, Ms. Winters," he said, holding out a hand. He wrapped his arm around Ahren's neck and gripped tighter. "Did this guy do anything to you?" 

Ahren: He tried pulling away. "The hell, idiot, lemme go! Like I'd do something, moron!"

Ashlee: Ashlee flashed Xander a small and friendly smile as she shook his hand. "It's nice to meet ya to Xander." She said before she laughed softly at his next sentence. "Only infuriating me to no end for the entire day." She teased Ahren slightly.

Xander: He didn't let go. "I see. That's not very good, y'know?" He stared at Ahren. "Not good to be done on girls, y'know?" He relaxed, stepped back, and crossed his arms. "So, it seems like you two are having fun. I'll let you guys be." He smiled and winked at Ashlee.

Ahren: "You don't have to state the obvious, idiot," he said, brushing his shoulders. "And you are not going because I still need to - never mind." He shook his head while Xander laughed at him like he was having another stupid plan forming in his head. "Shut up, birdbrain. Hey Ashlee, mind if you don't mind him? He's pretty much not in the mood I was expecting him to have."

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked her sea green orbs before she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. He seems to be a nice person. I would love it if I could be his friend Ahren." She mused as she laughed softly before looking at Ahren again.

Xander: He lightened up. "Really? Aww, that's so nice of you! I'd love to be a friend of yours!" he smiled and took Ashlee's hand, shaking it hard. He then looked at Ahren and whispered, "Dude, if you like her, then go for it!"

Ahren: He rolled his eyes and pointed at Xander. "This guy? Friend? Oh please, you haven't seen his true side just yet." He then whispered back to Xander, "Yeah, kill me first before I do that."

Ashlee: Ashlee let out an airy laugh at Xander's words before she shook her hand with him equally hard. She then rolled her eyes at what Ahren said as she gently hit his biceps. "Be nice Ahren! At least nobody could be as rude and mean as ya." She mumbled softly.

Xander: "Yeah, be nice, idiot, " he teased back. "Anyway, Ashlee, what're your plans today? Ahren can come."

Ahren: He shot daggers at him. What in the world are you saying??? He smiled an annoyed one at her and waved his hands. "Ah, don't mind him, don't mind him. I have other plans."

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked her sea green eyes in slight confusion before she smiled brightly at both boys. "Oh I was going to the lake for a quick swim. Dad made the lake extra beautiful today"

Xander: He clapped his hands. "A swim! Wonderful!" He elbowed Ahren. "Dude, you gotta do that soo, too. I bet the last time you took a bath was . . . what? Three weeks ago?"

Ahren: He elbowed him back, harder. "Dummy. Shut up and leave us alone." Oops, wrong. He saw Xander snickering, as if saying, Us, huh? That's a new word.

Ashlee: Ashlee's cheeks reddened noticeably when she noticed Ahren calling them 'us'. As an object. This caused the young female to rub her cheeks, hoping that the blush would go away. She then noticed another thing as she looked Ahren. "Y-Ya wanna go for a swim with me?"

Ahren: He thought his neck snapped when he turned too suddenly at Ashlee. "Swim with you? Where'd you get that idea?" he asked rudely. Yet swimming's good for now, he thought. He shook it off. Shut up, Ahren.

Xander: "Ashlee, Ahren my friend is coming with you. Companies are great!" he mused.

Ashlee: Ashlee looked disappointed when it was blatantly obvious that Ahren didn't want to go swimming with her. That's right. He hates me. She then shook her head before she grinned at Ahren and Xander. "It's fine. Ya don't hafta come Ahren. I'll just leave ya to whatever plan ya have." With that said, Ashlee turned and walked off towards the lake.

Xander: He hit him again. "What was that? You missed your chance, idiot!" he whispered and started to push Ahren to follow her. "Hurry up! Ashlee, wait!"

Ahren: He obviously had shocked written on his face. "What's up with you, dude? I am not going!" But I wanna swim . . . his mind argued.

Ashlee: Ashlee looked back when she heard when Xander called out to her. She looked at Ahren with big sparkly green eyes before she gathered her courage and smiled brightly. "Well what are ya waiting for ya bastard? The water is just right over there." She motioned as she threw him a wink and continued on walking.

