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Son of Zephyrus ~ Owned by Dolt~!
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150 lbs
Dublin, Ireland
His sword
It's easier to build up a child than to repair an adult

Nin Daemon ~ Scrapper
Nike Nin

More Info:

-Kombo King

 Age: 19  Height: 6'0"  Weight: 233 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Miami, FL  Main Weapon: Pair of shoes that allow the wearer to walk on any surface and because of the effect the user of the shoes will always remain upright. Also, a pair of glasses that slow down the users perception of time and can zoom in and zoom out. Lastly a pair of silver and CB batons that can fire compressed air, there is a cooldown time of five seconds on each shot as the batons store air through movement.
 Accent: Neutral
 "Fight till the last breath! That is my creed!"


Lucifer: Lucifer rubbed his pale hands as he squirmed a bit in his seat. He was currently high up on one of the tallest trees in camp. He didn't know why he liked being so high up in the trees. He just liked the feeling of the wind breezing against his pale hands and observing everything up here with his blood red eyes. Camp was so far good to him, unexpectedly. He still remembered previously that everyone would bully him relentlessly, simply because of his unusual looks. It's not like Lucifer chose to be an albino. The seventeen year old just stretched his arms and laid against the dark brown trunk of the tall, and possibly old, tree.

Nin: Nin is breathing hard after run through the woods with his cousin and comes out of it feeling better than he did before he ran, his love for training unquenchable. He looks at the sky following his thoughts of training and suddenly thinks of his older half sibling and the crazy way he uses his wings to fly. Wanting to try it he shadow travels using the tree next to him as a marker and is suddenly more than a hundred feet in the air; there is brief moment before gravity grabs him again and he surveys his surroundings before dropping making eye contact with a very very pale person before beginning his fall. He suddenly spouts wings of shadows and flaps them with gentle beats while studying the boy in the tree he says quietly interested in him "Who are you?"

Lucifer: Lucifer was still busily sitting high up onto the sturdy oak branches of the tall trees as his intuitive mind looked around. It all felt so right to him even though by logic, it wasn't even suppose to be real. Gods, monsters, demigods, he himself was one. And he was surrounding by dozens more. A soft chuckle escaped him, "Wonder what would happen if Honorina sees this..." He mused to himself quietly before his red eyes caught sight of a dark toned boy just more than a hundred feet in the air. Lucifer tilted his head to the side as curiosity filled his mind. By now, nothing much disturbed or shock the boy with albinism right now. He had seen giant hellish dogs and weird fish men with dog heads. It takes a lot to astonish Lucifer now. The Irishman quirked an eyebrow up at his question and he shrugged his shoulders. "Guess. My father is the patron of something that moves very fast, but doesn't have feet. You can hear it but it doesn't have a mouth. It can bring down a building but is not a machine. Who is he?"

Nin: He moves closer and lands on the branch balancing precariously on the edge "Time, gravity, air, fire, water, the list goes on and on but assuming how high you are and how comfortable you are with it I am leaning more towards air. However, I asked who you are. Not, who your father is." Nin stood there unmoving waiting for the boys answer before realizing he had not yet stated his own name "I had not meant to be rude. I am Nin Daemon Son of Nyx Mother of night." he doesn't extend his hand deciding to wait until the boy answers his question.

Lucifer: Lucifer raised a white eyebrow as he rubbed his elbows on either side of his body. The young man liked Nin's answer but of course he wouldn't show it. He was currently a brooding teenager after all, he wouldn't let his full personality be shown. Well, his roleplayer wouldn't anyway. Why? He doesn't know, he thinks it's for plot convenience. Lucifer shrugged his shoulders, "Rude is my middle name, Sham. So don't worry. I'm Lucifer Naal, son of Zephyrus." He replied as he put out his hand for Nin to shake.

Nin: Nin shakes his hand after he introduces himself and after words takes a seat on the branch with Lucifer; building upon the branch with shadows until he is resting on a reclining chair from his powers. To be courteous he does the same for Lucifer crafting the shadows around him until both of them are resting comfortably in chairs. "My next question would have to be. What are you doing up here? My first guess is thinking but I feel as though there is more than meets the eye."

Lucifer: Lucifer blinked as he watched Nin created a reclining chair for himself. Admittedly, the Irishman was a tiny bit jealous that Nin had such an awesome set of powers. Sure he was the son of the all power goddess, the goddess of the night. Sure his dad was cool too, the King of winds. Lucifer just mentally shrugged before grinning when a reclining chair for him was made on the branch. The demigod climbed onto the shadow-made chair and leaned back. "Oh just admiring the things around camp. It's nice to wonder why and how the camp was made."

Nin: A sudden realization hits Nin and his brow furrows "Lucifer. Not a single time in me having been here have I ever considered, pondered, or questioned that. Now that you said it though it brings abo the questions of the cabins themselves." he laughs once which is more a release of air than anything. When he looks up the sky around him almost seems a different color Not a single time have I ever thought that.

Lucifer: Lucifer shrugged his proud and pale shoulders. He just wondered for a moment on what to say to Nin, "I guess it's just the spark of curiosity that I have. I tend to go exploring around camp, which may or may not have me end up in several.. Uh... Accidents." He mused as a small mischievous smile grew on his pink lips. His blood red eyes followed Nin's glance up. He then raised an eyebrow, "The sky looks especially beautiful today. I wonder if that Apollo guy is doing all of this."

Nin: "That is a possibility but" he looks at Lucifer "What kind of accidents my friend. Humor me with a couple of tales." He laughs at his own attire "All I ever do is fight nowadays."

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