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Saskia: Saskia had just come out of her cabin for a walk, but her peaceful morning was interrupted by a camper walking by with a contraband phone in his hand. She still hadn't figured out how those things even work - because it's not magic, apparently - so instead of taking her normal route she followed the guy towards the lake, still watching the device closely and scribbling her observations in a notebook.

Kara: As Kara exited her cabin, she noticed an amusing scene - a girl stalking a boy from a distance, writing down notes at a furious pace. She decided to see if she needed any help. "Need directions?" Kara called cheerfully as she walked over.

Saskia: Saskia was so focused on the guy's phone that it took a while for her to even notice she was being spoken to. And when she did, she immediately realized that she had to come up with some sort of excuse - what would that girl even think of her if she told her she doesn't know how a phone works? Saskia quickly covered her notes and attempted to smile. "No, I'm just... Out for a walk! How about you?"

Kara: "About the same. I was going to maybe try to practice in the arena, but that'll have to wait until this little one can stay with someone." She gestured to the backpack she wore, which contained a tiny infant near the front.

Nata: Nata, the infant in question, was peacefully sleeping, snuffling and snoring. She'd enjoyed a hearty breakfast bottle and was in a great mood, and sleep had seemed like an excellent idea. Giving a high-pitched yawn, she settled back down into her cozy backpack pocket.

Saskia: Saskia was still feeling rather awkward - well, she's been feeling awkward for the last copule of months, but more than that - and seeing this young girl, certainly unmarried, just casually mention her own - most probably her own child didn't help. "Oh... is this your... daughter? She looks nice..." was all she managed to say. Back in Saskia's day, or at least her father's day - oh God, she was starting to sound like a grumpy old man - something like this would never be possible. Does this girl know that? Does she know that if she had the misfortune to be born and, well, impregnated a few decades earlier, her life could be an absolute nightmare?

Kara: Kara noticed the awkward pause, and sighed. "I know what you're thinking. You're not the first, or the last. Yes, she's mine. No, I don't know the father. And no, it was certainly not my choice. I didn't choose to do anything, take any risk or become a mother." The wind whistled a little more sharply. "Yes, I'm young. But I love her, and I'll raise her. That's my choice."

Nata: Nata, helpfully, was completely oblivious to the sudden tension, and gave a tiny snore.

Saskia: Aaand this was not the first, or the last time Saskia felt like a relict of the past. How could she even offend the girl in this way? It was clear she was handling her already difficult situation expertly, so much better than Saskia would. "My apologies, really. It's just... hard to adjust to this new, er... progressive environment."

Kara: The wind settled, and Kara smiled. "It's ok. I know you didn't mean anything by it. I'm sorry for overreacting a bit... sometimes people can be a little cruel." She paused and offered her hand. "I'm Kara."

Saskia: After fixing her hairstyle, a little damaged by the wind, Saskia accepts the girl's hand and shakes it gently. "Saskia. I know I acted horribly, but believe me... I've had my share of feeling different."

Kara: "Oh, no, no worries! It's all ok. Believe me, you aren't acting horribly at all."

Nata: Shifting slightly, Nata blinked her eyes open and caught a glimpse of a very pretty girl. She opened her eyes a little wider, curious. "Aa?"


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