Xander: "Comin' up!" he yelled back. Then whispered at Ahren, "Dude, take this chance now that I'm in a very good mood. I'll be with Jaron and, well, probably Ryder. Find them if you need me!" He ran away, leaving his clueless friend behind.

Ahren: He watched as Xander ran farther away. What in the world will I do? He looked at Ashlee and walked towards her. He made an eye roll and scratched the back of his head. "Fine, fine. I'll go for a swim."

Ashlee: Ashlee heard what Ahren had said before she looked up at him and beamed happily. "REally? Ya will? Great!" She exclaimed as she gripped his arm and quickly ran to the shimmering lake. "I should really give more to Dad during dinner today. The lake is beautifull."

Ahren: "Huh?" He almost outbalanced himself from the sudden pull. "H-Hey, wait- what the . . .?" he stuttered. He went along running, wondering if she was serious or not. She just met me, and hated me, right? He looked back for a second, and saw Xander by a tree, smirking like an idiot.

Swimming . . .?

Ashlee: Ashlee giggles at Ahren stuttering before she stopped just a few metres by the lake. She willed herself to be wet when she reaches the water. She looked back and gave Ahren a bright smile nefore she looked to the front and dived into the water

Ahren: She dived. Okay, she dived. So I'm gonna go, he thought, No, you go swim on! a part of him said. Idiot, I won't, he replied. You're the idiot to do so. He shook his head and sat on the sand, the water up to his chest. He played a bit with the water and patted the ground for something he didn't know.

Ashlee: Ashlee looked up at Ahren and smiles before she thought for a moment and had a cheeky idea forming in her head. She willed a small snowball shaped water ball and threw it to Ahren.

Ahren: An unexepcted ball of water comes flying towards him. He immediately ducked yet got hit a bit. He wiped the water off of his face. "So that's it, then, Ashlee? That's it?" he yells at her. So nice. He pushes the water and throws it at Ashlee as if giving her huge waves again and again. "How about that, huh? How 'bout that?" he said teasingly.

Ashlee: Ashlee shrieked and squealed when she suddenly felt the water on her skin and letting it damping her clothes. She giggled loudly as she tried to block it but got splashed obviously. She dived underwater and snuck up behind Ahren, ready to jump onto his back.

Ahren: She disappeared. "You're just a daughter of the sea god, Ashlee! Nothing more!" he teased more. Accidentally, before she came to jump on him, he turned around, totally surprised at her.

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked when she found herself face to face with Ahren and she couldn't control herself before she really did jump onto him, knocking the both of them into the water. Now Ashlee could breath just fine but to make sure Ahren didn't drown, she made an air bubble around the both of them. "Oh yeah? I'm proud to be Poseidon's daughter." She teased back. "You never did told me who was your godly parent."

Ahren: "What the . . .?" He stared in disbelief as the bubble formed around them. As for his godly parent, his face transformed into that of a dober's in a split second, giving Ashlee a hint about his parentage. "Sure you should know that much by now," he said, suddenly realizing how close he was to her within that cramped space inside the bubble. He grinned.

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked as she looked blankly at him when Ahren's face changed into the face of a dober as she concluded that he was the son of Lyssa. "That would explain your temper and how explosive it is." She teased him as she also then realised how close they were to each other. This made the brunette nervously cleared her throat and scoot further away. "S-So... Y-Ya should smile more Ahren. It suits ya."

Ahren: He raised a brow. "Do I?" He took Ashlee's face in his hands and smiled. "Well, I admit, despite my depriving nature, that you look funny and adorable when you're nervous."

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked as she could feel her cheeks flushed even more when she felt Ahren's hands on her face. She blinked her sea green eyes, "F-Funny... A-And adorable?" She whispered before she smirked slightly, "Quite a charmer Terrence." She teased.

Ahren: "Charmer? Hmm, I don't think I've been described that way, Winters." He let go of her face and scrutinized the bubble. "Aren't you feeling a bit drained with all this?" he asked.

Ashlee: Ashlee rubbed her growing red cheeks when Ahren pulled his hands away from her cheeks. However, she seemed to have... Missed his warmth. She then looked at Ahren again. "Drained? Nah, not at all!" She exclaimed as she smiled. "Sustaining a bubble isn't all that hard to do."

Ahren: He made a face. "Is that so? Then can you have this bubble move around? Maybe sightseeing down here is good," he suggested.

Ashlee: Ashlee then thought for a while and nodded. "I'm sure I could." She said as she raised her hand to move the bubble but a strong ripple appeared, appearing to have float the bubble to shore. This caused Ashlee to be a bit embarrassed, "Guess Dad didn't want me to stay in the bubble with a boy that long." She jokingly said.

Ahren: The cold water spashed onto him again. That was refreshing. "Well, Poseidon does not really like me." He tapped his head hard and water came out of his one ear. "We've had that relationship for long." He winked.

Ashlee: Ashlee's cheeks flushed darkly as she rubbed them with her fingers. "Yeah yeah Terrence." She said while trying hard not to stutter as she stretched. "Where is ya friend? I would assume he would be close to pranking ya by now."

Ahren: "Eh?" He completely forgot about the idiot. He looked around, especially at the trees by the shore; Xander might be in any spot, taking ridiculous snapshots that would be totally good for blackmailing him. He grunted and cursed the part-Asian guy. He turned back at Ashlee. "Don't. Mind. Him. I'll handle him later. I don't want anyone disturbing my precious time with the water."

Ashlee: Ashlee followed his gaze around the trees as she tried to see if Xander was there. As much as she find the guy good-natured, she really really didn't want to be part in anything that could embarrass her. It was bad that she found Ahren attractive, she didn't want it to blossom into anything more. Besides, he would never go for a girl like her. She chuckled softly before raising a teasing eyebrow, "Oh? Just a while ago, ya were trying not to join me going to the lake for a swim."

Ahren: He shook his head. "Oh, please. I'm already in the water! So basically that'd mean I'd have time with the water, and I just realized that water is good. Yes, water is very, very good." He tried floating on the water, not moving and completely laying. "So, what're you up to, Ms. Winters, for this day?"

Ashlee: Ashlee shrugged her shoulders as she looked up at the much taller male. "Well... I wanted to go for a swim at the lake. Check. Next, I was just thinking of maybe doing a bit of exploring around camp. It would be interesting to discover something new about camp."

Ahren: He stroked his chin. "Ohhhh . . . . Now that I realized I have nothing to do after this, how about I accompany you around the Camp and by discovering new stuff I can find things and tactics that will be very useful for setting traps to all my enemies here?" he mused, basically talking to himself on the 'trap' thing.

Ashlee: Ashlee laughed softly as she nodded her head eagerly. More eager than she should've. She then raised an eyebrow at his trapping idea as she chuckled once again. Ahren always did knew how to make her laugh, she didn't know how or why. He just could. "I hope ya don't hurt them that badly, Terrence." She then stretched and looked around before she noticed a particularly abandoned area. "Hey Ahren? Have ya ever gone inside the Hera cabin?"

Ahren: "Hera's cabin? Pfft. I've tried, but there are these struck-to-the-bone nearby campers who would always say "Hey, don't go in there or you're gonna turn into a peacock!" he said, mimicking childish sounds. He then shrugged with a face. "Like she ever cared. Why do you ask? Want to . . . sneak a peek in?"

Ashlee: Ashlee raised an eyebrow as she laughed softly at Ahren's reaction to those campers. She then looked at the Hera cabin, "I'm pretty sure there aren't any campers there so it would be safe ish to go inside that cabin without getting looked at by campers." She then tilted her head to the side at Ahren's question. "I am curious to what is inside... Do ya want to do a little bit of exploring, Terrence?"

Ahren: He laughed heartily. "It's always been a pleasure to explore." He played with the water, creating large splashes in front of them. "So, what do you say, Winters? Up for some adventure?"

Ashlee: Ashlee giggled, actually giggled, when the waves of water appeared. She could feel it dampening her slightly as she wiped the stray droplets on her skin away. She then looked towards the almost abandoned cabin before she scratched her head. "Why not Terrence." With that said, Ashlee smirked at Ahren before turning around and sneaking off to the Hera cabin.

Crazy adventures (probably)

Ahren: Hope she doesn't regret going in. Both of them seemed to not want to change for fresh, dry clothes, but dripping wet in Hera's cabin also sounded fun. He followed Ashlee up the glade until they arrived in front of the pretty huge, pink cabin. He looked around to check if anyone else was there. "So, ladies first?"

Ashlee: Ashlee looked around with fascination before she heard their shoes squeaking with the water in them. Ashlee tilted her head to the side before she placed her hand on Ahren, she willed him to be dry. Soon, the son of Lyssa was as dry as a Sahara. Okay maybe not that dry... Ashlee concentrated on herself getting dry and she soon was. Satisfied that nobody would be able to hear them, Ashlee snorted. "How gentlemanly of you, Terrence." She teased before she tip toed inside.

Ahren: He's dry. "Wow. Thanks, Winters." Once again, he checked the place, and when no one was around, he followed Ashlee inside. He closed the cabin door, and everything felt gloomy. The aura inside was totally different from Zeus's. "Helloooo...." His voice echoed in a creepy way. "Now, now, look at her statue. Wooh, creepy."

Ashlee: Ashlee tipped her head towards Ahren when he thanked her before she rubbed her neck. She looked around the area, it was a beautiful little area. However, she had been in Zeus' cabin before and it wasn't as empty as the Hera cabin. Granted yes, it has less people due to them being rare children of the Big Three, but it wasn't this creepy. Ahren calling out to nothing made it even creepier. Still, Ashlee braved on. However, Ashlee looked up at the statue and she shivered. Yes, it was creepy. But then Ashlee found a big box. "Hey Ahren? I found a box."

Ahren: He quietly walked toward her. With his eyes spotting the box, he knelt down and place his hand on top of it. He looked up at Ashlee with a mischievous grin on his face. "What do you say, Winters?"

Ashlee: Ashlee raised an eyebrow as she quirked a wide smile. "I would normally say that you're crazy and that we should get out of here." She then paused and looked around for anyone that could catch them in the moment. She then grinned cheekily. "But since I am bored and I enjoy spending time with you..." She then quickly opened the box and a giant snake appeared. Ashlee yelped in surprise as shje staggered back and managed to dodge an attack from the snake.

Ahren: He fell on his butt in surprise as the snake attacked Ashlee. Its whole body slithered out from the box in a second, and in the next split-second, he stood up and stomped on its tail. When it turned at him, hissing angrily, and lunged at him, he ducked and rolled to his left, recovering immediately and taking Ashlee's hand, dragging her to a dash. "Well, Winters, what do you say now?" he laughed as he ran.

Ashlee: Ashlee was blinking her eyes when she had narrowly missed and dodged the furious attack of an equally furious snake. She bit her bottom lip and found herself worrying for Ahren, she raised an eyebrow as she was about to take out her fan blades to subdue the snakes but she couldn't do much since Ahren grabbed her hand and ran. A yelp echoed through her as she was dragged with Ahren to run. She ran with him and couldn't resist the giggles that erupted from her body. "I say Hera isn't exactly happy with us right about now."

Ahren: He made sure the cabin door was shut tight. He threw his weight on it and laughed, running a hand through his hair. "That snake could be the Queen of Olympus any moment, and we've annoyed it. A wonderful encounter." He regained his composure. "Were you about to fight it? Wouldn't be nice if you did; you might've cut its head off, then will Hera get mad at you - or us."

Ashlee: Ashlee giggles once more at Ahren's comments as she shrugged her shoulders. "At this moment, I couldn't possibly care." She joked as she mentally prayed that peacocks don't appear in her bed the next morning. She watched him run a hand through his hair and Ashlee has the strangest urge to touch his hair. It was at this moment that she noticed that he was still holding her hand. "Uhm... Terrence? Y-Ya're still h-holding my hand."

Ahren: He raised a brow, then their hands. "This? Don't you want this?" he asked teasingly. He intertwined his fingers with hers. "How 'bout this? Cold hands need warmth. Ha. Ha. Ha."

Ashlee: Ashlee blinked as her cheeks reddened in colour, she knew that Ahren could see them but she still chose to hide her flushed cheeks with her long brown hair. However, Ashlee can't deny the amount of warmth that Ahren's hand was giving to her own. She fought the urge to intertwined his fingers back but, not wanting to be too affected by what she thinks as a tease by Ahren, she snorted. With a bit of effort, she pulled her hand away. "Funny Terrence. Didn't your parent told you not to bully innocent girls?" Cue innocent brown eyes.


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